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Stunt Dirt Bike 2
Race your ghost as you ride over the bumpy terrain as you tilt and lean to make it to the finish.
Bloons Tower Defense 4
Place your monkeys around the map as you upgrade and pick the correct turrets to stop the balloons.
Sin Mark
As a single archer, kill the horde, destroy their portals, & collect runes for bow n arrow upgrades.
Cover Orange Players Pack
Drop items to move your creatures and protect them from the rain of death from above.
Hunt down key cards to open doors, & blast aliens hiding in the dark in this top-down action shooter
47 levels of physics puzzles as you get the gold shape to touch the platform as you erase blocks.
Iron Serpent - Defense
Place different types of towers to take down specific types of incoming enemies in this TD game.
Rich Mine 2
Get the gem to the miner as you grab coins, and kill enemies in this new physics game.
Farm Frenzy 3
Build up your farm as you plant grass and gather eggs and buy new creatures for your farm.
Place blocks & guns on your steam powered war machine as you try to take down the enemy war machine.
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  Skill Games
Jetbak Startroopers
Avoid obstacles & enemy fire as you ride elevators & keep from touching the ground while jetpacking.
Cat Food Throw
Throw cat food at cats to win. Aim just right so that the cats grab the food, but don't run out!
Rabbit The Climber
Grapple to platforms as a rabbit as you move upwards. Hit powerups with your grapple hook to get 'em
Cats n Fish
Control where the bounce pad is as you bounce the cat to get all the fish & reach the fish box.
Dino Super Jumper
As your dino auto-runs, jump over gaps & avoid enemies. Deposit coins at checkpoints.
Funny Fruit Coctails
Bounce your fruit into the properly colored cocktail drink. Try to hit the floating deserts also.
Zombie Head Switch
A difficult game of throwing your head just right to hit brains & land on zombies stumps.
Hungry Hedgehog
Keep eating bugs to keep your hedgehogs health up. Stay alive long enough to pass each level.
Runner Bot
Mouse over gears & slash items to help your robot escape the pursuing robot. Use gears for upgrades.
Bomber Plane
Earn enough points by destroying the convoy as you automatically keep dropping limited bombs.
Rats Invasion 2
Fire bolts to break glass, cheese to lure rats & poison to kill them. Click cannon to aim better.
Sparta Fire Javelin
Throw limited javelins & ricochet them to ignite & kill all the Arabian soldiers.
Vikings vs Pandas
Fire at the pandas as you collapse the structure to pop all the panda heads off.
Fire limited red balls as you try to hit all the heads before running out.
Basketball Gozar
Launch the basketball just right to avoid obstacles, bounce or swoosh threw the basketball hoop.
Ninja Escape
Sling & fling your ninja from wall to wall. Get the stars & avoid the spikes as new dangers appear.
Pulpo Paaarty
Complete a bunch of mini skill games & see if you can beat all challenges presented to you.
Amazing Tomb
Jump upwards on platforms as you avoid enemies, spikes & rising lava. Get coins to afford upgrades.
Knight Mighty Run
Avoid obstacles & grab gold in this auto-runner. Slide, block, attack & jump or double jump.
Fly higher & higher as you upgrade your jetpack. Hit gas to go further & money to afford upgrades.
Empire Defender 3
Throw boulders at the correct angle to hit the goblins & orcs coming to attack your castle.
R.I.P Off
Attack dark demons as you earn enough for upgrades so you can last longer upon each run.
Jump up to hit different letters with your head as you chase after the enemy.
Accurate Slapshot - Level Pack 2
Hit the puck off of objects & ricochet it into the hockey net.
Dreaming Knight
Part skill, part RPG feeling, attack the enemies as more come. Gather coins for upgrades.
Age of Giant 2
Throw rocks just right from your perch to take out the incoming monsters in this defense game.
StrikeForce Kitty 2
Assemle your kitty squad & gear them up with weapons to gather fish & combat or jump over enemies.
S.W.A.T. Tank
Using different types of ammo, use your tank to kill terrorists & save civilians.
Santa Carnage
Fire limited missiles as Santa of different types to break walls. Take out all the zombies.
Santa Gifts Rescue
Hit the aliens softly to move them or hard to drop the presents into the correct colored sleighs.
Kick Out YTroll
Hit the troll out the window in this distance game. Get the troll to bounce off others to get far.
Angry Birds Hunt
Fling limited acorns & try to hit all the birds. Use the dotted line wisely when it appears.
Kingdom Reaction
Cause chain reactions with a single shot. Try to hit intended targets & open treasure chest.
Oddies Doughnut Dash
As a doughnut, run & eat fruits & avoid ice cream walls as you switch from top or bottom.
Super Santa Rush
Jump Santa's sleigh on the building rooftops. Make sure you jump before Rudolph leaves the roof.
Nature Strikes Back
Fire at all the humans & kill them as you remove their armor & watch their body parts fly.
Epic Christmas Celebration
Fire Santas out of the cannon. Hit all the presents as they explode with toys.
Ruder - Christmas Edition
Fire your cannon to push the small, colored blocks into the same colored larger blocks.
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Drop the colored presents on the same colored houses. Avoid stink clouds & missiles fired at you.
FlapJack - Adventure Bound
Grab coins by shooting the kid out of the whales blowhole. Each level tests your skill differently.
Brain on a String
Guide your zombie using the brain. Eat all the kids & pets, but avoid cops & the red zombie.
Super Santa Bomber
Create explosions by Santa to get him to all the sacks of candy & inside the chimney.
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