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Mainlands Wars
Take control of land & produce an army to wage war against other areas. Upgrade land to be stronger.

Flatutron 9000
As a farting robot, eat burritos for gas. Reach the stars & flip levels to get to the exit.

Hedgehog Cute
Roll your hedgehog down the tunnels. Try to get all the fruit by using others to help redirect you.

The Last Ninja From Another Planet 2
Flip & roll along walls to slice all Mafia without hitting spikes. Spawn double to help.

Catbox Bowling
Adjust the power & trajectory of the cat. Get him inside the highest point boxes.

Halloween Journey 2
Find scary Halloween masks as you use them to unlock doors to obtain other items to progress.

Monkey Mountain
Jump upwards on platforms as you get coins & defeat the boss at the top before time runs out.

Power Rangers Samurai - Destroy Goblins
As the red Power Range fight off goblins with your sword. Collect coins to upgrade yourself & sword.

Halloween Deluxe Match 3
Slide the Halloween monster faces to make rows & columns of 3 or more. Clear all background tiles.

Try to hit the orange pumpkin to progress. Hit black pumpkins & zombie to level up your wand.

V8 Muscle Cars 3
Race your car around familiar tracks. Earn money for upgrades by positioning high in the A.I. race.

Earn money to buy defenses. Place them in the proper spots to cause the most damage to Flakboy.

Lognes Island
Find your gun & shoot enemies in this pixelated sidescroller. Jump in the air like Mega Man.

Halloween Heads
Make matches of the Halloween faces as you try to keep the time from expiring by making matches.

 Games For Work » Management Games » Cupcake Queen Game
Cupcake Queen Game
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Cupcake Queen

Cupcake Queen Game Description
A simple game of taking care of your customers coming to your cupcake shop. Fix what they order.

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