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Grab splashes of color to add that color to the grey game level. Puzzle solving and block pushing.
Tower Defence Generals
Complete each level as you build your firing towers and power-up towers. Don't let any enemies threw
Get all the colored balls into their contains as you knock balls around in this physics world.
Choose Your Weapons TD
Place your weapons carefully as you attempt to take down all the waves of bad guys. Unique towers!
Elite Forces Warfare 2
Place your towers and upgrade them as wave after wave of enemies go around the pathway.
What the Heck
15 levels of shooting blocks, enemies, and keys. Bounce fire to solve puzzles.
Redstar Fall
Click to make blocks disappear in the physics world as you try to keep the red star from falling off
Magnetic Defense
Defend your base as you drop blocks of junk on enemies. Upgrade base with junk too!
Urban Wars
Many strategic aspects to this game of sending the correct enemies to the enemy side to take 'em out
Dynamic Systems
Drag and drop the pieces to the rube goldberg machines to make the ball reach the basket.
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  Shooting Games
Rumble In The Soup
In this arena, auto-shooter, move your ducky around to avoid enemy fire. Grab coins for upgrades.
Zombie Ten O One
Shoot 1001 zombies to complete this top-down zombie shooter. Shoot explosive barrels to help.
Fierce Twilight
Shoot down enemy spaceships in this Star Wars themed, side view, spaceship shooter.
Project Borgs Is Out Of Control
Shoot enemies & capture their fallen parts to buy upgrades. Be careful, levels are destructible.
Space Flash Arena 2
Fly your spaceship as you shoot down enemy ships flying at you. Upgrade to withstand harder levels.
Metal Arena HD
Control your tank in the small arena maps. Shoot at enemy tanks while getting their scrap for armor.
Shoot enemy aircrafts as you fight against gravity & staying up in the air. Beware of kamikazes.
Cyber Hell 6
Shoot each boss as you jump & dodge their fire in this old school looking flash game.
Mustache Attack - Revenge of Bigotilyo
Attack the enemies with different types of weapons. Keep enemies from moving forward & find chests.
Super Moon
Shoot all the incoming asteroids & defend the earth from getting pummeled by space rocks.
Jontron - Bird vs Camel
As a parrot, shoot the incoming camels to protect the guy while he games. Tougher camels come later.
The Last Wings 2
Shoot enemies in this spaceship shooter. Control with your mouse, upgrade & avoid enemy fire.
Tower Droids
Fly your drone back n forth as you protect your base against attack. Buy upgrades to become stronger
Shoot down enemies & pick up new guns as you protect a variety of barricades with AI support.
Run Till You Die
Run down the street, shooting zombies & gathering coins. Buy expensive items after earning enough.
Bear in Super Action Adventure
Shoot alien enemies as a bear with a jetpack. Earn points to upgrade & become more powerful.
Astral Guard
A the single arena, move back n forth as you shoot monsters. Gain points to upgrade your wizard.
Peace Break Hero
Fly your ship while avoiding enemy shots. Shoot baddies & upgrade yourself through a skill market.
Infernal Mess
Walk around the small arena & shoot the zombies without getting bitten. Upgrade yourself & your guns
Trainyard Shootout
Shoot the terrorists that come running out from behind cover. Zoom in for those headshots.
DN8 Pulse
Move your spaceship to avoid enemy fire & shoot at them as they come in on marked paths.
Flying Richard in Nightswimming
Swim underwater as you shoot sea life & pirates to gain coins to buy upgrades for yourself.
Ninja or Nun 3
Shoot all the ninjas as they come out from behind cover. Duck n cover to reload or switch weapons.
Upgrade Complete 3mium
Upgrade everything from your ship, the graphical look of the game, including menus, fonts & buttons.
Gunball Reloaded
Stay alive as you shoot the enemy balls coming after you. Earn money for more guns & upgrades.
Wizards Run
As your wizard auto moves, slide back n forth shooting goblins as you increase your wizards skills.
Cat vs Rats
Defend the fridge from the incoming rats. Aim with your keyboard as your cat auto-fires.
No Escape
Shoot the incoming enemies before you take too much damage. Go for headshots for more damage.
21 Days on The Moon
Turn back n forth as you gun down the moon aliens that are coming from both sides.
Move back n forth as you try to line up your spaceships gunfire with the routes of enemy ships.
Yikes Zombies Shoot Em
Defend the left side as you click on different lanes to shoot the zombies coming in.
The Utilizer
Collect blocks on your ship, shoot enemies with unlocked guns & avoid hitting enemies or asteroids.
Space Swarm
Shoot asteroids & enemy ships that appear as you play threw 3 chapters.
Protect your castle as you auto-fire your bow. Buy support characters to help defend against forces.
Turret Defense 3D
Place turrets around your base & upgrade them. Hold down mouse & aim at incoming enemies.
Hazmat Attack
Hold your position & don't move as you remember where hazmat enemies pop up. Shoot quick to not die.
Curse Village 3
Move your floating gun up n down as you shoot incoming forces. Earn money for AI squad members.
Zombies Island
In this top-down shooter, kill zombies & grab money symbols to earn enough to afford guns later on.
Lego The Avengers
Fly your lego ship in an isometric view. Grab orange orbs while avoid obstacles & shooting them.
Alien Massacre
Fly your ship & shoot enemy ships & turrets on the ground & ceiling. Avoid taking too much damage.
Gangster Mayhem
Find & shoot the enemies in this sparce, top-down shooter. Shoot barrels to explode near enemies.
Airport Shootout
Gun down terrorists at the airport. Get as close to a headshot as possible for more points.
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