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Spectromancer - League of Heroes
Play the campaign or go straight to battles as you fight AI enemies with card-based attacks.
Bike Mania 5
Ride your motorcycle over the military vehicles as you try to balance and tilt without tipping over.
Heavy Weapons
Shoot as many enemies as possible as you grab gems to upgrade your ship as tougher enemies come.
Ninjas vs Pirates TD 2
Place your ninjas and prepare for battle against the pirates that come wave after wave.
Zombie World
A tower defense game with many different modes. Place mines, soldier squads & turrets.
Super Sergeant Shooter
Grab guns and ammo in this Doom engine flash game. Running & gunning will only get you so far.
Create contraptions to roll, swing, and any other means to get to the exit. Many solutions for each.
Urban Warfare
A first person shooter world where enemies randomly generate. Knife, guns, and grenades oh my!
Industrial Tower Defence
Build all sorts of towers as you protect your factories in this tower defense game. Many enemy waves
Virtual Farm
Manage your virtual farm as you take care of things and convert them into money to buy more.
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  Shooting Games
Family Rush
Shoot enemies in this auto-runner. Buy upgrades & get farther to unlock new family members to help.
Super Panda Hero
Pick up guns as you fight & shoot your way down the street. Attack vehicles quickly!
Keep moving to the right as you shoot stick-like figures. Avoid their fire & get close for gut shots
Revenge of Brainzilla - Bomb The Humans
Take out cop cars & humans down below as a giant, floating, attacking brain. Upgrade threw the shop.
Monster Crusade
In this top-down shooter, blast orcs, skeletons & other monsters as a Mage. Keep from taking damage.
War Face
Shoot enemy tanks & avoid their fire as you survive long enough for new levels.
Valentine Elves
Defend the big hearts from the enemies for as long as possible. Shoot your heart gun at enemies.
Zombokill 2
Repair your bike & defend it against attacking & chasing zombies. Stand in ammo spot for more ammo.
Them Coconuts
Defend your base by shoot coconuts at incoming monkeys & cops. Don't forget to visit shop mid-game.
Fear Zone
Kill zombies & protect civilians as you escort them across the open area in this top-down shooter.
Zombie Blast
Move back n forth in the arena as you shoot zombies & earn money to upgrade your character.
Rage Zombie Shooter
Shoot zombies in this 3D-ish, isometric, arena shooter. Upgrade your skills as you level up.
Air War 1941
Move your airplane as it auto-shoots. Take out enemies & avoid their fire as you pickup coins.
8-Bit Mage
As your Mage auto-shoots, stay away from enemies & grab coins they drop to upgrade in shop.
Young Shieff
Shoot all the indians & earn money as you take their land away. Upgrade to be able to pass levels.
Zombudoy Pirates
Shoot incoming zombies to protect your treasure. Use bombs & beware of your fingers being eaten.
Advanced Combat
Gun down aliens in this top-down shooter. Go on missions that are both indoor & outdoors.
Disease Warrior Rampage
Kill the diseases in this top-down, arena shooter. Pick up coins for upgrades.
War Tower
Defend your turret as you gun down incoming mechs. Upgrade to keep off tougher enemies.
State of Zombies 2
Kill zombies in this isometric scroller. Shoot boxes & items to reveal ammo & money for upgrades.
Castle Knight
Defend the castle from both sides. Buy support to stand inside the castle. Gets hard quick.
Bomber at War II - Level Pack Hidden Events
Drop bombs on enemy ships & gun down enemy aircrafts. Shooting is a bit hard & time taking.
My Friend Pedro Arena
In platformer / arena gameplay, shoot enemies, slow down time & earn points to unlock new arenas.
Fire & Might
Move your dragon & shoot fireballs at stickmen. Upgrade to take on more difficult enemies.
Smokin Barrels 2
Holster your gun & be the first to hit the floating target to damage the gunslinger.
Gun Mayhem Redux
Shoot enemies in different arenas with different objectives like deathmatch & capture the flag.
Shoot guards as you get into the castle, free the hanging prisoners & make your escape.
Epic Time Pirates
Play with AI on your team against AI baddies. Shoot enemies & capture their flag in this platformer.
Raze III
Shoot enemies in this platformer after doing a tutorial that is slow & boring for genre veterans.
Fire Element 2
Shoot at asteroids & enemies coming at you as you move back n forth. Upgrade as you earn more.
Alien Attack Team II
Run & double-jump your soldier as you shoot. Includes big mechs you can get in to fight enemy mechs.
Tech War
Fly your airplane using your mouse. Take out turrets & convoys as you make passes overhead.
Zom Buddies
As 2 rednecks, defend the land of the free from zombies. Upgrade & take out all the incoming zombies
Click Him 2
Click & upgrade turrets to be strong enough to take on more waves. Don't have to click enemies.
The Explosive Squad
A repetative shooter that wont allow you to move backwards & shoot at the same time. Fun, but hard.
Glorkian Warrior - The Trials of Glork
Run back n forth as your back-strapped pal fires at enemies above in retro Invaders style.
Den of Evil
In this top-down shooter, take out zombies & skeletons as you find keys & coins to progress.
Decision III
Find & shoot zombies in this top-down shooter. Gather a team to take take on larger zombie hordes.
Shoplifter Defence
A difficult defense game of charging your bow n arrow & hitting enemies. Buy other weapons too.
Urban Wizard 4
Shoot back n forth in the scene as you take down zombies with a variety of weapons & limited ammo.
Pixel Outlaw
Shoot persuing enemies from your bike. Don't let police vans slow you down.
Urban Shootout
Shoot the enemies quickly as they pop out. Reload at the right times & get new guns on later levels.
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