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The Space Game - Missions
Build power lines to power your mining, and defenses as you mine the asteroids around your base.
Test Subject Complete
Use wall & ceiling portals to your advantage as you shoot enemies & grab the exit keycard.
Ride your bike as you jump over icicles and gaps. Grab frozen bubbles and keep from dying.
The Kings League Odyssey
Manage your team & their strengths as you go on quests & battles. Slightly high learning curve.
Super Mario Star Scramble 2
Grab coins and stars as you squash Mario's enemies, and reach the door after it opens.
The Mind
Pay attention to the perspective of the land. You might just be jumping into water.
Bad Piggies Online 2015
Play tons of levels of pieces together components to create a useable machine that reaches the end.
Red Code 2
Shoot the incoming waves of aliens as you protect the beacon and upgrade your weapons and soldier.
World War 3
Shoot enemies & drive jeeps in this good looking sidescroller. Coins seem to have little value.
Loot Heroes
Attack enemies, manage skill xp & weapon inventory to stay alive while attacking bosses & groups.
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Rudolf The Rabbit
Find the items that are hiding in the background. Combine them together to help or get pass others.
Escape From Roswell
Click on items in the background to add them to your inventory. Combine items to get pass puzzles.
AL Project
Solve puzzles in this top-down click & explore game. Find hints from other places & don't give up.
Save The Fairyland
Find all the items in each scene. Combine them & click on the other character to help them.
Dark Submarine Escape 2
Escape each room of the sub by finding clues. Some seem to be for the musically inclined.
Legendary Escape 2
Look through the room for items & hints to other puzzles as you move from one room to another.
Attack of The Time Travelling Pygmy From Outer Paletolithic
Explore the house, break stuff & solve puzzle of where to throw things. Light all bulbs to win.
Cam The Camera
Find items & click on them to add them to your inventory, combine them & pass each stages puzzle.
Escape From Haunted House - 13th Floor
Travel through many rooms, picking up items & trying not to get scared at what pops out at you.
Chestnut Avenue 101
Look inside rooms & gather items & puzzle pieces for other rooms. Can you solve all the puzzles?
Naughty Movie Theatre
Click on different items to combine them together & cause grief for the couple on a movie date.
The Lost Planet - Kepler-186f
Pick up things you find & use them in different areas on the planet to get passed alien beasts.
New Soccer Season Challenge
Look around each new room & discover items to pick up & help you solve puzzles.
Project Mayhem
Use the edges of the screen to move about & get out of the city. Don't forget to look for items.
Line Simulator
Pick up items & use them against those waiting in line. Get everyone to move aside & become 1st.
Escape From Abandoned Lee Plaza Hotel
Explore the real world abandoned hotel & hunt for items & clues to progress in this escape game.
Locked Dungeon Escape
Find items in each area of the dungeon. Move on to more rooms, where more puzzles will be revealed.
Castle War 5
Click on different areas of the floating island. Figure out puzzles in each area of the escape game.
Abandoned Mysteries - Mad Manor
Explore many areas in the large manor. Find items & solve the puzzles to the mystery.
Escape Plan - Splash Park
Escape each new area of Splash Park as you solve the puzzles & combine objects to get out.
Cody Jones and The Island of Death
Pick up tons of items laying around. Defeat the enemies by using objects picked up in all directions
Escape V Manor
Move through all the photorealistic rooms as you discover the way to escape.
Vortex Point - Time of Your Life
Investigate 3 different areas to pick up items, chat with NPC & solve the main escape games puzzle.
Escape The Game
After tons of dialogue, finally get going. Stuck in the game, your goal is to get out.
Cube Escape - The Mill
Turn around in the room & gather items to help you in solving the escape puzzles & moving on.
Katjas Escape II - The Mad Scientists Lab
Look in each area to gather items into your inventory. Combine & use items to help in your escape.
Escape From Death House
Click on different items to kill the occupants of this house. Can you find all the ways to kill them
You're Grounded
Click around your room & find the necessary items to rebuild the time machine you gave yourself.
Luka & Lara - Robo Abduction
Click to trigger items in this click adventure. Open doors & move blocks to get to the other side.
Arcane The Stone Circle - Episode 8
Gather items & use them to solve the puzzles quickly, before the monster attacks.
Deep Jungle Escape
Choose your path & character your going to play as. Click in the jungle scenes to pick up new items.
Arcane The Stone Circle - Episode 7
Click around the scene quickly as the monster grows in the sky. Figure out the puzzles fast or die.
Me Wake Up Mini - Pinang
Enter the dream world to pick up items that you bring back to the real world to help you escape.
Grand Apartment Escape
Hunt down keys in the different areas that are open. Use keys to access new rooms that were locked.
Arcane The Stone Circle - Episode 6
Click around the room to discover items to hold on to. Use items to solve the escape puzzles.
Escape From L33T
Click on the right areas to work your way out of the building. Click wrong & die.
Arcane The Stone Circle - Episode 5
The Arcane series continues its story in another episode of click adventurering.
Me Wake Up Mini - Islet
Go inside your dream to gather items & help you get pass the escape game puzzles.
Escape From The Bannerman Castle at Newyork
Walk around & inside the abandoned house. Solve the escape puzzles by looking for clues & items.
Ship Harbor Escape
Gather items into your inventory & talk to those around you that aren't busy to get clues.
Katjas Escape
Move deeper into the tomb as you explore it. Solve the puzzles to reveal the tombs secrets.
Escape From Ghost Ship
Look in different areas of the ship as you solve puzzles & collect items. Don't get scared!
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