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King's Rush
Drive your castle crasher down hills & hop over low structures & blast down people & larger castles.
Castle Clout 3 - A New Age
A bunch of new levels to knock down castles and knights. Avoid hitting monks with your boulder ammo.
Tokyo Guinea Pop
Toss your bubble gum blowing guinea pigs just right to blow bubbles by animals and breakable objects
Bit Dungeon
Use your mouse to attack enemies, open treasure chests, and choose what item you want to upgrade.
Speedway Tower Defense
Place your vehicles in the best spots to help defend. Don't let any enemies through on the 36 waves.
Mass Mayhem 3
Launch your missile to cut through the innocents, and then blow yourself up along with others.
Polar PWND 2
Setup objects and bombs to get your polar bear to smash into all the penguins on each level.
Momentum Missile Mayhem 4
Defend yourself as you upgrade your turret with powers and weapons. Keep the enemies at bay.
Storm Ops 3
Defend the fort as you fire your bow n arrow at incoming enemies. Remember arrows have flight time.
Boxheaded Level Pack
Make your way to the blue diamond in the physics world. Don't fall off the map!
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  Puzzle Games
Per mu ta tion
Slide each column & row individually as you try to make groupings of 2 4 8 16 32 64.
In sokoban style, move your block to grab the gems. Start the game using keyboard, not mouse clicks.
Blo Boxy 2
Remove the correct blocks at the right time to get the blue block to slide into the proper area.
Fun Car
Use your car & push obstacles around to get to the exit as you keep from tipping over.
Slice Geom
Choose between easy or hard mode as you cut shapes into equal peices, using specific # of cuts.
10 Seconds
Rotate the railroad tracks to make a travelable path. The train moves at 10 seconds automatically.
Move in platformer levels & alternate the way blocks are aligned. Get them all aligned the same way.
Move the soccer ball on the water. Use cones to spot you so you can turn. Get stars & reach the exit
Shift It Et
Slide the panels that have moving gears on them. Organize the gear image properly.
Bus Tale
Create a path that avoids obstacles & takes up time before the bus arrives. Don't take too long tho!
Click objects to cause reactions & solve puzzles. Help the car get across & progress the storyline.
Place arrows to tell your shaman to move, jump or attack enemies. Try to rescue all your friends.
Causality - Aquarium
Figure out where you need to click to kill the stickmen. As always, keep them from seeing others die
Beast Pixels
Fill in the squares by looking at the numbers next to each row & column. Follow ingame instructions.
Side by Side
Move the mammoths on each side as you slide & push blocks to get each to their exit portal.
7 Legor
Drag n drop the Lego-like shapes into the open area. Fill in all of the area with shapes to progress
Plumber Game 2
Drag & drop the tiles to switch their spots. Make a pipe connection so the water feeds the monster.
The Vessels
Fill the container with just enough water. Shut off valves to added vessels to achieve your goal.
Causality - Saving Private Stickman
Figure out what & where to click & in the right order to kill all the stickmen.
Bomb of Love
Push boxes & move yourself to the proper spot to explode & sleeping orcs.
You Complete Me
A hard puzzle game of rotating the different shaped pieces & getting them to fit together.
Heart Breaker
Remove grey & devil hearts while keeping the pink ones on the screen, all while using limited clicks
Hearts Apart
Change the pathway of hearts to all red to reach your love.
Similar to Threes & 2048, combine the numbered tiles to get higher numbers before the board fills.
Sweet Honey
Put bubbles around objects to get them to float & fall when needed. Get the bear to the honey.
Sugar Panic
Place ramps & boosting areas to get your candy to roll into all the unspiked monsters. Kinda laggy.
Mole - The First Hunting
Don't cross your path as you try to eat all the food & make it to the exit hole.
Wheely 4 - Time Travel
Click objects to help the car make it to the red flag. Some puzzles are new & perhaps more confusing
Waggle HD
Jump over each other as you plan where you'll land to make your next jump. Leave only 1 left.
The Flood Inception - Part One
Cut ropes, tie ropes & create explosives to help the man not drown under the water.
Cheat Death
Drag the Tetris-like shapes into the gaps to allow the guy to have a surface to walk over to exit.
Interplanetary 3
Use to 2 astronauts to help each other pass obstacles & refill their oxygen while getting all gems.
2048 Candy Gems
Slide the colored blocks in 2038 fashion. Create rows of 3 or more to remove them from the board.
Smart Mover
Change the color of boxes & get them into the proper slots to unlock gates so you can reach the exit
Angry Sheep
Assign different abilities to the sheep to help the group get to the farmer for sheering.
Invert Selection - Levels Pack
Create boxes that add, subtract & invert the current selection to make the given shape.
Rotate the wheel to allow the colored balls to roll into slots of others of the same color.
Dip your box into colors to paint the levels. Combinations & tricky platformer levels make it good.
Fractured 3
Play the shattered platformer as you try to make your way to the exit in this sluggish flash game.
Crest Breakout
Drag & angle fans to glide the chick threw the air to reach all the eggs & the exit.
Cloud Monster
Remember where bombs are & dig them up as you get carrots to buy more shovels in the shop.
Gearzzle 2
Slide the gears along the pathways. Try to get all the gears rotating.
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