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Bunny Invasion 2
Defend the building as you shoot the waves of bunnies. Weapons store, and building upgrades. Cool!
Move your blue block to the green area. Later levels contain lava and difficult areas to get passed.
Dice Crush
Keep your ooze with you to help you defeat enemies, and survive the sunlight. Get electric too!
World Wars 2
Try to dominate the map as you attack the enemies controlling area of the land mass.
Top Truck 2
Drive and balance your monster truck as you keep from tipping. Includes driving over zombies mode.
Heavy Weapons
Shoot as many enemies as possible as you grab gems to upgrade your ship as tougher enemies come.
Zombotron 2 - Time Machine
Explore the caves as you gun down zombies, ride elevators, blow up red barrels, & even buy new guns.
Kings Island - Pulcherrimos Return
Go and attack the villagers as you gather gear to help you. Pick up health potions, gold, and swords
Sapphire Skies
Attack enemy bases & air ships as you mine the ground for valuables. Defend your village & upgrade.
Use your razor blade in this physics world to solve puzzles as you cut glowing wires and blocks.
  Management Games
Cool Crazy Taxi
Drive around town & pick up passengers to earn your fare. Don't run over pedestrians.
Cycle Fourth Moon
Gather fruit & sell it as you plant more saplings. Talk to characters & trade with them.
Waitress Adventures - Chasing Beauty
Take care of customers by sitting them at tables, taking & delivering orders & cleaning up tables.
Notorious Inc.
Travel the word, buy items at low cost & travel to sell them at a high cost to earn more money.
Farmer Frenzy 3 - American Pie
Manage your farm by planting grass for animals to eat, gathering eggs & trapping bears.
Fish Race Champions 2
Upgrade your fish & strengthen his abilities so he will come in 1st when racing against other fish.
Papas Donuteria
Manage the donut shop as you make donuts for customers exactly how they want.
Sushi Chef 2
Create sushi for customers & pour coffee, but don't make the wrong sushi or run out of sushi.
Cargo Shipment - San Francisco
Setup warehouses to supply traveling trucks with cargo. Similar to tower defense gameplay.
Frenzy Pizza
Seat customers & prepare orders as you clean dishes from previous customers & take phone orders.
Take care of your farm by planting seeds, watering them, havesting & even cooking them up.
Cow Barn
Manage your farm of cows as you water, feed, milk, & clean their pens. Increase the money you make.
Hotel Management
Take people to their rooms, manage their laundry & cleaning their room as you make hotel upgrades.
Donut Bar
Combine the right ingredients to make the donuts your customers are requesting. Don't make them wait
Fishing Girl
Cast your line & catch fish. Earn money to buy a better fishing rod & replace eaten lures.
Harvest Dash
Plant seeds & gather crops as you upgrade your farmer. Limited number of days to achieve goals.
Traffic Frenzy - Rome
Control the street lights & turn on power ups to get enough traffic safely across the roads.
Monster Brawl
Buy & upgrade your monster fighters as they are pitted against increasingly harder opponents.
Multishop Tycoon
Take care of different shops in different parts of the town as you try to turn a profit from each.
Island Tribe 5
Travel along the pathways & take out barricades as you gather resources & construct new buildings.
Froyo Taxi
Pick up passengers & drive them to their destination in this 3D world. Mind your cars gas & repairs!
Fishy Waters
Go fishing & earn money to upgrade your boat, fishing rod, & pay tolls to gain access to new waters.
Epic City Builder 2 - Advanced Edition
With a limited amount of money, build your city as large as possible without running out of funds.
Drive your truck around town & make deliveries. Use attached gun to gun down cars in your way.
Traffic Frenzy - Vegas
Control the traffic lights & let the stopped cars threw at the right times. Takes a bit to get hard.
Hospital Frenzy 3
Take care of patients that come into the hospital & drag & drop them at the proper station.
Tinysasters 2 - Rise of The Nexus
Manage your village & construct different buildings as you overcome the disasters that strike.
Winter Shop 2
Manage your winter clothing store as ladies come in. Take them to the proper stations.
Hotel Builder
Add rooms to your hotel & hire people accordingly. Earn the required amount of money to progress.
Operate Now - Tonsil Surgery
Step into the shoes of a Doctor as you provide medical treatment for a boy who needs tonsil surgery.
Glean 2
Use mined resources to repair your mining ship or sell them for making upgrades.
Building Rush
Take on orders around town & send trucks of supplies. Don't let tickets go unfinished.
Idle Farmer
Manage your farm by planting crops and harvesting them for money to buy new tools and seeds.
Operate Now - Arm Surgery
Pick the right surgery tool to perform the operation on the arm.
Traffic Mania
Manage when traffic stops & goes. Keep traffic flowing, but beware of 2 wrong lanes going at once.
Chocolate Bar
Create chocolate treats for customers & purchase new ingredients when you run out by placing a call.
Space Express
Taxi aliens across space to the same colored tubes as them. Be fast & smart as transporting.
Zoo Builder
Manage your zoo & complete objectives by creating & upgrading certain areas of your zoo.
Operate Now - Scoliosis Surgery
Manage your patient as you cut open her back, and repair her spine. Don't make any mistakes!
Nightclub Tycoon
Make changes in the nightclub to gain profit. Buy furniture, raise & lower prices of drinks, & more.
Papa's Pastaria
Manage the pastaria as you create customers orders & serve it to them in a timely manner.
Epic City Builder 2
Grow your city larger & larger as you supply power to buidings. Build the necessary buildings.
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