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Move and park your car before time runs out in this excellent looking parking game.
Control Craft - Modern War
Control bases with tanks, copters, & anti-aircraft missiles. Control all bases to win against AI.
Cargo Bridge - Armor Games Edition
Build strong bridges so your grunts gain access to packages. Don't let bridges crumble under stress.
Changes boxes into circles and back again to solve the physics puzzles. Are you a master of physics?
Move your soldiers as you upgrade them and buy them guns in this 3D, turn-based strategy game.
This is the Only Level Too
One level, many ways to solve it as it's thrown at you over, and over again. Got patience?
Redcoat Invasion
Send out cannons and troops to attack the enemy base. Watch out for their troops on the same path.
Mechanical Soldier
Shoot enemies in this sidescroller & even get inside vehicles. Buy weapon & soldier upgrades.
Send out your fighters to defeat the enemy mothership. Upgrade abilities to win the long battles.
Nooboo Mary - Witch Queen
Click and setup traps for the incoming waves of enemies trying to get to the witch house.
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  Skill Games
Boom Go the Zombies
Throw limited bombs with just the right trajectory to explode the zombies & cause chain reactions.
Zoi - The Escape
Jump on top of platforms sliding under you. Jump just right as they move quicker & get shorter.
Kill the King & take his place. Watch out for others that will then try to murder you.
Truck Rush Seasons
Move your truck under the rising & lowering brick walls. Careful as your truck glides to a stop.
Fish Swim
Swim as a guppy & avoid mines. Earn money for upgrades & unlock achievements.
Sheep Campaign
Jump upwards as you eat apples, pears & turn into a tornado to take out wolves.
Hungry Fish
Avoid bigger fish than yourself, while gobbling down fish that are smaller.
Super Soccer Star
Using a single kick, kick the soccer ball into the goal while avoiding obstacles.
Alternate from the inner circle to the outer circle to avoid hitting the moving nubs.
Fly Again
Click to float your blimp through obstacles. Land at chechpoint & hit stars.
Totem Balls II
Fire & ricochet unlimited balls in plinko fashion. Earn powerups & hit all red pins.
Click Jump
Fling your box character at the perfect time to avoid spikes, chains & acid drops.
Boorish Monster World
Fire unlimited missiles just right, to pop all the floating monsters.
Grow your circle with limited tries. Don't let red balls touch it while growing.
Underwater Treasures
Fire torpedoes at blocks & underwater monsters to get the coins & gems to roll to the treasure chest
Natural Selection 2
Quickly ensnare the green bugs in your webs before the bees get to you.
Slime Slayer
Quickly attack in the direction the slime monsters are coming from. Don't let a single 1 touch you.
Steam Rocket 2
Guide your rocket with mouse clicks. Grab pickups for more points as you avoid obstacles.
Run 3
Run threw the pipe as you jump over gaps. Run on walls & ceiling.
Angry Birds - Heroic Rescue
Fling your Angry Bird so that he hits all the green pigs. Keep from flying off the screen.
Go Go Goblin 2
Fire the goblin into the air. Hit coins to afford upgrades to get farther in this distance game.
Zombie Purification Theory
Aim & fire arrows to kill all the zombies. Get powerups for more arrows, teleport & more.
Go Candy Go
Using a single fling of the candy, try to hit all 3 stars on each level.
Smash From Beyond
Manage both scanning pumpkins & smashing them with little time inbetween, all while more roll in.
Scary Cannon
Light up jack-o-lanterns & skulls with your ball of fire launched out of your cannon.
Wonder Rocket 2 - Halloween
Fly higher & higher in this distance game. Reach candy & fuel as you avoid hitting ghosts & bats.
As a polar bear kick a limited amount of soccer balls to try & knock over all the zombies.
Mars Space Quest
Fly your rocket upwards as you aim for coins for upgrades & avoid hitting blimps, choppers & more.
Catbox Bowling
Adjust the power & trajectory of the cat. Get him inside the highest point boxes.
Try to hit the orange pumpkin to progress. Hit black pumpkins & zombie to level up your wand.
Cave Flying Witch
Fly threw the cave as a witch as you avoid random cave blocks. Don't hit the top or bottom either.
All the kittens have turned into zombies. Shoot the cure just right so that it hits all the kittenz.
Hive Defender
Fire honey as you try to take out all the bears. Shoot hives for a splatter of honey shots.
Scarecrow vs Pumpkin
Fire your arrows & try to hit all the pumpkins as more obstacles appear per level.
Let The Bullets Fly 3
Fire bullets to make them ricochet against surfaces & kill all the gangsters.
Click to keep your fairy afloat as you avoid hitting objects & gathering coins for upgrades.
Master of Catapult 3
Change how far you catapult the spiked ball. Try to knock enough pieces off the platforms.
Fly your penguin upwards in this distance game as you upgrade him with XP & buy new equipement.
Blast The Skulls
Fire your limited shots to get rid of all the floating skulls. Use ricochets to your advantage.
Pirate Kills
Fire bullets & ricochet them around the level to cause explosions to kill all the pirates.
When Pigs Flee
Use your pig jet pack to hover. Fly just right to grab coins & powerups while avoiding enemies.
Sticky Jump
Jump back n forth from the walls as you eat the floating fairies. Avoid touching the stink bubbles.
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