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Send out your fighters to defeat the enemy mothership. Upgrade abilities to win the long battles.
Pirates of the Caribbean - Cursed Cave Crusade
Kill the pirates in this sidescroller as you grab gold coins and defeat bosses at each levels end.
Island Tribe 5
Travel along the pathways & take out barricades as you gather resources & construct new buildings.
Pick between good and evil and then help or hurt people with your powers. Multiple powers to control
Roly-Poly Cannon 2
Shoot as few exploding cannon balls as possible as you kill the bad smileys and save the good.
Hell Cops
Drive through each map as you try to run over as many people as possible. Don't tip over!
Sneak and grapplehook through buildings as you shoot out lights, choke and shoot enemies.
StealthBound - Level Pack
Grab stars & key cards as you avoid detection & knock out security guards to reach the exit.
Battalion Ghosts
Contorl your tank forces as you attempt to try and destroy the entire enemy side in this great game.
KCA Rush
Drive your bike over the rocks and hills as you grab blimps. Let bombs help get you over obstacles.
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The Tree of Life
Place arrows to control where the water droplet goes. Some arrows can be changed mid-game.
Push walls to tumble the cube & change the layout of the sidescroller level.
Tappy Stars
Find & click the stars with numbers & letters in the proper order. Bomb scrambles the order.
Causality 7
Make the stickmen die without letter others in the scene see the death. Can you click them right?
Make All Equal
Drag n drop 2 number tiles with each set to make the numbers within equal to each other.
Causality 6
Click on the correct objects, at the right time to cause reactions that cause all stickmen to die.
Grab keys & reach the exit as you move from each hexagon. Beware you can't cross your own path.
I.C.S. - Instantaneous Combustion Syndrome
Run into daylight & start on fire. Find water to put yourself out. Know when to be set on fire.
Drag & twist the rope nodes to create the shape given at the top of the game.
Move your ball against walls that stop you. Reach all the stars, avoid enemies & get to the exit.
Coaster Destroyer
Decide where the best spots are to place explosives on the rollercoaster to blow up enough to win.
Number Snake
Select the red blocks & type in the number that you think is under. Blocks have to be connected.
Mr. Splibox 2
Create boxes under you to make towers to tip & make it across gaps. Watch our for enemies that run!
Puzzle Master
Slide the tiles so that you make rows of all the same item. They are locked once you do.
Frankie Dino
Rotate platforms & springs to push the balls into each other. Cause an explosion to push the egg off
Backkom to Save Penguins
Drag n drop the shapes from below onto the playing area to help the penguins reach the exit.
Zombie Leo
Push buttons & control Leo's speed to avoid obstacles & get Leo to the exit safely.
Sum Points
Use the given numbers & place them in the correct spots to decrease the tiles on the board to 0.
Move to tiles on walls & the ceiling. Create panels to move to, while avoiding enemies.
Puzzle & skill testing games that continue to get harder. How far can you get?
Mario Switch
Use the correct Mario to fill in & swith all the Luigis to Marios.
Dwarfs Journey
Combine rows & columns in this isometric game. Clear a pathway for the dwarf to reach his home.
Place objects in the Squish's way to get him over obstacles safely & to open & reach the exit.
Race Time Road Connect
Swap road tiles to make a working road from one end to the other of the board.
Fruit Scales
Using all your fruit drops, try to add different sizes so the scale becomes as balanced as possible.
Sleepy Grandpa
Attach your given peices to the platform to make it tip & wake up the geezers.
The Adventures of a Tennis Ball
Rotate the platforms just right to bounce the tennis ball. Pull the lever to trigger the ball drop.
Doodle God Blitz
The Doodle God series returns with its uniqiue element combining tile puzzles.
Music Ball - Music in the Sky
Drag & place music instruments for the colored balls to bounce on & end up in the tornado portal.
Railway Bridge
While lacking on graphics, add beams to the bridge to support different vehicles.
I Am The Atom
Drag the points on the line to adjust its curve. Use the right curve for the atom to capture items.
Kill the Plumber
Move Goomba-like monsters into position so that "Mario" jumps at the right moment to die.
Please Fix The Road
A game of swapping, copying, removing & rotating road peices. Too easy for advanced gamers.
Mario Spin World
Spin the level in the correct direction to get Mario to the exit & avoid spikes.
The Onion Knight
Move your knight into the right spots as you get food to keep him moving. Later levels have enemies.
Marblous Maze
Drag items to make your marble bounce & turn as you try to get it to the red exit.
Adventures of Water Drop
Remove rock walls & moving platforms to get the water drop to all the stars & into the water.
Icy Purple Head
Decide when to turn the purple head into ice to slide & when not to. Get into the box.
Shape Fold Animals
Fold, drag & rotate the puzzle pieces as they move along connected hinges. Fill in the outlined area
Glow Path
Using limited moves, slide the blocks to create a pathway for the color to flow.
Brick Master
Slide the colored bricks into the right highlighted spots. Be careful when you lock them into place.
Large the zombie head in simplistic levels. Cause few physics chain reactions to get it to the body.
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