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Ice Breaker
Slice rocks and ice as you get all the vikings back onto their ship. Fun and unique cutting gameplay
Create teams of you and computer players as you grab guns and try to blast the AI. 1 life per round.
Move through ships as you blast enemy robots, maneuver obstacles, and blast door control panels.
Scarlet Stranger and the Chameleon Castle
Chop bushes & trees to find goodies as you unlock treasure chests & doors in this nice RPG.
Legend of the Golden Robot
Fight orcs in turn-based battle and dig to find items. Earn money, spend skill points, buy items.
Mega Miner
Drill for precious metals as you manage your coolant, drill bits, storage, and gas. Lots to upgrade.
IncrediBots 2
Create contraptions and modify pre-built ones to finish levels or make your own.
Journey to the Chaos - Monkey King
Draw the best lines to attack incoming enemies. Don't run out of juice or you wont be able to attack
Awaken - Front Line
Control soldiers in this top-down shooter. Shoot the zombies as you manage your squads ammo & health
Vase Breaker
Shoot your slingshot and break all the vases with your limited shots. Use ricochets to not run out.
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  Puzzle Games
Rob3r7 The Robot
Push blocks out of your way to get the key & reach the exit. Shoot doors blocking exit.
Slice Geom 2
Slice the shapes in as many as requested, using limited cuts.
One Bubble
Jump over a single bubble at a time. End each level with only one bubble left.
Dots and Squares
Click colored squares that make a square shape on the playing field. Pick between different modes.
Cheese Collector
Drop the gears in the right spots & in the right order. Get the cheese to roll using the gears.
Mission Mars Fantasy
In Sokoban style, move your spaceship against blocks & walls to reach the exit point.
Lever Physics
Balance the beam by placing objects at different sections of the teeter-taughter.
Slime Run Away
Slide your slime in Sokoban fashion against walls. Grab potions that increase your amount of moves.
Stone Quest
Flip & flop your triangle as you grab pearls & reach the exit. Can't cross previous tracks.
Zuck Launcher
Fire your Zucks to cause chain reactions & reach all the golden coins.
Deeply Absurd Chain
Combine your eggs & creatures in 2048 style to keep moving deeper. Don't run out of combos!
Combine the shapes in combinations that you are taught in. Slide the way you want it to collapse.
Greedy Spider
Remove the web strings in turn with the spider making a move. Don't let the spider reach any flies.
Broken Elevator
Stack the gears in the proper spots to reach from the moving gear to the elevator gears.
Color The Town
Paint the houses with your colored spray. Solve puzzles that need buttons pushed.
Computer Dreams
Move platforms up n down that you're standing next to. Gain energy to make a path to the exit.
Use your ability to reverse blocks & air with each other. Beware of friendly looking monsters.
Drop Fluffys Game
Click blocks as the fluffy glides to the exit. Some levels require clicking blocks mid slide.
Sea Horse Bubble Escape
Remove the blocks to let the sea horse slide & get the sea shells. Avoid enemies as you slide.
Get Rid of The Weeds
Use limimted lawn mowers facing different directions to mow all the grassy paths.
Your zebra can only move a certain way, similar to a knight in chess. Eat all grass & get the coin.
Per mu ta tion
Slide each column & row individually as you try to make groupings of 2 4 8 16 32 64.
In sokoban style, move your block to grab the gems. Start the game using keyboard, not mouse clicks.
Blo Boxy 2
Remove the correct blocks at the right time to get the blue block to slide into the proper area.
Fun Car
Use your car & push obstacles around to get to the exit as you keep from tipping over.
Slice Geom
Choose between easy or hard mode as you cut shapes into equal peices, using specific # of cuts.
10 Seconds
Rotate the railroad tracks to make a travelable path. The train moves at 10 seconds automatically.
Move in platformer levels & alternate the way blocks are aligned. Get them all aligned the same way.
Move the soccer ball on the water. Use cones to spot you so you can turn. Get stars & reach the exit
Shift It Et
Slide the panels that have moving gears on them. Organize the gear image properly.
Bus Tale
Create a path that avoids obstacles & takes up time before the bus arrives. Don't take too long tho!
Click objects to cause reactions & solve puzzles. Help the car get across & progress the storyline.
Place arrows to tell your shaman to move, jump or attack enemies. Try to rescue all your friends.
Causality - Aquarium
Figure out where you need to click to kill the stickmen. As always, keep them from seeing others die
Beast Pixels
Fill in the squares by looking at the numbers next to each row & column. Follow ingame instructions.
Side by Side
Move the mammoths on each side as you slide & push blocks to get each to their exit portal.
7 Legor
Drag n drop the Lego-like shapes into the open area. Fill in all of the area with shapes to progress
Plumber Game 2
Drag & drop the tiles to switch their spots. Make a pipe connection so the water feeds the monster.
The Vessels
Fill the container with just enough water. Shut off valves to added vessels to achieve your goal.
Causality - Saving Private Stickman
Figure out what & where to click & in the right order to kill all the stickmen.
Bomb of Love
Push boxes & move yourself to the proper spot to explode & sleeping orcs.
You Complete Me
A hard puzzle game of rotating the different shaped pieces & getting them to fit together.
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