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Blockgineer 2
Purchase blocks with limited points to solve the puzzle of getting the smilies to their proper doors
Another Small Favor
Explore the world as you talk to creatures, gather items, and complete quests.
Forge weapons for pigmen & send them into battle. New twist on the management genre games.
Protector 4
The Protector tower defense game returns. Place your units to protect the pathway.
Pour the Fish
Similar to iOS game "Where's My Water". Get water to all the fish. Sometimes it needs cleaned first.
Mushroom Guide
A hard semi-physics based world. Swing the platforms to guide the mushroom into the bucket. Hard!
Grab as many blocks as possible in the physics world without letting them drop into the fire below.
Divergence Turret Defense
Defend your multiple bases as you purchase and setup turrets around them. Upgrade turret to the max!
Happy Wheels
Ride different wheeled devices and reach the exit. Eject from your ride to grab ropes and more.
Forbidden Arms
Slice up your enemies & launch them into the air as you collect their souls for upgrades.
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Super Pirate Adventure
Fire arrows, guns & bombs to trigger reactions & kill all the pirates.
Office Escaper
Out climb your boss & his assistant as you grab coins & avoid obstacles in this "Timber" clone.
Umag 2
Pick your tanks power & angle. Try to hit the AI or real player opponent tanks with your arsenal.
Jet Pack Pizza
Fly through the tunnels with spiked walls. Avoid touching spikes, as you get the pizza to the house.
Time 4 Cat
Move as the cat & grab the food. Avoid people that move when you move. Use push ability when gained.
You Have To Jump Over The Rings
Jump over the rings to make them disappear. The longer you take, the more rings on the screen.
Pirates & Cannons
Fire limited shots from your cannon & get all the stars & explode the pirates.
Hyper Tunnel
Avoid obstacles as the game gets faster. Given a few lives before you break apart.
Dont Touch the Pixel
Move to avoid touching any of the flying pixels or the red walls in this large game.
Travel through the mazes without touching the walls. Reach the exit to progress levels.
Monkey Boat
Steer your boat over the rapid waters & collect apples without touching land, then reach the exit.
Jump Out - The Computer
Launch the bugs off the bottle caps & try to get all the stars on each level before exiting.
Off The Rails
Quickly pump your railroad trolly. Get coins, jump & make it over jumps.
Fire shots around planets & moons as their gravitional pulls affect your shots trajectory.
Pillage The Village
Rip apart villages & toss their inhabitants up into the air to kill them & get their money.
Another Cave Runner
Jump over obstacles & attack enemies in this auto-runner. Choose between campaign or infinite.
Keep running & jumping on platforms as the planets magma rises to the surface & expands.
Mummy Madness
Fling the mummy over gaps & spikes to reach the stars & the sarcophagus.
Nomzilla - Munching Mayhem
With a single life, eat as many people as possible. No regaining health, so watch out for knights.
Hit the volleyball & take out all the monsterballs in as few shots as possible.
Monster Destroy Things
In the limited time, roll around as a monster & destroy funiture, plants & birds.
G-Switch 2
Reverse gravity in this auto-runner. Run on ceilings & walls as you avoid hitting walls.
Ski Runner
Ski down the hill, picking up drugs to make you hallucinate, which makes it harder to not hit things
50 Targets
As the crosshairs auto move, click to fire when the crosshairs are over the target.
Monster Crusher
Throw zombies into all the gems & gold. Use portals & avoid saw blades.
Freddy Nightmare Run
Avoid spikes & swinging blades in this auto-runner with levels. Shoot barrels to not take damage.
Cross River - 2
As a tire, jump over the water & get stars by landing on the floating boards.
Jump & move back n forth jumping on stick soldiers & civilians. Earn as many points as possible.
Video Game Monsters
Throw bombs, rocks & explosives to push programmers out of the way & kill video game monsters.
Wacky Pirate 2
Time your cannon shots as you try to hit the right boats. Farther boats require more lead time.
Birds Joyride
Click to fly up & release to float down as a bird. Grab coins as you avoid enemies & obstacles.
Nyan Cat Fly
Switch which track the Nyan Cat is on. Eat all the candy while avoiding the vegetables.
Los Angeles Shark
Wreck as many boats & aircrafts as you eat people and score massive points as a hungry shark.
Endless Migration II Demo
Grow your flock of birds as big as possible, then avoid getting hit by fast airplanes.
Feed The King
Stack cakes on top of each other, then fly upwards as the king & eat as many as possible.
Contain the correct amount of dots using the right amount of circles. Don't get too few or too many.
Get Off My Lawn
Defend your lawn by running over others with your lawn mower. Unlock mower upgrades as you play.
Brave Bird
Fly up & down as you avoid hitting the different sharp objects coming at you from the right.
Jesus The Horse Thief
Take a horse & avoid enemies & objects while jumping over water canals & grabbing health.
Drag the kid around the screen, avoiding the white, moving objects while grabbing coins.
Jump Out - The Box
Launch your flies off of bottlecaps. Try to get all the stars on your way to the exit.
Top Naut
Survive for as long as possible. Jump over asteroids & avoid missiles from hitting you.
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