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Gangster Squad
Survive waves of baddies in this isometric shooter. Search lockers for weapons & health.
Virtual Farm
Manage your virtual farm as you take care of things and convert them into money to buy more.
Boxheaded Advanture
Push objects in this physics based world to get to the diamond. Don't knock it off the level.
4 Wheel Madness 2.5
Race against the CPU driving in the background. Tilt and lean your way over the obstacles.
Fault Line
Create slices in time to solve puzzles and take out lasers and fireball barricades. Quite innovative
Move your mouse to create a constantly moving short line as you guide the yellow ball to the green.
Last Command
Fight off the aliens as you strategically place your soldiers and when to upgrade them. Kill aliens!
Kings Guard
Match 3 or more tiles as you buy items for your 3 defenders. Use powerups wisely.
Monochro Observer
Create and remove blocks in your own dimension. Be careful as they affect the other. Reach the end.
Mushroom Cannon
Shoot the mushrooms in the physics world as you try to get 1 mushroom in each bucket.
  Skill Games
Gogy Mad Launch
Launch Gogy the alien in this distance game. Grab stars to afford upgrades to get even farther.
Arties Dream
Fling Artie around to grab carrots, land in socks & finally reach the exit portal.
Vamps Revenge
Bounce to get higher & higher as you gather coins. Levels change to different styles & become harder
Arena Rush
In the single arena, avoid & jump over deadly obstacles as they grow in number & difficulty.
Punching Desperados
Be the first desperado to the unfrozen, full beer to score a point. Be faster than the AI to win.
An Ordinary Day
Use your mouse to stop or jump as you try to make it pass all the obstacles without dying.
Grapple onto letters as you keep moving upwards. Grab coins along your way up.
Rollin Tot
Rotate the world so that the Rollin Tot gets all the stars & hitches a ride on the flying beast.
Zombie Apocalypse TD
Time your trains at the right time so they plow threw zombies trying to attack your center character
Kamikaze Cat
Launch your flying cats to cause chain reaction explosions & kill all the enemy soldiers.
Super Xalaxer
Control both sides of this top-down spaceship shooter as you prevent enemies from getting by.
Control left & right thrusters as you navigate threw narrow openings in this super hard flying game.
Sticky Ninja Missions
Aim your ninjas flying kicks to break boxes, grab gems & take out punks on your way to the exit.
Gem Cannon Deluxe
Fire cannonballs at the gems attached to boxes. Beware each fire makes your cannon swing on a chain.
Snake And Zombies
Slither your way to attack the incoming zombies trying to steal your gems. Don't touch walls.
Angry Bird Shooter
Slingshot your bird as you try to hit all the remaining flying birds. Use boards & portals wisely.
Hobo Bob
Run, jump, grind & kick as you auto run. Keep from falling or hitting walls instead of kicking them.
Jetpack Hero
Fly & avoid hitting birds & skyscrapers in this Flappy Bird style game of getting farther & farther.
Dont Step On The White Tile
Press numbers to step on the colored tiles in different game modes. Can you keep up with the speed?
Run Viking Run
Clear the path for the auto running viking by dragging your mouse over all the obstacles in his way.
Car Yard 2
Be quick on making decisions on which way to go when presented with arrows as the story unfolds.
Remember where the stars are, then find them once they disappear & reach the exit bullseye.
Gold Mine Car
Grab gold from underground with a grappler. Carefully drop it into the mining truck.
Mad Samurai
Jump over gaps & slice targets & enemies in this auto runner. Don't run into enemies or fall!
Cursor Attack 4
Shoot from your cursor & dodge enemy fire as you grab all the green orbs to proceed.
Prepare yourself for an even harder time, as you try to ride a unicycle in QWOP fashion.
Shoot The Player
Shoot unlimited soccer players out of the cannon as you try to grab all the soccer balls.
Golden Duel
Test your reflexes as you go upon against increasingly faster gun slingers in the wild west.
Shoot limited balls downwards as you try to wake up all the Bounzies. Mind those powerful ricochets.
Motley Mutant Worm
Gather similar items in a row to win as you avoid letting the snake get too long or eat your cursor.
Treadmillasaurus Rex
Jump over rolling spiked balls & stay between the laser fences as the wheel adds new challenges.
Flying Candy
Click to create explosions of candy. Explode enough & gather for better upgrades.
Fish Tales - Deluxe Edition
Eat smaller fish than you & avoid larger fish. Eat & grow enough to progress threw the levels.
Chain Soldier
Click at the right moment to send your soldiers attacking. Grab gold to buy upgrades for new rounds.
Swim underwater to attract deep sea monsters. Jump out of the water to shoot them with arrows.
Fly upwards using your jetpack, grabbing gems. Avoid hitting the cavern walls or ledges.
Treehouse Hero
Fire your hero down at floating enemies. Take them out before they reach the top.
Normal Cat
Bounce your cat & eat fish to become bigger & eat enemies. Avoid enemies & obstacles when smaller.
Asteroid Escape
The fire is rising & you have to escape the narrow pathway quick. Can you do it without crashing?
Ultra Neo Geo Maze 2
Move through the maze & don't touch the walls. Grab keys as each one makes the level harder.
Ricochet Kills 4
Line up your shots to use as few bullets as possible as you ricochet bullets to kill all the spies.
Frustra Bit
Travel the narrow halls without hitting the walls. Trigger switches & grab all the green squares.
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