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Penguin Destroyer
Launch grenades out of your cannon just right to explode physics objects and penguins.
City Invasion
Send troops to your enemy base down the right path to combat the enemy forces and destroy their base
Use balls to hold switches down, pick up switches, & doors to throw them where you need them to be.
Meeblings 2
Figure out how to get the Meeblings to the exit sign by using the colored Meeblings with abilities.
Polar Bear Payback
Your a pissed off polar bear on a rampage. Time to kill the seal hunters. Head ripping fun!
Crop Circles
Make your own defense map by moving crop circles and then defend by placing your army "turrets".
Doom Triple Pack
3 classic FPS games all slapped together in one awesome shoot 'em up flash game. Sweetness!
Super Energy Apocalypse Recycled
Setup your base and gain resources as you defend against zombie attacks. Put up defenses!
Terra Strike M2
Move your mechs in this turn based tactical game. Fire on and destroy all the enemies.
Sonic Boom Town 2
Drive your car around and blast your bass to destroy buildings. Earn money and upgrade.
  Racing Games
Airplane Road
Race against other AI flyers as you hit green rings for boosts & avoid smog to come in first.
Modern Moto Racers
Dodge obstacles as you move back & forth. Grab fuel to extend the time you play per track.
Crazy Racers
Race against farmers & grab pumpkins & horseshoes. Push obstacles & other farmers out of the way.
Mario Jetski Race
Race around the 3D water tracks on your jetskie as Mario. Avoid obstacles as you race around corners
Hot Chase
Avoid traffic & knock your target off the road as you prevent doing too much damage to your own car.
Ice Run
Race around the icy track as a penguin, picking up stars, & shooting them at all that are in front.
Motocross Dirt Challenge
Ride your bike over an array of different objects as you try to come in first against the AI riders.
Super Rally Extreme
Race around multiple tracks in this 3D racer. Upgrade your car & come in 1st to earn the most money.
Girls On Wheels
Race against the other bikers as you attempt to come in first without tipping over and crashing.
Gear Up
Drive your car with a manual transmission as you try to upgrade & shift properly to come in first.
4x4 ATV Racing
Race your fourwheeler over rocky terrain. Come in 1st place against the AI riders.
Monster Truck Racing
Race your monster truck around small tracks against the AI players. Hit boosters to keep your lead.
Super Bike Racer
Race your motorcycle on multiple 3D tracks as you upgrade your bike to try & come in first everytime
Police Chase Crackdown
Speed around & pull over enough criminals to progress to new areas. Pull them over by staying close.
Monster Truck Taxi
Drive your passenger quickly to the end as you overcome obstacles in your monster truck.
Sonic Truck Wars
Race in trucks as Sonic against Knuckles as you try to grab all the golden rings & come in first.
Cars 3d Speed 2
Reach the end before time runs out. Grab coins for upgrades & speedometers for extra time.
Village Car Race
Race against AI racers & try to come in first, to earn money for upgrades & new cars.
Alfa Romeo Cup
Race in multiple environments against AI racers. Avoid going off the track which will slow you down.
Race or Die
Manage your car upgrades as you try to win. Game can get unbalanced & easy to win or very hard.
Supercar 2 - Road Trip
Come in first to earn more money for new cars & upgrades in this 3D racer.
Jet Ski Racing Challenge
Race your opponents on the water & come in first as you keep from getting beached.
Turbo Drifters
Race in 3D to come in first against the AI. Learn to drift to keep coming in first in later races.
Dynapuff Jumping
Race against ghosts of previous players as you earn & buy upgrades to aid you in coming in 1st.
SpongeBob Cycle Race
Race against charactes in the Spongebob universe. Unlock new characters to play as.
Paintball Racers
Race against growing AI racers & upgrade your car. Shoot at other racers to stay in the lead.
Race against the AI on 3D tracks. Steer clear of traffic that will slow you down to come in 1st.
Truck Monsters
Race against other monsters in your truck. Earn money & jump high to slam into dino bones.
Heat Rush Future
Race around the track & dodge traffic. Be fast enough to earn money & afford car upgrades.
Line Racer
Draw your path around the track. Draw fast to keep your speed up. Win to earn money & upgrade car.
Go Kart 3D
Race around the different 3D tracks as you struggle to pass opponents & come in 1st place.
Tiny Racers
Race along the track in an isometric view as you increase your position around corners.
Remodel Racing
Race against the AI cars & perform backflips for nitro. Earn money to upgrade & remodel your racer.
Monsters Wheels
Race against the AI & come in first as you use & gain nitro. Wisely use nitro to come in 1st place.
Clutch Burn
Race around the track & drift around corners & use nitro as you try to win against your AI opponent.
Moto Mayhem
Race along the hills in this sidescrolling racer. Do flips to gain speed over the AI.
Speed Rally Pro
Choose your car & race in this 3D world. Careful on the turns as it's a bit finicky.
Club Nitro
Race around the track as you use your nitro and try to grab all the red tokens floating around.
Full Auto Mayhem
Shoot opponents in this top-down racer. Try to eliminate others & come in 1st.
Race around the 3D track as you drift around corners. Careful trying to over correct.
Uphill Rush 6
Race against the AI opponent in this crazy, fast paced, stunt-filled action racer.
Super Bikes - Track Stars
Race around tracks against AI bikers. Hit markers to gain boosts & upgrade your bike.
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