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Click groups of the same colored blocks. Instead of dropping regularly they drop with physics.
Terra Strike
A turn based action game with mechs. Attack the enemies and prevent your mechs from being destroyed.
Keeper of The Grove 2
Create monsters to attack & slow the incoming creeps trying to steal your gems.
Youda Fairy
Create fairies as you follow the directions of the wizard. Color the lillypads as you create them.
Military Rescue
Gun down all your enemies as the gameplay continues to change in this Metal Slug sidescroller.
Tower of Doom
Add cannons to your tower, upgrade your tower as you defend against the increasingly harder troops.
King Story
Slay pixelated monsters as you pickup new items that give you abilities to reach new areas.
18 Wheeler 2
Drive your 18 wheeler across the freeway and try to park it in tight spots on some levels.
Super Mario World Flash 2
32 Mario levels all with Mario universe enemies for you to jump on and defeat. Can you beat all 32?
Crush The Castle - Players Pack
Launch your trebuchet and knock over the castles, killing everybody inside with limited shots.
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  Management Games
Select your team & make them dig, dust off & find buried relics. Earn money for new tools.
Laundry Manager
Take care of customers clothes they bring in. Take them around to the proper stations to get paid.
Sushi Rush
Match sushi to add them to your supplies. Click the foods to serve them to customers waiting above.
Fantastic Football
Manage your soccer teams play style & decide when they should play agreesively or protect your goal.
Racing Comrade
Manage your comrade runner. Train his abilities & decide when he uses them in the race.
Pizza City
Pick up pizzas & deliver them to the customers around town. Watch your gas levels & the roads.
Sheep Farm
Many aspects of managing your sheep, their wool & milk produced from them. Sell & buy products too.
Grand Prix Management
Manage your F1 drivers & upgrade their skill & car. No actual control over race car, only managing.
Toy Titan
Swap your workers at the toy factory. Watch their icons, upgrade their skills & keep them busy.
Homeless Steve
Manage Steve's life as you gain strength, steal, work, get food & stay alive.
Guild Dungeons
Gain resources to build & grow your village. Lots of options to explore & build from.
Painters Guild
Manage your painters as you increase their skills, make them rest & take orders for paintings.
Collect articles from your journalists. Manage their coffee intake & money.
Village of Nightmares
Manage your squads as you send them off to loot & investigate. Get back to the village before night.
BotArena III
Piece together your bot with the best components to win the battles against AI bots.
Frenzy Casino
Manage your casino as you drag n drop visitors to different tables. Multiple floors to manage.
Farm Frenzy
The original Farm Frenzy. Gather eggs, plant grass, capture bears & selling all your products.
My Soccer Game
Manage your soccer team. Train up their lower skills & you try to climb the soccer ranks & win games
Switchman 2
Control the traintrack intersections. Make sure trains have a clear path to travel on.
Mini Market Tycoon
Manage your small market by keeping items in stock & competitively priced. Upgrade the store too.
Ice Cream Craze - Natural Hero
Take care of customers orders. Watch carefully the order they want their ice cream stacked.
Hero Simulator
A mix between a infinite clicker & a management game. Well organized & multiple layers of management
Money Makers
Manage your life as you make money by clicking. Get new jobs & a better education as you progress.
Alone - Zombiewoods
Replentish your health by picking berries & chopping wood. Construct items to stay alive & progress.
Papas Cheeseria
Create sandwiches & sides for your customers. Get the ingredients right to get paid more.
Zombie Taxi
Pick up survivors in your taxi before the zombies get them. Drop them off in marked zones.
Zerras Medi-Shop
Control the pharmacist directly as you move around to get medication for those that show up.
Leaf Blower Madness
Blow the leaves onto the grass as you get them around obstacles & avoid the getting them in water.
Soccer Doctor 2
Pull pins out & cut off feet as you keep the patient in as little pain as possible.
Fishtopia Tycoon 2
Manage your fish shop by going fishing & upgrading your fishing poles & lures. Don't forget to sell!
Wheels of Rage
Drive the kids around town while not damaging your car. Follow your waypoint & use garage for repair
Moo Cab
Fly your ufo to different barns as you pickup & drop off cows to earn money for upgrades.
Mall Builder
Open shops in the mall & hire entertainers to keep customers flowing in. Close shops when needed.
Super Fireman
Control the firetruck & chopper. Pick up & rescue people & putting out the fire & managing fuel.
Pico Sim Date <3
Click to gain attributes & money to become more appealing to the girls. Try to get all the girls.
Kids Umbrellas Store
Take care of customers that come in by taking their children to the correct umbrella stand & selling
Miami Taxi Driver 2
Drive your taxi around town as you pick up passengers & drop them off at the marked locations.
Drill & get ores to sell. Upgrade your driller as you earn. Watch out for monster pits!
Bed and Breakfast 3
Manage your visitors by checking them in, taking their luggage to their room, feeding them, & more.
Rabbit Farmer
Manage your farm by watering crops & taking care of the rabbits with what you produce.
Dodo vs Darwin
Gather food to plant trees as a Dodo bird. Get a mate & give birth as you collect food.
How To Cook Everything
Toss anything into the pan & cook away. The specifics aren't important, just the actions.
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