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Glissaria - Defense of the Noble
Slide element blocks together to gather resources for creating towers for the tower defense gameplay
Slime Laboratory
Grow your slime, grab floppy disks & avoid lasers in this pixelated platformer.
Super Mario Moto
Ride your motorcycle as Mario as you go off jumps, perform backflips, grab coins, and tilt and lean.
Place blocks & guns on your steam powered war machine as you try to take down the enemy war machine.
TT Racer
Many different moto racing circuits. Race against AI bikers, avoid traffic & all with your mouse.
Warnet - Knights And Cannons
Attack enemies and villages in this turn-based, octagon board strategy game.
Medieval Rampage 2
Shoot all the attacking enemies as you upgrade your players armor and weaponry. Includes boss levels
The Company of Myself
Complete levels by using past versions of your self to help you across each new level.
Perfect Balance
40 levels of physics balancing strange shapes on polls and slanted surfaces. Sweet!
Fire your cannon and try to pop all the balloons in the physics levels. Don't let them float away!
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Flower Flyer
Click on characters to push & pull the yellow flowers into the rainbow vortex.
Magnet Crane
Use your crane to lift & move blocks. Stack the shapes to reach a certain height.
Drag & rotate the shapes to fill the empty box. Use 90 degree angles to spot corners.
Sink My Treasure
Grab onto objects to cause physical reactions that get the treasure chest to drop into the water.
Bombing Zombies
Remove items to get bombs rolling to zombies or visa-versa. Explode all zombies to win.
Impulse J5 - Nights
Play with a given set of connectors. Stick the balls together to make any structure you want.
Bouncy and Monsto
Remove objects to cause a chain reaction. Get the blue creature to roll to the orange monster.
Space Hero
Create the blocks that get the hero rolling. Clear items at the right times to succeed.
Disaster Will Strike - Defender
Remove the ground & change wind direction as you break the rotten eggs & save the good ones.
Goodbye Sadness
Remove the regular smilies to get the grinning smiley to the sad smiley.
Bad Piggies Online 2015
Play tons of levels of pieces together components to create a useable machine that reaches the end.
Finger Physics
Stack & remove objects in different types of physics gameplay modes. Watch those stacks!
Wooden Adventure
Remove the blocks to get the small wooden ball into the holder. Move the wrong ones & lose it.
Penguins Fun Fall
Remove the blocks at the right time & right order to make the penguin get the red guy.
Nightflies 2
Using limited laybugs, pull blocks in the proper direction. Let fireflies reach the colored bulbs.
Zombie Rescue Time
With limited clicks, remove the wooden blocks that will get the zombie to the ground, so he can die.
Save Astronauts
Drop barrels & beams to protect the astronauts from the UFO laser beam. Watch out for explosions!
Cover Pou Summer
Drop the objects above the dotted line. Create a safe place for Pou to wait out the storm.
Alien Teleportation
Remove the blocks in the proper order to get the alien onto the teleport pad, then throw the switch.
Amigo Pancho in Afghanistan
Rotate wheels & clear dirt to make a safe path for Amigo to rise off the top of the screen.
Age Manipulation 2
Control the blocks & spheres ages to make them larger, smaller, lite & heavy. Knock baddies off.
Beat Barrel
Remove some blocks & turn others into groups of smaller blocks. Get rid of the barrels to win.
Stripe Physics
Remove the least amount of shapes to get the red circle onto the platform & get rid of black shapes.
Durians Revenge
Drag n drop items on the screen to make Durian roll at all the fruit on each level.
Turbo Tower
Rearrange the blocks & stack them to make the tower reach the height of the dashed line.
Melon - Level Pack
Remove wooden planks to cause reactions that get the watermelon to be smashed on the spikes.
Drop the colored shapes & make the same colors touch to make them disappear.
Tower Breaker 3 - Valerius Vengeance
Decide on where to fire your cannon at as you send the wooden structures falling.
Remove the correct shapes to cause reactions that will get the watermelon into the spikes.
Voltorb Recovery 2
Place barrels & platforms to complete contraptions that will get the orb into the electric well.
Glass Delivery
Watch the falling boxes closely. Using limited clicks, click the ones that are about to fall off.
Ninja Shape
Push buttons & create reactions that pull, push & roll the ninja into stars & slash his target.
Castle Kaboom
Send castles collapsing as each level as you crash it in different ways. Controls are poor later on.
Smart Balloon
Push your balloon into spikes to pop it & release the coin. Later levels require making a safe path.
Spongebob Excludes Squidward
Push the Squidward shapes off the screen in this Spongbob themed physics shape game.
Online Planking Game
Planking is stupid, throw endless amount of crap & knock all the plankers off the screen.
Spiny Rollers
Cut multiple ropes to get the Spiny Rollers to push all the bears off the screen.
I Lifesaver 2
Control your lifesaver directly & also remove platforms. Push boxes to reach the drowning person.
Chicken Cannon
Fire your cannon & cause reactions that will end up pushing the little chicken into the proper spot.
Melon - Final Pack
Remove the right objects to cause the watermelon to fall or be pushed into the spikes.
Rolleys Journey
Rotate & place the objects to fill the gap & make a safe surface for the car to cross.
Voltorb Recovery
Drag n drop the different items & set them where they create a safe path for the orb to roll.
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