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Imperfect Balance
Stack the shapes, but then get them to all fall off the screen.
Dice Crush
Keep your ooze with you to help you defeat enemies, and survive the sunlight. Get electric too!
William and Sly 2
Grab fireflies, mushrooms, and keys as you explore this nice looking platformer sequel.
Chuck the Sheep
Launch Chuck the sheep in this distance game. Get farther as you upgrade many aspects.
Shellcore Command Skirmish
Upgrade your ship and create and drag turrets around in space for the best defense of your base.
Attach muscles to the limbs to get Incredipede to move the way you want him to.
LOL Caption
Select the picture you want to caption, create a caption, vote on other peoples captions. Multiplay.
Clash of the Olympians
Adjust your power and strength as you toss boxes, and boulders or spears. Kill the enemies coming in
Move your players around the board and attack all the monsters in this turn based RPG fighting game.
Big Truck Adventures 3
Try to finish each course before the time runs out. Use your nitro at the best times to keep moving.
  Puzzle Games
Place the objects on the levels to ensure the golf balls reach all the stars & their right holes.
Roll around the small planet as you grab the agricultural items in the proper order & fast.
Swap The Box
Swap a limited number of boxes around to solve the puzzle & remove all boxes from the scene.
Circus - Level Pack
Place objects in the correct spots to create the chain reaction that ends with the green freak dying
Slide the groups of numbers into themselves to create larger & larger numbers until you reach 2048.
Night Lights - After Dark
Use street lights & lamps to alter the map & make holes in surfaces. Push buttons & reach the exit.
Drag & overlap the colored small boxes to make the larger boxes the proper, indicated colors.
Parking Puzzle 2
Direct the cars to their colored parking spots in the correct order to not block any other cars.
In as few moves as possible, grab gems & make it to the exit. New game elements are introduced later
Picross Madness
Solve the Picross puzzles by filling in the proper squares by using deduction & creating the picture
Fit It Quick
Slide all the shapes into the highlighted spots. Leave none sticking out & put them in the right way
Cave Sweeper
Minesweeper like gameplay mixed with RPG cave traveling elements.
The Last Ninja From Another Planet
Slide against walls as you try to slice threw all enemies & avoid spikes along your way.
Lost Pirate Chest
Push boxes into the right spots to make a safe pathway for your pirate to reach each treasure chest.
Ornament Key
Drag n drop the pieces into the right spots, in the right order. Some pieces differ only slightly.
Cover Color Game
Drag n drop the different colored shapes to create the pattern provided. Jump to any hard level.
Crystal Sets
Drag crystals all along the board to create rows & columns of 4 or more as new crystals come in.
Slide & combine tiles of the same numbers. Grow your tile numbers to reach a total of 2048.
Use piles of bricks to help aid you in getting each brick block to its proper highlighted area.
With limited jumps, only use them when there is no other alternative in this action, puzzler.
Lost Yeti
Slide rows & columns of ice blocks to create a pathway for the yeti to goodies & the exit.
Doors 2 - Daves New Job
Go threw the right doors to rotate the level the correct way to solve puzzles & reach the exit.
Super Fruits Dojo
A very short game of clicking and sliding the objects into the correct spots.
Pacifier Warrior 2
Control 2 warriors at the same time. Enter portals from the correct direction to reach your item.
Ninja Otoshi
Drag n drop ninjas to slash in the right direction to cause an exploding chain reaction of cores.
Wow Connect
Connect tiles that are close to each other in this World of Warcraft themed game.
Vehicles 3 - Car Toons
Click cars in the right order & assign them powers to push all the bad vehicles off the screen.
Find the Lucky Spot
Find the four leaf clover hidden behind a tile. Look for sparkles that give away its position.
Slide the boxes through the marked teleporters to solve the puzzles & reach the exit.
Get the people to the ambulance safely by triggering the switches & items in the right order.
Planet of Logic
Remove the groups of colored blocks in as few clicks as possible & clicking the largest groups.
Paint Over
Jump on platforms that are another color than you. Reach the key, paint yourself & exit.
Dungeon Stone
Shoot the stones next to their same colors to remove them all from the board.
Grid Elements
Move the elemental blocks & using walls, get all blocks to their proper spots.
Manage your city by placing your buildings in a smart manner. Earn enough points for new land.
Copy & paste blocks & change background colors to make them disappear as you try to get the gem.
Cheese Race
Control the rats pathway as you drag it so he grabs all the cheese & avoids obstacles.
Harmony of Elements
Use different characters with unique abilities to break, blow, or melt ice blocks to reach the exit.
Color Drops
Slide the drops around the board to create the same pattern as shown. Gets harder fairly quick.
Slide in the right direction to hit blocks to stop you as you reach the exit portal.
The Value of Time
Use your past self as a cursor to help aid your future self in unlocking colored walls & doors.
Error Zone
Slide your bot against walls & moveable objects to destroy all the viruses on each level.
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