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Scratch the Bounty Hunter
Grab coins and blast away enemies as you progress through each new sidescroller map.
Fly as a chopper as you place turrets and fire your chopper guns at incoming enemy waves.
Zombie Horde
Your legs are broken and zombies are attacking you. Take them out and keep your infection in check.
Dirt Rider
Ride your bike over 15 levels of obstacles as you keep from tipping over.
An innovative game with sticking to walls, power jumps, & strafes, & even physics objects to drag.
Ultimate Tactics
Take turns with the computer as you try to defeat all the computer characters and progress.
Jelly Lam
Grapple & de-grapple to walls to get stars. Avoid spiked walls & reach the locked exit.
Freeride Trials
Ride your bike over the rocky mountains as you try to make it over the gaps as you tilt and lean.
Research the landscape and build windmills in the best spots to earn money for your city.
My Kingdom For The Princess
Build farms and lumber mills as you repair the road and make your way over your newly repaired roads
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  Puzzle Games
Bloxorz 2
Rotate your block & twist & turn it to make it slide down the yellow marked opening.
Sheep Hunter
In Sokoban fashion, slide your UFO against blocks as you try to get all the sheep & reach the exit.
Ten Gen
Drag the numbered tiles to another tile with the same number. Tile dragging must have a clear path.
Penguin Pounce
Figure out where to place the bombs by the penguin so that he is launched to the igloo.
Slumdog Billionaire
Similar to "Threes" slide the coins to combine & make larger coins. Earn enough to reach the goal.
Blocks 2
With limited moves, align the blocks so each type are removed without leaving any left over.
Felix Lost In Time
Drag n drop pieces to get the hamster in the ball rolling into the time portal. Old-school graphics.
5 Brain Teasers
Play 5 different puzzle games & choose their difficulty. Play for the fastest time possible.
Fly Tangle 2
Drag the flies to create a web that doesn't overlay any strings.
Select & slide groups of numbers to reach the numbered goal layout listed below.
Tiny Treasure
Move your 2 knights to help each other over the different blocks that stop either of them.
E3 1915
Collect newspapers & avoid touching enemies in this sokoban styled game based on a retro E3.
Mummys Path - Level Pack
Place arrows in spots to send the mummy head flying into gems. Land back on the mummy body.
Perfect Maze
Travel through the maze in first person perspective. Find the item & head back to the start.
Trollface Quest 13
Click on items to solve the puzzle. Items have little to do with the scene, hence the troll.
Color Hex
Make all the hexagon tiles disappear as you reach the exit portal.
Pop Balloons
With limited clicks, create chain reactions that pop all the balloons.
Remember the rules given in the tutorial & try to complete levels by removing all circles.
Gravi Cat
Make your cat jump & change color as he walks around the boxes. Go threw portals & reach the meat.
Terrorist Despoiler
Place your limited number of bombs in the correct spots on the bridge to send the big rig falling.
Zombie Disco
Fill in spots on the dance floor with girl & guy disco dancers. Combine them & avoid making zombies.
Mario Pond Challenge
Move Mario to jump on all the buttons. You can only jump horizontal & vertical.
Puzzle Tower
Move the 2 characters together as you get stars & avoid stepping on spikes. Get both to the keys.
Eat boxes as a worm to form your body. Get eaten boxes next to uneaten ones of the same color.
Rich Man Island Survival
Control the Arabic man between walking, turning & stopping. Flip switches & go threw portals.
Mario Rotate Adventure
Walk around edges to rotate the world. Jump over edges to reach a surface across a gap.
The Tree of Life
Place arrows to control where the water droplet goes. Some arrows can be changed mid-game.
Push walls to tumble the cube & change the layout of the sidescroller level.
Tappy Stars
Find & click the stars with numbers & letters in the proper order. Bomb scrambles the order.
Causality 7
Make the stickmen die without letter others in the scene see the death. Can you click them right?
Make All Equal
Drag n drop 2 number tiles with each set to make the numbers within equal to each other.
Causality 6
Click on the correct objects, at the right time to cause reactions that cause all stickmen to die.
Grab keys & reach the exit as you move from each hexagon. Beware you can't cross your own path.
I.C.S. - Instantaneous Combustion Syndrome
Run into daylight & start on fire. Find water to put yourself out. Know when to be set on fire.
Drag & twist the rope nodes to create the shape given at the top of the game.
Move your ball against walls that stop you. Reach all the stars, avoid enemies & get to the exit.
Coaster Destroyer
Decide where the best spots are to place explosives on the rollercoaster to blow up enough to win.
Number Snake
Select the red blocks & type in the number that you think is under. Blocks have to be connected.
Mr. Splibox 2
Create boxes under you to make towers to tip & make it across gaps. Watch our for enemies that run!
Puzzle Master
Slide the tiles so that you make rows of all the same item. They are locked once you do.
Frankie Dino
Rotate platforms & springs to push the balls into each other. Cause an explosion to push the egg off
Backkom to Save Penguins
Drag n drop the shapes from below onto the playing area to help the penguins reach the exit.
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