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Solandia Uprising
Send out units from your camp to the enemy side. Upgrade units & their abilities to defeat enemies.
Plazma Burst
An amazingly fun sidescroller shooter. Earn money to purchase new weapons. Tons of levels!
Siege Master
Adjust power, angle, and ammo of catapult as you try to take down the right targets in the castle.
Orbital Decay
Add guns and ships to your mothership to attack the 10 levels of incoming enemies. Pretty sweet!
Mountain Bike Challenge
Ride your bike over the hills as each new level presents you with a new challenge to accomplish.
The Breach
Great looking action shooter. Blast zombies and flying eyeballs. Don't get too scared.
World of Confusion
Draw lines to create paths for your coin carriers. Mind your drawn lines age, they disappear.
Roly-Poly Eliminator
Use physics as you click on bricks to create reactions in the world to kill all the evil roly-polys.
Color Archers
Protect your archers as you draw the symbols above their heads with the right color. Draw accurate!
Monster Town
Build shops & place soldiers to defeat incoming monsters in this Plants vs Zombies styled game.
  Physics Games
Break the Egg
Cause chain reactions by removing the right objects to cause the eggs to hit stone surfaces.
Bunny Land
Change rabbits abilities by clicking on them. Reach all the stars & finish by reaching the carrot.
Where Is My Beard
Place shapes to get the bearded one to roll & touch all, making them all have beards.
Cute Physics
A hard physics game with limited shots, limited guides to see where you're shooting.
Remove The Dinosaurs
Click the dinos to use their abilities to remove them all & to reach all the stars per level.
Attach muscles to the limbs to get Incredipede to move the way you want him to.
Lemic Zone
Remove shapes that cause reactions to the world. Get the lizard down to the ground to explode.
Cover Orange - Journey. Pirates
Protect the oranges by dropping items & causing physics reactions to the world.
Feed Prumpa
Remove objects in the correct order to get the food to roll to the elephant without hitting spikes.
2D World
Use your mouse to push the ball & objects. Get the ball to the green area. Includes user made levels
Toilet Success 3
Create reactions in this simplistic phyiscs world to cause the fat geeks to roll & reach the toilets
Alligator Like Duck
Get the alligator to the ducks. Takes a few levels before it gets challenging.
Cat Shmat
Drag n drop items & rotate them to create a surface for the cookie to roll successfully to the cat.
Monsters vs Evil
Remove bad monsters from the scene by using other monsters abilities to cause chain reactions.
O-Shaped Ninjas
Use limited slices to cut through platforms & enemy ninjas. Use physics to knock some ninjas off.
The Cheapskates II
Inflate & deflate characters to rise & fall to grab gems, dollars & money bags.
Stack the given shapes & try to touch all the stars without letting anything fall off.
Another Planet 2 LP
Shoot your laser gun to cut blocks into pieces to solve puzzles in this physics platformer.
Rude Cubes
Take limited shots to create explosions that knock the rude cubes off their platforms.
Zombies For Soup
Chop off zombie heads & burn the correct objects to direct the rolling heads into the cauldron.
Remove wooden objects to cause your boulder to roll at the right speed & in the right direction.
Clover Flower
Drop water, sun, boulders & magic balls to get the sun & water to the St. Patrick's clover.
Keep The Balance
Stack all the given shapes so that none will fall off the screen.
Kaboom Zombies
Fire limited explosions to push all the zombie boxes off of the level without running out of shots.
Nerdy Bee
Remove spiders & make the water droplet roll at the right time, to push the bee into the flower.
Place bombs in the right areas to push the red guys off the screen, while keeping the blue guys safe
Place & rotate objects to cause chain reactions in this "The Incredible Machine" styled game.
Pointless Dropping
Click to remove blue shapes & get red shapes to tumble off the screen, while saving green shapes.
Get the Rum
Throw coconuts to get the barrel of rum to tip & roll to the pirate.
Piggy in The Puddle
Get the pig to roll & eat the acorns as you cause phyiscal chain reactions.
Hedgehogs Paradise
Click on different items to break or activate them. Reach all the stars & roll over all the apples.
Physics Fall
Drag & drop the right objects to the right places to help the ball roll safely to the exit.
Candy Ride - Level Pack
Push all the gumballs over platforms, as you try to get them all pushed into the kids mouth.
Winter Zombie Invasion
Throw bubbles & candy to cause reactions that will kill all the zombies on each level.
Protect Tommy
Drag the shapes & set them next to Tommy to protect him from the red enemies once you press "Go".
Wish Totems - Level Pack One
Explode bombs, remove voids, & turn off blocks to get rid of blue & save red blocks.
Hungry Little Bear
Remove platforms & turn on/off devices to get all the food to the bear & reach all the stars.
Pig Rescue
Place bombs & blocks to help the pigs roll to the ground safely without getting hurt.
Cut The Rope 2 - Bad Pig
Cut the ropes that hold the candy. Get the candy to touch all the stars & roll to the bad green pig.
Red & Green 2
Fire your cannon to push the red & green characters into the same colored candy & vice-versa.
Devil Fall 2
Place bombs to push the devils off the screen while keeping the angels safe on platforms.
Blockoomz 2
Create explosions to remove the proper shapes from the screen, while keeping the good ones.
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