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Shinobi Quest
Quickly click the action to perform before it's too late. Combine items & kill stickmen.

Place the objects on the levels to ensure the golf balls reach all the stars & their right holes.

Road So Far
Take runes that are around the levels as you jump up walls, over spikes & wolves to reach the exit.

Shell Shooter
Fire shots off & hit all the discs being thrown into the air. Miss gold ones & the level is failed.

Cute Physics
A hard physics game with limited shots, limited guides to see where you're shooting.

Move between tight corridors & avoid touching the walls. Grab items & reach the exit safely.

Roll around the small planet as you grab the agricultural items in the proper order & fast.

Modern Moto Racers
Dodge obstacles as you move back & forth. Grab fuel to extend the time you play per track.

Donut Get
Drive your cop car to the donut shop & eat as many donuts as possible, while pushing others aside.

Grab items & avoid collisions as you upgrade your ship, while using difficult controls.

Famous Paintings Parodies
Look at an artists redrawing of a famous painting & try to determine the name of the original.

Crazy Racers
Race against farmers & grab pumpkins & horseshoes. Push obstacles & other farmers out of the way.

Fishy Waters
Go fishing & earn money to upgrade your boat, fishing rod, & pay tolls to gain access to new waters.

Remove The Dinosaurs
Click the dinos to use their abilities to remove them all & to reach all the stars per level.

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Hex Mines Game
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Hex Mines with Friends and Social Networks
Hex Mines

Hex Mines Game Description
The classic Minesweeper game. Make spots where you think mines are, don't just guess, use logic.

Detailed instructions and Hex Mines help (If any)

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