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Destroy the Wall 3
20 levels of throwing the ball and knocking the blocks over. Later levels include tricky portals.
Space Invasion Tower Defense
Place your turrets in space to prevent the waves of ships from getting pass your turret setups.
Use your mouse to lift, sling, whip, and slam the incoming waves of monsters around. Use bombs too!
One of, if not the most innovative golf games. If grow games and golf games had a baby, this is it.
Real World
Click blocks to make them disappear. Land your blue block on the grey block. Careful, it's slippery!
Rotate the map and get as much liquid to the end without it getting vaporized by yellow pads.
The Pretender - Part Two
Change into different creatures with different abilities as you try to rescue all the ghosts.
Tesla Defense
Place tesla towers to defend against ground & air troops. 42 upgrades to purchase as you try to live
Neon Ball
Ricochet your ball off of walls as you attach to lasers. Grab stars, avoid bombs & reach the exit.
Buy soldier & element cards to produce an army of soldiers that can shutdown the enemy portal.
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  Skill Games
Angry Birds Hunt
Fling limited acorns & try to hit all the birds. Use the dotted line wisely when it appears.
Kingdom Reaction
Cause chain reactions with a single shot. Try to hit intended targets & open treasure chest.
Oddies Doughnut Dash
As a doughnut, run & eat fruits & avoid ice cream walls as you switch from top or bottom.
Super Santa Rush
Jump Santa's sleigh on the building rooftops. Make sure you jump before Rudolph leaves the roof.
Nature Strikes Back
Fire at all the humans & kill them as you remove their armor & watch their body parts fly.
Epic Christmas Celebration
Fire Santas out of the cannon. Hit all the presents as they explode with toys.
Ruder - Christmas Edition
Fire your cannon to push the small, colored blocks into the same colored larger blocks.
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Drop the colored presents on the same colored houses. Avoid stink clouds & missiles fired at you.
FlapJack - Adventure Bound
Grab coins by shooting the kid out of the whales blowhole. Each level tests your skill differently.
Brain on a String
Guide your zombie using the brain. Eat all the kids & pets, but avoid cops & the red zombie.
Super Santa Bomber
Create explosions by Santa to get him to all the sacks of candy & inside the chimney.
Snowman Challenge
As a snowman jump on the falling blocks to get higher & higher. Don't hit your head or get squished.
Impale 3
Fire unlimited zombies as you try to hit each spike, hook & saw blade.
Spider Stickman 5 - X Mas Special
Grapple onto objects as you try to keep your stick figure on the screen. Don't get stuck behind!
Chalky 2
Hit the stars & reach the target without hitting any walls that go invisible once you start.
Duck Life - Treasure Hunt
Avoid obstacles that will kill your duck. Earn coins to buy new items & get farther.
Clarences Amazing Day Out
Play a bunch of mini games as they get harder and you try to get further into the number of rounds.
Shelling Bad Piggie
Adjust your cannon to fire limited bird bullets to take out the bad piggies & their structure.
Bubba Hop
Clcik to hover and grab coins and watermelon. Avoid hitting flying rabbits coming at you.
Super Castle Sprint
Auto run down the only path as you grab coins. Feels ripped straight from iOS games, even in 3D.
One More Line
Grapple yourself to items as you fly pass them. Avoid htting the side walls or grapple nobs.
General Smashup
In this distance game, drive the buggy & avoid barricades as you crash into UFOs for money & upgrade
Zombie Car Madness
In this distance game, jump your car as it auto drives. Upgrade your car & kill more zombies.
Bloody Way
Float upwards as you avoid saws & lasers. Grab a health before you bleed to death if cut.
Click Jump - Level Pack
Launch your box multiple times into the air as you dodge obstacles & enemies.
Hyper Travel
Fly above ground & below structures as you try to grab the stars & auto-shoot mines.
Bobby Da Arrow
Fire arrows at enemies as they slowly move towards you. Free trapped friends by hitting targets.
Mad Burger Wild West 3
Make your burger & launch it in this distance game. Grab limes & avoid the hands of cowboy catchers.
Thats How We Roll
Rotate the world so that your golden boys roll. Get your entire group & avoid deadly traps.
Stick Pou Adventure
Create a bridge for Pou to cross that is just long enough, but doesn't pass the piece of land.
Angry Birds - Ulimate Battle
Move your birds into position as you adjust their firing trajectory to take out the pigs.
Mighty Hanuman
Click & hold to control your rise & fall of flight as the Hanuman. Avoid hitting fireballs & objects
Fishing Humans
As a zombie, use different guns & a grappling hook to rip the humans brain right out of his skull.
Banana Bounce
Fling your purple character as few times as possible to reach the exit tent. Beware of boxes!
Zuzu the Elf & The Box of Banishment
Jump over obstacles in this auto-runner as different monsters chase you on each new level.
Para Jumper1
Parachute safely into the zone directed. Guide your jumper & pull your chute at the right time.
Cluck -O- Nauts
Fling the chickens in space to the spaceship. Try to pick up all the eggs floating about.
Brain Drain
Run & jump over obstacles that came at you & pop up from underneath. Drag your poor kid along.
Save Smileys
Launch smileys out of your slingshot & free the trapped smileys in Angry Bird fashion.
Boom Go the Zombies
Throw limited bombs with just the right trajectory to explode the zombies & cause chain reactions.
Zoi - The Escape
Jump on top of platforms sliding under you. Jump just right as they move quicker & get shorter.
Kill the King & take his place. Watch out for others that will then try to murder you.
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