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Level Editor
An action puzzle game that requires you to edit the level and insert objects to help the stickman.
Tokyo Guinea Pop
Toss your bubble gum blowing guinea pigs just right to blow bubbles by animals and breakable objects
Valthirian Arc 2
A highly polished, RPG game with great graphics & lots of dialogue to sink your teeth into.
Road of the Dead
Escape the infected city as you run over zombies, avoid vehicles, and earn money to upgrade your car
Robinsons Hotel
Take care of the hotel and customers as they order coffee, tv, newspapers, and more. Keep up or lose
Shoot the physics blocks out from under the guy. Don't let him touch the ground as the blocks wobble
Hobo 3 Wanted
Classic moves return along with popping people in the face with eyeballs & tongue flicks.
Mortgage Meltdown
Manage multiple aspects of your buying and selling homes as you try to earn enough for larger places
Siege Master
Adjust power, angle, and ammo of catapult as you try to take down the right targets in the castle.
Go Home Ball
Place the needed items to help the red ball make it home. Careful, they disappear shortly after.
  Skill Games
Highlight the fireworks shooting into the sky & click to explode them. Strive to get the best score.
Run Bonita Run
Jump over & run under nightmarish creatures. When dream mode hits, run into friendly creatures.
Superjump Showdown Supreme
Jump on platforms & grab the coins faster than your AI opponent to reach the next level.
FaceShot 2
Fire limited bullets & try to ricochet them to pop the balloon face.
Bricks and Minions
Fire minions at the blocks to get all the blocks off the screen in as few shots as possible.
Flying Bot
Fly your balloon lifted bot as you grab coins, trigger switches & fire arrows to break bricks.
Knock It Moose
Inflate your purple moose & send it shooting at other moose to knock them into the holes.
Try Harder
Run forever, grabbing powerups that help you get passed upcoming obstacles. Can get repetitive.
Wippo Wop
As a cop on a tight-wire, drop down just right to slam into thieves, crooks & the like.
The Wikileaks Game
Stay alive for as long as possible in this platformer. Grab documents & shoot government agents.
Laser Cannon 3 - Levels Pack
Fire your laser cannon to cause chain reactions & explosions to kill all the monsters on each level.
Graffitis 2 - Bubbled
Pop colored bubbles in groups to progress. Watch out for bubbles that rotate colors.
Katana Senpou
Perform a different attack than your opponent, but beware of opponents rotating their attack.
StrikeForce Kitty
Grab fish, run & fight, as you strengthen your team of cats. Don't run out of stamina or you restart
When Hogs Fly
Get higher & higher in this distance game. Grab coins to buy upgrades & avoid hitting birds.
Boom Boom Zombie
Throw a limited amount of grenades to clear pathways to zombies for grenade explosions.
Let The Bullet Fly 3
Aim & ricochet your bullets to kill all the enemies. Beware of things that can damage you.
Stick Trampoline
Bounce on trampolines as you get higher & higher. Transfer from tramp to tramp as you get high.
Spongebob Cannon Hamburger
Fire Spongebobs out of the cannon & try to get one to the hamburger without blocking his path.
Pour Together
Fill each glass to the line as the liquid pours into the glass quickly.
Up In The Sky
Fly higher & higher as you grab stars for money & upgrades. Avoid big birds to reach your love.
Pac-xon Deluxe
Control Pacman & make walls to block the ghosts in. Don't let them touch the wall you're creating.
Transport smilies over spikes as you grab coins for upgrades to carry more & fly better.
Ram Time
Jump from path to path as your group of rammers crash threw obstacles. Make sure to keep them fed.
Castle Monster
Charge your rock throw just enough to hit the incoming monsters that are attacking your castle.
Red Driver 2
Complete different tasks to unlock new areas in this skill testing, straight-away driving game.
These Lumps
Bust a move on the dance floor as you bump into others with a smaller spotlight than you.
Frog Love Candy
Launch candy & try to hit all the frogs or cause chain reactions so candy touches frogs.
Face Chase
Try to stay ahead of the pursuing box. Buy upgrades as you play over & over again. Gets repetitive.
Retro Unicorn Attack
Jump over gaps in this pixelated remix. Avoid obstacles or burst threw them to keep from dying.
Gogy Mad Launch
Launch Gogy the alien in this distance game. Grab stars to afford upgrades to get even farther.
Arties Dream
Fling Artie around to grab carrots, land in socks & finally reach the exit portal.
Vamps Revenge
Bounce to get higher & higher as you gather coins. Levels change to different styles & become harder
Arena Rush
In the single arena, avoid & jump over deadly obstacles as they grow in number & difficulty.
Punching Desperados
Be the first desperado to the unfrozen, full beer to score a point. Be faster than the AI to win.
An Ordinary Day
Use your mouse to stop or jump as you try to make it pass all the obstacles without dying.
Grapple onto letters as you keep moving upwards. Grab coins along your way up.
Rollin Tot
Rotate the world so that the Rollin Tot gets all the stars & hitches a ride on the flying beast.
Zombie Apocalypse TD
Time your trains at the right time so they plow threw zombies trying to attack your center character
Kamikaze Cat
Launch your flying cats to cause chain reaction explosions & kill all the enemy soldiers.
Super Xalaxer
Control both sides of this top-down spaceship shooter as you prevent enemies from getting by.
Control left & right thrusters as you navigate threw narrow openings in this super hard flying game.
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