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On The Deck
Control the boats sway as it floats in the water. Get the proper people inside the boat.
Forge weapons for pigmen & send them into battle. New twist on the management genre games.
City Siege Sniper
An innovative game of sniping enemies, exploding oil barrels, & drawing attention of enemies away.
Gnome Mans Land
Send out waves of soldiers to combat the enemy coming at you. Defeat their base to progress.
The Treasures of Mystery Island
Find all the hidden items in a bunch of different island scenes. Can you get off the island?
Balance Tetris shapes on the beam. Don't let the beam tip as you stay under the red line.
Elephant Quest
A great cartoon looking action game. Includes a large amount of upgrades to abilities and weapons.
Ultimate Assassin 3
Tons of levels in a top-down view where you avoid guards, kill your target, and reach the exit point
Hobo Prison Brawl
Beat up cops and inmates as you punch, kick, spit, blow snot, crap, throw-up, and piss on them.
Brave Shorties
Upgrade & place your units in column stacks. Their formation can make all the difference.
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  Shooting Games
Dragon And The Zodiac
Shoot as a dragon in this top-down shooter. Shoot enemies & dodge their fire to rescue animals.
AntiZombie Bunker
Defend your turret as you take out zombies with headshots. Earn a lot to buy expensive upgrades.
Crystal Defense
Defend your location as a simple stickman. Fire your arrows just right to hit the incoming stickmen.
Cyndre Phase
Fire your immovable turret at the incoming missiles. Take them all out & then face level bosses.
Zombies vs Nora
Defend your position & take out incoming zombies with bought guns & air strikes.
Bullet Fury
Peek around corners & take out soldiers before they lower your HP too much in this FPS.
Battlefield Shooter 2
Defend your base by shooting from the side ridge. Take out soldiers & war vehicles.
Strike Force Heroes 3
Play on arenas & shoot the AI bots. Later game modes change & bots are added to your squad.
Zombie Ace
Shoot bats, ghosts & spiders as you touch coins with your crosshairs to earn money for upgrades.
Zombie Defender
Shoot the zombies coming into town. Grab dropped crate loot to gain new guns & ammo.
Death Arena - Reality Show
Shoot enemies in this sidescroller, shooter. Reach bosses, gain money & stars for upgrades.
Ultimate Revenge
Shoot, slash & explode enemies that are coming after you. Move left and right in each new arena.
Alien Hunter
Fly threw space, collect coins & shoot space eggs to collect & sell aliens for better parts.
Sushi Showdown
Jump over gaps & avoid electric walls. Rescue hostages & shoot the enemies that pace back n forth.
Death Cabin
In the single arena level, touch crates to get new guns. Shoot new enemies that appear. Limited ammo
Fish & Destroy
Eat regular fish while shooting devil fish & bomb fish. Grab batteries for energy.
Fire & Might 2
Fly as a dragon & blow fire at the soldiers attacking you. Click to use powerful fireball.
The Devils Daughter
In this adult themed platformer, shooter, blast the enemies to get their souls back to your dad.
Dragon Dish
Move to the correct lane to spit fire at the incoming foes. Upgrade your dragon for the best defense
Airway Battle
Fly your plane in this top-down shooter. Pick up coins to upgrade as you avoid enemy fire.
Royal Guard
Shoot at incoming forces with your bow n arrow. Upgrade skills as enemies get harder.
Cowboy vs UFOs
As your cowboy & horse auto-run, aim & shoot at all the UFOs flying around, bugging you.
Defense Unit
Shoot down drones & soldiers that are approaching your base of operations. Prevent enemy incursions.
The Final Death Wish
Shoot enemies & slow down time as you spend energy. Each level introduces new, harder enemies.
Cast spells against rapidly growing groups of enemies coming into your chambers.
Rumble In The Soup
In this arena, auto-shooter, move your ducky around to avoid enemy fire. Grab coins for upgrades.
Zombie Ten O One
Shoot 1001 zombies to complete this top-down zombie shooter. Shoot explosive barrels to help.
Fierce Twilight
Shoot down enemy spaceships in this Star Wars themed, side view, spaceship shooter.
Project Borgs Is Out Of Control
Shoot enemies & capture their fallen parts to buy upgrades. Be careful, levels are destructible.
Space Flash Arena 2
Fly your spaceship as you shoot down enemy ships flying at you. Upgrade to withstand harder levels.
Metal Arena HD
Control your tank in the small arena maps. Shoot at enemy tanks while getting their scrap for armor.
Shoot enemy aircrafts as you fight against gravity & staying up in the air. Beware of kamikazes.
Cyber Hell 6
Shoot each boss as you jump & dodge their fire in this old school looking flash game.
Mustache Attack - Revenge of Bigotilyo
Attack the enemies with different types of weapons. Keep enemies from moving forward & find chests.
Super Moon
Shoot all the incoming asteroids & defend the earth from getting pummeled by space rocks.
Jontron - Bird vs Camel
As a parrot, shoot the incoming camels to protect the guy while he games. Tougher camels come later.
The Last Wings 2
Shoot enemies in this spaceship shooter. Control with your mouse, upgrade & avoid enemy fire.
Tower Droids
Fly your drone back n forth as you protect your base against attack. Buy upgrades to become stronger
Shoot down enemies & pick up new guns as you protect a variety of barricades with AI support.
Run Till You Die
Run down the street, shooting zombies & gathering coins. Buy expensive items after earning enough.
Bear in Super Action Adventure
Shoot alien enemies as a bear with a jetpack. Earn points to upgrade & become more powerful.
Astral Guard
A the single arena, move back n forth as you shoot monsters. Gain points to upgrade your wizard.
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