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47 levels of physics puzzles as you get the gold shape to touch the platform as you erase blocks.
Home Sheep Home 2 - Lost in London
Move the large, medium, & small sheep through innovative & artsy puzzles to reach your destination.
Ultimate Cannon Strike
Use your tanks fire power to destroy the soldiers in the physics building. Blast enemy tanks too!
Kingdom Rush
Place & upgrade towers as you use your own soldiers to help keep the enemies back from the paths end
Call of Atlantis
Many levels of aligning your symbols to drop down the artifact pieces. Also has hidden object levels
Perfect Balance New Trials
30 new physics puzzles for you to balance all the shapes on. Some can get confusing, be prepared!
Fastone Pyramid
Build the rocks up so that they pass the white line. Careful your surface is constantly shrinking.
IQ Ball
Grapple objects and the environment to solve puzzles and reach the bullseye in the physics world.
Shoot stickmen as you specify the waves and number of enemies. Unlock new weapons.
The Kill Kar II - Revenge
Drive your car and run over people before the time expires. Upgrade your car over many levels.
  Shooting Games
Sniper Police Training
Shoot the targets as they appear. Follow instructions & only shoot the color you've been asked to.
Viking Valor
Defend your castle with your cannon. Shoot the incoming vikings to earn money for upgrades.
Still Alive
Protect the cabin as you shoot incoming zombies. Upgrade for new guns or better shooting.
The Last Dinosaurs
As a dinosaur, shoot enemies in this arena, sidescroller shooter. Grab health to stay alive.
Skylark 2
Shoot at enemy war machines including turrets, tanks, aircrafts & big bosses.
Zombie Battlefield
Protect the base from the side as you shoot zombies & earn money to buy support gunners & new guns.
Zombies Ate Juggles
Protect the clown at the bottom by shooting all the incoming circus freaks that are attacking.
Clash of Goblins
Defend your building by shooting incoming enemies, building better barricades & releasing potions.
Robo Tank
Equip your mech with armor & guns as you go out & shoot enemy jeeps & robotic soldiers.
Monsters Rampage
Stay alive as you shoot monsters that split. Shoot split monsters until there are none left.
Gold Gun Violence District 2
Shoot the enemies that pop up from behind cover as you try to get headshots.
Black IV - Time of Revenge
Shoot enemy stickmen in this top-down shooter. Hack computers & take cover against too many baddies.
Connect to multiplayer rooms & shoot other players across the net. Earn money to buy better weapons.
Quantum Zombies
Switch between weapons & shoot zombies to stay alive. Time travel to take on other baddies.
Keep The Beat
Try to stay alive by shooting & eating zombie hearts. Eat enough to turn into a spinning monster.
Bloody Night
Defend the princess in the tower as you shoot zombies. Don't let the zombies damage the towers.
Shoot the aliens & gather coins to earn enough to buy items in the shop. Beware of small ammo clips!
Zombie Night 3
Shoot the incoming zombies & buy guns in this top-down, single arena shooter.
Shoot enemies in this sidescroller as quickly as possible before they throw bones at you.
Minions Fighting Back
Shoot the crazy purple minions & turn them back to friendly minions as you earn money to buy guns.
Tiny Wizard
Shoot all the enemies on each floor of the tower to unlock new hats & their stairs.
Slide your ship back & forth as you shoot the enemy ship formations. Click to release powerups.
Reds Tower Inferno
Shoot all the blues bouncing in towards your tower. Blast their face off & don't let them touch you.
The Lumbering Dead
Shoot zombies & conserve ammo in this zombie shooter & defense game.
Lomo UFO
Shoot down the UFOs before they abduct the people below. Earn money to upgrade gun.
Wild West Conflict
Shoot all the cowboys hiding around the western saloons. Peek corners carefully & mind that health!
Fish and Destroy 2
Shoot at the fish & destroy them before taking too much damage. Save missiles for fish bosses.
Shoot lots of enemies that flow out of vents in this top-down, pixelated shooter.
Shoot enemy aircrafts with your tank as you grab coins to buy upgrades in the single arena.
Flip switches, investigate items & shoot zombies in this dark sidescroller. Mind the reload!
Pocket Rocket
Ride on your rocket & shoot enemy spaceships as you grab coins & avoid enemy fire from hitting you.
Desert Force
Fly your helicopter & avoid enemy fire as you grab dropped coins for upgrades & new choppers.
No More Aliens
Shoot the alien UFOs flying overhead. Avoid their fire as you grab gems for upgrades to your soldier
Project MAN
After the tutorial, shoot enemy ships coming in, trying to destroy your city.
Fire Element
Shoot enemies & bosses in this top-down shooter. Finish multiple paths to earn more upgrade points.
Super Warship
Fire at all the enemy war machines chasing your boat down. Use high damage weapons sparingly.
Monkey Temple
Throw bananas at the enemies trying to steal gems from your pile. Mouse over coins to gather them.
Gear of Defense 3
Rapidly shoot enemies coming in to destroy your base. Upgrade weapons to within harder attacks later
Super Battle City
Defend your base in this top-down tank shooter. Capture turrets & avoid chain reaction explosions.
Duck Tub Battle
Shoot enemies as a duck & gather coins for upgrades to help defeat tough bosses.
Gunfox vs. Monster Boss
Shoot enemies as they fall from above. Slide into them on the ground to pop them up into the air.
With limited ammo, fire shots to kill all the zombies & cause reactions to help save ammo.
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