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Fly as a chopper as you place turrets and fire your chopper guns at incoming enemy waves.
Shoot and throw grenades at the enemies as they come out of doors. Take cover to heal yourself.
Speedway Tower Defense
Place your vehicles in the best spots to help defend. Don't let any enemies through on the 36 waves.
The Z-Word
Stake vampires, chop up zombies, and bludgeon the things that go bump in the night.
All We Need is Brain
Place the brains to get the zombies to die... again. Some physics puzzles, some just puzzles.
Adjust your aim and ball size as you knock over physics enabled structures. Make enough blocks fall.
Monster Slayers
Create and upgrade units as you control when they attack, and retreat from the enemy.
Similar to Jenga, take blocks from below and add them to the top. Don't let to many blocks fall off!
Mountain Bike Challenge
Ride your bike over the hills as each new level presents you with a new challenge to accomplish.
Visible II
Move to the glowing green portal as you take into consideration your world and its reflection.
  Puzzle Games
2048 Halloween
Combine the Halloween tiles in 2048 fashion. Conserve board space by continuing to combine.
Halloween Connect
Connect similar tiles with a Halloween theme. Use shuffles if there are no more moves to make.
Causality Candy Land
Click objects & stickmen in the right order to kill them all, without each other seeing the deaths.
Castle Lite
Use cranes to place castle pieces in the right spots. Watch out for chickens that steal castle parts
Super Heroes Connect
Pick your difficulty & make lines that connect the superhero symbols, using all the empty squares.
Heart Star
Use the 2 to aid each other in getting to the exit. Alternate between different dimensions.
Zombie Bros
Use your 2 zombies to help each other reach the cupcakes. Push buttons & jump on each others backs.
Dino Meat Hunt Extra 3
THe big & tiny dinos return to help each other over water & threw fire. Eat all the meat to win.
Wandering Eyes
Click on aliens to move them to push buttons & flip switches. Get the main alien to the tractor beam
Dino Breath
Drag arrows to control the direction & combine dino breaths. Fill dinos with the right colors.
Robot Go Home
Control the environment & keep the bot safe as he moves to the portal. Similar to Snail Bob series.
Rotate mirrors & use portals to get your laser lined up into the receiver.
Iron Robotic Sapper
Create an explosive chain reaction by dropping the iron robot in the right place.
Lost Heroes
Use 3 different aniamsl to help each other solve the puzzles. Push boxes & step on buttons.
Burning Scarecrow
Use limited matches to burn the field & scarecrows. Avoid lighting sheep on fire in later levels.
Halloween Circle
As the game board keeps rotating, try to match up Halloween themed pairs in this memory game.
Hedgehog Cute
Roll your hedgehog down the tunnels. Try to get all the fruit by using others to help redirect you.
The Last Ninja From Another Planet 2
Flip & roll along walls to slice all Mafia without hitting spikes. Spawn double to help.
Earn money to buy defenses. Place them in the proper spots to cause the most damage to Flakboy.
Steep Dive - Airmail
Use nav points to specify where you want your plane to go. Use this to get mail & avoid air traffic.
Rotate the level to grab stars, unlock doors & reach your sweetie. Don't roll into spikes!
Find your way through the maze as you push blocks, use teleporters, & avoid red walls.
Dungeon Zombies
Remove pins from platforms & cause explosions to cause chain reactions that kill the zombies.
Gold of Knights
Rotate the connected pieces to make triangles with each corner having the same colored gem in it.
Crystal Sokoban
Push all the crystals into their proprer spots without getting any stuck against walls or corners.
Cakes Tough Break 2
Rip off your body parts & use them to hold down buttons. Use this to capture the magic hat.
Bert's Brain
Rotate the connections to connect all four electrodes to Berts brain. Not all pieces are used.
Free Bernie Pirates
Rotate the pipes to allow water to flow to Bernie & free him. Avoid broken pipes to win.
Causality Festival
Click the right items to kill all the stickmen without them seeing each other bite the dust.
Causality Kitchen
Figure out what items to click & in what order. Prevent any stickman from seeing another die.
Swap It Yet
Move the different sized gears to the right notches to create a turning set of gears.
Another Life
Use the 2 kids to help one another get all the gold keys & reach the exit safely, while avoid spikes
Triple Adventure
Use the 3 kids to help one another get pass the obstacles. Similar to Home Sheep Home.
The Rogue Puzzle Game
Time your attacks right in this puzzle, RPG. Move into arrows when they're facing monsters to attack
Feed Them All
Drop meat for the monsters to eat & turn around before they reach your sheep.
Fugitive Frenzy
Get into cars, park them quick, & run across streets, all within a small window of time.
Twist It
Rotate the Tetris shaped pieces to make them all fit into the given area.
Mr. Splibox
Create & destroy boxes under you to reach new areas & trigger buttons to open doors to the exit.
Slime Mix
Combine similar slimes to grow them larger. Meet the required slime combos to progress.
Gravi Jello
Rotate the board to make the blocks fall into similar colored groups that you can click to remove.
Primary Max
Use time machines to record your movement. Then use your previous self to help your present self.
Flower Rescue
Rotate the pipes to create a pathway to the flowers. New pipes appear after a connection is made.
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