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Kit and the Octopod
Use your octopod, fight moves, and wrench to take out baddies as you grab coins and run up walls.
3 Lil Pigs - Home Defense
Setup your turrets on multiple levels as you try and prevent the wolves from getting into your house
Stones Masters
An RPG mixed with Bejeweled. Play the puzzle game, buy items, and defeat many AI opponents.
Relic of War
Build & upgrade units to send through town to the enemy base in this isometric, pixel strategy game.
Momentum Missile Mayhem 4
Defend yourself as you upgrade your turret with powers and weapons. Keep the enemies at bay.
Quantum Patrol
Hack platforms, grappled boxes onto switches, hover & shoot robots in this good looking sidescroller
Steam of War
Send units out to kill all enemies as you take control of each new level. Build units with money.
Intrusion 2
Blast soldiers & robots as you ride on the back of wolves (at times) in this 40MB action shooter.
Enduro 3
Ride your motorcycle as you tilt and lean over junkyard items as you keep from crashing.
Crush the Castle 2
Crush the Castle returns with polished graphics and new types of castles. Destroy all the castles!
  Management Games
Froyo Taxi
Pick up passengers & drive them to their destination in this 3D world. Mind your cars gas & repairs!
Fishy Waters
Go fishing & earn money to upgrade your boat, fishing rod, & pay tolls to gain access to new waters.
Epic City Builder 2 - Advanced Edition
With a limited amount of money, build your city as large as possible without running out of funds.
Drive your truck around town & make deliveries. Use attached gun to gun down cars in your way.
Traffic Frenzy - Vegas
Control the traffic lights & let the stopped cars threw at the right times. Takes a bit to get hard.
Hospital Frenzy 3
Take care of patients that come into the hospital & drag & drop them at the proper station.
Tinysasters 2 - Rise of The Nexus
Manage your village & construct different buildings as you overcome the disasters that strike.
Winter Shop 2
Manage your winter clothing store as ladies come in. Take them to the proper stations.
Hotel Builder
Add rooms to your hotel & hire people accordingly. Earn the required amount of money to progress.
Operate Now - Tonsil Surgery
Step into the shoes of a Doctor as you provide medical treatment for a boy who needs tonsil surgery.
Glean 2
Use mined resources to repair your mining ship or sell them for making upgrades.
Building Rush
Take on orders around town & send trucks of supplies. Don't let tickets go unfinished.
Idle Farmer
Manage your farm by planting crops and harvesting them for money to buy new tools and seeds.
Operate Now - Arm Surgery
Pick the right surgery tool to perform the operation on the arm.
Traffic Mania
Manage when traffic stops & goes. Keep traffic flowing, but beware of 2 wrong lanes going at once.
Chocolate Bar
Create chocolate treats for customers & purchase new ingredients when you run out by placing a call.
Space Express
Taxi aliens across space to the same colored tubes as them. Be fast & smart as transporting.
Zoo Builder
Manage your zoo & complete objectives by creating & upgrading certain areas of your zoo.
Operate Now - Scoliosis Surgery
Manage your patient as you cut open her back, and repair her spine. Don't make any mistakes!
Nightclub Tycoon
Make changes in the nightclub to gain profit. Buy furniture, raise & lower prices of drinks, & more.
Papa's Pastaria
Manage the pastaria as you create customers orders & serve it to them in a timely manner.
Epic City Builder 2
Grow your city larger & larger as you supply power to buidings. Build the necessary buildings.
Operate Now - Ear Surgery
Perform another surgery in the popular Operate Now series. Shave the boys head & get to work.
Tiger Burger
Manage your food joint as golfer Tiger Woods. Serve the proper food quickly or lose customers.
Latin Heat
Manage your bar and the drinks behind it. Take & create orders quickly before customers leave.
Factory Kingdom
Build working stations & hire employees at your clothes factory. Build restrooms, food courts & more
Kukoo Machines
Create the foods your customers are craving as you get more food machines.
Katpow Express
Manage your Chinese deli as you cook cats, maggots, and piss. Serve them up to customers.
Crazy Traffic Control
Manage multiple stop lights as you control when traffic goes and stops to prevent crashes.
Sim Taxi - London
Pick up fairs & drive them around town to their desired spot. Avoid collisions & bad turns.
Operate Now - Epilepsy Surgery
Perform brain surgery on the young girl as you try to rid her of epilepsy.
Manage your supermarket for zombies. Add zombie food, hire help, decorate & keep stock filled.
Operate Now - Dental Implant
Take care of the boys tooth that is cracking. Following direction & use the proper tool to fix it.
SpongeBob Dinner
Wait tables as Sponge Bob & seat customers, take peoples orders, bring them food & take their money.
Operate Now - Knee Surgery
Follow the procedure accordingly to help repair the boys knee and sow him up.
Mine Blocks
Gather materials to build better tools, a base or a swimming pool. Harvest pigs, ducks & sheep.
Crash Town
Place street signs, lights, & road lines to keep all the traffic safe in your city.
Go-Kart Manager
Manage your racer as you change how he drives & when he should use nitro. No actual racing involved.
Record Shop Tycoon 2
Manage the record shop as you build walls, place register, & cd racks. Even buy your music to stock.
Operate Now - Nose Surgery
Follow the instructions on which tool to use at which time as you fix the little girls nose.
Papas Cupcakeria
Manage another shop & take orders from customers. Build cupcakes decently to please your customers.
Amazing Adventures Mustached Driller
Dig down into the land & find valuable minerals to sell & upgrade your driller. Mind that energy.
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