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Kamikaze Pigs
Click the correct pig to start a chain reaction of events. Hit stars & try to destroy all pigs.
Cat With Bow Golf 2
Shoot your bow and arrow that the cat is attached to. Get to the target in as few shots as possible.
Music Catch 2
Grab everything except the red symbols. Try to grow as large as possible. Each level is different.
Uber Commando
Aim & jump as you auto run & gun. Start of game gets increasingly harder as you upgrade.
Epic Battle Fantasy 2
Pick your attack in this great looking RPG turn based attacking game. Strange creatures included.
Favela Heroes
Place your gang members like turrets in this tower defense game. Upgrade and setup smart.
The Last Village
Build your village and keep the enemies from attacking you. Game has a high learning curve.
Warfare Tower Defense
Pick your map and difficulty as you create and upgrade your military towers to kill the enemies.
Halloween Shooter
Launch ragdoll vampires, witches, and mummies into coffins, caldrons, and tombs.
Zone of Destruction
Dig threw walls & the ground in this sidescroller. Avoid enemies & turrets or run & gun them.
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  Physics Games
Smart Balloon
Push your balloon into spikes to pop it & release the coin. Later levels require making a safe path.
Spongebob Excludes Squidward
Push the Squidward shapes off the screen in this Spongbob themed physics shape game.
Online Planking Game
Planking is stupid, throw endless amount of crap & knock all the plankers off the screen.
Spiny Rollers
Cut multiple ropes to get the Spiny Rollers to push all the bears off the screen.
I Lifesaver 2
Control your lifesaver directly & also remove platforms. Push boxes to reach the drowning person.
Chicken Cannon
Fire your cannon & cause reactions that will end up pushing the little chicken into the proper spot.
Melon - Final Pack
Remove the right objects to cause the watermelon to fall or be pushed into the spikes.
Rolleys Journey
Rotate & place the objects to fill the gap & make a safe surface for the car to cross.
Voltorb Recovery
Drag n drop the different items & set them where they create a safe path for the orb to roll.
Robbery Physics
Remove all the boxes from the back of the truck while keeping all the merchandise intact.
Cut The Monster 3
Use guided laser ricochets to activate buttons, explode TNT & cut monsters.
Remove shapes to get the green onces safely sitting still on the blue surfaces.
Bad Delivery
Connect items & get them below the dashed line as you grab the stars on your way down.
Drop Dead Demons
Remove balancing boxes to drop the block demons onto the properly colored surfaces.
Sonic Gem Collector
Cut ropes to knock, swing & release green gems onto Sonic The Hedgehog.
Uncover Tomato
Similar to Cover Orange, only this time you have to uncover & let it rain on the tomato.
Lazy Cats
Attach wooden shapes to others to off balance beams. Wake up the cats to win.
Monster Eliminator
Place limited bombs to cause boxes to tip & reactions that get all the orange monsters off.
Launch the white hair ball into the groups of hairy blocks. Make them fall on the proper sides.
Land Red Blocks
Remove all the green shapes while keeping the red blocks on the safe platform.
Daddy Please Stack
Get all the weird shapes to balance on the platform. Level shapes are random & will be different.
Great Pyramid Robbery - Player Pack
Remove the wooden beams at the correct time to get the robbers to fall into spikes or into the hole.
Pirate Treasure Hunt
Control your smiley pirate as you push planks & click to break glass to get to the treasure.
Zombie Demolisher 2
Release weights at the proper time to break glass & cause reactions that smoosh the zombies.
Crazy Piggy
Jump to any level as you cut ropes & undo bolts to cause reactions. Get the pig to the flag.
Roll & Eat
Roll your penguin & try to grab all the fish. Be careful of slippery surfaces & ice that will crack.
Airbender 2
Use different elemental abilities to push the balls, burn the platforms, or electrocute some TNT.
Builder Boom
Place bombs just right to knock the bad guys off, while saving the construction workers.
Vanguards 2
Create reactions with the circular comic heroes so that they push the large boss off the screen.
Baby Fish
Remove the platforms in the right order to get the baby fish to roll & find water.
Save The Chickens - Player Pack
Remove platforms to cause physics reactions to kill the foxes & save the chicken.
Rubble Trouble - Moscow
Use different machines to blow up, start on fire, or grab building chunks to demolish them.
Fancy Pandas
Cause the reactions that get all the pandas to meet together & stick. Later there's reverse gravity.
Great Pyramid Robbery
A simple physics game of removing objects to get the robber to roll to their death.
Remove all the items & get the nuke to safely drop on the platform.
Mario Great Rescue
Remove the correct platforms to get Mario & luigi safely into the warp pipes.
Bang The Zombies
Fire limited cannon shots from a first person perspective. Make the building collapse & kill all.
Push Out Fans
Slide the blocks in their specific directions. Use multiple blocks to get the fans pushed off.
Cocktail Beach
Make cocktail drinks by sliding ice & tropcail fruit into the beverage.
Moony Cat
Swap physics puzzle parts to get the orb to roll & get to the cats mouth.
Using limited slices, cut the shapes just right so that enough split & fall off the screen.
Bloody Sieged
Drop boxes & weights to crush the men & cause physical reactions in the dark, dark game.
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