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V8 Muscle Cars 3
Race your car around familiar tracks. Earn money for upgrades by positioning high in the A.I. race.

Earn money to buy defenses. Place them in the proper spots to cause the most damage to Flakboy.

Lognes Island
Find your gun & shoot enemies in this pixelated sidescroller. Jump in the air like Mega Man.

Halloween Heads
Make matches of the Halloween faces as you try to keep the time from expiring by making matches.

Taxi Maze
Park the spots to park within the maze. Take your passenger to their location without getting lost.

Time Sweeper
In this space shooter, shoot enough enemies to pass each area. Earn points to upgrade your ship.

Horror Paintings Parodies
View the cartoon overlay & peek at the real art as you try to determine the name of the real artwork

The Pumpkin House
Look closely at the 2 sides & try to find all the small differences between the pumpkin pictures.

The Brawl - Batman
Fight Batman as you lay good punches on him, while blocking his comic-like POW hits.

Cave Flying Witch
Fly threw the cave as a witch as you avoid random cave blocks. Don't hit the top or bottom either.

Age of Warriors - Roman Conquest
Create miners to gain money. Build soldiers to send to the enemy side. Take out enemy towers.

Solar System Defence
Set up turrets & upgrade them to keep the enemy tanks from reaching the end of the road.

Spooky House
Pop & recreate the balloon to get the ghost to all the stars & to scare the old lady.

Swift Burnout
Race around the track in different modes, including being a cop & damaging racers enough.

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OMG Invaders Game
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OMG Invaders

OMG Invaders Game Description
The classic game of Invaders except controlled with your mouse. Watch the alien ships explode!

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