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Age Manipulation
Grow your shapes old or shrink them young. Make them very old to float upwards in this physics game.

Castle Lite
Use cranes to place castle pieces in the right spots. Watch out for chickens that steal castle parts

Shot Firer
Use TNT to blow up walls & the ground to reach all diamonds. Blow up monsters with timed explosions.

Colorful Ghosts
Change colors of monsters so that they fall threw platforms. Don't touch any kids with monsters.

Zombie Balloon Heads - Halloween
Shoot zombies, werewolves & witches to make their heads burst. Find pickups inside jack-o-lanterns.

Monkey Go Happy - Halloween
Pick up coins & items to solve puzzles. Some math is involved in solving 1st key puzzle.

Super Heroes Connect
Pick your difficulty & make lines that connect the superhero symbols, using all the empty squares.

Zombie Rage Race
Race against other zombies on scooters as you pickup meaningless money. Come in 1st by using nitro.

Go Candy Go
Using a single fling of the candy, try to hit all 3 stars on each level.

Smash From Beyond
Manage both scanning pumpkins & smashing them with little time inbetween, all while more roll in.

Yuyu Hakusho Wars
Fight enemies in this Streets of Rage styled game. Pick up powerups & use specials on big bosses.

Heart Star
Use the 2 to aid each other in getting to the exit. Alternate between different dimensions.

Dead Hungry
Stack the zombies as you get pale & purple ones to eat the right amount of brains.

Zombie Bros
Use your 2 zombies to help each other reach the cupcakes. Push buttons & jump on each others backs.

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Asteroid Adventure Game
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Asteroid Adventure with Friends and Social Networks
Asteroid Adventure

Asteroid Adventure Game Description
Shoot the rock asteroids and the snake-like chain asteroids. Last as long as possible.

Detailed instructions and Asteroid Adventure help (If any)

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