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Move objects in the physics world to get the ball to the goal. Gears and hinges included.
Integrated Defence
Place generators, turrets, and power lines to connect the two as you defend your base.
DeConstruction 2
Buy and place bombs in the right spots to send the structures tumbling down below the dotted line.
Collect coins as you jump up on walls and use your grapple hook to get to places. Avoid enemies.
Tricky Fish
Fling your fish out of the water as you grab the pink orbs & slide along ice blocks.
IncrediBots 2
Create contraptions and modify pre-built ones to finish levels or make your own.
Pursuit of Hat
Chew off your own limbs to trigger buttons, and reach your hat. Swallow limbs to gain them back.
Super Stacker 2
40 new levels of stacking shapes and keeping them from falling over. Levels get crazy and puzzling.
Move your soldiers as you upgrade them and buy them guns in this 3D, turn-based strategy game.
nano Tank
Grab the stars and make it to the exit as you move over the blocks in the physics world and more.
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  Skill Games
Jump & move back n forth jumping on stick soldiers & civilians. Earn as many points as possible.
Video Game Monsters
Throw bombs, rocks & explosives to push programmers out of the way & kill video game monsters.
Wacky Pirate 2
Time your cannon shots as you try to hit the right boats. Farther boats require more lead time.
Birds Joyride
Click to fly up & release to float down as a bird. Grab coins as you avoid enemies & obstacles.
Nyan Cat Fly
Switch which track the Nyan Cat is on. Eat all the candy while avoiding the vegetables.
Los Angeles Shark
Wreck as many boats & aircrafts as you eat people and score massive points as a hungry shark.
Endless Migration II Demo
Grow your flock of birds as big as possible, then avoid getting hit by fast airplanes.
Feed The King
Stack cakes on top of each other, then fly upwards as the king & eat as many as possible.
Contain the correct amount of dots using the right amount of circles. Don't get too few or too many.
Get Off My Lawn
Defend your lawn by running over others with your lawn mower. Unlock mower upgrades as you play.
Brave Bird
Fly up & down as you avoid hitting the different sharp objects coming at you from the right.
Jesus The Horse Thief
Take a horse & avoid enemies & objects while jumping over water canals & grabbing health.
Drag the kid around the screen, avoiding the white, moving objects while grabbing coins.
Jump Out - The Box
Launch your flies off of bottlecaps. Try to get all the stars on your way to the exit.
Top Naut
Survive for as long as possible. Jump over asteroids & avoid missiles from hitting you.
Collect colorful triangles & reach the exit, while avoiding spikes as gravity pushes you downwards.
Sky Bounce
Bounce on the platforms & grab coins while avoiding the helicopter. Campaign or endless modes.
Barbarian Hunter
Quickly click the incoming waves of barbarians. Avoid clicking the women to not fail.
Wild West Run
Jump, slide & shoot in this auto-runner. Level based & not infinite.
Carefully fly your helicopter to pick up the crates & bring them back to base. Watch your fuel gauge
Angry King
Jump the king from sphere to sphere with no guiding arrows. Jumping to grab things can make you miss
Gem Bound
Keep landing on platforms as you get higher & higher. Avoid enemies & get coins for upgrades.
Ant Soldiers
Move your commander back n forth as you tell which cannon to fire. Shoot tanks before they get close
Rocket Soldiers
Fire your rocket launcher at the enemy squad across the way. Destroy them before they kill you.
Titty - The Adventure of Tiny Bird
As a small, little bird, fly around & eat birds smaller than you. Pass each level by eating enough.
Bring The Sun
Control the constant sun ray blast & your character. Kill enemies with the sun ray & not yourself.
Trolling Lion Jump
Survive for as long as possible as you jump from circle to circle. Get meat points with each jump.
Ragdoll Laser Dodge 2
Swing the ragdoll about as you grab powerups & avoid lasers. Don't let your limbs or head get hit.
Nyan Cat - The Game
Avoid hitting the asteroids as Nyan Cat. Get far enough to earn upgrade points & money.
Jump over gaps in this infinite runner. Try to beat the recordings of others. Upgrade to get farther
Super Zombie Smasher
Carefully throw limited grenades & use other weapons to cause reactions that will kill all zombies.
Traffic Jam Rush
Click cars for turbo & prevent crashes. 1 level that constantly gets harder.
Create limited clean air bubbles to clear the polluted air particles.
Insert Coin
Insert & pull your coin back out to earn points. Don't let falling gems touch the coin.
Age of Defense 8
Upgrade the right aspects of your boulder thrower to be able to take out all the incoming forces.
Jump & double jump is the only action. Grapple to walls & avoid hitting saws & spikes.
Viking Adventure
Land on platforms to move upwards. Land on pads & get jetpack to rapidly move upwards. Avoid enemies
Fire the black ball & grab all the purple heads in as few shots as possible.
Adjust your angle & power as you take gravitational pulls into account. More obstacles later on.
Slash Zombies Rampage 2
Run over & shoot zombies, while avoiding rocks & mines. Earn money to upgrade & get farther.
Test your skills in this platformer, skill game. Land on small platforms, die & start over.
Duke Dashington
In this platformer / skill game, avoid running into spikes as you move in Sokoban style along walls.
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