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Frontline Defense First Assault
A great looking tower defense game with multiple maps and unique towers. Careful, it's kind of hard.
Upgrade your chopper weapons as you shoot down turrets, rooftop soldiers, and other enemy choppers.
Draw sticks and overlay them to have them screwed together. Get the coins to Bob.
Rubble Trouble Tokyo
Place TNT & call in airstrikes in the right spots to cause enough damage to the Tokyo buildings.
Boxheaded Level Pack
Make your way to the blue diamond in the physics world. Don't fall off the map!
Fire and try to bring down the buildings and the enemies. Avoid killing hostages.
Get all the colored balls into their contains as you knock balls around in this physics world.
Brave Kings
Fire massive arrows to cut through wooden structures and cause them to collapse on your targets.
Turbo Cyborg Ninja X
Flip switches and avoid turrets as you climb up walls and fire your crossbow to climb up its rope.
Sneak and grapplehook through buildings as you shoot out lights, choke and shoot enemies.
  Puzzle Games
2048 Fuzzy Monsters
Combine the numbered monsters to create the required amount. Levels start off easy & get harder.
Quantum of Light
Rotate tiles to create angles to redirect & bounce the light to their proper exits.
2048 Bricks
Stack bricks in 2048 fashion by combining doubles. Combine all bricks to create a single 2048 brick.
Causality 5
Click items in the right order to cause deaths to the stickmen without other stickmen seeing.
Robo Trobo
Click to activate power & rotate gears. Change the direction of the bot to get him to the exit.
Click the bombs to cause chain reaction explosions. Destroy enough bombs before matches run out.
Dig Down
Decide what dirt blocks are the right ones to dig threw to allow the ant reach the exit safely.
Jewels Jack
Play against the CPU as you try to find the gems in this Minesweeper-like puzzle game.
Simple Squares
Click to slide the squares over their colored circle. Use squares to push each other in later levels
Invert Selection
Make, minus & invert selections to fill the shapes. Abilities available listed on the right side.
Delusion Puzzle
Convert the pink squares into faces & back, as you try to turn the whole board into pink squares.
Claustrophobium - In Four Steps From Death
Grab green orbs, pick up boxes to set on switches as you reach the exit before the walls squish you.
Angel of Freedom
Slide your angel to rescue all the trapped animals & avoid hitting any weapons.
Slide the numbered blocks together to only equal 9.
Snail Bob 7 - Fantasy Story
Control Snail Bob & other creatures to open a safe pathway for bob to reach the exit.
Magicians Curse
As you control multiple magians, flip switches, grab playing cards, & reach the exit.
Try to fill in only the highlighted shapes based on where you clicked last.
City Wizard
Combine objects in groups of 3 as you have limited space. Keep "stacking" objects to gain more room.
Naughty Hotel
Figure out where & what to click to make the prankster pull stunts on the hot maid.
Way 2 Nest
Face the right way as you jump from leaf to leaf, trying to remove them all.
Ice Penguin
Click on the penguins in the right order to create a line between them all.
GUI Game aka Next Level
Figure out how to find, get to, or click the next level button without losing control of your mouse.
People on My Lawn 3
Use magnets to push & pull the fired missiles. Redirect missiles to hit all the astronauts.
Behold the Wizard
Jump on floating platforms & find the best way to the exit. Later levels require picking up items.
Angry Birds - Find Your Partner
Change shapes, grab the golden balloons & trigger buttons. Get the red bird to the exit.
Megastar Sliding
Slide the stars as you try to get bigger stars in this sliding puzzle game, similar to 2048.
Mushroom Maze
Quickly find all the smilies in the dark maze while you move around to light it up.
Slide the color droplets into the center to try & match the color of the border.
Magic Runes
Create the given pattern with runes that change colors depending on surrounding runes.
Pop It
Pop the right dogs so that they explode & cause exploding reactions to pop the other dogs.
Catch The Killer
Drive, pick locks & find clues as you hunt down the killer in 3 different stories.
Jelly Lines
Slide the jelly balls to align rows & columns of enough so they disappear & clear the board.
Inner Demon
In this Sokoban styled game, be a demon & grab gems. Take control of the human for more control.
Rotate the marbles to align them in the proper rows & colums designated by the colored dots.
Mario Go Adventure
Fill in blocks & turn Mario around when needed to get all the stars & reach the exit safely.
Remove all the tiles by combining & morphing the color of the balls within.
Gnomeland Security
Place the right amount of mushrooms next to gnomes to make them hide. Watch those light trails.
Evil Goat
Slide the goat into the block people to push them into the spikes. Kill all the humans to progress.
Castle Keeper
Slide all the dragons onto their correct colored symbols. Later levels get trickier.
Patterns Link
Match the patterns together with connector lines. Lines can only contain so many angled turns.
Photo Hunt Tangled
Zoom in & out of the scene with your camera. Try to match your sizes with the photos already given.
Grow your pixels length as you align with darkened spots. Gets hard when you begin controlling 2.
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