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Achilles II - Origin of a Legend
Throw spears in heads, slice torsos open, chop off heads, & even kick those severed heads at enemies
Scribble Online
Play with others online as you guess what's being drawn, and even take a turn drawing the word given
Revert to Growth
Control where plants grow to help you achieve goals on each level. Don't grow in wrong areas!
World Wars 2
Try to dominate the map as you attack the enemies controlling area of the land mass.
Mechanism 3
Cut shapes and laser wires to knock the small gear into the glowing exit portal.
Catastrophic Construction 2
Solve physics puzzles as you balance shapes and hold down some shapes with... um more shapes.
Monsterland 4 - One More Junior
Remove the proper shapes to get both junior boxes to tumble onto the head of the grumpy big box.
The Circular Blot
An easy physics game of guiding your small ball into the goal with a larger ball.
Fishdom - Spooky Splash
Slide Halloween symbols to align 3 or more. Later levels get harder with locked areas of puzzles.
Fire balls into the physics stacked boxes. Knock enough off the screen to progress. Avoid red boxes.
  Puzzle Games
Use clones of yourself to die before you & to make a safe path over spikes. Crazy puzzles ahead.
Appy and Mike
Control your 2 characters to both reach the computer. Convert each other to get across obstacles.
Storage Dash
Push boxes or bombs into the correct spots. Don't touch crates or bomb timer starts in bomb mode.
Doors - Daves Free Lesson
Help dave reach the exit by punching & rotating the world to reach the green exit.
Slide against icey walls in sokoban fashion to reach the exit. Beat the timer or fail.
Cheese Adventure
Break boxes when the mouse is on them. Get the mouse to all the cheese by breaking wooden objects.
Dino Break Away
Slide & rotate fans to push the dino ball in the right direction to get all the eggs & exit.
Clickdeath Bowling
Kill all the stickmen without letting them see each other die or the remains of one another.
Master Gear
Create a looped chain around all the gears without crossing over your own chain.
Break The T.V
Drag objects around to cause a single chain reaction the destroys the TV.
Doors 3 - Locked Out
Go threw doors that alter gravity. Rotate the world to get your cat & reach the exit.
Light The Lamps
Pass electricity from positive to negatively charged nodes. Complete the loop to light all bulbs.
Jail Break 2
Complete multiple missions getting pass the jail guards without being spotted.
I Brain Box
Count the boxes that drop. Be quick as some will hide behind others.
Grab gravity pads & place them in the proper spots to reverse gravity & send enemy bots into spikes.
Rainbow Lines
Line up 4 or more of the same colors to remove them. New balls are continually added.
Onoma Stica 2
Push letters & characters around in the sidescroller to solve the puzzles blocking your path.
Emily and The Magic Maze
Grab candy & reach the exit key while avoiding spikes & pumpkins in this Halloween, sokoban game.
Sum Tracks
Move the blocks across numbers that will equal the same number. Don't lose paths for other blocks.
Rotate the stack of monster blocks. Find the displayed monster in the stack within the timelimit.
Color Link-a-Pix
Drag to create pathways between the same numbers. Make paths the same amount of tiles as the numbers
Memento Monster
A Halloween themed memory match game. Match the monster with the thing that will kill them.
2048 Halloween
Combine the Halloween tiles in 2048 fashion. Conserve board space by continuing to combine.
Halloween Connect
Connect similar tiles with a Halloween theme. Use shuffles if there are no more moves to make.
Causality Candy Land
Click objects & stickmen in the right order to kill them all, without each other seeing the deaths.
Castle Lite
Use cranes to place castle pieces in the right spots. Watch out for chickens that steal castle parts
Super Heroes Connect
Pick your difficulty & make lines that connect the superhero symbols, using all the empty squares.
Heart Star
Use the 2 to aid each other in getting to the exit. Alternate between different dimensions.
Zombie Bros
Use your 2 zombies to help each other reach the cupcakes. Push buttons & jump on each others backs.
Dino Meat Hunt Extra 3
THe big & tiny dinos return to help each other over water & threw fire. Eat all the meat to win.
Wandering Eyes
Click on aliens to move them to push buttons & flip switches. Get the main alien to the tractor beam
Dino Breath
Drag arrows to control the direction & combine dino breaths. Fill dinos with the right colors.
Robot Go Home
Control the environment & keep the bot safe as he moves to the portal. Similar to Snail Bob series.
Rotate mirrors & use portals to get your laser lined up into the receiver.
Iron Robotic Sapper
Create an explosive chain reaction by dropping the iron robot in the right place.
Lost Heroes
Use 3 different aniamsl to help each other solve the puzzles. Push boxes & step on buttons.
Burning Scarecrow
Use limited matches to burn the field & scarecrows. Avoid lighting sheep on fire in later levels.
Halloween Circle
As the game board keeps rotating, try to match up Halloween themed pairs in this memory game.
Hedgehog Cute
Roll your hedgehog down the tunnels. Try to get all the fruit by using others to help redirect you.
The Last Ninja From Another Planet 2
Flip & roll along walls to slice all Mafia without hitting spikes. Spawn double to help.
Earn money to buy defenses. Place them in the proper spots to cause the most damage to Flakboy.
Steep Dive - Airmail
Use nav points to specify where you want your plane to go. Use this to get mail & avoid air traffic.
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