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Rubble Trouble - Moscow
Use different machines to blow up, start on fire, or grab building chunks to demolish them.
Talesworth Adventure - The Lost Artifacts
Place money bags & other items to lure the adventurer in the right direction to make it through.
Stunt Rider
Ride your fourwheeler over the obstacles as you try not to tip over. Win the game and get new rides.
Volt Connect
Connect the different volt creatures to connect all that are on each level.
Methus Tower Defence
Cast magic spells at foes. Upgrade your many spells as you increase your castles defenses.
Space Punk Racer
Race on multiple 3D tracks as you grab money to buy upgrades. Use shockwave to take out opponents.
DeConstruction 2
Buy and place bombs in the right spots to send the structures tumbling down below the dotted line.
Vengeance Rider
Dodge the cars as you race down the road and try to slam into your targets and disable them.
Super Energy Apocalypse Recycled
Setup your base and gain resources as you defend against zombie attacks. Put up defenses!
Ultimate War
Build your army and strengthen your positions against enemies as you attack to take new ground.
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  Skill Games
Launch limited energyballs & make sure they hit the ground before you hit the lamp with them.
Ricochet your limited shots as you kill all the people. Make boxes tumble & kill also.
Crab Shooter
Launch your crab as you try to get all the bubbles with lobsters in them.
Squirrel and the Golden Nut
Launch your squirrel & try to get all the floating nuts & the golden nut, while avoiding snakes.
Fodder 2
Shoot the bananas at the monkeys with enough power to reach them. Use ricochets & bubbles to help.
Shoot The Monkey
Aim your mech gun & shoot unlimited times at the monkeys. Cause a reaction to kill them all.
Crumbs 2
Within the short amount of time, eat the cookies fast. Different modes change the challenge.
Stunt Ball Paul
Roll Paul just right to not land on spikes or fly off the screen. Get him into the water bucket.
Touch The Core
Move your little dot & touch the cores as maps become more complicated. Even includes boss monsters.
Fast Food Frendzy
Raise & lower your dead to eat as much food as possible, while dodging other items.
Banana Swing
Click in the right spot & at the right time to engage the bananas grapple. Don't go off the screen.
Red Red Green
Mouse over only the green dots. Dots begin to rotate & entire group rotates to make it harder.
Greeny Gap
Make it threw the gap as gravity changes or reverses completely.
Catapon - Catapult Warriors
Fire cannonballs in this 3D world game. Collapse the structure to take out black cats & save pink.
Space Monsters
Fire different types of bombs to roll & stick to surfaces. Kill all the monsters before running out.
Gem Cannon 2
Fire your cannon as you try to break all the gems. Use ricochets to hit the ones furthest away.
Drop n Run
Drop platforms, spring boards & bombs to help the fast moving character be protected.
Dirty Devils Deluxe
Using limited swipes, get all the devils to cook inside the vats by flinging them.
General Bruce Stars
Using as few clicks as possible gather astronauts, regain stars & avoid exploding.
Candy World
Jump straight to hard levels as you use limited shots to hit or cause reactions to take out baddies.
Hell Archery 2
Fire arrows at the stickmen that are tossed up. Hit them to stick them to the walls of hell.
Gravi Flip
Flip gravity back n forth to avoid touching bugs, but instead lands on them to smash em.
Thrower Goblin
Using your trebuchet, fire limited shots & hit the knights. Collapsing doesn't always kill the them.
Risky Bird
Keep the bird afloat as you bounce off of walls that are clear of spikes.
Ref Ball
Simplistic graphics in this skill tester that has you rotate the balls so that same colors touch.
Vampire Cannon - Level Pack
Shoot vampires out of your cannon. Turn civilians into vampires while avoiding the priests.
Mario Box Jump
Launch Mario & get him safely to the red flag. Avoid spikes & don't let Luigi stop you.
Jump Mouse Jump
Fling your mouse off of cables & into hearts. Reach the girl mouse to complete each level.
Light Watch
Shoot your harpoons at the stars to earn money for upgrades. Hit multiple stars for combos.
Epic Fall
Shoot to break obstacles, gather coins, & push yourself out of harms way as you fall.
Gravity Driver
Drive in the pipe as you avoid hitting the obstacles that block your path. Control your own speed!
Lone Mouse vs Bad Cat
Play against AI or another person, as you adjust your angle to try & hit them with thrown objects.
Polar Trouble
An intensive skill game of few snowballs & no aimming help. Run out of balls before targets are gone
Knife Throwing
Throw knives at the wooden dart-like board. Try to hit the center vs the computer.
Guide your falling pig threw the tunnel as you avoid obstacles that swing or ignite to kill him.
You Have 8 Bricks
Jump up in this pixelated block game, as flashing messages try to annoy you. Runs bad in Firefox.
Thin Ice
Drop monsters into the water by ice skating around them. Controls are less than accurate.
Shark Lifting II
Test how fast you can click by lifting the shark. Travel around the world to be the fastest.
Super Soccer Star - Level Pack
Give just enough kick to the soccerball to get it into the goal. Don't let it go off the screen.
Mole vs. Lava
Jump upwards quickly as you try to land on platforms & use walls to stay a head of the lava.
Throw The Head
Throw the head just right so that it lands on the spinal columns of those that are missing heads.
Punch Ball Jump
Punch or dodge the ball around the world as you play against an AI or other person at your keyboard.
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