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Age of Kingdom
Build your structures to keep your village strong. Produce fighting units to defend your village.
Elite Forces Southo
Use your Elite Force to build up a team and attack the enemy structures, turrets, and soldiers.
River Defense
Build up your different types of towers as you keep the creeps away. Upgrade and make a maze!
Shift 4
Shift from the dark world to the light world as you grab keys and figure out to get to doors.
Level Editor 3
Edit the level to aid your stickman in grabbing coins, overcoming enemies & reaching the exit safely
Shorty Covers
Give cover to the stick figure as you watch out for ones that he isn't going to kill.
Word Kingdom
Create words to gain resources to build up your kingdom and defend it from attack.
Fight farm animals in this RPG with an AI controlled team. Customize your loadout as you gain more.
Favela Heroes
Place your gang members like turrets in this tower defense game. Upgrade and setup smart.
Band of Heroes
View your characters from above & shoot enemies in similar fashion as jet shooters.
  Physics Games
Freezy Mammoth
Freeze & unfreeze mammoths & platforms. Get all to roll to the exit as you grab all the stars.
Jungle Tower 3
Carefully stack the boxes for as long as possible. Stack same colors to destroy 1 of the 2.
Feed Me Moar 2
Cause reactions to make magnets & objects help the liquid get into the monster's mouths.
Beaver Blocks 2
Remove the blocks & get the beaver to safely tumble to the other beavers. Don't touch wolf block!
Rolly Birds
Remove chains & cause reactions to get each bird to roll into their same colored cage.
Tricky Shot
Place & rotate platforms to get the basketball to safely roll into the hoop.
Photon Zone
Drop the balls down the column in the right order, to open new pathways with doors that open & move.
Super Mega Balance Party
Balance enough shapes to win. Beware of shapes that have slippery characteristics.
Cover Orange - Journey. Wild West
Drop objects to cause reactions. Make a safe spot for your orange to be protected from the cloud.
Candy Thieves
Push candy & cats into each other as you aim your cannon at them to cause reactions.
Save Astronauts 2
Drop items around your astronauts to keep them save from the passing UFO laser.
Panduke Got High
Remove objects to make a safe pathway upwards for the floating panda.
Woodwork Builder
Drag & drop objects to get the orange shapes to stay still in the highlighted areas.
Fragile Hero
Drop items on spikes & gaps to create a safe pathway for the ball to roll & kill the Fragile Hero.
Pou Like Candy
Drop the piece of candy in Plinko-like fashion. Get the candy to drop into Pou's mouth.
Monsters Mash 4
Remove blocks & platforms to cause reactions as you try to get all the monsters to drop on spikes.
Score The Goal
Click the right shapes to allow all the soccer balls to roll to the goal unharmed.
Monsters Mash 3
Remove platforms & pins to get boulders to roll & push the zombies into the spikes.
Monsters Mega Packer
Fire the right monsters into the right boxes. Use physics to clear a pathway to proper boxes.
Pirate Bullets
Create explosions to push the money boxes off their platforms. Prevent red boxes from falling.
Protect Olaf
Lay objects in the level that will help protect Olaf from the water coming down.
Kitty Kibbles
Remove platforms to get the toy ball & cat food ball to roll to the cat.
Redstar Fall - Pro Levels Pack
Clear blocks & detonate explosives to cause collapses. Get the red star to the proper platform.
Drive to Wreck 2
Drive your demolisher & use the wrecking ball to destroy flimsy structures.
Mario Cut Rope
Cut the rope to get the flower power to touch all the stars & reach Mario safely.
Cyclop Physics - Level Pack
Change the shape of squares to balls & back again to get the green & red shapes on their platforms.
Eat The Candy
Drop the creatures in the right spots so they grab all the candy & stars without dying on spikes.
Jelly Bob
Remove platforms to cause chain reactions & allow the jelly to get the fruit & reach the satellite.
Willy Likes Cookies 2
Place platforms & bubbles as you drop the cookie. Get the cookie to safely roll into Willies mouth.
Wanna Oranges
Roll the orange to the panda as you touch all the stars. Remove platforms to change the direction.
Disaster Will Strike 3
Create earthquakes & windstorms to cause reactions in the world that crush all the eggs.
Scare The Birds
Attach wooden pieces to each other to cause chain reactions that push the bird off their perch.
Save The Snails
Place the snails on barely floating wood planks. Keep any snail from falling into the water.
Arranje That - New Level Pack
Click to remove the right boxes to make the remaining fall into the highlighted places correctly.
Cat 4 - Around Africa
Remove objects so that the fruit can roll, hit all the stars, avoid spiders & reach the cat.
Bunny And Hat
Cause chain reactions in the physics world to get the bunny and the hat to come together.
Start The Leak
Remove objects to cause other items to lean & get the black ball rolling. Create a leak in the pipe.
Red Menace 2 - Players Pack
Remove objects & reverse gravity to get the red shape to the proper platform.
Building Blaster 2 - Players Pack
Place bombs to destroy the structures & remove them from the highlighted areas.
Ice Breaker - The Gathering
Slice the ice & explode bombs as you get the viking to fall into the viking boat.
Mario Back Home 2
Get Mario & luigi to the doors. Levels are pretty easy & require little thinking early on.
Reach The Star
Stack animals to reach all the stars, but avoid enemy animals & keep your stack from tipping.
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