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Watch the intro and then move around gather items and solving puzzles to escape the planet.
Knightfall 2
Double click on similar blocks to attack enemies, grab keys, and make it to the exit without dying.
Crush The Castle - Players Pack
Launch your trebuchet and knock over the castles, killing everybody inside with limited shots.
Visible II
Move to the glowing green portal as you take into consideration your world and its reflection.
Bang Heroes
Shoot the gunslingers, flying ships, creatures and more as you progress. Great sidescroller!
Zomgies 2
Run and blast zombies as you run through the level. Cause explosions and get new weapons every level
Master of Catapult
Launch your catapult just right to knock down the physics structures and the monsters in them.
Andy Law
Pick up and blast all the enemies as you earn money and buy new guns. Can you survive?
Viva Caligula
Kill everybody in Rome with 26 attack modes as the gore splatters across the screen.
Swap good and bad shapes with bombs. Use bombs to push the bad shapes off the platforms & screen.
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Angry Sheep
Assign different abilities to the sheep to help the group get to the farmer for sheering.
Invert Selection - Levels Pack
Create boxes that add, subtract & invert the current selection to make the given shape.
Rotate the wheel to allow the colored balls to roll into slots of others of the same color.
Dip your box into colors to paint the levels. Combinations & tricky platformer levels make it good.
Fractured 3
Play the shattered platformer as you try to make your way to the exit in this sluggish flash game.
Crest Breakout
Drag & angle fans to glide the chick threw the air to reach all the eggs & the exit.
Cloud Monster
Remember where bombs are & dig them up as you get carrots to buy more shovels in the shop.
Gearzzle 2
Slide the gears along the pathways. Try to get all the gears rotating.
Align pieces of the platformer level correctly to switch open the exit gate & then reach it.
Fine Slice
Slice the different shapes into the correct proportions directed by the top graph.
Causality - Pirate Ship
Click the right items & stickmen to kill each of them. Don't let anyone see each other die.
Red Blocked
Reach the other red block by figuring out how to solve the simplistic looking level puzzles.
Mario Kills Monsters
Fire at monsters as a Mario toy with unlimited shots. Some physics & chain reaction involved.
Figure out where to move your mouse to align the colors & sizes up with the Noggins.
Roll The Cluster
Rotate the board to make the clusters of characters fall. Remove colors in groups of 3 or all.
Color Collision
Drag blocks so that they slide next to ones with similar shapes. Becomes more difficult with stacks.
Slide the board around in similar fashion to "Threes". Add numbers together & remove red blocks.
Interplanetary 2
Use your 2 characters to help each other out over traps. Hide in shuttle pods & grab oxygen for both
Snowman Slide
In Sokoban styled gameplay, slide the snowman on the ice to get coins & reach the rainbow portal.
Snail Bob 8 - Island Story
Activate platforms & levers as you protect Bob. Stop & turn Bob around when needed to reach the exit
Flooded Village Xmas Eve 2
Open paths for the water to flow. Float boats, water & freeze trees, but don't drown elf.
Christmas Drop
Pull the colored gems out from their spots & place them near groups of the same color to clear them.
Rudolphs Nose
As the group of Rudolph get bigger, try to turn all their noses on.
Push Da Blocks
Slide different shaped blocks from the sides to get the colored blocks to align on the right tiles.
Christmas Connect 2014
Connected the Christmas tiles together with lines. Make sure the connector can reach.
Nimble Knight
Drag the columns of cubes to make a pathway safe for the knight to reach the exit.
Dice Hero
Select number cards equal to 1 or both dice. Try to get the lowest score possible.
Swap It et 2
Swap 2 square to align all the moving gears. Solve the puzzle with as few moves as possible.
Use 2 astronauts to help each other over fire & lava, boost each other to higher edges & get gems.
Santa Go Adventure
Keep the Santas safe as you control the environment to allow safe passage to each of their exits.
Flooded Village Xmas Eve 3
Open pathways for the water to flow to float pirates, water trees & later on, ice to freeze trees.
Change the direction of the glass tubes to get the right colored balls into the same colored portal.
Picross and Dragons
Play increasingly difficult games of Picross as you fill in the squares to make symbols by deduction
Zombie Time
Use zombies that attack in different directions. Place them so they infect everyone on the board.
Slide your bots in as few moves as possible to cover up all the electrical buttons.
Infect unsuspecting hospital workers. Use infected to stun others & block cure shots from yourself.
Digging Squirly
Dig in the right ways that will allow you to dig them all. You can only pass over already dug holes.
My Self
Solve the platformer puzzles as you divide & rejoin yourself to reach the exit.
Runic Quest
Jump on the same colored tiles to get time extentions & play longer. Use teleporters with colors.
Garden Trim
Rotate the shapes of bushes to make them align with available empty plant spots. Fill all spots.
Match the equation & solution tiles together to get them to disappear as they get harder.
Use clones of yourself to die before you & to make a safe path over spikes. Crazy puzzles ahead.
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