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Home Sheep Home 2 - Lost in London
Move the large, medium, & small sheep through innovative & artsy puzzles to reach your destination.
Relic of War
Build & upgrade units to send through town to the enemy base in this isometric, pixel strategy game.
Big Pixel Zombies
Shoot the zombies and buy guns and armor with your kills. Don't get backed into a corner!
Palisade Guardian 2
Blast away all the convoys that approach the town your guarding. Buy upgraded weapons.
Earn To Die 2012
Upgrade your car & get farther & farther. Run over zombies & crash threw boxes & explosive barrels.
Build structures at your base and send out your military to defeat the enemy. Sent troops out smart.
Pirate Golf Adventure
Launch the ball as you work on getting it in the hole on pirate puzzle themed courses.
300 Miles to Pigsland
As your pig auto runs, jump holes, bear traps, wolves, & more. Distance-like game with upgrades.
Zombie War
Build up your army of soldiers as you set them to attack on the incoming zombies. Protect the base!
Bug War
Fight off strange creatures and protect the donut. Upgrade your bugs to continue to ward off enemies
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Ninja Cat Episode 1 - The Mysterious Thief
Quickly throw ninja stars as the attack cats & bosses. Time slows when stars are about to hit you.
Im Tyrone
Fight in survival mode for as long as you can, or play the NSFW long dicked mode with bed romps.
Thumb Fighter
Fight in thumb war against the AI, a person at your keyboard, or pit 2 AI against each other.
Comic Stars Fighting III
Progress through levels or try survival mode as you play as multiple cartoon & comic characters.
School of Rock
Explore the world in a top-down view & fight people in turn-based combat from a side perspective.
DinoRobot Battlefield
Fight enemy robo dinos as you pick 1 of 3 attacks. Buy health to survive harder enemies.
3 Little Heroes
Avoid traps on the ground & attack the enemies. Progress through all castles to defeat all bosses.
OnePiece vs Naruto
Select from a bunch of fighters & go up against the computer as you try to win each fight.
Robo Duel Fight 2 - Ninja
Fight against an AI or another person at your keyboard in turn-based attacks & defenses.
The King of Fighters - Wing
Fight against another player at your keyboard. Use combos & power moves to win.
Lets Journey
Fight enemies that you meet along your way. Upgrade your character in this infinite clicker, fighter
Agony - The Portal
Fight in the single arena as you move back n forth. Upgrade your characters powers to be deadlier.
The Animator vs Animation Special Edition
Select tools from the left column as you use their different attacks against the large stickman boss
Pokemon Battle Arena
Fight other Pokemon in different arena setups. Try to hit them off the screen or do enough damage.
Young Lee
Use your mouse position to move, jump & click to attack. Avenge your master as you beat up enemies.
Resonant Voices
Sword fight enemies in this top-down fighter. Use quick attack when charged to do lots of damage.
Battle Blades - Black Version
Spin your blade & try to knock your opponent out of the ring or do enough damage.
Dead Hell
In the single arena, slice incoming enemies. Jump over ones that need multiple attacks to kill.
Purify - The Legend of Z
Fight enemies on platformer-like levels. Pick up drops to pay for upgrades.
Builders Brawl
Fight against the AI builders in this game similar to the "Worms" series. Play in turn-based attacks
Boss Rush Apocalypse
FIght growing bosses as you choose which powerup you want. How many bosses can you defeat?
Robo Duel Fight
Choose your monster & fight against the AI or another player at your keyboard.
Comic Heroes
Select your fighter & fight AI enemies as you try to come out the winner. Levels have platforms.
Chinese Takeout
Fight enemies that grow in strength & powers in this simple arena, pixelated fighter.
Tetraminos Revenge
Fight off the Tetris blocks that fall by chopping them & getting coins. Don't let them fall on you.
Mighty Knight 2
Fight enemies & upgrade. New players are unlocked as you play. Make all fighters AI if you want.
Animation Fighting
Fight as a few different, popular anime characters. Play against the AI or against a 2nd player.
Dragon Ball - Fierce Fighting
Fight off enemies as the groups you fight get larger & larger. Limited combo moves available.
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
Jump to any level & fight your way through all the enemies in the single screened arena.
Extreme Flashing Fighter
Fight in the streets as a flasher. Throw clothes as you fight. Be aware he pulls off his underwear.
Epic Ninja
Press S or D keys as the fight sequence continues on. Be fast or get pummeled by stickmen.
Bed Hogg
Try to win 3 pillow throws & hit the AI or other player at your keyboard with a pillow.
Epic Ninja 2
Fight the other, larger ninja in quick-time event. Be fast to push the right keys or lose the battle
This Bunny Kills Again
Fight off enemies, as a bunny with a lightsaber. Last as long as possible as enemies get harder.
Fight off the orc as you move back n forth finding them. Upgrade your gear to take on harder orcs.
Injustice Gods Among Us
Change the difficulty & pit a few super heroes up against each other as you try to win.
Green Lantern - Boot Camp
Fight as Green Lantern & unlock new objects you can attack as. Fight animation gets annoying.
One Piece - Path to Pirate King
Fight off groups of enemies & combat bosses. Break barrels open to find goodies.
Fight against the enemy AI as you lay down cards that setup your fighting moves.
The Last Stick
As a stickman, slice & dice your way threw stick enemies. Ride dinos & chomp stickmen up.
Blood Battle Boy
Fight your way down the street as you pick up coins to buy grenades & more in the shop.
One Piece Pirate Adventure
Choose between 2 fighers as you punch & slice your way to the right side of the screen. 20mb
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