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Empire Island
Build up & upgrade your village defences. Survive the waves of enemies through the ages.
Fire Catcher
Use your hatchet to break wooden objects. Use water to put out fires & take out fire demons.
River Defense
Build up your different types of towers as you keep the creeps away. Upgrade and make a maze!
Thing Thing Arena Classic
Customize your character, pick your weapons & shoot enemies in lots of different arenas.
Awaken - Front Line
Control soldiers in this top-down shooter. Shoot the zombies as you manage your squads ammo & health
Zombie Marching
Combine the right blocks to attack and defend the waves of zombies. Earn money to buy weapons.
Kinds Island 3
Fight skeleton enemies in this Diablo-like isometric RPG. Gather items to powerup your character.
Big Bad Fly
Push the 3 pink gems together as you move the objects in the physics world to make it happen.
Unreal Flash 3
Customize teams, maps, & modes. Blast baddies & stay alive. Insta-gib in space for lots of gore.
Steampunk Tower
Buy turrets for your tower to defend against enemies. Upgrade turrets & even switch spots mid-game.
  Racing Games
V8 Drift
Race around the track in top-down perspective. Steer your car as it automatically accelerates.
Model Cars Racing
Race around the tiny track in top-down view. Grab pick ups to help defeat the AI players.
Mario Moto Race
Race as Mario against Princess Peach & Luigi & come in first to unlock new tracks.
Jet Ski Racer
Race around the water track against other jet skies. Cut corners close & come in 1st.
Toon Fun Ride
Pick your character & race on hills & come in first to be able to progress to new levels.
Angry Birds Race
Race against the Angry Birds and try to come in first place as you use your nitro booster over hills
Minion Kart
Race around the track in a top-down perspective as you race against minions from Despicable Me.
3D Police Monster Trucks
Race around the 3D track as a cop monster truck. Avoid oil spills & stay on the road to come in 1st.
Roller Rider
Race opponents & come in 1st as you earn money for upgrades. Watch out for tracks without side walls
Sonic JetSki Race
Race as Sonic as you grab golden rings, jump off ramps, use nitro, & make it around loop d loops.
Speedboat Racing
Race your boat in sidescroller style & grab powerups to win the race against the AI boaters.
Mad Truck Challenge
Race the AI in this sidescroller & grab coins for truck upgrades like shocks, tires & missiles.
Inferno ATV Challenge
Ride your 4 wheeler over the rocky surfaces & try to come in 1st. Opponents get tough fast.
Rodent Racer
Race against the clock as you grab coins & make it over the physical objects in low gravity.
Supercar Challenge
Race around the track in top-down view & come in 1st place against the AI players.
FreeGear Z
Race around the 3D tracks, grab coins & use nitro to come in 1st. Earn money for car upgrades.
Theft Super Cars
Race across the border as you steal cars, use nitro & blow up or evade the chasing cops.
V8 Muscle Cars 2
Race around 3D tracks as you grab nitros & come in 1st to earn money for car upgrades.
Mission Racing
Race around the city, completing missions & avoid traffic. Complete tasks in enough time!
Dodge and Crash
Speed down the highway as you dodge traffic & knock your targets off the road enough to damage them.
Tiny F1
Race around the track against AI racers & use your nitro to get a head. Watch the sharp car turning.
Galaxy Rush 3D
Play different modes in this 3D racer. Shoot green bits before crashing into them or try time trial.
Simpsons Family Race
Race against the Simpson family. Not so much about leaning & tilting as grabbing donuts for nitro.
Cardboard Race
Race around the track as you try to turn just enough, but not too much.
Mario 3D Monster Truck
Race around the 3D tracks, against other characters. Blast threw blocks & catch air over jumps.
DirtBike Racing
Race against lots of racers, jump threw hoops for nitro & grab money for upgrades, but avoid rocks.
Octane Racing Simulator
Race around the 3D track as you carefully stay on the road & use nitro to pass opponents.
Super Mario 3D Kart Racing
Race around the 3D tracks as Mario & gang. Fire eggs at opponents to slow them down.
Ice Cream Racing
Race against AI in this sidescroller. Pick up powerups to use on both those ahead of you, & behind.
Risky Drift 3D
Race on 4 3D tracks as you drift to gain nitro. Use nitro on straight-aways for best results.
Desert Dirt Motocross
Ride your motorbike & come in first. Tip & lean just right to gain the advantage.
Super Mario Racing 3
Race against characters from the Mario universe while you pickup powerups to shoot out & drop behind
Road Wolves
Race against multiple AI as you earn money to upgrade car & buy guns. Do objectives to unlock tracks
3D Mario Racing
Race as fast as you can around the track as you avoid traffic & earn money for car upgrades.
Midtown Racers
Race your car with sluggish controls as you try to come in 1st to unlock new race tracks.
Offroad Truckers
Race against AI trucks & grab powerups as you pick them up. Upgrade your truck as you play.
Mini Car Racer
Race against the time as you hop over gaps. Reach the finish before time runs out.
Highway Racer
Race around the track in top-down perspective. Push opponent cars out of the way as you come in 1st.
Madmen Racing
Come in first & finish the requirements to unlock tracks & gain money for upgrades.
Thunder Cars
Race around the NASCAR tracks & come in 1st to gain the most money for car upgrades.
Indoor Car Race
Race to find your marked targets & ram them into the side & into other cars to make them crash.
Race OClock
Drive your car & grab nitro powerups & extend your timelimit as you upgrade your car with coins.
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