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Level Editor 2
Solve the puzzles by editing the level so the stickman can grab coins and reach the exit.
Twelve Towers
Defend your tower with your bow and spells. Cast spells to give you special abilties.
Electric Box
15 levels of placing items and using their reactions with each other to get the final item activated
Monster Town
Build shops & place soldiers to defeat incoming monsters in this Plants vs Zombies styled game.
Stormy Castle
Protect your castle by constructing buildings to create units to send out.
Heavily Armed
Eat food to regain hp. Use big gun to blast baddies & hover by shooting downward. Lots of levels.
Rune Raiders
Buy warriors & arrange them strategically for turn-based attacks against enemy blocks.
Loot Heroes
Attack enemies, manage skill xp & weapon inventory to stay alive while attacking bosses & groups.
Swing that Freak
Swing from clouds as a droplet as you grab colored balls. Play longer for smaller clouds.
Keep the boxes from stacking up as you struggle to knock them off the screen. Your not very tough.
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  Skill Games
Polar Trouble
An intensive skill game of few snowballs & no aimming help. Run out of balls before targets are gone
Knife Throwing
Throw knives at the wooden dart-like board. Try to hit the center vs the computer.
Guide your falling pig threw the tunnel as you avoid obstacles that swing or ignite to kill him.
You Have 8 Bricks
Jump up in this pixelated block game, as flashing messages try to annoy you. Runs bad in Firefox.
Thin Ice
Drop monsters into the water by ice skating around them. Controls are less than accurate.
Shark Lifting II
Test how fast you can click by lifting the shark. Travel around the world to be the fastest.
Super Soccer Star - Level Pack
Give just enough kick to the soccerball to get it into the goal. Don't let it go off the screen.
Mole vs. Lava
Jump upwards quickly as you try to land on platforms & use walls to stay a head of the lava.
Throw The Head
Throw the head just right so that it lands on the spinal columns of those that are missing heads.
Punch Ball Jump
Punch or dodge the ball around the world as you play against an AI or other person at your keyboard.
They Have Stolen Our Sun
Fling your super hero blocks into objects to move them & get all the stars & hit the zombies.
Epick Adventure
Attack or help those you meet on the trail. Click treasures & get as far as possible.
Split your bubble not once, but twice as you try to avoid obstacles & grab all the glowing particles
Cactus Hunter
Using limited shots, fire and try to hit all the enemies on the level using richochets.
Solid Blocks
Mouse over the surfaces to make them bounce the rock. Get the stars & touch the highlighted area.
Mario Mushrooms
Break glass & get each group of small mushrooms to their larger, same colored mushroom.
Kill all the cats on the level by hitting them with boulders & making the building collapse on them.
Space Madness
Launch your satelite just right so that planets & moons pull & push it to reach the stars.
Evil Zombie
Fire your cannon to hit the zombies & avoid hitting others. Use multiple cannons to navigate around.
Arctic Avalanche
Jump over obstacles as they quickly appear on screen. Get coins & stay ahead of the avalanche.
Panda Toy Shoot
Fire unlimited pandas to knock over boxes & reach the bubbles. Use buttons to solve puzzles.
Jetpack Jack Ride
Use your jetpack to avoid obstacles & grab coins. Beware of spikes, rockets & electric traps.
Roll the hamster along the platform without falling off. Avoid traps as you maintain control.
10 Bullets
Make your 10 bullets count as you fire at ships overhead & creation explosive chain reactions.
Finish Right
In this short game, jump or double jump to reach the finish line the fastest.
Sloppy Ninja Destiny
Cut the play area smaller & smaller. Cut off enemies from the main section to win.
Mad Fist
Choose when to slam your fist down as you try to continue to hit soldiers in this distance game.
Shatter Cannon
Fire a limited number of shots to make the physic shapes collapse below the line.
Werewolf Tycoon
In this simplistic game, hide in the bushes & jump out to eat park goers, photographers & soldiers.
Face Bookera - Players Pack
Fire your Facebook CEO to cause explosions & knock Facebook coins & boxes off the screen.
Spit balls to break glass & chew gum to grapple to the ceiling. Get hearts & reach your love.
Age of Wonder - The Lost Scrolls
Throw rocks to trigger & break objects to be able to get the scrolls to the Pharaohs.
Let The Bullets Fly - New Year
Shoot your gun & make ricochet shots to kill all the enemies. Shoot TNT for explosions.
Fred Loves Girls
Avoid others as you try to kiss all the girls. Grab power up gems to slow the rows of others.
Pou Lovely Kiss
Launch Pou so he grabs the smaller Pous & reaches his love while avoiding spiked balls.
Cupid Love
As Cupid, click the girls to start, then fast click to make them yours. Don't let the devils take em
Impossible Hardy
Test your skill as you restart over & over, trying to land on the blocks with spikes on the side.
Throw limited jelly at your friends to feed them. Push over physical objects to help reach friends.
Crazy Highway Driver
Steer back n forth as you grab coins, rockets & fuel. Shoot rockets at cars while avoiding boulders.
Knight Fall
Avoid archers, cats, dogs, slime, & uglies while catching roses & kisses from fair ladies.
Pirates Time 2 - Fans Pack
Fire your cannon at boxes & bombs to hit all those in the solid brick buildings.
Pirates of The Red Sea
Buy your cannon ammo & move your ship in the water to hit the weak points of the structures.
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