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Fire your gun as you kill the incoming enemies and grab powerups and extra energy. Keep coming back!
Youda Legend - The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond
Look through each scene as you try to find all the required objects hidding within. Fairly hard!
Changes boxes into circles and back again to solve the physics puzzles. Are you a master of physics?
Warflash II - Level Pack
Be quick in this FPS to shoot enemies before they deplete your health. Later levels get harder.
Back2Back Commander
Play your cards right to defend & attack rockets. Kill enemy or lift off to win.
Warfare 1944
Set the path on which your troops will travel as you try to defeat the enemy. Watch out for tanks!
Hot Tub Heist
Aliens are destroying your building from the top down! Run to the bomb shelter as fast as you can!
Happy Wheels
Ride different wheeled devices and reach the exit. Eject from your ride to grab ropes and more.
Fight farm animals in this RPG with an AI controlled team. Customize your loadout as you gain more.
Cargo Shipment - New York
Place warehouses & other buildings to fill all the trucks with packages. Tower Defense-like feeling.
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Mario Kaboom
Fire unlimited Marios & try to get all the coins. Bombs & spikes kill your launched Marios.
Cry Panda Cry
Launch boulders to take out the pandas that are caught in the bambo cages.
Crazy Raccoon
The Crazy Raccoon has got a hold of a rifle & is shooting bears. Create ricochets to hit all bears.
Farm Griller
Toss exploding chickens towards farm animals to make it rain glorious meat for grilling.
Ninja vs Zombie
Throw your Chinese stars to kill zombies. Later levels include explosive barrels to take them out.
Battle Field
Fire time detonating grenades at the soldiers. Kill them all before you run out.
Prehistoric Breaker
With limited shots, fire your slingshot & break all the pottery using ricochets.
Alien Baby Rescue
Launch the aliens out of the slingshot in Angry Bird style. Touch the baby aliens to rescue.
Inflatable Basterds
An escape styled game that bases its puzzles around difficulty in controlling your escaping ball.
Major League Boxing
No not the sport, the folding of box sides. How fast can you click the highlighted sides?
Pedros Ricochet Rumble
As a donkey, move around & throw red bouncy balls to trigger switches & hit the floating crystals.
Mario Fire Bounce
Shoot Mario's fireballs at the strange creatures not from Mario's universe. Hit them all to win.
Kill a Stickman
Fire unlimited rocks out of your cannon as you push buttons & get a rock to kill the stickman.
Glide your pucks in this neon world. Make they slide over their same color markers.
Only touch the pixels whose color matches the pattern in the top right corner.
Raelum Skywatchers
In this distance game, launch your cat & get farther with upgrades.
Ballons Hunter
Using a limited number of cannon shots, fire into the group of balloons & pop enough.
Space Chimp
Fly the spaceship as a monkey & try to get bananas. Use boosts to get pass narrow spaces fast.
Fire limited shots to break chains, explode bombs, break glass & kill all enemies on the screen.
Spy Jet
Bounce your rocket farther & farther in this distance game. Keep upgrading to limit obstacles.
Orange Goalie
Kick the orange into the soccer goal, using only 1 turn per level.
Hi Roads
Choose your speed at which your ball rolls. Jump over gaps & stay on 3D platforms.
Trajectory III
Fire your ball into space as it ricochets, as is pulled towards certain blocks. Get it to the portal
Hamster Clock Super Show
Drag the hamster in the ball over & over in the direction you want him to go. Grab watches for time.
Wacky Pirate
Release the underwater mines to hit ships to take their gold. Clear a path for pirate ships.
Drag your creature threw the maze as it auto fires at enemies. Get gold spheres for upgrades.
Ball Slicer
Slide the wall up n down as you allow the correct colored balls to pass threw.
Pac Runner
Jump over obstacles in this auto scroller. Suit up to become invincible for a while.
Game of Arrows
Fire arrows at the enemies. Hit power ups to get abilities. Ricochet arrows off of swords.
Zombies vs Penguins 3 - Total Annihilation
Fire bullets & ricochet them to hit all the zombies or cause reactions to squash zombies.
Hare Launch
In this distance game, keep firing your rabbit as you slowly get money for upgrades .
Incredible Rabbits Day
As a rabbit, get passed obstacles moving back n forth along the path. Time your running or walking.
Bunny Bound
Avoid the bear traps as you get all the Easter eggs & reach the other side safely.
Robbed Eggs
Shoot the eggs out of your cannon with just enough force to reach the nest. Ice & portals later on.
Senso Rabbit
Use your rabbit senses to avoid mines as you try to get all the carrots & head back to the platform.
Trick Shooter
Aim just right, to knock bottles off, or ricochet bottles into other bottles.
Spooky Hunter
Clear the combos of colored monsters by simply pressing the correlating key.
Car Destroyer
Adjust the speed & ramp angle to get the car to crash into the structure & take out other cars.
Hungry Piggy
Shoot donuts to break surfaces, reach other cannons & grab fruit on the way to the green pig.
Space Candies
Fling your alien from the planet out into space. Get the candies & return to the planet.
One-Hit Hell
Dodge the hard boss rapid shots as soon as you start in this skill tester.
Juicy Bazooka
Ricochet your watermelon bazooka off of surfaces & cause box falling reactions to kill the burglars.
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