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Penguin Destroyer
Launch grenades out of your cannon just right to explode physics objects and penguins.
Pirates - Gold Hunters
Defend your castle and keep pirates from stealing your money. Pirates have multiple paths to follow.
River Defense
Build up your different types of towers as you keep the creeps away. Upgrade and make a maze!
Bridge Tactics
Place your TNT charges in the best spots to kill all crossing enemies, and destroy the bridge.
SWAT 2 - Tactical Sniper
Snipe the correct stick figures after reading the mission briefings in this great stick sniper game.
Jump Mario 2
Continue to move upwards as you grab as many stars as possible as you keep from going off the screen
Creeper World - User Space
Power totems & blast water-like creeps as they flow to take out your chain of stations, & turrets.
Rotate the map and get as much liquid to the end without it getting vaporized by yellow pads.
Assault Fleet
Send your fleet out at the right time to destroy the enemy armada and explode their home planet.
Fleet Command
Create waves of ships to attack enemies. Hold in shielded areas for an advantage. Upgrade abilities.
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  Zuma Games
Farm Loops Blast
As the colorful farm animals get closer, try to shoot similar colors as the one that's in the cannon
Extreme Billiards 2
Shoot the pool balls to make groups of 3 or more in Zuma gameplay fashion.
Funny Animals 2
Keep the line of animals from reaching the hole by making groups of 3 or more of the same animal.
As in any Zuma game, fire your colored balls at others of the same color. Make groups of 3 or more.
Nan Zuma
Fire Zuma balls out of your cannon on multiple levels. Earn points to unlock new areas of the game.
Fire colored creatures at the others that are moving ever closer on the line that surrounds you.
Birds Town
Launch the birds next to other birds of the same color in this bird themed Zuma game.
Suma The Lost Treasure
Shoot colored balls next to others of the same color. Don't let any reach the end hole.
The Light Work
Fly around as a fairy and use the same rules as Zuma games to make the chain disappear.
Critter Zapper
Shoot the bugs out of your cannon at the other bugs coming in. Don't let them reach the end.
Slide the neon balls from one ring to another to group three or more to make them disappear.
An addictive game of sliding balls from where they're rolling to combine and make groups of three.
Freaky Fruits
Launch the fruit next to other similar fruits to make them disappear in this Zuma-like puzzle game.
Super Zen Blaster
Shoot the colored marbles next to others of the same color as the streams get harder and harder.
Shoot the puff balls and connect 3 or more as they roll along the pathways in this Zuma styled game.
Lucky Balls
Shoot the balls next to the others that are swirling around each design as you join 3 together.
Zen Blaster
Shoot your colored balls into groups of 3 or more to keep them from reaching the end of the line.
BonBon Foliz
Shoot your colored balls next to others of the same color to make 3 or more disappear.
Math Bubbles
A math remix of Zuma. Shoot your numbered balls to make sums of 10. How good at math are you?
Shoot the colored balls next to others of the same colors. Read full instructions to get passed menu
Crab and Pearl
Another Zuma like game of shooting the colored balls into the line of colored balls. Many levels.
9Dragons Charm
Similar to Zuma, you throw the colored balls into the rolling line of balls to make groups disappear
The Quest
Only one level, but a fairly hard one unless your good at these type of gem rolling games.
Chinese Gem Quest
Shoot gems as the line of rolling gems. Prevent them from reaching the end.
Number Lines
Shoot the numbered balls next to others to equal 10. Don't let the line of balls reach the hole!
Blackbeards Assault
Shoot the balls with other similarly colored balls to make them disappear before they reach the end.
Marble Lines 2
Shoot the colored marbles next to others of the same color to keep them from reaching the end.
Inca Ball
Shoot the colored balls at the rolling line of other balls. Don't let the line reach the end.
Flip the colored balls next to other similar colored balls in the twisting line.
Sushi Restaurant
Shoot the pieces of sushi next to others like it. Don't let them rap around and reach you.
March Zuma
Place the people in the line next to others similar to them to make them disappear and level up.
Zuma Clone
Shoot the colored balls at the other balls of the same color. Protect your planet.
Shoot the colored ants by other colored ants. Think about where you shoot them.
Honey Trouble
Shoot the colored balls in the line next to other colored balls of the same color.
Bongo Balls
Shoot the colored balls at the incoming string of balls making the similar colors disappear.
Colored Balls
Shoot the colored balls next to other balls of that same color.
Pikachu Balls
Yes, another Pikachu game. *sigh*. We love him really.
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