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Super Chibi Knight
Talk to characters & combat enemies to earn XP & upgrade your Chibi in this well drawn game.
Control an owl & flying fatcat. Shoot enemies, & slide blocks to create pathways & crush enemies.
The Great Siege
Build up your empire as you earn gold and buy buildings. Attack with catapult each round. Nice mix.
Tequila Zombies 2
Defend your ground as you blast incoming waves of zombies. Gather new weapons dropped by dead foe.
King's Rush
Drive your castle crasher down hills & hop over low structures & blast down people & larger castles.
5 Minutes to Kill Yourself - Wedding Day
It's your wedding day, and you have 5 minutes to kill yourself. Think you can pull it off?
Methus Tower Defence
Cast magic spells at foes. Upgrade your many spells as you increase your castles defenses.
Dutamasa Battle
Take turns as you bash the computer and upgrade your attacks. Play with all sorts of new characters.
Robot Wants Kitty
You're a robot. Grab symbols that unlock your abilities and doors to get that kitty.
Autobot Stronghold
Defend your base from the 50 waves of attacking transformers. Upgrade your placed transformers.
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  Escape Games
Grand Apartment Escape
Hunt down keys in the different areas that are open. Use keys to access new rooms that were locked.
Arcane The Stone Circle - Episode 6
Click around the room to discover items to hold on to. Use items to solve the escape puzzles.
Escape From L33T
Click on the right areas to work your way out of the building. Click wrong & die.
Arcane The Stone Circle - Episode 5
The Arcane series continues its story in another episode of click adventurering.
Me Wake Up Mini - Islet
Go inside your dream to gather items & help you get pass the escape game puzzles.
Escape From The Bannerman Castle at Newyork
Walk around & inside the abandoned house. Solve the escape puzzles by looking for clues & items.
Ship Harbor Escape
Gather items into your inventory & talk to those around you that aren't busy to get clues.
Katjas Escape
Move deeper into the tomb as you explore it. Solve the puzzles to reveal the tombs secrets.
Escape From Ghost Ship
Look in different areas of the ship as you solve puzzles & collect items. Don't get scared!
My Adventure Book 2
Find objects in this click adventure. Combine potions in the right order to help you progress.
Monkey Go Happy - Samurai
Find the small ninja monkeys & other items to help the main monkey go happy.
Underworld Army - Episode-2
Explore the underwater labs, gain clues & solve puzzles to aid you in escaping.
The Search for Dahu
Gather items into your inventory & use them to solve puzzles. Keep an eye out for clues.
Desolation - The End
Explore the photo-realistic world & hunt for clues to let you into the buildings & rooms.
Tainted Olive - Chapter 2
Explore the path & find items to aid in your drawn, click adventure.
Super Sneaky Spy Guy - The Search For Uncle Willies Gold
Explore real life scenes & determine where to go next as you gather items in this click adventure.
Cube Escape - Case 23
Turn around in the room & investigate every nook & cranny for clues in this escape game.
Vineyard Escape
A good looking escape game. Explore each screen & pick up the items, to combine them & solve puzzles
Dont Escape 3
Explore the spacestation & access panels. Gather items & read up on electronic logs.
Monkey Go Happy - Madness
Solve each scenes puzzles. New scenes are locked until you solve your current screens puzzle.
Escape The Office 2015
Gather items you find in the room. Use them to solve the puzzles & escape the simply drawn room.
Hopy Paradise
Help Hopy get pass all the obstacles by clicking in different areas of each scene.
Smells Like Art
Visit different areas in town & pick up items for your inventory. Use the items to solve the puzzles
Fun in the Sun
Visit different areas & talk to characters. Gather info & items for your inventory to solve puzzles.
Payphone Mania
Travel around the town & borrow items. Use items you've gather to help you solve the escape puzzles.
Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital Escape
Find the easy to spot items to pick them up. Solve clues by using the items in your inventory.
Desolation - The Beginning
Hunt around for the key to the building. Go from room to room looking for items & clues.
The Stick Getaway
Choose the right path, and click the right objects at the right time to progress this stick story.
Monkey Go Happy - Ninjas 3
Find the hiding ninja monkeys & objects that help the main sad monkey get happy.
Cube Escape - Harveys Box
Look around the box, gather items & use them to get new objects & solve puzzles.
Red Oz - Part One
Search through the dark rooms & hallways as you read pieces of paper, but beware of jumping monster.
Marrakech Club
Visit different areas of town as you talk to NPCs & gather an inventory to aid you in your adventure
Dead Detention - Computer Lab
Play the few mini-games in this story & dialogue intensive game. Can you figure out what to do?
Badass Inc.
Explore & gather items as you unlock keypads & shoot cops. Part sidescroller, part escape game.
Wheely 5 - Armageddon
Click on different items to help Wheely get pass obstacles & reach the flag.
Alone in the Cosmos
In this artsie style escape game, make your way around the space station & talking to yourself.
Cube Escape - Arles
Escape the room as you gather & add items. Use inventory to figure out how to solve puzzles.
Escape from the Catacombs
Look around the dungeon catacombs & pick up items. Combine & use items to aid you in solving puzzles
Sherlock Holmes 2
Travel around town as you pick up items & hunt for clues in this who dun it escape game.
Monkey Go Happy - Ninjas 2
Find all the little monkey ninjas & solve puzzles by finding hints around other scenes.
The Several Journeys of Reemus - Chapter 3
Start off as an alien bug. Click where you want to go to get eaten & evolve into something bigger.
Blackbeards Escape
Shoved into a room on a pirate ship, you must escape using your cunning whits & item gathering.
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