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Blast everybody that comes attacking you in this top-down shooter. Buy and upgrade weapons.
Urban Unrest
Swing your hammer around & whack enemies until they die. Grab their bolts for machine upgrades.
Legend of Johnny
After a long load, knife, gun, and run around as you jump over gaps and kill monsters.
Pour the Fish
Similar to iOS game "Where's My Water". Get water to all the fish. Sometimes it needs cleaned first.
High Vaultage
Pole vault into the air & eat food to fart for extra distance. Hit animals to get carried or bounced
Mine to earn, upgrade power plant, and build units to attack the enemy forces and their base.
Desktop Tower Defense Pro
Select all sorts of settings as you adjust this TD game and make it easier or harder for you.
Shore Siege 2
Drill for oil as you setup cannons to defend your pirate ship against the enemies. Upgrade and more!
Go Home Ball
Place the needed items to help the red ball make it home. Careful, they disappear shortly after.
The Wizards Notebook
Type to make platforms, type words to create creatures to solve puzzles and more. Unique gameplay.
  Physics Games
Spooky House
Pop & recreate the balloon to get the ghost to all the stars & to scare the old lady.
Tom and Jerry in Rig-A Bridge
Connect house hold objects together to construct a safe bridge for Jerry to get the cheese.
Pumpkin Physics
Remove blocks & platforms to create reactions that knock & roll the pumpkin to the witches cauldron.
Physics Symmetry 3
Remove the right shapes to make the result match the opposite side. Both sides must look the same.
Cookie Needs Jam
Remove objects to cause chain reactions that gets the jam to roll to the cookie.
Joy Stacker
Stack the objects in a way that keeps them from tipping or blowing away with the wind.
Money Balance
Stack all your shapes safely without letting them fall off the screen.
Dead Drunk
Hobble & jump around, grabbing beers to refresh your health. Take it slow down stairs or fumble.
Frost Fysics
Remove frost from objects to cause the octagon to roll or be pushed into the single star.
Fat Blob vs. Thin Zombies
Launch unlimited fat blobs to hit zombies directly or cause reactions to kill them.
This is My Crisis
Drop items & create reactions in the physics world to cover the ducklings. Similar to Cover Orange.
Spongebob Virus Infection
Break platforms to make Spongeball roll. Hit all the stars with spongeball or the infected balls.
Virus Bounce
Drag the platforms to bounce the ball just right to make it pass barricades & reach the portal.
Four Boxes - Levelpack
Divide boxes into 4ths using limited clicks. Make the proper boxes fall off the screen.
Aliens Go Home
Remove boxes to get the alien to tumble into the cage without touching the ground.
Tech Orb
Drag n drop the platforms & rotate them to get the orb to roll & bounce into the exit portal.
Pets Swap
Swap the pets at the right time, in the right order to get the correct ones off the screen.
Stack your blocks & get high enough. Use special abilities to stack in unique ways.
Travelers From Mars
Rotate & drop the different alien shapes so that they are touching all 3 stars on each level.
Dynamite Blast 3
Strap TNT to beams that support the railroad. Destroy the train or in some cases, make a pathway.
Blob's Story 2
Cut ropes to knock Blob on the right path to roll, to grab the flowers & reach his girl.
Red Remover Blast
Click to explode & push red blocks off the screen, while saving the green blocks.
Munchy Bird
Get the fruit to roll to the Munchy Bird to eat. Don't let spiked balls roll into Munchy Bird!
Snoring Before Time
Click animals to cause chain reactions that capture all the stars & wake up the elephant.
Angry Birds - Water Adventure
Get both angry birds into the water, after touching all the stars, using fans & bubbles.
Pou -Space- Puzzle Jelly World 3
Remove blocks, use magnets & mouse over areas to create blocks, as you help Pou get to the spaceship
600 Cuts
Keep making cuts into boxes over & over to get the alien eyeball to bounce & roll to him.
Monsterland 4 - One More Junior
Remove the proper shapes to get both junior boxes to tumble onto the head of the grumpy big box.
Slice Points
With limited, connected cuts, slice the shapes to make them all fall off the screen.
Save The Alien
Remove the correct items to get the aliens to fall in the right order. Get all aliens to the caves.
Quad Cop
Feed the cops to make them fart, slide, fly & explode. Push the bad guys off the screen.
Feed Me Moar 3
Drag platforms & turn objects on or off to redirect the purple goo into the monster mouths.
Beaver Blocks - Level Pack
Remove as few blocks to get the beaver safely to the baby beavers. Don't let foxes touch beavers.
Beaver Blocks
Remove as few shapes as possible to try & get the beaver to his baby beavers while avoiding foxes.
Tiger Eat Cow
Remove blocks & get the tiger rolling to grab all the pieces of meat & reach the cow.
Monster Catcher
Use the fairy to remove limited blocks to make the creates fall into the net.
Spider Stickman 4 - Red Riding Hood Run
Grapple onto different floating items to keep from getting stuck or falling off the screen.
Fly Kitty Fly
Remove shapes to get the kitty to float upwards. Try to grab all the stars on each level.
Drag objects to get your blue ball to roll safely to the exit. Avoid spikes & falling threw gaps.
Ninja Sushi
Cut chains & platforms to get the sushi to touch all the chinese stars & fall to the ninja.
Minions Become Fireman
Spray a limited amount of water to put out things that are on fire. Use the map to redirect flow.
Push & pull contraptions to make the purple monster reach all the stars & finish by eating the donut
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