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Stunt Rider
Ride your fourwheeler over the obstacles as you try not to tip over. Win the game and get new rides.
Arm of Revenge
Be patient as this 20 MB sidescroller fighting / action game loads. Great graphics and gameplay.
Remnant Lost Legacy
Take cover and grab new weapons as you blast away the enemy creatures and boss monsters.
Space Punk Racer
Race on multiple 3D tracks as you grab money to buy upgrades. Use shockwave to take out opponents.
Big Mamas Salon
Take care of the salon as more and more customers come in. Later levels give you more chairs.
DeConstruction 2
Buy and place bombs in the right spots to send the structures tumbling down below the dotted line.
Roads of Rome 3
Manage your towns by gathering & building bridges, fixing holes, putting out fires & rebuilding.
Pirate Golf Adventure
Launch the ball as you work on getting it in the hole on pirate puzzle themed courses.
The Illusionist's Dream
Change into different animals to pass through the environment and animal puzzles you encounter.
Place beams and items to control the flow of air direction and the movement of your characters.
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Escape The Office 2015
Gather items you find in the room. Use them to solve the puzzles & escape the simply drawn room.
Hopy Paradise
Help Hopy get pass all the obstacles by clicking in different areas of each scene.
Smells Like Art
Visit different areas in town & pick up items for your inventory. Use the items to solve the puzzles
Fun in the Sun
Visit different areas & talk to characters. Gather info & items for your inventory to solve puzzles.
Payphone Mania
Travel around the town & borrow items. Use items you've gather to help you solve the escape puzzles.
Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital Escape
Find the easy to spot items to pick them up. Solve clues by using the items in your inventory.
Desolation - The Beginning
Hunt around for the key to the building. Go from room to room looking for items & clues.
The Stick Getaway
Choose the right path, and click the right objects at the right time to progress this stick story.
Monkey Go Happy - Ninjas 3
Find the hiding ninja monkeys & objects that help the main sad monkey get happy.
Cube Escape - Harveys Box
Look around the box, gather items & use them to get new objects & solve puzzles.
Red Oz - Part One
Search through the dark rooms & hallways as you read pieces of paper, but beware of jumping monster.
Marrakech Club
Visit different areas of town as you talk to NPCs & gather an inventory to aid you in your adventure
Dead Detention - Computer Lab
Play the few mini-games in this story & dialogue intensive game. Can you figure out what to do?
Badass Inc.
Explore & gather items as you unlock keypads & shoot cops. Part sidescroller, part escape game.
Wheely 5 - Armageddon
Click on different items to help Wheely get pass obstacles & reach the flag.
Alone in the Cosmos
In this artsie style escape game, make your way around the space station & talking to yourself.
Cube Escape - Arles
Escape the room as you gather & add items. Use inventory to figure out how to solve puzzles.
Escape from the Catacombs
Look around the dungeon catacombs & pick up items. Combine & use items to aid you in solving puzzles
Sherlock Holmes 2
Travel around town as you pick up items & hunt for clues in this who dun it escape game.
Monkey Go Happy - Ninjas 2
Find all the little monkey ninjas & solve puzzles by finding hints around other scenes.
The Several Journeys of Reemus - Chapter 3
Start off as an alien bug. Click where you want to go to get eaten & evolve into something bigger.
Blackbeards Escape
Shoved into a room on a pirate ship, you must escape using your cunning whits & item gathering.
Abandoned Runwell Mental Hospital Escape
Don't get spooked by the gritty hospital environments as you look for items.
Magic Forest Escape 2
Escape the forest by looking for clues to solve the puzzles. Can you piece together everything?
Click around the scene & make sure to select an item from your inventory to perform certain tasks.
Blue Karma
A 50 MB escape game. Open drawers, get dressed & head out into the world to do your mission.
Luke Deluxe
Explore each area & talk to the people within them. Gather items that will help you solve puzzles.
Three Nights Escape
Escape the areas as you search for items to help you within the dark rooms.
Bone Sniffer
Click on items to clear a path & solve puzzles for the dog. Clear & solve each scenes puzzles.
Cube Escape - Seasons
Escape each of the small rooms, using the different items you find within those rooms.
Alyssa's Quest
As a elf explore different areas, gather items & use them to aid you in your quest to solve puzzles.
Abandoned In Europe
Hunt down items to help you progress, as only a few scenes are available until you do.
Cube Escape - The Lake
Can you escape the small fishing shack? Combine items from your inventory to solve the puzzles.
Monkey Go Happy - Treasure
Travel to different levels as you solve the puzzles to give you the proper items & gold.
Picos School Reunion
Revisit your school & search around classrooms & lockers for items to pickup & use.
Kings Escape
Search different areas of the fancy room. Hunt for clues & gather items to aid you in your escape.
Rekido - Red Ninja Kid Princess Rescue
Click in the proper spots & at the right time when ninjas aren't looking to attack them from behind.
Village Rocket Escape
Look around different areas of town as you gather items & hunt for puzzle solutions.
Aldo and Gus - The Skeleton Key
Can you find all the items & clues that are hidden within the escape scenes? Find all to escape.
Nekra Psaria 3
In this artsy escape game, encounter strange looking creatures & environments as you solve puzzles.
Magic Forest Escape
Explore the forest for clues & items that will help you open the magic gates & solve puzzles.
Abandoned - The Cube Chambers
Search the similar rooms & move up n down ladders as you try to find items to aid you.
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