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Swords & Sandals IV - Tavern Quests
Create your characters and move across the board game, playing mini games, and fighting the CPU.
A beast of a physics game. Try to balance the falling items. Don't get mad, it's hard!
Shoot your bow n arrow and slice threw the nooses that are hanging people. Don't hit the hangmen!
Sniper Tower Defender
Explore the world as you solve small puzzles and make your way through this game with great graphics
Bug War
Fight off strange creatures and protect the donut. Upgrade your bugs to continue to ward off enemies
Dragon Age Journeys
Take on monsters in turn-based attacks with squad members you pick up along your journey.
Xenospace - Colony
Stay alive as the massive horde comes chasing after you. Grab powerups and earn to weapons to live.
Chocolate Shop Frenzy
Provide chocolates to all your customers as you hurry and give them what they want.
nano Tank
Grab the stars and make it to the exit as you move over the blocks in the physics world and more.
Stones Masters
An RPG mixed with Bejeweled. Play the puzzle game, buy items, and defeat many AI opponents.
  Match 3 Games
Pet Party 2 - Multiplayer
Match 3 or more animals together & make combos in solo mode or try your hand against another online.
Fossil Crush
Match the fossils & use powerups to remove the tiles. Clear darkened tiles if they exist.
Puzzling Rush
Make matches to boost your armies abilities against the AI opponents at the top of the screen.
Match the tiles to gain abilities over your opponent. Match tiles for defensive & offensive moves.
Puzzle Fruits
Match the fruits together before the time bar runs out and ends your game. Be quick to keep playing.
Bejeweled Twist
Rotate square groups of 4 gems to align rows & columns of 3 or more gems to make them disappear.
Match 3 to attack & defend against enemy. Must register after first battle for play any further.
House of Chocolates
Match up rows & columns of types of chocolate treats to change all the background tiles.
Match 3 of the same colored cats as you rescue all the cats in cages.
Shape Matcher
Match 3 or more shapes together as you work on clearing the darkened background tiles.
The Path of Hercules
Create matches of 3 or more as you make artifacts drop to the bottom. Has other mini games too.
Magic Figures
Switch between shapes that are in one another to make groups of four or more.
Animals Home Free
Match colored tiles & keys to unlock the animals locked away. Don't need to make a match to move.
Tales Of Terratos
Create matches of 3 or more symbols to earn energy to create units. Send units to defeat the enemy.
Jolly Halloween
Remove Halloween symbols so that the dropping column makes a match of 3 or more items.
Candy Crush
Match 3 candies to make them disapear, match 4 or more to create candies with special powers.
Spooky Jewels
Match 3 or more Halloween symbols before you run out of game juice, and the game ends.
Halloween Pumpkins
Match 3 or more pumpkin tiles together. Hard to spot similars as only the background color matters.
Spooky Adventures
Match 3 similar Halloween symbols to drop the glowing outlined pieces to the bottom.
Ancient Maya Treasures
Make rows & columns of 3 or more gems over the gold tiles to make gems & tiles disappear.
Match 2 or more colors as you combat the AI & cause the most damage to win.
Jewelanche 2
Mouse over all jewels touching of the same color to remove them & new ones fall to fill the screen.
Goggleyes 2
Doubleclick groups of 3 or more Goggleyes to make them disappear. Stones begin to block your paths.
Jewels Hero
Take turns against the AI combining 3 or more jewels. Beat the AI character while staying alive.
Token Hero
Match 3 or more symbols to help your character open chests & defeat monsters. Drag symbols anywhere.
Monsters Hill
Combine groups of 4 or more that are touching in any order. Use chemicals & bombs to clear more.
Galactic Gems 2
Match 3 or more gems as you try to clear the background tiles. Use bombs to clear large areas.
Four Princesses of King Zentibold
Match 3 of the same units to have them attack the row that they are on. Defend & keep enemies back.
Christmas Puzzle
Match 3 or more Christmas symbols together as you work on changing the tile color to green.
Furrble Inc
Match 3 or more Furrbles as quickly as possible. No 2nd level, just high score submission.
Icy Splash
As the ball characters drop, match 4 or more to make them disappear as they speed up.
Tribal Jungle Jewel Quest
Match 3 more gems to change the background. Find the correct items to progress to new levels.
Battle of Immortals
Match attacking and health symbols to attack your AI opponent and refill your health.
War of Thrones
Match symbols to attack, defend, & regain hp as you fight enemies in turn-based match 3 battles.
Rotate in hexagon patterns to make groups to disappear. Make large groups for powerups.
1001 Arabian Nights
Match 3 or more similar shapes to get different parts of the item to fall to the bottom.
Cradle of Eygpt
Clear colored tiles in this match 3 game as you earn money to build on your Egyptian land.
Tri Jewelled
Match 3 or more gems as you change the back tile colors of each board to level up.
Farm of Dreams
Match food together as you clear all the backplates. Earn money to spruce up your dull looking farm.
Match as many shapes as possible in this short, time based match 3 game.
St. Patricks Tri Match
Match the St. Patrick's day items in groups of three or more continuously.
Spirit Fencer
Make the proper match 3 matches to give you armor, health, or attack. Combine match 3s for combos.
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