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Move shapes in this physics game to control the fall of the molecules into the beaker.
Guardian Rock
Slide your rock around as you crush the archeologists and make it to the end spot to progress.
Infinite Monkeys - Bending Reality
An innovative puzzler of monkeying around with bending physics to fit monkeys through tight spots.
Swords & Sandals IV - Tavern Quests
Create your characters and move across the board game, playing mini games, and fighting the CPU.
Fantastic Contraption 2
Get your red circle to the exit zone as you build contraptions any way you can to reach the exit.
Neverending Light
Experience this well story driven game as you gather gems and explore the world.
Super Sergeant Shooter
Grab guns and ammo in this Doom engine flash game. Running & gunning will only get you so far.
Tank Tactics
Take control of enemy spawn buildings and blast away enemies as you fight to survive.
Street Fighter II Champion Edition
Fight your enemies in this pixelated new edition of Street Fighter. Can you pull of amazing combos?
Gather runes as you shoot and defeat the horde. Destroy portals as fast as possible. Create spells!
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  Physics Games
Hit The Troll - Level Pack
Use balls that have different powers to knock all the trollfaced shapes off the screen.
Disaster Will Strike - Ultimate Disaster
Pick your mother nature power & where it strikes to cause reactions that crush or remove all eggs.
Devilish Candy House
Cut ropes, rotate levers & flip switches to get the cookie to roll to the angel & not the evil girl.
Drag shapes to make a stackable surface for the lighter block to reach the outlined area.
Feed The Figures
Drop the shapes to feed them different amounts of food. Use bombs to cause the right reactions.
Piggy in The Puddle 2
Use the different animals & their abilities to help push & roll the pig into the bucket of mud.
Annoying Red Box
Launch balls & make all the red blocks tumble off their platforms & off the screen.
Blockoomz 2015
Create explosions to push or blow up all the bad shapes, while keeping the good ones on screen.
Save The Dummy - Level Pack 2
Remove red shapes to create physical reactions to aid you in pushing the stick figure off the screen
Cute Owl 2
Saw wood & cut acorns as you cause reactions to hit the gong. Doesn't need to be with the owl.
Aequilibrium 4
Remove only orange shapes, but remove them in the correct order to keep the beam balanced.
Spongebob Squarepants Jelly Puzzle
Remove as few blocks as possible to get the jelly Spongebob to touch the ground without falling off.
Sieger - Rebuilt to Destroy
Fire limited cannon shots to send the castle crumbling & kill all enemies within its walls.
Rolling Drones 2
Grow & shrink blocks to make the drone fall & roll just right into enough bombs to explode.
Jungle Menace
Cover the jungle animals to protect them from the falling asteroids.
King Rolla
Use fans, buttons & fly to direct the King to kill all the sheep. Avoid pillows & falling asleep.
The End of The Sheep
Remove objects to get the sheep to tumble towards the wolf so he can eat it.
Ogres War
Fire your air balloon cannons to knock down the structure around the ogres. Difficult aiming system.
Monstre II
Shatter the blocks that make up the structures. Free the spirits of all the creatures on the blocks.
Protect Tommy 2
Drag objects to block Tommy from getting attacked from bullies. You cannot manually rotate objects.
Blow & Raze
Place limited TNT charges on the structures beams to cause collapses. Don't damage pink buildings.
Connect the pieces together & click play to draw the red line that is lightly indicated.
Santa Slice
Slice the tipsy buildings just right to take out all the Santa & protect the elf.
Gift Rush 3
Grapple to walls as a spider. Get your baby to the piece of cake by grappling & letting go of things
Save The Dummy - Holidays
Remove the right blocks, at the right time, to get the stickman to fall or be pushed off the screen.
Crash! Boom! Bank!
Create reactions to get the unlite bomb to roll to the safe. Ignite the bomb to open the safe & win.
Trans Blockies
Change the shape & sizes of characters to try & get all the stars & get rid of nasty purple shapes.
Gift Rush 2
As a spider, grapple to walls & other objects as you try to get the fly into the present box.
OMG Snowmen
Create reactions that cause all the snowmen to get squished by boulders.
Siege Hero - Pirate Pillage
Throw different ammo types at the buildings to make them collapse & kill the pirates.
Crush The Castle Adventures
Fling different types of boulders to collapse the castle. Don't kill some characters within.
Expand It - Travel
Grow the different shape characters to make them touch the mesmerizing rainbow line at the top.
The Red Train
Remove objects to cause physical reactions to items on the level to make a path for the train.
Red and Green - Sweet Logic
Get the balls to their candy as you click & reclick platforms to all gravity.
Save the Panda
Remove as many platforms as directed, without letting the panda drop on the grass.
Go Go Santa 2
Remove platforms to push Christmas wreaths & presents onto the ground for Santa to gather up.
Spiters Annihilation 3 - Cold Revenge
Remove platforms & drop snowballs on baddies. Game changes after first few levels of helping cats.
Kitty Kibbles 2
Remove & turn on and off platforms to get the fish snacks & the ball to reach the kitty.
Blob Thrower 2
Shoot black & sticky blobs to cause reactions that get the 2 yellow blobs to roll together.
Stackerix levelpack
Drag & stack the objects to make a tower high enough to pass the given line.
Cowboy vs Martians
Accurately time your shots to remove platforms, cause reactions, & hit zombies to kill them all.
Flight of the Bee
Control when the bee flies or drops. Roll along surfaces to move. Get flowers & reach the hive.
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