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Boxhead The Nightmare X-mas
Shoot zombies as Santa in this top-down shooter. Gather coins & protect turrets from being overrun.
Family Flights
Take care of the passangers on the airplane as you bring them the food when they want it. Be fast!
Build airforce squadrons as you attack the alien forces. Capture money to build new unlocked forces.
Earn To Die 2012
Upgrade your car & get farther & farther. Run over zombies & crash threw boxes & explosive barrels.
Band of Heroes
View your characters from above & shoot enemies in similar fashion as jet shooters.
Curse Village
Shoot the waves of zombies as you fortify your defenses with barricades and shooters. Upgrade items!
The Kings League Odyssey
Manage your team & their strengths as you go on quests & battles. Slightly high learning curve.
Shoot the green zombies, bats, and tough guys in the pixelated world as you grab treasure and keys.
Rolling Fall
Cut the proper chains and at the right time to get all zombies knocked over. Puzzles get harder.
The Lance
Joust increasingly difficult opponents as you aim your lance, and upgrade your knight a lot.
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  Skill Games
Button Heads 2
Cause richochets with your launched ball. Knock the blue balls off the screen without loosing yours.
Ball to Basket
Using the correct angle & power hit the stars & make a shot into the basketball hoop. Watch the wind
Gold Spot
Move your grappler left n right as you try to unearth all the golden nuggets.
Hit Logic
Knock the red pieces off without letting any of your black n white pieces slide off.
Move Fluby with your keyboard as you keep from touching walls or enemies in the corridors.
Fly N Frog
Jump, capture flies & grapple as a frog. Use your tongue connect to physical objects.
Physics Cannon
Hit targets from firing your cannon. End each level by getting a ball into the target box.
Hit unlimited golf balls as you try to break glasses & get a golf ball into a glass.
The Chaos Reactor
Using limited clicks, create chain reactions that cause enough of the atoms to explode to get money.
Gun Zombie Gun 2
Ricochet your limited shots on items around the environment to kill all the zombies.
Polygonal Fury
Click on the best polygon that creates a chain reaction, destroying other pieces.
Sumo Run
In this auto-runner, jump & double jump over gaps, water puddles, & statues to try to stay alive.
Jumping Box 3
Fling your box at the correct angle & power to land on platforms, avoid obstacles & reach the flag.
Avoid touching other squares as you try to reach the flip switch.
Uncharted Dimensions
Run for as long as possible as you time your jumps just right to land on platforms that cover gaps.
Hand Killer Cash
Stick your hand quickly through the sensors & hand chopper to grab money fast.
Cyborg Run
Power jump, dash & jump up walls as you try to get far & avoid taking damage.
Lizard Cannon
Fire as few lizards out of your cannon as you try to get all the bottles on each course.
Bubble Rubble - The Island
Click to float & reach the hearts & fruit. 3 hearts unlock the chains to your love.
Rotate your triangle so to not get hit by the walls that are compressing in towards you.
Hell Hall
Avoid obstacles as the zombie chases you threw the hallway. Hit too many & you're zombie food.
Doodle Jumping Ball
As the ball auto-jumps, land on platforms to get stars & gems while avoiding spiked enemies.
GraviteeWars Online
Play against local AI or connect online a you fire missiles to knock others off their planets.
Missile Strike
Guide your missile around the level, pick up stars & hit the space monster to progress.
Pluto Space Quest
Get higher & higher with your rocket as you pick up coins, gas, & repair kits to keep flying.
Bounce off falling asteroids as you grab stars while in the air to purchase upgrades.
Ragdoll in Space
Drag the ragdoll threw space at a fast or slow pace as you avoid hitting asteroids. Grab powerups!
Carefully tilt the world to get the red guy to the exit portal. Avoid black circles.
King of Sweden
Drive your car off the edge & get as much airtime as possible. Careful with your tires.
Move upwards under a timelimit. Stick to different objects to get higher. Grab clocks to play longer
In this distance game, launch your tree stump farther & farther. Buy upgrades to go further & win.
Keep tapping your forward key to move. Watch out for going off the screen from the auto-scrolling.
Grab coins & sushi as you fly threw space. Avoid bombs as you choose what to grab.
Shoot The Circle
Shoot your ball onto each circle. Give it just enough power. Stay on the center to get extra points.
Rival Ninja Stole My Homework
In this auto-runner, click for short & long jumps as you gather coins, powerups & scrolls.
Fallen Ninja
Jump at the right moments to move upwards & avoid obstacles. Stick to vine walls for a break.
Ninja Peng
Jump over bombs & certain enemies as you slice n dice the rest. Buy skills & what you wear.
Hit the circles while accounting for the gravitational pull of spheres in each level.
The Last Trial 2
Ride your bike off the edge of the cliff as you try to send your corpse flying as far as possible.
Get the Stars
Guide your white blob around the screen getting stars, avoiding spikes & reaching the start platform
White Ball
Launch your ball once after each surface touch. Get the orbs & reach the exit.
The Nerds
Launch nerds that have different abilities when clicked while inflight. Turn all enemies into pets.
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