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William and Sly 2
Grab fireflies, mushrooms, and keys as you explore this nice looking platformer sequel.
Penguins Attack 3
Create mazes of turrets to destroy all the attacking waves of penguins. Maze and standard TD in one.
Sydney Shark
Control the shark as you eat and crash into as much as possible. Bring down aircrafts for explosions
Tricky Fish
Fling your fish out of the water as you grab the pink orbs & slide along ice blocks.
Target Barbarossa
Read your missions and target and splatter the brains of your target in this great sniper game.
Sonny 2
Build up your player with the attributes you want as you fight enemies in a turn based gameplay.
A great top-down space shooter with an amazing upgrade and shop system. Continue to fight and ugrade
Word Kingdom
Create words to gain resources to build up your kingdom and defend it from attack.
Revert to Growth
Control where plants grow to help you achieve goals on each level. Don't grow in wrong areas!
The Last Shelter
Protect your base by placing turrets to defend multiple pathways that bugs attack from.
  Shooting Games
Warflash II - Level Pack
Be quick in this FPS to shoot enemies before they deplete your health. Later levels get harder.
Billy and Shotgun 2
Patrol the streets & blast childen that are attacking you. Grab coins, but watch out for reload time
Time Sweeper
In this space shooter, shoot enough enemies to pass each area. Earn points to upgrade your ship.
Costume Kid
A repetative shooter, where you struggle to make enough money for upgrades to take on the hordes.
Intruder Combat Training 2x
Play different game modes against AI shooters. Throw grenades at their feet & be ready as you spawn.
Bloody Harry
Blast open veggie heads in the streets as you gain upgrades to choose from between levels.
Zombocalypse II
Shoot zombies & hurry to crates for new guns. Doesn't feel balanced, just lots of zombies at once.
Sentry Knight 2
Keep your tower safe as you shoot enemies & unlock powers. Earn money to upgrade & pass levels.
Bro vs Zombie
Shoot zombies as you ransack vehicles to repair your own car. Buy & upgrade lots of items to aid you
Uber Commando
Aim & jump as you auto run & gun. Start of game gets increasingly harder as you upgrade.
Undead Run
Auto shoot in this auto scrolling runner. Avoid obstacles & get coins to upgrade & get farther.
Panda Uprising
Shoot at waves of pandas as you defend your base. Use different abilities to take out alll pandas.
Highway Pursuit
Protect the robbers & shoot all the pursuing coppers chasing after them as you upgrade guns.
Mafia - The Revenge
Shoot bad guys in this street sidescroller. Pick up new weapons to keep enemies & bosses down.
Reigning Arrows 1.5
Defend your castle by shooting arrows at incoming enemies. Earn money to afford new upgrades.
Defend Position
Defend your base by shooting incoming forces. Buy upgrades to defend against harder enemies.
Call to Action - Awesome
In this 35MB shooter, blast all that pop out from cover. Try for headshots & beware of reloads.
Army Training
Improve your aim & accuracy as you play this short game of shooting terrorist cut-outs.
Sky Quest
Fly through the skies in this side-view, shooter. Upgrade your powers & avoid monster fire.
The Super Zero
Fly the skies as Super Zero & rescue falling civilians & shoot enemies & falling asteroids.
Hold position behind your barricade as you try to shoot all the robots coming over the horizon.
Shoot, use magical powers & throw grenades to kill large & small demons in the tight FPS corridors.
Stick - Gangster Duel
Pickup better guns to shoot the enemy off the platform enough times that he can't jump back on.
Start with the easy levels or jump straight to the last for a challenge of shooting parasites.
Shoot green blobs in this sidescrolling, platformer. Grab keys & ammo to stay alive.
Dead Zone Shooter
Shoot the enemies as they pop out from behind cover. Be quick as they will quickly take your health.
Parasite Strike
Fly your jet as you shoot down choppers & gather the gems. Drop bombs on ground units.
Good Morning Zombies
In the single arena, shoot zombies coming in from the left & right. Earn money to upgrade guns.
Candy Beasts
Shoot different types of candy mobs to earn coins. Use money to upgrade your guns & survive.
Robot Revolt
Defend your robot base in this shooting defense game. Upgrade guns & call in orbital strikes.
Shoot zombies in multiple arenas as you pick up guns & try to keep the zombie horde thinned down.
EMR - 45
Fly your spaceship, rotate your gun turret & even rotate your shield power as you take a beating.
NYPD Crime Control
Shoot bad guys after you train on enemy cut-out targets. Don't shoot the hostages that pop up.
Curse Village 4
Defend your barricade as you shoot the incoming waves of zombies. Lay traps & buy friendly support.
Anti-Terror Force Recharged
Shoot at all the terrorists that run out from behind cover. Switch guns to be quicker than reloading
Severe Road
Stay on the train & avoid enemy fire as you shoot enemies on the train, on bikes & paratroopers.
Advanced Army Training
Walk through to rooms & blast cardboard cut outs of terrorists. Throw grenades to clear full rooms.
Sniper Police Training
Shoot the targets as they appear. Follow instructions & only shoot the color you've been asked to.
Viking Valor
Defend your castle with your cannon. Shoot the incoming vikings to earn money for upgrades.
Still Alive
Protect the cabin as you shoot incoming zombies. Upgrade for new guns or better shooting.
The Last Dinosaurs
As a dinosaur, shoot enemies in this arena, sidescroller shooter. Grab health to stay alive.
Skylark 2
Shoot at enemy war machines including turrets, tanks, aircrafts & big bosses.
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