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Laser Cannon 2
Solve puzzles by shooting your laser cannon and killing all the fur balls. Ricochets and power ups.
Another Small Favor
Explore the world as you talk to creatures, gather items, and complete quests.
Balloon Headed Boy
Grab balloons and flowers to inflate your head and float to new heights. Many levels and enemies.
Planetary Conflict
Assign skills and customize your character in this large RPG world. Lots of areas to visit.
Use your mouse to lift, sling, whip, and slam the incoming waves of monsters around. Use bombs too!
Pour the Fish
Similar to iOS game "Where's My Water". Get water to all the fish. Sometimes it needs cleaned first.
Necronator 2
Select your clan, and make units to send out waves along the pathway to the enemy castle.
Foxy Sniper 2
Read your briefing and line up your shots. Zoom in and splat some brains. Gets tricky later on.
Choose Your Weapon 4
Multiple types of enemies that can only be killed with certain weapons. Switch weapons to kill all.
Urban Sniper
Snip accurately to get new missions. Blast some brains to keep your employer happy.
  Puzzle Games
Patterns Link
Match the patterns together with connector lines. Lines can only contain so many angled turns.
Photo Hunt Tangled
Zoom in & out of the scene with your camera. Try to match your sizes with the photos already given.
Grow your pixels length as you align with darkened spots. Gets hard when you begin controlling 2.
Mummys Path
Get the mummies head to grab scarabs, gems & get back to the mummy by placing arrows along the path.
Snow Queen Save Princess
Use the queen & snowman to gather all the items & to help each other reach the exit.
Sticky Blocks
Attach yourself to other blocks & create the right formation so all blocks are removed when exiting.
Universo - First Encounter Gaia
Move the circles to share with others. Mind the amount of arrows each has & where they're placed.
Drag & slide the pieces of the puzzle to make all parts align correctly.
Walking on Shadows
Move shapes to cause shadows. Walk your character on shadows to reach the exit door.
Match My Jelly
Similar to 2048, but pieces appear at intervals, not just when you move. Game is nearly identical.
Cut The Monster 2
Use your laser to cut monsters & push buttons. Put monsters into laser slicing areas.
2048 Candy Gems
Slide gems in 2048 style as you match 3 or more of the same colored gems together to clear them.
Zevil - The Terror Begin
Click in the right spots of the scene to take out the zombies before progressing to the exit.
HS Planarity
Untangle the wires so that no two wires are overlapping each other. Use as few moves as possible.
Hidden Crystals of Deep Earth
With limited times you can dig, reach all the crystals & the exit without running out.
Cut wires & rotate circuits to disarm the bomb so you can grab the star.
Fusion Rocket
Slide & combine gems to give the rocket more power. Don't let the space rocket run out of fuel.
Sticksave 4 - Stick Bless America
Click the stickmen in the proper order to keep them from seeing one another die.
Triangular 2048
Similar to 2048, but harder with more directions to control & move to.
Knight Slider
Rotate the dungeon as you get your knight to attack goblins grab the key, and exit safely.
Rotate the level back & forth to get the one zombie to infect all the people.
Monkey Go Happy - Candy
Gather candy in areas & bring them to who wants them in different areas. Get everyone happy.
Project Alnilam
With limited moves, slide objects around each level & try to get the green ball into the portal.
Interactive Puzzle
Slide or swap the tiles around to make the interaction happening on them match up with each other.
South Park - Volcano
Rotate the pathway for the lava to flow safely threw. Simple puzzles as it gives pathway preview.
Droid Team
Move the droids to help one another reach higher places, push buttons & activate doors.
Pirate Monsters
With limited bombs, explode & launch all the monsters off the pirate ship.
Squid Skid
In Sokoban fashion, move around & slide against walls as you try to reach the key to unlock the cage
Match 3 or more Bubblies on horizontal, vertical, & diagonal line ups. Match 10 for 10 more seconds.
Penny & Pauls Adventures
Slide on the ice as a penguin. Find a way to the exit, as rocks stop your movement.
Rotate the pieces to create the pattern shown to you. Remember, pieces can't be pulled out.
Space Pets
With limited transport fields, highlight cats or dogs to teleport them, but never both.
OCD Dreambot
Close all doors before exiting each level, but don't run out of energy.
Zombie Match 3
Slide the rows & columns in 3 different game modes to make groups of same zombies. Beware of locks!
Robo Riot
Electrocute & detonate robots by finding corners of the same type.
Slide the blocks so that all golden tiles are charged & electrifying the entire group.
Mystery Temple
Watch for what colored arrow block is coming next. Slide blocks up against others of the same color.
Snail and Sokoban 3
Push the boxes onto the stars without getting any boxes trapped against walls or in corners.
Paper Chains - Angry Monsters
Drop bombs onto all the monsters. Swing bombs to reach monsters out of range.
Liquid Measure - Crystal Water LevelPack
Move pipes & water containers so that they fill the empty containers with just enough water.
Choose your difficulty and drag n drop the food items into the squares in Soduko style.
As more balls enter the game, make rows & columns of the same color before it's filled too much.
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