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Stick War 2 - Order Empire
Control your stick army & manage gold, & purchasing new units. Commence attacks on enemy sticks.
Epic War 3
Earn cards to bolster your troops and abilties as you try and bring down the enemy castle.
Fantasy Kommander - Chapter 2
Fight off the enemies in this turn based game of strategy and attack.
Zombies Ate My Phone
Stay alive as you take on zombies, werewolves, & mummies to save your friends. Upgrade shop included
Endless Zombie Rampage 2
Stay alive as you blast away zombies that get harder and harder. Buy weapons, perks, and defenses.
The Horde
Setup all kinds of turrets as you keep the enemies back as you play through multiple maps.
Zombies in the Shadow - The Saviour
Find the General and your family as you splatter zombie brains in this top-down action shooter.
Arm of Revenge
Be patient as this 20 MB sidescroller fighting / action game loads. Great graphics and gameplay.
Pirates - Gold Hunters
Defend your castle and keep pirates from stealing your money. Pirates have multiple paths to follow.
Hot Tub Heist
Aliens are destroying your building from the top down! Run to the bomb shelter as fast as you can!
  Fighting Games
Mighty Knight
Fight hordes of enemies in different arenas. Upgrade your fighter & gain companion fighters later on
Bunny Fights
Fight enemy bunnies with your lightsaber. Kill all per arena to move to new areas & gain upgrades.
Kungfu Rabbit
Murder other animals out to spill your blood as you slice & dice them in a single arena.
Super Strike of Rage
A short, pixelated fighting game. Beat up people at your work & dash to avoid bombs.
The Blind Swordsman
Listen to sounds & time your blocks, attacks & movement accordingly. Sound is required to play.
Nunchuck Charlie
Fight enemies with nunchucks & grab combs as you avoid spikes in this isometric fighter.
Nerd vs Zombies
In the single arena, stay alive against hordes of zombies coming at you from the right & left.
Forbidden Arms
Slice up your enemies & launch them into the air as you collect their souls for upgrades.
Ninja vs Zombies 2
Fight your way threw zombies & floating skulls. Create walls of fire for temporary defense.
Ninja vs Zombies
Fight off the zombies & flying skulls as you purchase upgrades & mind the health on your 1 life.
KOF vs Kingdom
Fight a few different AI characters or play against a 2nd player. Learn specials quickly or die!
Street Fighter Creation 2
Find your way through the Japanese worded menu, then play as & against Street Fighter characters.
Nasty Ninja
Fight as a ninja against opponents 1 by 1. Avoid attacks & land blows to your enemy with your blade.
Chicken Chaser
Chase down your stolen chickens as you take on aliens in this sidescrolling fighter.
Final Slam 2
Fight against AI opponents as you dodge their punches & kicks & land your own to their face.
Snow Brawl 2
Pick your Cartoon Network team & start slinging snowballs against the CPU controlled team.
Celebrity Bash
Fight against celebs as you punch them, and block their jabs. Can you bloody them all?
Street Fighter Creation
Fight as Street Fighter characters in this sidescroller. Carefully navigate foreign menus.
The Anime World
Fight & upgrade aspects of your anime fighter as you play new rounds against harder opponents.
Rogan The Swordmaster
Battle enemies in this side angled hack n slash. Grab coins for better weapons & defeat big bosses.
Chainsaw Slasher
Kill the square zombies in the single arena. Use powerups & use money for upgrades.
Nightmare Revenge
Fight Halloween ghouls on the streets. Beat them up & take the candy that drops.
Freak o Lantern
Attack the Halloweeners as you grab dropped candy & purchase perks to help you.
Fighting Brothers
Fight enemies that you meet walking down the street. Don't let gangs surround you!
The King of Dragons
Fight henchmen & bosses in this pixelated, side angled fighter. Break chests to pickup goodies.
Slapathon - The Rock vs John Cena
Hit The Rock or John Cena as hard & as fast as possible with the chairs.
Champions of Chaos 2
Customize squad & fight enemies in turn-based battle. A great looking, RPG-ish fighting game.
Wolverine - The Last Stand
Fight enemies coming at Wolverine from both directions. Grab money & food to upgrade in shop.
Bar Fight
Be first to hit the drunkard & hit the ones with hats multiple times, but beware of hitting cops.
Slice bugs & your past self & bosses as you run around the little planet.
Zombie Fight Club
Battle against AI zombies in this turn-based, RPG-ish fighting game. Attach new powers & apply them.
Captain Commando
Fight enemies in this retro, sidescrolling fighter. Fight enemies & bosses in Final Fight style.
KungFu Quest - The Jade Tower
Punch & kick enemy waves coming into the arena. Dodge thrown weapons & attack the thrower.
Dragon Ball Z Devolution
Fight as & against popular Dragon Ball Z characters. Meditate & unleash attacks as you button mash.
Arcane Weapon
Battle against the monsters as you click the move you want to perform. Mouse over coins & health.
Final Fight 3
Fight enemies in the streets as you take on tougher bosses & gangs. Pick up items when they drop.
Crazy Zombie
Slice up zombies coming at you while you pickup coins & gold. Use combo when overwhelmed.
Wrestling Legends
Be patient as this 30MB game loads. Pick your fighter & take it to the ring. Includes curb stomp.
Ninjago Energy Spear 2
Move your spinner as you push enemies out of the ring. Upgrade between levels as more opponents come
Champions Fist Alpha
Fight against the AI fighter as you try to land punches and kicks on him. Only 2 fighters available.
The Brawl
Click high & low to strike Justin Bieber. Take down his health, while conserving yours.
Fight off enemies as you earn new weapons & upgrade them. Same as the iOS version of Braveheart.
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