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Roll your ball around each level up platforms and teeter-taughters to pop your ball on the spike.
Battle Gear 2
Fortify your base and send troops, artillery, and aircraft, or air strikes to your enemies base.
Zombies in the Shadow - The Saviour
Find the General and your family as you splatter zombie brains in this top-down action shooter.
Build a radar and missile launchers to protect your city as you build to reach your objective.
Fishdom H2O
Play item finding puzzle games to make money and then upgrade your fish tank to make it the best.
Hitstick 3
Multiple levels of blasting enemies in the heads and finding items to proceed. Go for headshots!
Air Transporter
Pick up objects with your helicopter and place them in the highlighted areas. Don't run out of gas!
Omega Turret Defense
Shoot the incoming enemy troops as you upgrade your turret and defenses to keep them at bay.
Monster Slayers
Create and upgrade units as you control when they attack, and retreat from the enemy.
Kings Guard
Match 3 or more tiles as you buy items for your 3 defenders. Use powerups wisely.
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Alone - Zombiewoods
Replentish your health by picking berries & chopping wood. Construct items to stay alive & progress.
Papas Cheeseria
Create sandwiches & sides for your customers. Get the ingredients right to get paid more.
Zombie Taxi
Pick up survivors in your taxi before the zombies get them. Drop them off in marked zones.
Zerras Medi-Shop
Control the pharmacist directly as you move around to get medication for those that show up.
Leaf Blower Madness
Blow the leaves onto the grass as you get them around obstacles & avoid the getting them in water.
Soccer Doctor 2
Pull pins out & cut off feet as you keep the patient in as little pain as possible.
Fishtopia Tycoon 2
Manage your fish shop by going fishing & upgrading your fishing poles & lures. Don't forget to sell!
Wheels of Rage
Drive the kids around town while not damaging your car. Follow your waypoint & use garage for repair
Moo Cab
Fly your ufo to different barns as you pickup & drop off cows to earn money for upgrades.
Mall Builder
Open shops in the mall & hire entertainers to keep customers flowing in. Close shops when needed.
Super Fireman
Control the firetruck & chopper. Pick up & rescue people & putting out the fire & managing fuel.
Pico Sim Date <3
Click to gain attributes & money to become more appealing to the girls. Try to get all the girls.
Kids Umbrellas Store
Take care of customers that come in by taking their children to the correct umbrella stand & selling
Miami Taxi Driver 2
Drive your taxi around town as you pick up passengers & drop them off at the marked locations.
Drill & get ores to sell. Upgrade your driller as you earn. Watch out for monster pits!
Bed and Breakfast 3
Manage your visitors by checking them in, taking their luggage to their room, feeding them, & more.
Rabbit Farmer
Manage your farm by watering crops & taking care of the rabbits with what you produce.
Dodo vs Darwin
Gather food to plant trees as a Dodo bird. Get a mate & give birth as you collect food.
How To Cook Everything
Toss anything into the pan & cook away. The specifics aren't important, just the actions.
Cattle Tycoon
Buy farm animals & set them out in their pens. Sell them at a higher price to make a profit.
Cupcake Frenzy
Create the cupcakes just like the little boys & girls want. Be fast or it's game over!
Clean Green City
Take care of peoples garbage as you set routes for pickup. Refuel & watch out for road crossings.
Tropical Ice Tycoon
Manage your food cart & supplies as you sell to customers & make the most profit possible.
Big Dig Treasure Clickers
Borderline management game / constant clicker. Find treasures & return to town to afford upgrades.
Pizza Bar
Manage your pizza cafe as you keep stock on ingredients & watch recipe book for how to create slices
Build up your ancient Asian village. Build roads, farms & temples as your population increases.
Dinner Date
Manage your food diner & serve couples their food quickly. Gather money before new couples appear!
Jennifer Rose - Romantic Library
Sit people down & get the books they desire. Flirt with your boyfriend while not getting detected.
Farm To Fork
Build up your bakery as you add ingredients & sell them for profit. Buy new machines as you progress
Air Taxi Japan
Fly your bamboo taxi around, picking up passengers & deliverying them to the proper area.
Zombie Cure
Create cures for zombies coming into your shop in this twist on the food management genre.
Shop Empire 3
Build your kingdom by setting up shops & trying to turn a profit from old-timey peasants.
Deep State
Pacify the civilian populace and abolish democratic rule in favour of your own in this idle clicker.
Pre-Civilization - Bronze Age
Control how many workers you have in different areas of your town. Create the great pyramid to win.
Control only what is upgraded as your tank auto drives around the areas, shooting at enemy tanks.
L.A. Traffic
Control when the cars speed up, stop or slow. There are no traffic lights to help you.
Airport Madness - World Edition
Control when airplanes cross runways, lineup, & take off. Watch out for & prevent crashes.
Bob the Inventor
Create fictitious inventions to sell around the world. Inventions are randomly liked & disliked.
Daily Life 2
Manage your life after graduation. Find a place to live, get a job & maybe even find a girlfriend.
Zandras Orchid Garden
Build & manage your potted garden. Place your pots, set your dirt & water your seeds.
Candy Fun
Take control of a candy factory & build all the machines to produce a variety of candies.
Fishtopia Tycoon
Move around the island & catch fish in Flappy Bird style in this management game.
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