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Royal Ruckus
Shoot all the weird enemies that appear in this top-down shooter. Grab power ups to stay alive.

Wild West Conflict
Shoot all the cowboys hiding around the western saloons. Peek corners carefully & mind that health!

Dino Home
Use the 2 dino friends to help each other get to the end cave. Knock down walls & throw up dead fish

Mario Goomba World
Jump on the Goombas & avoid letting them run into you. Get coins & jump over gaps to get to the end.

Nitro 4x4 Jumper
Buy nitro to make it over gaps. Drive over rocks & boxes carefully to not tip over.

FreeGear Z
Race around the 3D tracks, grab coins & use nitro to come in 1st. Earn money for car upgrades.

Combine the drinks to make matches of 3 or more. Make larger combos for line & bomb explosions.

Panda's Break Out
Help the panda escape by gathering items & automatically constructing. Escape each scenes puzzles.

Don't Touch The Spikes
Jump on platforms & over spikes in this action, sidescroller. Watch out for falling spikes too!

Fishing Tactics
Draw shapes to enclose the same type of fish together to combine them. Only combine the same type.

Theft Super Cars
Race across the border as you steal cars, use nitro & blow up or evade the chasing cops.

Mysterious Pirate Jewels
Mouse over aligned jewels & clear the ones that have a golden background tiles. Use the key to win.

Clicker Heroes
Click monsters, buy teammates & progress to new levels that pay better in this endless mouse clicker

Offroad Police Racing
Drive your truck & grab stars over increasingly jagged terrain. Use nitro to make big jumps.

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Grav-Transfer Game
Game Played 21365 Times

(34 Votes)

Grav-Transfer with Friends and Social Networks

Grav-Transfer Game Description
Shoot your gravity gun to control gravity and get around obstacles. Watch out for spikes and more.

Detailed instructions and Grav-Transfer help (If any)

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