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A great looking action sidescroller. Buy new guns as you blast armored zombies and explosive barrels
Papa Louie 3 - When Sundaes Attack
Get coins & bonus items in candy land. Bounce on some characters & defeat sundaes.
Knightmare Tower
In this distance game, move upwards as you slice monsters in half. Upgrade & keep a head of the lava
Absorb items and spit them out in other places to solve puzzles. Game rules change to the devs. whim
The Forest Temple
Control the watergirl and fireboy as you grab gems and avoid obstacles that kill one, or the other.
In Another Chateau
Solve puzzles as you reach new heights by shooting boxes out of your box shooting gun.
Tesla Defense 2
Create defenses as large groups of enemy troops come in. Mind which upgrades you start with.
Forbidden Arms
Slice up your enemies & launch them into the air as you collect their souls for upgrades.
Mystic Emporium
Manage your magic store as you make potions for customers and earn money managing your shop.
Alexander - Dawn of an Empire
Keep the enemy from reaching your side as you send out equally strong troops along the same path.
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Wheres My Bed
In as few slides as possible, move the colored cats to the correctly colored beds.
Slice The Box - Level Pack
Using limited slices, cut the shape out of the box. Grab n drag on menu if not showing level 1.
Go Robots 2
Click items to remove them as you get both robots to their portals on their opposite sides.
I Dont Even Know
Figure out where you need to click in this wacky, quiz-like game.
Figure out how to solve each level differently, using only mouse clicks to control the pixel.
How to Be a Gent
Use the special powers of the guy block to get the lady block safely to the exit.
Prisme - Quatrieme Edition
Place & rotate mirrors to redirect the lasers & change their colors. Hit all the nodes.
Build a Planet
Click different items in a specific order to grow the planet more. Similar to the Grow series.
Temple of Knowledge
Try to solve a bunch of difficult puzzles in the single scene. Feels more like a puzzler.
Slide against walls & pick up the gems. Later levels require specific tools to break threw blocks.
Kill the Plumber 2
Get the Mario-like character to run into the Goomba-like characters you control.
Henrys Zeppelin - The Last Cup of Tea
Push boxes on top of buttons & flip levels in sokoban style. Watch out for robots.
Keep transferring power to the center core to keep it alive. Once it dies, it's game over.
Daily Sokoban
100s of sokoban levels with new ones added each day. Push the boxes into the highlighted areas.
Island Network
Connect islands with bridges, using the amount listed. Contains small simple maps, & large hard ones
Alien Bros
Place pieces of candy, click the monster & change other monsters into shapes to get to your UFO.
Sneaky Stanley
In turn-based style, get the gem, but avoid getting detected by bots or cameras.
Turn your foot stump or use walls in Sokoban fashion as you squish all the jack o lanterns.
Prisme - Troisieme Edition
Place different types of mirrors in the proper spots. Reflect the laser to light up all the nodes.
Decide which Colormon to move first, to keep them from running into each other as you gather symbols
Escape the cop chasing you. Use the electric fences to slow him down by getting caught in corners.
As a rat, push the block with a laser attached into the right spot to activate the exit door.
Touch Me Once
Draw the shapes given, but don't overwrite any line you've already drawn.
Sokoban - Biohazard Edition
As a robot, push all the canisters of biohazard waste into the marked spots. Don't get them stuck!
Magic Safari 2
Destroy, change the gravity or shape on items to create a path for the zombie to drive over.
Gaming. On The Now Network
Place directional arrows to guide all the people to the proper doors. Many people moving at a time.
Puzzing 2
Slide the blocks in a specific order to get them all to disappear next to similar ones.
Slide the block in Sokoban style. Attach to other blocks to fill the highlighted area completely.
Finite Moves
Drag the blocks only the amount shown on them. Push blocks to get them closer to their required spot
Prisme - Seconde Edition
Place the different types of mirrors to redirect & bounce the lazer into all the nodes to progress.
Furry Brothers
Break the right blocks to get the beach ball to reach all the stars & the furry creature.
Pencil Panic Extreme
Rotate the level to get red & green balls to roll to their proper spots without hitting spikes.
Cut 3D
Rotate the shape & cut it to create the given shape.
Place the glowing jars in the proper spots so that they explode & hit all the sarcophagi.
Happy Fun Balloon Time
Jump on the right balloons to save a pathway for yourself. Beware of time you spend on each balloon.
Tile Factory
Rotate & drag your directional paths to direct the moving tiles along converyor belts.
Code Box
Drag n drop movement controls to move your box. Grab new data blocks to add more controls.
Psychopath Pac-Man
Drag n drop the tiles to create a path for Pac-Man. Make sure he has pills to eat ghosts.
Create heavy weights that counter the already weighted scale. Make the sides become level.
The Square 2
Rotate blocks to make a rollable path for your ball. Try to get stars as you get to the exit.
Globy 2
Place laser splitters & colored mirrors to redirect & change your light accordingly.
Pipe It 3 - The Madpet Edition
Rotate the pieces to make all the pipes connect together.
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