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Ninjas vs Pirates TD 2
Place your ninjas and prepare for battle against the pirates that come wave after wave.
Sapphire Skies
Attack enemy bases & air ships as you mine the ground for valuables. Defend your village & upgrade.
Fortress Guardian
Defend your castle wall from enemies. Shoot your bow n arrow and swing your sword to stay alive.
Bloons Insanity Pack
50 of the hardest Bloons levels you'll find on the net. Can you complete all 50 of the challenges?
Medievil Siege
Knock down some castles. A blatant rip off of another game? Perhaps. Fun none-the-less? Of course.
Burrito Bison
A great looking distance game with fun upgrades and lots of unique enemies.
Spectromancer - League of Heroes
Play the campaign or go straight to battles as you fight AI enemies with card-based attacks.
Stormy Castle
Protect your castle by constructing buildings to create units to send out.
Similar to Jenga, take blocks from below and add them to the top. Don't let to many blocks fall off!
Urban Sniper
Snip accurately to get new missions. Blast some brains to keep your employer happy.
  Shooting Games
Shoot guards as you get into the castle, free the hanging prisoners & make your escape.
Epic Time Pirates
Play with AI on your team against AI baddies. Shoot enemies & capture their flag in this platformer.
Raze III
Shoot enemies in this platformer after doing a tutorial that is slow & boring for genre veterans.
Fire Element 2
Shoot at asteroids & enemies coming at you as you move back n forth. Upgrade as you earn more.
Alien Attack Team II
Run & double-jump your soldier as you shoot. Includes big mechs you can get in to fight enemy mechs.
Tech War
Fly your airplane using your mouse. Take out turrets & convoys as you make passes overhead.
Zom Buddies
As 2 rednecks, defend the land of the free from zombies. Upgrade & take out all the incoming zombies
Click Him 2
Click & upgrade turrets to be strong enough to take on more waves. Don't have to click enemies.
The Explosive Squad
A repetative shooter that wont allow you to move backwards & shoot at the same time. Fun, but hard.
Glorkian Warrior - The Trials of Glork
Run back n forth as your back-strapped pal fires at enemies above in retro Invaders style.
Den of Evil
In this top-down shooter, take out zombies & skeletons as you find keys & coins to progress.
Decision III
Find & shoot zombies in this top-down shooter. Gather a team to take take on larger zombie hordes.
Shoplifter Defence
A difficult defense game of charging your bow n arrow & hitting enemies. Buy other weapons too.
Urban Wizard 4
Shoot back n forth in the scene as you take down zombies with a variety of weapons & limited ammo.
Pixel Outlaw
Shoot persuing enemies from your bike. Don't let police vans slow you down.
Urban Shootout
Shoot the enemies quickly as they pop out. Reload at the right times & get new guns on later levels.
A.I. Vendetta
Shoot enemies & structures to collapse them. Gather powerups without getting hit to become stronger.
Sky Knight
Fly your biplane threw squadrons of enemy fighters. Drop bomb to manage your gun temperature.
Fly as a ble-haired, bat boy & shoot down the flying enemies coming from the right.
Zombie Incursion
Defend the line against the incoming zombies. Prevent too many zombies from crossing!
Metal Slug 3 - Zombie Edition
Find pick ups as you shoot & avoid zombies. Shoot explosive barrels to take out large groups.
Hot Shot Sniper
Shoot the moving targets with your sniper rifle. Zoom in for a scoped hit & extra points.
Stickman Max Gangs
Shoot the stick enemies that appear in different scenes. Be quick & shoot health when it appears.
Zombo Buster Rising
Shoot enemies in this base defender & buy upgrades. New teammates are auto given to you as you play.
Warflash II - Level Pack
Be quick in this FPS to shoot enemies before they deplete your health. Later levels get harder.
Billy and Shotgun 2
Patrol the streets & blast childen that are attacking you. Grab coins, but watch out for reload time
Time Sweeper
In this space shooter, shoot enough enemies to pass each area. Earn points to upgrade your ship.
Costume Kid
A repetative shooter, where you struggle to make enough money for upgrades to take on the hordes.
Intruder Combat Training 2x
Play different game modes against AI shooters. Throw grenades at their feet & be ready as you spawn.
Bloody Harry
Blast open veggie heads in the streets as you gain upgrades to choose from between levels.
Zombocalypse II
Shoot zombies & hurry to crates for new guns. Doesn't feel balanced, just lots of zombies at once.
Sentry Knight 2
Keep your tower safe as you shoot enemies & unlock powers. Earn money to upgrade & pass levels.
Bro vs Zombie
Shoot zombies as you ransack vehicles to repair your own car. Buy & upgrade lots of items to aid you
Uber Commando
Aim & jump as you auto run & gun. Start of game gets increasingly harder as you upgrade.
Undead Run
Auto shoot in this auto scrolling runner. Avoid obstacles & get coins to upgrade & get farther.
Panda Uprising
Shoot at waves of pandas as you defend your base. Use different abilities to take out alll pandas.
Highway Pursuit
Protect the robbers & shoot all the pursuing coppers chasing after them as you upgrade guns.
Mafia - The Revenge
Shoot bad guys in this street sidescroller. Pick up new weapons to keep enemies & bosses down.
Reigning Arrows 1.5
Defend your castle by shooting arrows at incoming enemies. Earn money to afford new upgrades.
Defend Position
Defend your base by shooting incoming forces. Buy upgrades to defend against harder enemies.
Call to Action - Awesome
In this 35MB shooter, blast all that pop out from cover. Try for headshots & beware of reloads.
Army Training
Improve your aim & accuracy as you play this short game of shooting terrorist cut-outs.
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