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Fire your cannonball and try to knock all the treasure chests in the physics world in the water.
Bowja the Ninja 3
Click on items to perform actions and progress through the storyline and defeat your enemies.
Legend of Johnny
After a long load, knife, gun, and run around as you jump over gaps and kill monsters.
Fishdom H2O
Play item finding puzzle games to make money and then upgrade your fish tank to make it the best.
Slime Laboratory
Grow your slime, grab floppy disks & avoid lasers in this pixelated platformer.
Days 2 Die - The Other Side
Blast zombies as you stay alive and buy tons of new weapons. Includes campaign or survival mode.
JamLegend - Video Games Edition
Play remixed music from video games as you play good to unlock more game soundtracks.
My Kingdom For The Princess
Build farms and lumber mills as you repair the road and make your way over your newly repaired roads
On The Deck
Control the boats sway as it floats in the water. Get the proper people inside the boat.
Imperium II
Build up town by town as you try to conquer the entire map. Build farms, barracks, gold mines & more
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Rekido - Red Ninja Kid Princess Rescue
Click in the proper spots & at the right time when ninjas aren't looking to attack them from behind.
Village Rocket Escape
Look around different areas of town as you gather items & hunt for puzzle solutions.
Aldo and Gus - The Skeleton Key
Can you find all the items & clues that are hidden within the escape scenes? Find all to escape.
Nekra Psaria 3
In this artsy escape game, encounter strange looking creatures & environments as you solve puzzles.
Magic Forest Escape
Explore the forest for clues & items that will help you open the magic gates & solve puzzles.
Abandoned - The Cube Chambers
Search the similar rooms & move up n down ladders as you try to find items to aid you.
Creepos Tales - Friday The 13th
Find the items strune in each area. Combine & use objects to solve the camp escape puzzles.
Catastrophe Escape
Move from scene to scene around the old gas station & gather items that will help you solve puzzles.
Monkey Go Happy - Ninjas
Find all the hiding little ninjas & solve escape puzzles in the popular Monkey Go Happy series.
Monkey Go Happy - Easter
FInd eggs hiding behind bunnies & under trees. Look for clues for solving all the escape puzzles.
Monkey Go Happy - Eggs
As the sad little monkey, find the eggs & items that will help you get passed blocking characters.
Minxs Easter Adventure
Explore new areas of this escape game, & try to find the eggs as you wander around.
Sleep Walking
Move from level to level of the building as you solve the escape puzzles.
Axylem Rehash
Explore the creepy, grungy hallways as you solve puzzles & find the purple glowing orbs.
Move around & activate different items as you try to unlock all the endings in this pixelated game.
Warrior Strategy Room
Explore & pick up a lot of items. Solve little puzzles to aid you in your escape.
Laputa Escape
Visit different locations of the island as you try to solve the tricky escape puzzles blocking you.
Monkey Go Happy - Leprechauns
Find all the four leaf clovers & leprechauns. Use items to help solve later puzzles.
Monkey Go Happy - Talisman
Pick up coins & find items that will help you solve puzzles in new scenes.
Tom's Cruise
Escape your cruise room, & then explore the boat, hunting down items to use to solve puzzles.
Anitas Job
Travel to all the areas & gather items to your inventory. Use items to solve the escape-like puzzles
Trollface Quest Sports
Click on items in each new level to troll the guy in each scene.
Find Sneaky Dungeon
Explore the scenes & find items. Solve puzzles like lighting skulls & your torch to see.
What Do We Do Now
A short click adventure of solving creative puzzles. Pretty good, but extremely short.
Charon is Waiting
Click on different items to help free the one-eyed person. Can you cause the right reactions?
TammyJo Superstar
As TammyJo, gain access to different rooms & areas. Gather items in each scene to help aid you.
Dont Escape 2 - The Outbreak
Explore different areas in this pixelated escape game. Grab items & decide where to use them.
Monkey Go Happy - Valentines
Click around in the scenes & find all 70 bunnies as you try & make the monkey go happy.
Escape 3D - The Graveyard
Start off looking over a foggy town from the bell tower. Can you find a way out in this escape game?
Love Tales
Find items to help you solve each scenes puzzles & get the 2 characters in love.
Lets Click and Makeup
Click around the room to find objects, look at them & pick them up to use them later. Can you escape
Monkey Go Happy - Western 2
Pick up coins & items to unlock puzzles, which give you more items to unlock other escape puzzles.
Abandoned Farm Escape
Search outside & inside this abandoned farm. Gather purple floaties as you try & unlock doors.
3 Pandas in Japan
Use the 3 pandas to help people & solve each scenes puzzle in this escape-like, click adventure.
Hackers Escape
Escape the room by acquiring items & using the computers. Use items where indicated.
Causality - Stickman Isolation
Cause reactions in the spaceship to kill all the stickmen without them seeing one another dead.
Escape 3D - The Town
Explore the dark, cobblestone village as you find scrolls & the right path for escape.
Adventure Jack
Gather items & combine them in this isometric escape game. Built tents, rafts & more.
Capn Marcela - Parrot Charmer
Get rid of the evil pirate that is trying to capture your island village. Gather items for puzzles.
Can You Sign Messi
Journey around town as you find items to help you complete your todo list to sign Messi to your team
Abandoned In China
Move through the streets of China as you gather purple orbs & find the right door for each key.
Monkey Go Happy - Western
Help the monkey get a smile on his face by solving the escape puzzles that rely on other puzzles.
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