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Aztec God
Create flat land masses so your followers build and become more powerful to defeat your enemy.
Use the limited amount of balls as you create weight on 20 levels to even the scale.
Military Rescue
Gun down all your enemies as the gameplay continues to change in this Metal Slug sidescroller.
Glissaria - Defense of the Noble
Slide element blocks together to gather resources for creating towers for the tower defense gameplay
Impulse J.2
Build your physics tower as tall as possible as the ground wobbles your tower. How tall can you get?
Stick War 2 - Order Empire
Control your stick army & manage gold, & purchasing new units. Commence attacks on enemy sticks.
Awaken - Front Line
Control soldiers in this top-down shooter. Shoot the zombies as you manage your squads ammo & health
Ride your bike as you jump over icicles and gaps. Grab frozen bubbles and keep from dying.
Stormy Castle
Protect your castle by constructing buildings to create units to send out.
Bunny Invasion - Easter
The invasion continues with the actual Easter edition. Don't fear, you now have backup.
  Skill Games
Bloody Way
Float upwards as you avoid saws & lasers. Grab a health before you bleed to death if cut.
Click Jump - Level Pack
Launch your box multiple times into the air as you dodge obstacles & enemies.
Hyper Travel
Fly above ground & below structures as you try to grab the stars & auto-shoot mines.
Bobby Da Arrow
Fire arrows at enemies as they slowly move towards you. Free trapped friends by hitting targets.
Mad Burger Wild West 3
Make your burger & launch it in this distance game. Grab limes & avoid the hands of cowboy catchers.
Thats How We Roll
Rotate the world so that your golden boys roll. Get your entire group & avoid deadly traps.
Pou Stick Adventure
Create a bridge for Pou to cross that is just long enough, but doesn't pass the piece of land.
Angry Birds - Ulimate Battle
Move your birds into position as you adjust their firing trajectory to take out the pigs.
Mighty Hanuman
Click & hold to control your rise & fall of flight as the Hanuman. Avoid hitting fireballs & objects
Fishing Humans
As a zombie, use different guns & a grappling hook to rip the humans brain right out of his skull.
Banana Bounce
Fling your purple character as few times as possible to reach the exit tent. Beware of boxes!
Zuzu the Elf & The Box of Banishment
Jump over obstacles in this auto-runner as different monsters chase you on each new level.
Para Jumper1
Parachute safely into the zone directed. Guide your jumper & pull your chute at the right time.
Cluck -O- Nauts
Fling the chickens in space to the spaceship. Try to pick up all the eggs floating about.
Brain Drain
Run & jump over obstacles that came at you & pop up from underneath. Drag your poor kid along.
Save Smileys
Launch smileys out of your slingshot & free the trapped smileys in Angry Bird fashion.
Boom Go the Zombies
Throw limited bombs with just the right trajectory to explode the zombies & cause chain reactions.
Zoi - The Escape
Jump on top of platforms sliding under you. Jump just right as they move quicker & get shorter.
Kill the King & take his place. Watch out for others that will then try to murder you.
Truck Rush Seasons
Move your truck under the rising & lowering brick walls. Careful as your truck glides to a stop.
Fish Swim
Swim as a guppy & avoid mines. Earn money for upgrades & unlock achievements.
Sheep Campaign
Jump upwards as you eat apples, pears & turn into a tornado to take out wolves.
Hungry Fish
Avoid bigger fish than yourself, while gobbling down fish that are smaller.
Super Soccer Star
Using a single kick, kick the soccer ball into the goal while avoiding obstacles.
Alternate from the inner circle to the outer circle to avoid hitting the moving nubs.
Fly Again
Click to float your blimp through obstacles. Land at chechpoint & hit stars.
Totem Balls II
Fire & ricochet unlimited balls in plinko fashion. Earn powerups & hit all red pins.
Click Jump
Fling your box character at the perfect time to avoid spikes, chains & acid drops.
Boorish Monster World
Fire unlimited missiles just right, to pop all the floating monsters.
Grow your circle with limited tries. Don't let red balls touch it while growing.
Underwater Treasures
Fire torpedoes at blocks & underwater monsters to get the coins & gems to roll to the treasure chest
Natural Selection 2
Quickly ensnare the green bugs in your webs before the bees get to you.
Slime Slayer
Quickly attack in the direction the slime monsters are coming from. Don't let a single 1 touch you.
Steam Rocket 2
Guide your rocket with mouse clicks. Grab pickups for more points as you avoid obstacles.
Run 3
Run threw the pipe as you jump over gaps. Run on walls & ceiling.
Angry Birds - Heroic Rescue
Fling your Angry Bird so that he hits all the green pigs. Keep from flying off the screen.
Go Go Goblin 2
Fire the goblin into the air. Hit coins to afford upgrades to get farther in this distance game.
Zombie Purification Theory
Aim & fire arrows to kill all the zombies. Get powerups for more arrows, teleport & more.
Go Candy Go
Using a single fling of the candy, try to hit all 3 stars on each level.
Smash From Beyond
Manage both scanning pumpkins & smashing them with little time inbetween, all while more roll in.
Scary Cannon
Light up jack-o-lanterns & skulls with your ball of fire launched out of your cannon.
Wonder Rocket 2 - Halloween
Fly higher & higher in this distance game. Reach candy & fuel as you avoid hitting ghosts & bats.
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