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The Space Game - Missions
Build power lines to power your mining, and defenses as you mine the asteroids around your base.
Ice Breaker
Slice rocks and ice as you get all the vikings back onto their ship. Fun and unique cutting gameplay
Necronator 2
Select your clan, and make units to send out waves along the pathway to the enemy castle.
Grab seeds and plant them in the right spots to progress in the game world.
Lamarr Is Going Home
You are Lamarr from Half-Life 2. Jump over obstacles and enemies as you stay alive.
Crop Circles
Make your own defense map by moving crop circles and then defend by placing your army "turrets".
Missing Duckling
Play in 3 types of gameplay in this physics game that mimics Angry Birds pretty close.
Tractors Power
Don't give the tractor too much power or it explodes. Balance over hills, rocks, and boxes.
Uber Commando
Aim & jump as you auto run & gun. Start of game gets increasingly harder as you upgrade.
Destroy the Wall 3
20 levels of throwing the ball and knocking the blocks over. Later levels include tricky portals.
  Escape Games
Jungle Fun
Click on items to reveal the pathway to move onto the next scene in this click adventure.
Click on the wrong items to cause mischief in each new scene to solve their puzzles.
Restaurant Escape
Escape the restaurant as you hunt for items & where they can be used to solve puzzles.
Dakota Winchesters Adventures - Part 2 Cactus City
Explore different areas of the western town as you gather items to help people & yourself.
Dave In The Cave
Move through the different cave scenes & gather items to aid in your escape from underground.
Explore a black & white world in this non-clicking game. Enter houses & sleep in other peoples beds.
The Last Door - Chapter 4
Click & explore in this pixelated escape game. Don't be fooled by credits, the game isn't over.
Samantha Wins
Progress in this black n white escape game, as the day repeats with small differences.
Vortex Point 5
Find items in this Halloween themed, point n click escape game. Use items to help solve puzzles.
A Day at The Library
As an old geezer, try to get all the kids to stop playing their mobiles & to leave the library.
Like Vampire Like Son
Visit different places around town as you gather items & keep from getting eaten by real vampires.
Haunted House Tours
Move through the house & find hints & objects to help solve each scenes puzzles.
Monkey Go Happy - Halloween
Pick up coins & items to solve puzzles. Some math is involved in solving 1st key puzzle.
Alexandria Escape
Look around for items to gather in this good looking escape game. Use inventory to solve puzzles.
Tiny King
Find pieces of gold & help the king unlock the blue blob to exit each scene in this click adventure.
Halloween Journey 2
Find scary Halloween masks as you use them to unlock doors to obtain other items to progress.
Kingdom of Liars - Stonepath
Kingdom of Liars series returns. Talk to strange characters & pickup items in this click adventure.
A difficult escape game that is challenging to know what exactly to do to solve the games puzzles.
Quest for Milkshake
Find items for your milkshake recipe with Sesame Street look-a-like characters.
Gold Field Escape
Gather gold coins & other hidden items to solve each areas puzzle. Use found items in the right spot
Lost Golem
Help the Indian girl scavenge for parts lying around. Combine them to help her finish each puzzle.
Naughty Parties
Cause havoc at parties as you combine items. Make the party girls mad as you prank them.
Naughty Vacation
Find objects that you can use to prank the sexy flight attendants to cause some mischief.
Naughty Sorority
Click around each scene to make the prankster pull gags on the hot sorority girls.
Naughty Neighbor
Combine items as a prankster to cause mischief to the new neighbor. Has hints if you get stuck.
Naughty Classes
Click in the scene to get the prankster to pull stunts on girls around the school.
Naughty Funfair
Click items to cause things to go wrong on the dating couple at the fair.
Naughty Selfie
Click the prankster & items for him to cause bad selfies for the hot girl.
Casualty Camp
Click camp items in the correct order to cause death to all the stickmen in this clicking adventure.
Troll Tale
Troll the characters you meet in this click adventure. What to click is not always what you'd expect
Naughty Roommate
Click around the room to pick items to prank your roommate with. Make her slip & fall as you prank.
Schrodingers Cat
Try to escape Schrodinger as you move & use your ghost to access wall outlets to solve puzzles.
Sweet Revenge
Explore the different areas of the town. Hunt for items you can add to your inventory to help you.
Alexia Crow - The Pandora's Box
Find objects to help get deeper in the complex. Use objects in unexpecting ways as you find clues.
Monkey Go Happy - Dragon
Click around the scene & solve puzzles to make the monkey go happy in each new level.
Skip Around The World - Finland Suomi
Go to different locations in Finland as you gather items & use them to solve the escape puzzles.
Necromancers Book
Travel threw the creepy halls as you gather items to aid you in solving puzzles.
Sherlock Holmes
As Sherlock Homles, travel around the town, finding clues & gathering items in this escape game.
Cat Pharaoh
Raid the tombs for items to combine & help you escape each area of the tomb.
Nautilus Escape
Move through the submarine, picking up items & using them to help you solve the escape puzzles.
The Deepest Sleep
Explore pixelated rooms & gather the objects you find to aid you in later puzzles in the game.
Day In Chernobyl
Find the items around each scene. Combine them to create the device you need to escape each new area
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