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The Lance
Joust increasingly difficult opponents as you aim your lance, and upgrade your knight a lot.
Ninja Ball
Grab star boxes as you roll and grapple around levels. Watch that level time limit.
Street Fighter II Champion Edition
Fight your enemies in this pixelated new edition of Street Fighter. Can you pull of amazing combos?
ShellCore Command
Manage resources, build turrets to defend your buildings, and upgrade and modify your ship.
Undead End Hardcore
Play an even harder version of Undead End. Grab a gun or flamethrower and take out the zombies.
Orcs Attack
Aim your cannon and take out all enemies, and blast threw their buildings.
Star Relic
A heavy learning curve, but worth the strategy game that's waiting for you underneath it all.
Research the landscape and build windmills in the best spots to earn money for your city.
Shift 4
Shift from the dark world to the light world as you grab keys and figure out to get to doors.
Uphill Rush 2
Race on many tracks with skateboards, and scooters, and motorcycles as you try to win the AI player.
  Skill Games
Remember where the stars are, then find them once they disappear & reach the exit bullseye.
Gold Mine Car
Grab gold from underground with a grappler. Carefully drop it into the mining truck.
Mad Samurai
Jump over gaps & slice targets & enemies in this auto runner. Don't run into enemies or fall!
Cursor Attack 4
Shoot from your cursor & dodge enemy fire as you grab all the green orbs to proceed.
Prepare yourself for an even harder time, as you try to ride a unicycle in QWOP fashion.
Shoot The Player
Shoot unlimited soccer players out of the cannon as you try to grab all the soccer balls.
Golden Duel
Test your reflexes as you go upon against increasingly faster gun slingers in the wild west.
Shoot limited balls downwards as you try to wake up all the Bounzies. Mind those powerful ricochets.
Motley Mutant Worm
Gather similar items in a row to win as you avoid letting the snake get too long or eat your cursor.
Treadmillasaurus Rex
Jump over rolling spiked balls & stay between the laser fences as the wheel adds new challenges.
Flying Candy
Click to create explosions of candy. Explode enough & gather for better upgrades.
Fish Tales - Deluxe Edition
Eat smaller fish than you & avoid larger fish. Eat & grow enough to progress threw the levels.
Chain Soldier
Click at the right moment to send your soldiers attacking. Grab gold to buy upgrades for new rounds.
Swim underwater to attract deep sea monsters. Jump out of the water to shoot them with arrows.
Fly upwards using your jetpack, grabbing gems. Avoid hitting the cavern walls or ledges.
Treehouse Hero
Fire your hero down at floating enemies. Take them out before they reach the top.
Normal Cat
Bounce your cat & eat fish to become bigger & eat enemies. Avoid enemies & obstacles when smaller.
Asteroid Escape
The fire is rising & you have to escape the narrow pathway quick. Can you do it without crashing?
Ultra Neo Geo Maze 2
Move through the maze & don't touch the walls. Grab keys as each one makes the level harder.
Ricochet Kills 4
Line up your shots to use as few bullets as possible as you ricochet bullets to kill all the spies.
Frustra Bit
Travel the narrow halls without hitting the walls. Trigger switches & grab all the green squares.
Pyjama Jump
Race against other dots to the winning red area. Earn coins to upgrade & become faster.
3D Stunt Pilot - San Francisco
Carefully maneuver your airplane in the 3D world & get threw all the rings as fast as possible.
Crush Thine Enemies
Launch your spiked ball as far as possible in this distance game. Upgrade as you squish more enemies
Abstract Defense
Rotate your turret to fire at the incoming colors & symbols to defend yourself. Be quick at rotating
Gibbets 4
Fire limited arrows to save those that are getting hung. Kill the executioner with headshots.
Run Fausto Run
Jump over gaps & punch bullies. Later control multiple nerds at the same time.
Yammy Yammy 3
Throw limited bananas as a monkey to ricochet them to totems.
With limited clicks, fill in the moving boundaries enough to progress to harder levels.
60 Second Search
Never leave the path as it quickly changes. Grab the coin for new lighted pathway.
Railroad Journey
Mouse over the gold bricks & click chests to gain gold. Jump over boulders on the tracks.
Chainsaw Cat To The Rescue
Jump over gaps & kill enemies as you get coins to buy upgrades & get farther in this distance game.
Super Frisco Frenzy
Tumble down the hill & explode vehices as you try to get as high a score as possible at the end.
Ninja Cannon Retaliation
Fire ninjas to wreck havoc on the physics world & cause structures tumbling.
Flying Talisman
Mouse over Talisman to make them fly & defend the bell. Don't let explosions take all talisman.
Dance of Doom
Jump over gaps & punch enemies as you grab coins to buy upgrades to punch harder & more.
Slime Hook
Allign your grapple hooking to green surfaces, as to take out unsuspecting enemies.
Booger Rush 2
Flick the boogers with the right angle & power, in order to hit your targets successfully.
Jump Jump Rabbit
Click to jump your automatically moving rabbit. Grab keys & coins as you avoid spikes & the wolf.
The Amazing Flying Babbits
Fire babbits to grab enough carrots to unlock new levels. Check where carrots are before firing.
Carrot Rush
Redraw a platform for the bunny to bounce upwards on. Grab carrots & avoid unbreakable boxes.
Bunny Cannon
Fire boy & girl bunnies & get them multiplying in chain reactions to drop enough into the baskets.
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