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Karate Blazers
Build your tower as tall as possible as you use all the balls. Has different physics than previous.
4 Wheel Madness 2.5
Race against the CPU driving in the background. Tilt and lean your way over the obstacles.
Solve the physics puzzles as you drop your colored balls in the right spots, at the right time.
Sierra 7
An amazing wireframe first person shooter with multiple gun unlocks and stickmen headshots.
Pandemic - American Swine
Prevent the pandemic from taking over the nation in this steep learning curve strategy game.
Bridge Tactics
Place your TNT charges in the best spots to kill all crossing enemies, and destroy the bridge.
The Chimera Stones
Walk around and explore the world as you gain abilities and slap on armor. Many RPG elements.
Tequila Zombie
Shoot zombies on a single map. Stay alive & pick up cash to buy more powerful weapon drops.
GUNROX - Gang Wars
Send your gang to the enemy base to take it out. Upgrade armor and weapons to gain the advantage.
Space Blocks
28 physics levels of stacking blocks and other shapes to reach the specified height. Skip any level.
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Xtreme Pig
Launch your pig as far as you can in this distance game. Earn lots to afford expensive upgrades.
Leader Bird
Fly your bird & gain a flock following. Avoid getting your flock hit by the larger birds flying.
Avoid the turrets & their firing at you. Avoid long enough to earn money to afford upgrades.
Get as far as possible as you grab coins, jump over trees, gaps & spikes. Buy upgrades to get far.
Gamer Gate Runs
Run to the exit in time, while avoiding things. Decide what the next level has more of, or less of.
Jump platforms, eating treats & avoiding or ramming health food. Similar to Robot Unicorn.
Dots Revamped
Avoid the small smileys as a larger character. Pick up enough to unlock new levels that need more.
Serious Dave
Move up & down on platform levels to get coins & mugs, but avoid enemies. Buy guns later on to shoot
Dune Runners
Similar to the mobile game, Tiny Wings. Slide down hills to get coins & upgrade your skills & board.
Push Ur Hero
Move your springboard around, as you bounce the alien into stars & back to his UFO.
Mine Trip
Dodge the boards sticking out of the mine shaft, as you ride in the mine cart. Grab money signs.
Steam Rocket
Avoid gears as you fly your rocket. Grab stars & fuel to play as long as possible.
Monster Lab - Feed Them All
Align the colored fruit to the colored monsters in this timed game. Be as quick to have more time.
Jump & double jump over obstacles for as long as possible to get the best score you can.
Space Trophy
Fly up n down as you gather stars, fuel & rescue floating astronauts without hitting asteroids.
Alone in the Madness
Click items & enemies that are highlighted blue quickly. Gets repetative as you have to be quick.
Two Squares
Some levels move 2 squares, others move only 1 & get to the other. Avoid falling or getting squished
Swing Swing Golf
In this small game, hit the ball just right to land on the platform. Only so many misses allowed.
Basket & Ball
Control the basket ball & bounce high into all 3 stars, then make it inside the hoop to progress.
Mouse over balloons to float your house higher. Drag or combine bombs to explode before they hit you
Wish Upon a Star
Grab stars to earn upgrades that make more stars, make you move faster & make you grippy not slippy.
You Might Get Nervous 2
Use your keyboard & later your mouse at the same time to dodge objects. Get far to unlock new modes.
Shadow Snake II
Move your snake around the single arena, doding enemies. Grab glowing orbs to end each level.
Rolling Tomato
Jump over kitchenware as you grab little veggitables. Stay alive for as long as possible.
Super Pirate Adventure
Fire arrows, guns & bombs to trigger reactions & kill all the pirates.
Office Escaper
Out climb your boss & his assistant as you grab coins & avoid obstacles in this "Timber" clone.
Umag 2
Pick your tanks power & angle. Try to hit the AI or real player opponent tanks with your arsenal.
Jet Pack Pizza
Fly through the tunnels with spiked walls. Avoid touching spikes, as you get the pizza to the house.
Time 4 Cat
Move as the cat & grab the food. Avoid people that move when you move. Use push ability when gained.
You Have To Jump Over The Rings
Jump over the rings to make them disappear. The longer you take, the more rings on the screen.
Pirates & Cannons
Fire limited shots from your cannon & get all the stars & explode the pirates.
Hyper Tunnel
Avoid obstacles as the game gets faster. Given a few lives before you break apart.
Dont Touch the Pixel
Move to avoid touching any of the flying pixels or the red walls in this large game.
Travel through the mazes without touching the walls. Reach the exit to progress levels.
Monkey Boat
Steer your boat over the rapid waters & collect apples without touching land, then reach the exit.
Jump Out - The Computer
Launch the bugs off the bottle caps & try to get all the stars on each level before exiting.
Off The Rails
Quickly pump your railroad trolly. Get coins, jump & make it over jumps.
Fire shots around planets & moons as their gravitional pulls affect your shots trajectory.
Pillage The Village
Rip apart villages & toss their inhabitants up into the air to kill them & get their money.
Another Cave Runner
Jump over obstacles & attack enemies in this auto-runner. Choose between campaign or infinite.
Keep running & jumping on platforms as the planets magma rises to the surface & expands.
Mummy Madness
Fling the mummy over gaps & spikes to reach the stars & the sarcophagus.
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