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Protect your base from evil ninja looters. Use your archery skills to take them out.
Legend of Johnny
After a long load, knife, gun, and run around as you jump over gaps and kill monsters.
Ragdoll Cannon - Level Pack
Fire your physics ragdolls to solve the puzzles as you get your ragdolls to touch the bullseye.
Strike Force Heroes
Shoot A.I. bots in multiplayer-like arenas with a storyline. Upgrade weapons & killstreaks.
Space Punk Racer
Race on multiple 3D tracks as you grab money to buy upgrades. Use shockwave to take out opponents.
Mario Forever Flash
Grab the coins, and squish your enemies as you eat shrooms to grow in size.
Move your soldiers as you upgrade them and buy them guns in this 3D, turn-based strategy game.
13 More Days in Hell
Move in this FPS as you gather new guns and shoot all the hellish enemies that chase after you.
Plazma Burst 2
A sidescroller shooter with nice graphics and gun upgrades. Blast the robots & other creatures away.
Obliterate Everything 2
Setup base defenses, energy cores, & ship constructors to defeat the enemy ships & base.
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  Physics Games
Balloon Bombardier
Fire your cannon unlimited times & cause chain reactions in the environment to pop all the balloons.
Shine Wars 2
Remove stars, create wind & drop the sun & moon so they push each another out to create night & day.
Cactus Roll
Remove the correct shapes to get the boy & girl cactus to meet. Avoid touching desert animals.
Dragocubes Valley
With limited shots, knock all the Dragocubes off. Later levels have reverse gravity blocks.
Gravity Switch
Control gravity & get your block to the exit door, but beware of spikes & red blocks you can't touch
Paradoxical Elements
Rotate the levels to get the water droplets to roll into the fire. Avoid sponges that will absorb.
Lost Animals
Cause physical reactions to objects to help push all the animals into cages.
Piggy Wiggy 3 - Nuts
Grapple the piggies to each other or objects. Cut ropes at the right time to get all acorns eaten.
Drop the shape in the right spots to fill the waterup & spill over the sides of the container.
Match & Remove - Level Pack
Remove groups of shapes that are touching to limit your clicks. Use gravity to your advantage.
Gemollection - Level Pack
Click to turn on laser surfaces, cut chains & active punch boxes to get gems to treasure chests.
Zomback 2
Remove & drag objects to help the zombie tumble into the potion to turn them back human.
Sweet Honey - Level Pack
Float objects & the bear to cause reactions to get the bear to the honey jar.
Amigo Pancho 5 - Arctic & Peru
Clear away sand & avoid spikey objects as you try to get Pancho to float to the top safely.
Bad Pig Perfect Couple
In these simple puzzles, remove the shapes that get your guy green pig to roll into the girl pig.
Loved Monsters
Remove ice blocks & beams as you create a safe pathway to roll your monster back to its mom.
Perfect Pou Couple
Make your Pou ball roll, float or stick as you grab the hearts & reach your Pou girlfriend.
Hide Caesar - Players Pack 2
Another batch of physics levels of covering the golden Caesar coins from falling rocks.
Save The Balloons
Shoot the ropes with your cannon to free the balloons & get them to rise off the screen.
Bristlies - Level Pack
Remove ropes to cause reactions in platforms & Bristlies. Get them to their right boxes.
Feed The Bear
Lay objects & shoot food to get it to bounce, slide or be thrown to the bear to feed him.
Fanged Fun - Players Pack
Change the shapes from squares to circles to roll each color onto its properly colored platform.
Drag the colored boxes by each other while keeping the red boxes away or from falling on the ground.
Constructore 2
Drag beams & boxes, as you bolt them together to reach the highlighted area for your bright box.
Blow Ghost
Place bombs to cause reactions & knock all the ghosts n goblins off the screen.
Face Bookeria - Level Pack
Launch Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerburg into piles of boxes & coins. Try to get them all off the screen
Dino Eat Meat
Cut ropes to deliver the sauced meat to the good dinos, while avoiding dropping it on bad dinos.
Mario Stacker
Place the shapes in good, balanced spots to be able to hold the weight of all the other objects.
Hide Caesar - Level Pack
Drop boxes in spots that they best protect the gold coins, while destroying others.
Hit The Troll - Level Pack
Use balls that have different powers to knock all the trollfaced shapes off the screen.
Disaster Will Strike - Ultimate Disaster
Pick your mother nature power & where it strikes to cause reactions that crush or remove all eggs.
Devilish Candy House
Cut ropes, rotate levers & flip switches to get the cookie to roll to the angel & not the evil girl.
Drag shapes to make a stackable surface for the lighter block to reach the outlined area.
Feed The Figures
Drop the shapes to feed them different amounts of food. Use bombs to cause the right reactions.
Piggy in The Puddle 2
Use the different animals & their abilities to help push & roll the pig into the bucket of mud.
Annoying Red Box
Launch balls & make all the red blocks tumble off their platforms & off the screen.
Blockoomz 2015
Create explosions to push or blow up all the bad shapes, while keeping the good ones on screen.
Save The Dummy - Level Pack 2
Remove red shapes to create physical reactions to aid you in pushing the stick figure off the screen
Cute Owl 2
Saw wood & cut acorns as you cause reactions to hit the gong. Doesn't need to be with the owl.
Aequilibrium 4
Remove only orange shapes, but remove them in the correct order to keep the beam balanced.
Spongebob Squarepants Jelly Puzzle
Remove as few blocks as possible to get the jelly Spongebob to touch the ground without falling off.
Sieger - Rebuilt to Destroy
Fire limited cannon shots to send the castle crumbling & kill all enemies within its walls.
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