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Line of Fire
Fly your jet over enemy territory as you bomb it into the stone age. Great line drawn animations.
Boxhead The Nightmare X-mas
Shoot zombies as Santa in this top-down shooter. Gather coins & protect turrets from being overrun.
Red Code 2
Shoot the incoming waves of aliens as you protect the beacon and upgrade your weapons and soldier.
Air Traffic Chief
Keep airplanes and helicopters from crashing into each other as you control their flight paths.
Get the creatures to the glowing platform in yet another physics block deleting game.
Legend of the Golden Robot
Fight orcs in turn-based battle and dig to find items. Earn money, spend skill points, buy items.
Jungle ATV
Ride your ATV over 10 levels of terrain. Pick your ATV for speed or control. Don't wreck!
Momentum Missile Mayhem 4
Defend yourself as you upgrade your turret with powers and weapons. Keep the enemies at bay.
The Horde
Setup all kinds of turrets as you keep the enemies back as you play through multiple maps.
Symphonic Bus Tour
Drive your bus as you collect instruments and keep them from spilling over the top of the bus.
  Escape Games
Necromancers Book
Travel threw the creepy halls as you gather items to aid you in solving puzzles.
Sherlock Holmes
As Sherlock Homles, travel around the town, finding clues & gathering items in this escape game.
Cat Pharaoh
Raid the tombs for items to combine & help you escape each area of the tomb.
Nautilus Escape
Move through the submarine, picking up items & using them to help you solve the escape puzzles.
The Deepest Sleep
Explore pixelated rooms & gather the objects you find to aid you in later puzzles in the game.
Day In Chernobyl
Find the items around each scene. Combine them to create the device you need to escape each new area
Nekra Psaria
Gather items in this artsie styled escape game. Move outwards from your initial location.
Panda's Break Out
Help the panda escape by gathering items & automatically constructing. Escape each scenes puzzles.
Money Go Happy - Sci-fi 2
Find the items the sad monkey needs to solve each scenes puzzle & become happy.
Visit different areas of this escape game, as you gather items to try & win the snowman contest.
Raccoons Adventure
Find the items you need to solve the puzzle in each area of the raccoon's adventure.
Polar Escape
Gather items from your building to solve puzzles & make your way outside in this escape game.
The Great House Escape
Click to find hidden items around the house. Use items to solve mini puzzles in this escape game.
Back To Earth
Click on items to combine them to aid you in your escape. Take care of big aliens to escape scenes.
Click the right items in the scenes to kill all stickmen without them seeing each other die.
Evil Stone
Click in each scene to solve puzzles as you try to keep the crazy looking monsters from eating you.
Killer Escape III
Escape multiple scenes in this great looking escape game. Has some scary moments between interaction
Panic In Space
Gather the items that you can use to help you escape each scenes puzzles.
Escape Plan Diamond Mine
Hunt for items to aid you in your escape as you work your way up higher out of the mine.
Trollface Quest 5
Click on the proper items to troll other characters in this click adventure game.
Monkey Go Happy - Sci-fi
In this popular click adventure series, pick up items & figure out where to use them new areas.
Causality Office
In this click adventure, click stickmen & objects in the right order. Kill all without any noticing.
Ray And Cooper 2
Travel around town as you investigate others & grab items to reach new areas.
Need For Vacation
Find items strun about each area. Combine items & solve puzzles to escape each new scene.
Escape From Jay is Games
Click to reveal items to add to your inventory. Use your inventory to solve puzzles in other scenes.
Click items in the right order to use them to save your girlfriend and put out fires across town.
Dig threw rocks & find rooms to solve puzzles in to progress through them.
House of Fear - Revenge
Click arrows to travel around & gather items into your inventory to help you solve other puzzles.
Survive In Siberia
Find items hiding in the scene to combine them to aid you in surviving & escaping Siberia.
Tales of Carmelot
Talk to other characters as you try to hunt down the missing pot of gold coins.
Time to Wake Up
Hunt for turning on the light & start a mysterious journey in this escape game.
Reincarnation Mini. - Loving Every Evil Triumph
Click around each scene as you gather & combine items to cause a little mischief.
Change what you do each time to discover all the endings. Take & exchange toys to make a difference.
Shuffle Time
Jump threw different time periods to fix what is missing & bring items to their correct time.
World of Steampunk 2
Hunt for items hiding within the scene. Gather them & combine them to create what you need to escape
The Outsider
Journey through each scene as you find items to pickup & solve puzzles to get further.
Into the Wild
Travel to different areas of the island as you gather items to help you befriend the native there.
Monkey Go Happy Tales 2
Help the sad little monkey get happy as you gather items to help him solve puzzles.
Click on objects in each scene to make quick work of the puzzles that block you.
The Great Basement Escape
Find objects to combine them & construct devices to help you escape the basement.
Walk around town & talk to hipsters as you click around each new area trying to gather new items.
7 Days Without Rain
An escape stickman game, mixed with a skill game. Unlock doors & get candy in skill mini games.
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