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Shoot stickmen as you specify the waves and number of enemies. Unlock new weapons.
Monster Truck Maniac 2
Move the monstertruck, bounce it, shoot it, jump it, and more. Can you score big?
Shoot the green zombies, bats, and tough guys in the pixelated world as you grab treasure and keys.
Control Craft
Move soldiers from outpost to outpost in greater numbers to take control of all the outposts.
Totem Destroyer 2
Click to make blocks disappear as you keep the golden idol ontop of the metal blocks. Sweet!
War of Cells
Evolve your cell to become a fierce opponent for your enemies. Strong learning curve. Be patient.
Toxie Radd
Stay alive as you blast the zombies with multiple guns. Manage your health to stay alive as you move
Wolverine M.R.D. Escape
You're Wolverine and you need to rescue your team. Dodge lasers, access locks, and use your claws!
Super Mario World Flash 2
32 Mario levels all with Mario universe enemies for you to jump on and defeat. Can you beat all 32?
Pick between good and evil and then help or hurt people with your powers. Multiple powers to control
  Escape Games
Save Pirate Bunny
Click on the right objects to help the bunny escape the pirate ship & make it through his adventure.
Paper Rabbit Fortune Hunter
Click on objects & solve puzzles to help the paper rabbit move forward in each scene.
Be Alien
Click on objects in each new scene to help the little alien escape the larger aliens.
Shinobi Quest
Quickly click the action to perform before it's too late. Combine items & kill stickmen.
Escape your prison cell & continue your escape journey. Search to get those hard to find items!
J-Tubeus - Steam Adventures
Be a robot made from a tuba. Escape the different situations you get stuck in.
Monkey Go Happy Tales
Find objects to help unlock & get to new areas in the game world.
Rise of The Plants
Gather items that stand out in the scene. Combine them to solve each areas puzzles.
Diamonds Chase
Hunt for items in each scene to gather them & combine them to help you escape each area.
Saucy Devil Gordon
Explore different areas of the small island & acquire items to help make the perfect drink.
Alexia Crow - The Deal of the Gods
Explore great looking rooms in this anticipated sequel. Pickup & insert objects to solve puzzles.
Submachine 9 - The Temple
Explore the rooms & hunt for objects that will solve puzzles & aid you in unlocking new areas.
Adam and Eve 2
Click on objects within the scene to solve puzzles & help aid Adam move on.
Click the right objects in each new scene to progress in this click adventure.
Potbelly Hill Mystery
Talk to characters in this escape game as you get more info & unlock the dig site to explore.
3 Pandas in Brazil
Use the 3 pandas different abilities to click where to go & what to do to get the group to the exit.
Kind Knight
Find objects & combine them together to help others out and get them out of a jam.
Monkey Go Happy Adventure
Add items to the inventory & use them to solve puzzles in different scenes. Make the monkey go happy
Tickets 4 Love
Travel around town gathering items to score a date with the girl you have the hots for.
Little Romeo Adventure
Find your way out of the house & continue your adventure in finding & impressing your girl.
Harry Quantum 4 - Doc Star
Click objects in the world to add them to your inventory. Talk with characters as you solve puzzles.
Back in Time 2
Travel threw time, then travel the old school town as you talk to people & pick up items.
Burglar House Escape
Move through colorful rooms and grab coins & items as you solve mini puzzles along your journey.
Versus Oxpyctehhbin Kbect
In each new scene, click on objects to interact with them. Click correctly to move on.
Fish Rush
Click on the proper items to help the penguin move along to new areas & get fish.
Escape the Office
Turn around in the office as you find and combine objects to help you escape.
Solo Villa Escape
Look for tiles & attach them to the door in this good looking escape game.
Dakota Winchesters Adventures
Explore the areas & gather objects to aid you in your adventure as you try to enter the temple.
Dangerous Invention
Help the inventor to escape each scene as you play mini games to rescue him.
Click each scenes items in the right order to use them, or combine them to help your character.
Fragment of Dejavu
A short escape game of traveling through time & changing the fate of a airplane crash.
Lost Astronaut
Click on items on the small planets to escape. Find your way to new & unique worlds to escape.
Hey Popo
Click on objects in the right order to use items and get the desired results to progress the story.
Clumsy Robber
Solve each scenes puzzles by finding & combining objects together to get passed obstacles.
Where Is 2014
Click around to find items & place them where they go to ring the bell and wake 2014.
Monkey Go Happy Xmas Time
Find objects and toys to help the monkey through locked doors & finish puzzles.
Kindergarten Break Out
Break out of Kindergarten by find, & combining objects to get passed other kids.
Island Ha-Bu-Bu
Find items & combine them together to solve each scenes puzzle. Try to survive & escape the island.
Monkey Go Happy Christmas
Click to find items & solve puzzles in this short, hidden item & point n click game.
Tied Santa Escape
Help Santa escape from the room and from being tied up. Find items and use them to solve puzzles.
Jerry's Merry Christmas
Click around your house to find needed items to unlock & combine items in this Christmas game.
Monkey Go Happy Elevators 2
Find toys for the smaller monkeys & use clues to help open all doors & locks.
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