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Level Editor
An action puzzle game that requires you to edit the level and insert objects to help the stickman.
Destroy The Wall
Throw the ball to knock down the required amount of blocks and balls.18 somewhat easy levels.
Move objects in the physics world to get the ball to the goal. Gears and hinges included.
Action puzzler that lets you cut threw rocks. Make a path or drop rocks on enemies. Very innovative!
Pirates vs Ninjas
Launch your bombs to blow up or create chain reactions that kill the baddies.
StealthBound - Level Pack
Grab stars & key cards as you avoid detection & knock out security guards to reach the exit.
Red and Blue Balls 2
Use your red and blue characters to help each other through every map as you try to reach the end.
Plazma Burst 2
A sidescroller shooter with nice graphics and gun upgrades. Blast the robots & other creatures away.
Shift 4
Shift from the dark world to the light world as you grab keys and figure out to get to doors.
Super Stacker 2
40 new levels of stacking shapes and keeping them from falling over. Levels get crazy and puzzling.
  Puzzle Games
Steep Dive - Airmail
Use nav points to specify where you want your plane to go. Use this to get mail & avoid air traffic.
Rotate the level to grab stars, unlock doors & reach your sweetie. Don't roll into spikes!
Find your way through the maze as you push blocks, use teleporters, & avoid red walls.
Dungeon Zombies
Remove pins from platforms & cause explosions to cause chain reactions that kill the zombies.
Gold of Knights
Rotate the connected pieces to make triangles with each corner having the same colored gem in it.
Crystal Sokoban
Push all the crystals into their proprer spots without getting any stuck against walls or corners.
Cakes Tough Break 2
Rip off your body parts & use them to hold down buttons. Use this to capture the magic hat.
Bert's Brain
Rotate the connections to connect all four electrodes to Berts brain. Not all pieces are used.
Free Bernie Pirates
Rotate the pipes to allow water to flow to Bernie & free him. Avoid broken pipes to win.
Causality Festival
Click the right items to kill all the stickmen without them seeing each other bite the dust.
Causality Kitchen
Figure out what items to click & in what order. Prevent any stickman from seeing another die.
Swap It Yet
Move the different sized gears to the right notches to create a turning set of gears.
Another Life
Use the 2 kids to help one another get all the gold keys & reach the exit safely, while avoid spikes
Triple Adventure
Use the 3 kids to help one another get pass the obstacles. Similar to Home Sheep Home.
The Rogue Puzzle Game
Time your attacks right in this puzzle, RPG. Move into arrows when they're facing monsters to attack
Feed Them All
Drop meat for the monsters to eat & turn around before they reach your sheep.
Fugitive Frenzy
Get into cars, park them quick, & run across streets, all within a small window of time.
Twist It
Rotate the Tetris shaped pieces to make them all fit into the given area.
Mr. Splibox
Create & destroy boxes under you to reach new areas & trigger buttons to open doors to the exit.
Slime Mix
Combine similar slimes to grow them larger. Meet the required slime combos to progress.
Gravi Jello
Rotate the board to make the blocks fall into similar colored groups that you can click to remove.
Primary Max
Use time machines to record your movement. Then use your previous self to help your present self.
Flower Rescue
Rotate the pipes to create a pathway to the flowers. New pipes appear after a connection is made.
I Sometimes Dream...
Dream of an area of the level by clicking it. Insert it into the world to help you reach your bed.
Connectica Ultra
Arrange the pipe pieces in the proper order to make a connection between the start & end pipes.
Click & drop where you want the colored boxes to go. Clear the highlighted areas with 3 or more.
Duck - Think Outside The Flock
As each level is a new puzzle, solve the puzzles without being given direction on what exactly to do
Rotate the blocks to align the colored lines with those on the already dropped blocks.
Hex Match
Mouse over connected hexagons that are the same color. Look for lightning bolts to blast a hole.
Add push & pull poles to planets to bring them into the circles & make tiny universes.
Spirits of Elduurn
Use your black spirit to capture golden orbs to power your white spirit to defeat the evil spirit.
Wake Up
Align the connected ropes just right, as to pass in front of the sleeping fuzz balls & wake them up.
El Papel
Stretch your neck through the corridors as you try to get all the tacos & stars to get to the exit.
Empty Bottle Water Puzzle
Fill & empty bottles with water to fill the right jar with the right amount as indicated.
Color Ize
Drag colored shapes together to change the playing field background color. End on the right color!
Roman Mahjong
Find the matching Mahjong pieces that have adjacent sides not blocked. Easy to understand tutorial.
Crazy Animals - The Rescue
Click items in the right order as you bounce all the animals safely to the ark.
Insanity Town
Solve the puzzles to get the door to unlock in this short, puzzler, sidescroller.
Try to either fill or empty the board of the green squares in this puzzle game.
Surround Angry Bird
Place traffic cones to block the Angry Bird in. Keep him from reaching the outter dots.
Burn Everything
Drag objects & align them so that the fire transfers from one object to another. Burn everything!
Slide the colored tiles left & right to create the proper pattern. Earn coins to skip hard levels.
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