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Awaken - Front Line
Control soldiers in this top-down shooter. Shoot the zombies as you manage your squads ammo & health
Drop bombs onto the robots as you try to disable them or get them to fly off the map from explosions
Penguin Destroyer
Launch grenades out of your cannon just right to explode physics objects and penguins.
Enigmata Stellar War
Setup ships around your HQ & upgrade them as you prepare for space battles against the enemy armada.
Bloony Wheel
Roll your wheel around and figure out how to get to the end without popping your balloon.
Galaxy Siege 2
Drag n drop components of your ship to gather, defend & fuel it against space monsters.
Platform Combat
Play a single or multiplayer. Pick up tons of weapons and powerups. Somtimes needs restarted.
A crazy WTF game of blasting everything that moves onto your screen. Grab all the candy possible!
S.W.A.T. 3 - Recon
Shoot the stick figures in this 3D shoot em up game. Shoot crates to gain health and get knives.
One-man Siege
Catch the cannon balls as the soldier and toss them back at the same spot on the castle to knock it.
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  Hidden Object Games
Last Days of Summer
Find all the items that are in the scene that the list of people are looking for.
Echoes in the Silence
Find the objects that are hiding in the scene. Use up to 3 hints to spot the real difficult ones.
Guess the Zodiac 2
Find all the objects hidden in the scenes. Between each level, guess which Zodiac symbol you saw.
History Repeating
Find items in the scene that are listed at the bottom. Try to hurry & not to use hints if you can.
Professional Seller
Watch what people are wanting you to search for at the bottom. Find it within each scene.
Our First Garage Sale
Find the objects in the scene that people are looking to buy. Don't use hints for the best score.
Treasure of the Vikings
Spot the objects hiding within the scene that each of the people want you to find.
Where is Cat
Find the hiding cat, then other items as you make multiple passes on the same set of drawn levels.
The Kings Relative
Find all the different items that are hiding in each scene. Items are larger, smaller & rotated.
Perfect Companions
Find all the listed items within each new area scene to complete the game.
Welcome to Serenity
Find the objects quickly that people are requesting you find. Don't let any one person sit too long.
The Vampire Memories
Try to spot all the objects hiding in plain sight in each new room.
House of Evil
Find the well hidden objects in each scene. Can you spot everything without using the hint button?
The Legacy Hotel
Find the objects that people are looking for. Be quick before the hearts by them run out.
Merchant of Persia
Watch your list of objects below refill as you find items. Find all items to progress.
Undercover Mission
Try to spot all the hidden objects that are in the scene. Some are small, some are different colors.
The Legend of Oldwood
Find multiples of the same objects in the scene. Some objects are hidden very well.
Sorceresss Potion
Find the objects that are hiding in each level. Some items are hiding very well, others are easy.
Train Trip
Find multiples of the same items. Each item can be hiding by being rotated or a different shade.
Wonders of Egypt
Only pass levels in this hidden object game if you answer quiz questions correctly.
Find the objects that are hiding in each new scene. Items can be smaller or rotated.
Dinosaur Land
Find the objects in the scene that the people are looking for. Be quick & don't take too long.
5 Cleaning Tips
Time to pick this place up. Find all the objects on your list to unlock new levels.
The Purple Sunset
Find the objects that are hidden in each new level. Try to spot them all without using hints.
The Lost Colony
Find the hiding objects within each new scene. Use hints to aid you in your quest to find them all.
Camping Weekend
Find the objects hiding in the outdoors. Spot them without using hints to score the most stars.
Dark Side of the Forest
Help your find what the individuals are looking for. Find them quick as their patience is wearing.
Awoken Shadows
Look at the items at the bottom & find them in the scene. Items can be rotated & different shades.
The Homecoming
Find all the hidden objects or use money you've earned to buy expensive hints to help you out.
Journey to Planet Shilon
Visit each planet & find the objects hiding within each area of the planet. Items can look different
Fire - Sacred Elements
Find the hidden objects in each level. Replay levels to try & get the max stars on each.
Trading Routes
Just because it looks like a pineapple, doesn't mean it's the pineapple they want.
10 Gnomes in Montaigut-Le-Blanc
A mix of hidden object & an escape game. Click on different areas to try n hunt down the gnomes.
The Crime Reports Episode 1 - Badge of Honor
Keep multiple customers happy as you find the objects they want in each new investigation scene.
Mystery of the Sea
Find the objects that are hiding in the underwater scene. Some can be rotated or even other colors.
Holiday Preparation
As you jump to different scenes, find the items that are shown below. Can you find everything?
Museum Menace
Find the objects that are hiding within each new museum scene. Use hints to help out.
McGees Farm
Find multiples of the same hidden objects that are hiding within each new farm area.
Into the Forest
View your list of objects at the bottom that need to be found. Hunt the scene to find them all.
Unusual Assignment
In the sparse levels, find the objects that are hiding. Take breaks by dragging objects to suitcase.
Private Museum
Find objects that are shown at the bottom of the screen. Items can be a different shade than shown.
The Hidden Cave
Find all the objects that are sneakily hidden by being a different shade or size. Items hidden well.
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