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Elite Forces Warfare 2
Place your towers and upgrade them as wave after wave of enemies go around the pathway.
Shoot the physics blocks out from under the guy. Don't let him touch the ground as the blocks wobble
Impulse J.2
Build your physics tower as tall as possible as the ground wobbles your tower. How tall can you get?
A beast of a physics game. Try to balance the falling items. Don't get mad, it's hard!
Build up your undead army and attack the people and their homes. Play in their warm, gushing blood.
Build a radar and missile launchers to protect your city as you build to reach your objective.
Savage Huskies
An isometric view with fighting and shooting robots. Bust up some robots as you play different modes
Epic War 5
Amass an army on your side and combat enemy forces as you send your units to the right.
The Farm
Blow apart the waves of attackers as you protect your sheep. Upgrade weapons and gain more defenses.
Dirk Valentine and The Fortress of Steam
Fire your chained cannonball at enemies and threw portals to create surfaces to walk on.
  Truck Games
Urban Explorer
Drive over planks & barrels as you try to grab all the stars. Use nitro when you feel you're stuck.
Towing Truck
Find broken down vehicles & toy them to your repair garage. Earn money for vehicle upgrades.
Big Truck Adventures
Drive your big foot monster truck over the hills & use nitro to get over steep hills.
Thomas In Egypt
Thomas is off his rails & jumping dirt piles. Keep from tipping over as you grab the golden coins.
Dirt Course
Drive your jeep & earn money to upgrade your engine, shocks & tires. Use nitro to get best time.
Stunt Karts
Drive your kart as a monkey, jump over obstacles & bounce on balloons to keep from dying.
Tractor Farm Cargo
Drive your tractor carefully over bumps s you try to not loose too much of your cargo you're hauling
Extreme Safari Truck
Grab blue feathers & letters while being annoyed when the entire screen is blocked.
Flugtag Racing 2
Drive your crazy truck as you upgrade components to get farther after jumping off the ramp.
Sonic Truck Ride
Carefully drive & don't bottom out or tip as either means restarting. Reach the end without tipping.
Nitro 4x4 Jumper
Buy nitro to make it over gaps. Drive over rocks & boxes carefully to not tip over.
Offroad Police Racing
Drive your truck & grab stars over increasingly jagged terrain. Use nitro to make big jumps.
Offroad Safari
Use your wench to grapple onto objects to open a path or to get up steep rock faces.
Zombie Truck
Drive your truck threw zombies & keep from tipping as you put their undead corpses under tire.
Dirt Rush
Drive your monter truck over jumps as you grab stars, avoid spikes, beat the time & not tip over.
Station Wagun
Drive your truck with a mounted turret. Destroy barrels before you drive into them!
Star Drive
Drive your truck without tipping over too many times. Many objects have physical interaction.
Monster Truck China
Drive your monster truck over Chinese relics. Plow threw water & structures without tipping over.
SUV Driver Max
Drive your SUV over terrain & compete with AI characters & draw a pathway on some levels.
Bigfoot Truck Challenge
Drive your bigfoot truck over ramps & grab stars. Avoid spikes or flipping over even once.
Barrel Truck
Drive your truck carefully as you meet the minimum barrel delivery requirements to pass each level.
Neon Car Racer
Drive your car over the neon hills as you try to pickup all the neon glowing orbs without tipping.
Truckformers 2
Transform your truck into different vehicles to get pass some of the obstacles. Mind your fuel!
Apocalypse Transportation
Carry your cargo safely to drop-offs & upgrade your truck to withstand enemy attacks.
Hungry Truck Challenge
Drive your truck across the food terrain. Try not to get left behind from the AI racer.
Critter Cargo
Draw n drop the critters onto the back of your hovercraft. Drive carefully without letting them fall
18 Wheeler Heavy Cargo
Truck games just got harder with the intro of carrying another truck with cargo on another truck.
Monster Truck Trip 3
Drive your monster truck over vehicles, boxes & other physical objects. Use nitro & don't tip over.
Ural Truck
Drag crates to your truck & transport enough safely. Upgrade truck to make it up hills.
Mountain Hill
Drive your truck & upgrade tires engine & gas. Get farther & farther as you upgrade.
Dream Car Racing
Create your own vehicle by placing shocks & drive belts to wheels. Earn money as you get farther.
Monster Truck Jungle Challenge
Drive your truck & shoot objects that can hurt you. Very hard in some places to get up.
Fronthoe Trial
Carefully manage your fronthoe as you try to get up super steep hills using movement & your fronthoe
River Side Race
Drive your truck & make it over the gaps & hills without tipping over or leaning back too far.
Zombie Express
Place the zombie cages to keep them from falling off the back of your truck when you drive.
Motor Beast
Drive & upgrade your truck over many levels with physical objects to bust threw.
Vital Cargo Mission
Drive your truck & smash the people. Avoid taking too much damage from rockets by not "flooring it".
Water Tanker
Fill up with water & drive your tanker carefully. Rotate your water container to avoid spills.
Toy Monster Trip 2
Drive your toy truck & use nitro & jumping to avoid obstacles & grab stars.
Crushing Cars
Drive your large construction truck over smaller vehicles as you crush them & reach the end.
Zombie Disposal
Drive your truck of zombies to the fire & use your mouse to toss them in.
Around The World
Ride in your car & earn points for upgrades. Upgrade your retro car & watch out for overheating.
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