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Grab as many hearts as possible as you fall downwards. Make it to the bottom before time runs out.
Sniper - Year Two
Shoot the silohette enemies as you blow them away. Zoom in and read missions to do well.
Elite Forces Warfare 2
Place your towers and upgrade them as wave after wave of enemies go around the pathway.
Head out on a variety of quests in this RPG as you gather Indians, grab hay, and more.
Mecha Martyr
Blast the enemies below as you gain points to upgrade your flying mech. Blow them to pieces!
Hexagon Planet
Place & upgrade turrets to squash the insect invasion in this maze tower defense game.
Move your ships from planets, to laser stations, to warp gates to dominate each sector of space.
Pixel Legions
Control your pixels and send your waves of legions to attack the enemy forces. Defeat all foes.
Earn to Die 2012 - Part 2
Buy fuel & upgrades to your trucks as you plow threw zombies, boxes, exploding barrels & brick walls
Catastrophic Construction
Play on 3 different modes of difficulty that have different maps. Stack the shapes carefully!
  Skill Games
Spring Ninja
Fling your ninja kicks to blast threw enemies. Kick in mid air to stay away from deadly traps.
Sweet Dreams
Place & rotate platforms to change the trajectory of the baby. Grab all the pieces of candy.
Art of War - Omaha
Shoot enemies & pick up fallen enemies to use as meat shields against gunfire.
Carnival Sharrrk
As a shark, land on things to eat & smash. Limited to 1 jump & dive between smashes.
Rock n Risk Blitz
Land on the right colored platforms as you fall to gain big jackpots. Use parachute to fall slowly.
Fly 4 helicopters as the same time as you avoid hitting blocks, or the caves top or bottom.
Mice vs Hammers
Test your reflexes as you compete against the AI. Hit the mice first before the computer can.
Timber Man
Cut the never ending try from the proper side as you avoid chopping & getting hit by a branch.
Kick the Critter
Kick the critter in this distance game. Buy lots of upgrades for your character & the kicker.
Collect golden rings in this simplistic, neon game. Be fast & avoid red rings when they appear.
Lava Bird
Flap your wings & spit fireballs at the same time. Avoid your own fireballs that kill blue birds.
Van Helsing vs Skeletons
Use limited ricochet shots to shoot the skeletons, but avoid hurting the princesses.
My Dear Bosses
Kick your boss out of the window & get far in this distance game with upgrades.
Spy Bear
Using different types of ammo, kill all the soldiers on the level in this ricochet styled game.
As the mouse follows the piece of cheese, guide the mouse to all the food, avoid walls & lasers.
Super J
Get farther in this distance game as you upgrade Super J's powers for flying & jumping.
Sleeping Beauties
Fire your hearts at the princesses. Use fire shots when needed to burn wooden platforms & furniture.
Royal Angry Birds
Fire limited birds at the stacks of boxes. Knock over all boxes to be able to proceed to new levels.
Beno Bear Escape
Jump over objects & collect screws for upgrades in this infinite teddy bear runner.
Stink Bomb Madness
Drive your truck over the hills & grab coins & bombs. Shoot bombs to cover house with green goo.
Piggy Biggie
Launch the pig bird from platform to platform. Limited misses & skipping platforms allowed.
Acid Panic
Collect acid drops in your bucket & dump them before it overflows.
Ninja Code
Jump over gaps, grab energy & attack enemies in this endless runner.
Ride em Rigby
Ride & jump over obstacles to grab sodas floating in the air. Slide to the side to go threw pipes.
Tadpole Trouble
Jump where fans are blowing to gain momentum over gaps as you grab stars & reach the pond.
World Zombies Cup
As a zombie at the World Cup, bite enough soccer players & escape with getting hit by the ref.
Light Up the Sky
Time your arrow press to explode the firework as it passes the arrows. Create fireworks to music.
Fireworks Fantasy
Shoot the correct color at the same colored passing symbols to create firework explosions.
Highlight the fireworks shooting into the sky & click to explode them. Strive to get the best score.
Run Bonita Run
Jump over & run under nightmarish creatures. When dream mode hits, run into friendly creatures.
Superjump Showdown Supreme
Jump on platforms & grab the coins faster than your AI opponent to reach the next level.
FaceShot 2
Fire limited bullets & try to ricochet them to pop the balloon face.
Bricks and Minions
Fire minions at the blocks to get all the blocks off the screen in as few shots as possible.
Flying Bot
Fly your balloon lifted bot as you grab coins, trigger switches & fire arrows to break bricks.
Knock It Moose
Inflate your purple moose & send it shooting at other moose to knock them into the holes.
Try Harder
Run forever, grabbing powerups that help you get passed upcoming obstacles. Can get repetitive.
Wippo Wop
As a cop on a tight-wire, drop down just right to slam into thieves, crooks & the like.
The Wikileaks Game
Stay alive for as long as possible in this platformer. Grab documents & shoot government agents.
Laser Cannon 3 - Levels Pack
Fire your laser cannon to cause chain reactions & explosions to kill all the monsters on each level.
Graffitis 2 - Bubbled
Pop colored bubbles in groups to progress. Watch out for bubbles that rotate colors.
Katana Senpou
Perform a different attack than your opponent, but beware of opponents rotating their attack.
StrikeForce Kitty
Grab fish, run & fight, as you strengthen your team of cats. Don't run out of stamina or you restart
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