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Epic War 3
Earn cards to bolster your troops and abilties as you try and bring down the enemy castle.
Grab the physics objects and use them to solve the puzzles that lie a head. Puzzles get tricky.
Urban Warfare
A first person shooter world where enemies randomly generate. Knife, guns, and grenades oh my!
The Chimera Stones
Walk around and explore the world as you gain abilities and slap on armor. Many RPG elements.
Super Mafia Land
A remixed Mario game with new gameplay. Pickup and toss items into enemies to kill them.
Shore Siege 2
Drill for oil as you setup cannons to defend your pirate ship against the enemies. Upgrade and more!
Let It Glow
Make objects disappear to solve the puzzle and relay energy to the light bulb in this physics game.
Ultimate Cannon Strike
Use your tanks fire power to destroy the soldiers in the physics building. Blast enemy tanks too!
Rift War
Create peasants to farm, and soldiers and archers to protect your building. Place walls and more.
Grab as many blocks as possible in the physics world without letting them drop into the fire below.
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Daddy Please Stack
Get all the weird shapes to balance on the platform. Level shapes are random & will be different.
Great Pyramid Robbery - Player Pack
Remove the wooden beams at the correct time to get the robbers to fall into spikes or into the hole.
Pirate Treasure Hunt
Control your smiley pirate as you push planks & click to break glass to get to the treasure.
Zombie Demolisher 2
Release weights at the proper time to break glass & cause reactions that smoosh the zombies.
Crazy Piggy
Jump to any level as you cut ropes & undo bolts to cause reactions. Get the pig to the flag.
Roll & Eat
Roll your penguin & try to grab all the fish. Be careful of slippery surfaces & ice that will crack.
Airbender 2
Use different elemental abilities to push the balls, burn the platforms, or electrocute some TNT.
Builder Boom
Place bombs just right to knock the bad guys off, while saving the construction workers.
Vanguards 2
Create reactions with the circular comic heroes so that they push the large boss off the screen.
Baby Fish
Remove the platforms in the right order to get the baby fish to roll & find water.
Save The Chickens - Player Pack
Remove platforms to cause physics reactions to kill the foxes & save the chicken.
Rubble Trouble - Moscow
Use different machines to blow up, start on fire, or grab building chunks to demolish them.
Fancy Pandas
Cause the reactions that get all the pandas to meet together & stick. Later there's reverse gravity.
Great Pyramid Robbery
A simple physics game of removing objects to get the robber to roll to their death.
Remove all the items & get the nuke to safely drop on the platform.
Mario Great Rescue
Remove the correct platforms to get Mario & luigi safely into the warp pipes.
Bang The Zombies
Fire limited cannon shots from a first person perspective. Make the building collapse & kill all.
Push Out Fans
Slide the blocks in their specific directions. Use multiple blocks to get the fans pushed off.
Cocktail Beach
Make cocktail drinks by sliding ice & tropcail fruit into the beverage.
Moony Cat
Swap physics puzzle parts to get the orb to roll & get to the cats mouth.
Using limited slices, cut the shapes just right so that enough split & fall off the screen.
Bloody Sieged
Drop boxes & weights to crush the men & cause physical reactions in the dark, dark game.
Figure Shaper
Change the shape of any green object to get at least 1 green shape to the finish sign.
Go Home Mario
Cause reactions in the world to push Mario & luigi into the exit doors.
Spider Stickman 6 - Struggle
Grapple onto objects above to keep moving forward as the screen scrolls. Grapple onto ingame text.
Magic Carrot
Break glass to cause reactions that will get the rabbit to the carrot. Be fast to earn more stars.
Down The Rabbit Hole
Remove the wooden platforms in the correct order. Get all the carrots & enter the rabbit hole.
Move The Eggs
Release the eggs after you've drag n dropped & rotated the platforms to make it roll to the chicken.
Cut The Rope
Cut the right ropes to get the carrot to reach all the stars, then drop into the green rabbits mouth
Zayki Summer
Use saws to cut threw trees or hammers to break glass & send animals tumbling. Save the bunny.
Sith Assault
Use the force to cause reactions on the beams & exploding barrels. Take out all the droids.
Dusty Monsters
Change default character shapes into new shapes to cause reactions. Get all candy to the monster.
Awaken of Mummies
Plant TNT & explode platforms & items to cause reactions that kill all the zombies.
Color Ball Physics
Change platform colors to get the colored balls to pass threw or stay on the surface.
Red Shape Alert
Some complex, physics puzzles where you keep the green safe & the red off the screen.
Physics Cup - Playoffs
Get the soccer ball to the goal by clicking green squares & getting rid of red squares.
Bomb Town 2 - Blow up Paris
Cause enough damage with a single bomb drop per level to progress.
Aqua Jelly Puzzle
Remove the proper shapes & fast to get the jelly safely on the ground instead of falling off.
Release the Mooks 3
Drop all the Mooks from the highlighted area. Land them on the platform evenly, as to not tip off.
Catch the Cheese
Float & deflate the mouse to get stars & cause reactions that get the cheese rolling.
Nerd Physics
Place platforms & drop red shapes to cause reactions that get the nerds to the building.
Scaredy Squirrel - Stash N Crash
Remove the required number of cans without letting the squirrel fall to the ground.
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