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Artillery Defense
Place ground and air specific turrets to defend against the airborne and ground enemy attacks.
Level Editor 3
Edit the level to aid your stickman in grabbing coins, overcoming enemies & reaching the exit safely
GemCraft Chapter 0
Create and combine gems and place them on your turrets to defend your base.
Big Truck Adventures 3
Try to finish each course before the time runs out. Use your nitro at the best times to keep moving.
Endless War Defense
Fortify your military strength as you take down incoming enemy forces.
Penguins Attack 2
Place your turrets in the best spots to keep the penguins from getting threw your line of defense.
Quake Resurrection
Play unofficial Quake maps as you gun down the soldiers in this first person shooter.
Youda Marina
Manage your marina as you build along the coast, in the water, and on land. Lots of management.
Infinite Mario Bros
Infinite number of randomly generated Mario levels each time you reload the game. Unlimited Mario!
Place your guys on all sorts of different maps as you try to protect the village against the enemies
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  Puzzle Games
As a rat, push the block with a laser attached into the right spot to activate the exit door.
Touch Me Once
Draw the shapes given, but don't overwrite any line you've already drawn.
Sokoban - Biohazard Edition
As a robot, push all the canisters of biohazard waste into the marked spots. Don't get them stuck!
Magic Safari 2
Destroy, change the gravity or shape on items to create a path for the zombie to drive over.
Gaming. On The Now Network
Place directional arrows to guide all the people to the proper doors. Many people moving at a time.
Puzzing 2
Slide the blocks in a specific order to get them all to disappear next to similar ones.
Slide the block in Sokoban style. Attach to other blocks to fill the highlighted area completely.
Finite Moves
Drag the blocks only the amount shown on them. Push blocks to get them closer to their required spot
Prisme - Seconde Edition
Place the different types of mirrors to redirect & bounce the lazer into all the nodes to progress.
Furry Brothers
Break the right blocks to get the beach ball to reach all the stars & the furry creature.
Pencil Panic Extreme
Rotate the level to get red & green balls to roll to their proper spots without hitting spikes.
Cut 3D
Rotate the shape & cut it to create the given shape.
Place the glowing jars in the proper spots so that they explode & hit all the sarcophagi.
Happy Fun Balloon Time
Jump on the right balloons to save a pathway for yourself. Beware of time you spend on each balloon.
Tile Factory
Rotate & drag your directional paths to direct the moving tiles along converyor belts.
Code Box
Drag n drop movement controls to move your box. Grab new data blocks to add more controls.
Psychopath Pac-Man
Drag n drop the tiles to create a path for Pac-Man. Make sure he has pills to eat ghosts.
Create heavy weights that counter the already weighted scale. Make the sides become level.
The Square 2
Rotate blocks to make a rollable path for your ball. Try to get stars as you get to the exit.
Globy 2
Place laser splitters & colored mirrors to redirect & change your light accordingly.
Pipe It 3 - The Madpet Edition
Rotate the pieces to make all the pipes connect together.
Boki Boki
Lay down direction arrows to tell your character & monsters where to move. Get green guys home.
Find the Candy Kids
Find all 3 stars & flip levers that cause reactions that will reveal the candy, then click it.
Slide the blocks to squish all the monster viruses. Hit stars for bonus points.
Logical Element
Turn the switches on in the right order to get power to the cells in this simplistic looking game.
Slide along the tiles & try to clear them all. Later levels throw new obstacles at you.
Slide the shapes in Sokoban fashion. Place each shape in its own darkened tile area.
Build platforms, slopes & place directions to get the ball safely into the hole without falling.
Bloxorz 2
Rotate your block & twist & turn it to make it slide down the yellow marked opening.
Sheep Hunter
In Sokoban fashion, slide your UFO against blocks as you try to get all the sheep & reach the exit.
Ten Gen
Drag the numbered tiles to another tile with the same number. Tile dragging must have a clear path.
Penguin Pounce
Figure out where to place the bombs by the penguin so that he is launched to the igloo.
Slumdog Billionaire
Similar to "Threes" slide the coins to combine & make larger coins. Earn enough to reach the goal.
Blocks 2
With limited moves, align the blocks so each type are removed without leaving any left over.
Felix Lost In Time
Drag n drop pieces to get the hamster in the ball rolling into the time portal. Old-school graphics.
5 Brain Teasers
Play 5 different puzzle games & choose their difficulty. Play for the fastest time possible.
Fly Tangle 2
Drag the flies to create a web that doesn't overlay any strings.
Select & slide groups of numbers to reach the numbered goal layout listed below.
Tiny Treasure
Move your 2 knights to help each other over the different blocks that stop either of them.
E3 1915
Collect newspapers & avoid touching enemies in this sokoban styled game based on a retro E3.
Mummys Path - Level Pack
Place arrows in spots to send the mummy head flying into gems. Land back on the mummy body.
Perfect Maze
Travel through the maze in first person perspective. Find the item & head back to the start.
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