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Keep the ball from falling off in these physics puzzles. Connect blocks and create bridges to solve.
Red Remover Player Pack
Knock all the red shapes off the screen without letting any green ones fall off. Creative levels.
The Other Side
Run up walls to rotate the map. Light up to see hidden objects to solve the mind twisting puzzles.
Zombotron 2
The excellent Zombotron returns to ride lifts and blast zombies in underground mines. Grab coins!
Jelly Lam
Grapple & de-grapple to walls to get stars. Avoid spiked walls & reach the locked exit.
Back up your truck and take your load and drive without losing any cargo in the physics world.
Increase in charm, strength, and smarts as you talk to the babes. Win their hearts to win the game.
Tetri Tower
Stack the blocks in the physics world as they come tumbling down on the left. Stack them fast!
The Chimera Stones
Walk around and explore the world as you gain abilities and slap on armor. Many RPG elements.
Fire your zombies to impale that on spikes, and blades. Hit all required spots to move forward.
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  Puzzle Games
Connect the correct stars to make the given shape without any wrong lines.
Hunter for Dismantlers
Move & place traps to catch robots in this high learning curve, clicking game.
Just a Trim Please
Move your lawnmower in the correct path to only travel over unmowed grass.
Clone Combat
Move yourself & your clone at the same time. Avoid touching your clone & figure out how to kill him.
The Sequence
Place the missing tiles in the proper order, given the tile already placed.
Tire Rush
Pick up the white wall tires & deliver them to the air compressor for filling. Avoid oil slicks.
Vampire Vision
Read your object & hints, then spot all those that match the description to weed out the vampires.
Spin In
Slide the pieces in as few moves as possible to get the diamond to slide off the level.
Halloween Mahjong Deluxe
Click the similar, evil, Halloween tiles that are on corners to remove them. Use bombs when no moves
Monkey Go Happy Bats
Find items & use them in each scene. Rather simple, as compared to previous Monkey Go Happy games.
Father McLloyd
A game about exorcism that is done through a "Simon Says" device. Answer correctly to progress.
As you're being questioned, remember your answers as the interview continues.
Tarsys Balloons
Move the balloons into the correct spots so that they explode next to all 3 stars.
Sumo Sushi Puzzle
Combine sushi to a similar looking sushi. Clear ones to make a path for your future moves & sushi.
Stack the colored layers in the proper order as they move down the stacks of blocks.
Causality Haunted House
Figure out what items to click & in what order. Click wrong & the stickman dies.
Match Craft
Connect the blocks that look the same, by drawing a line over them. Gather enough to progress levels
Halloween Quest
Slide the rows & columns to make lines of the same Halloween themed items. Has a time limit.
Control 4 blocks at the same time. Decide when to jump or not, to get each to their own exit outline
Mr. Iron Steel
Raise & lower the magnetic fields to control the steel ball. Grab gems & reach the exit.
Gravity Sonar
Combine numbered nodes that are sitting by each other. This is just one of 3 types of game modes.
Terrorist Despoiler In Europe
Place your C4 explosives on the bridge just right to cause the bridge to collapse.
Laser Hazard
Place your mirrors in the correct spots so that each colored laser can reach the appropriate node.
Place blocks in the right spots to help your character to reach the exit when you play.
Create squares & earn points when they touch each other. Decide the best spots to place them to grow
Bad Piggies Online 2016 HD
Build contraptions that hold your bad pig & keep you safe while navigating the environment.
Raise blocks to ricochet the bouncing ball. Keep the ball on the level & hitting the larger balls.
Puzzle Expert
Play different styles of puzzle games, like Bubble Shooter & more.
I Stand With Ahmed
Remember the colored nodes & connect the color wires to the correct nodes to the bomb... err clock.
Wheely 6 - Fairytale
Figure out where to click to get your car passed each level with car enemies & puzzles.
Power Connection
Quickly map out the light bulbs to their corresponding colored battery. Time is short, be quick.
8 Legor
Place the Lego-like puzzle pieces into the black area to fill it completely. Can you figure them out
Pac-Man Go Home
Slide against the walls to get all the golden orbs, reach the key last, then make it home.
Box Ball
Roll the ball down the corridors & trigger red blocks & later blue shields to reach the "on" button.
Gumball Switch
Place the different directions over spots on the level to change all the characters.
Jolly Swipe
Slide your blasters into the right order to break blocks. Use earned powerups or lose quickly.
Constellation Boy
Slide the rows to make groups. Can get difficult fairly quickly with the short timelimit.
Messy Factory
Remember what objects are in the boxes & barrels to pick them up in this memory game.
Blockys Escape
Move Blocky on the small maps. Trigger stars & electric pads to clear a path to the exit.
Undead Lines
Make rows & columns of 5 or more of the same items. Each move adds more onto the map.
Plumber Pipes
Attach the pipes before the water flows. Don't let water spill out onto the map from open pipes.
Push the eye down & up the blocks. Remove & create new blocks as you try to get to the blinking one.
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