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Combat Hero Adventures
Play deathmatch, team DM, CTF, and more as you customize teams, pick maps, & pick up guns, & health.
Mort the Sniper
Read your mission objective and then sniper the right targets. Watch the blood and brains splatter.
Defend the downed chopper as you purchase new weapons to blast the waves of incoming enemies.
Mushroom Guide
A hard semi-physics based world. Swing the platforms to guide the mushroom into the bucket. Hard!
Necronator 2
Select your clan, and make units to send out waves along the pathway to the enemy castle.
Control Craft - Modern War
Control bases with tanks, copters, & anti-aircraft missiles. Control all bases to win against AI.
Youda Marina
Manage your marina as you build along the coast, in the water, and on land. Lots of management.
Earn To Die 2012
Upgrade your car & get farther & farther. Run over zombies & crash threw boxes & explosive barrels.
Build structures at your base and send out your military to defeat the enemy. Sent troops out smart.
Shorty Covers
Give cover to the stick figure as you watch out for ones that he isn't going to kill.
  Skill Games
Remember the glimpse of the map you get, as it fades away & you are stuck to grab gems in the dark.
The World's Hardest Game 3
Think you got skills? Even the menu of this game is hard to navigate through to start the game..
Shuriken Run
In this distance game, launch the Samarui & use limited jumps & slashes to get farther & farther.
Super Sonic Click
Click to make Super Sonic fly upwards. Grab coins & avoid hitting objects as you try to get farther.
Neverending Chevalier
Jump on platforms as you go upwards. Grab coins as you prevent falling threw or missing platforms.
Revenge of Victoria
Drop explosive barrels from your boat at the right time, so they sink & hit submarines underneath.
The Last Trial
Jump off your bike & tumble down the hill causing as much damage & getting as far as possible.
Mage Runner
Run away from the giant bird chasing you. Grab coins for upgrades & pickups to keep the bird away.
Avoid the ghosts while eating coins. Slow time and stay alive for as long as possible.
Bounce on the platforms & move upwards as you earn money to purchase & unlock items.
Stunt Driver 2
Upgrade your stunt cars abilities to fly further and further in this distance game.
Cowboy Kid Chase
Jump over gaps & grapple chips to take them or grapple onto trees for speed boosts.
Send exploding drones to fly into zombies. Use limited drones to kill all zombies in each to area.
Jump in the Dark
Keep jumping upwards as you grab pickups & platforms collapse from underneath you.
Xonix 3D
Create walls that trap the balls into small areas. Fill enough of the map to progress to new levels.
Searching For The Truth
View the posters & find the same people that come onto the screen. Scan luggage and find weapons.
Alien Shooter
Aim bullet shots & grenade throws. Try to kill all the aliens with ricochets & explosions.
Throw spears to hit the lizard men & avoid casualties of friendlies.
Dojo of Death
Make a fast slice threw enemies before they get too close with swords or their crossbows.
Little Red Riding Hood
Rescue the caged rabbits, and avoid shadow creatures as you jump from planet to planet.
Storm Saws
Avoid the flying saw blades as you try to stay alive. Don't try to move on an angle though.
Raptor Fruit Rush
Grab fruit as the screen auto scrolls. Double jump over gaps, but beware of bad peppers.
Penguin Gem Cannon
Try to clear all the gems from each level using limited shots.
Click your mouse to make the raccoon jump at just the right time. Jump over gaps & obstacles.
Rotor Wars
As your ship turns, use your "light sabers" to kill enemies & crush boxes.
Click scrolling buttons that determine if your bots stop, walk, run off the edge, or turn.
The Great Bazooki
Throw limited playing cards to pop balloons. Switch spots and avoid saw blades & hoops on fire.
No Halo No Entry
Fire limited arrows as you try to kill all the devils. Don't let them fly off screen!
Garden Shooting
Fire limited shots as you kill garden animals. Use ricochets & explosions to help.
Fruity Week
Run around the small planet & collect fruit before it drops from trees. Call UFOs to capture sheep.
Flying Chops
Fly your pig by clicking and avoid floating knives. Rescue caged piglets when possible.
Chameleon Survival
Stick bugs to your tongue as you struggle to survive as a chameleon. Get enough calories to survive
Spaceman 2023
Fire limited shots of different ammo to kill all the aliens on each map.
Into Space 3 - Xmas Story
Fly higher & higher in this distance game. Upgrade your ship & grab presents & fuel.
Candy Ride
Move all the candy into the boys mouth. Try not to drop any candies on the floor.
Angry Brain Heroes
Launch angry brains into the tower in this Angry Bird styled game launch & collapse game.
Rats Invasion
Fire different projectiles to break jars, push rats, and gas all rats per level.
Holy Crap - Bears
Move slowly thru the dark, as you find kids, grab honey & other gadgets and avoid bears.
Particle X
Activate panels, avoid touching walls, & keep away from turret shots as you reach the exit.
Diamonds and Dragons
Quickly grab the diamonds before the dragon blows fire & scorches your hand.
Drunk n Puke
Try to get drunk in this short skill game of drinking & peeing.
Maze Evolution
Keep your cursor within the borders of the maze as you follow it to the end of long mazes.
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