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Move your blue block to the green area. Later levels contain lava and difficult areas to get passed.
Red Star - Pro Levels Pack
20 levels of exploding boxes and disappearing boxes to get the red star to land where you want it.
Turbo Cyborg Ninja X
Flip switches and avoid turrets as you climb up walls and fire your crossbow to climb up its rope.
Valkyrie Battlefield
Customize your mech and then go to town and blast everything that gets in your way to proceed.
Crush The Castle - Players Pack
Launch your trebuchet and knock over the castles, killing everybody inside with limited shots.
Jump over boxes, on platforms, unlock doors, and dodge lasers. Watch for rooms with gravity.
Huje Tower 2
Build towers and solve physics puzzles as you get your blobs into the exit mouth.
Dummy Never Fails
Launch the crash test dummy out of your cannon in this physics game as you touch your targeted ball.
Black IV - Time of Revenge
Shoot enemy stickmen in this top-down shooter. Hack computers & take cover against too many baddies.
Laser Cannon 2
Solve puzzles by shooting your laser cannon and killing all the fur balls. Ricochets and power ups.
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Get the Stars
Guide your white blob around the screen getting stars, avoiding spikes & reaching the start platform
White Ball
Launch your ball once after each surface touch. Get the orbs & reach the exit.
The Nerds
Launch nerds that have different abilities when clicked while inflight. Turn all enemies into pets.
The Soul Driver
Avoid hitting objects as you use boost to evade the cops that chase you. Reach the end to upgrade.
Ballie Putt
Shoot limited balls & touch all the stars & other ballies. Practice level is boring.
Rafting Toad
Navigate the rapids as a toad. Try to catch the dragon flies & go between the poles.
Eat The Fish
Move your cannon & fire your cats at the fish in their fishbowls.
Cactus Hunter 2
Using limited shots, ricochet & hit all the enemies. Some ricochets take practice.
Bieber Kicker
Kick Bieber's head with just enough power to knock the right colored heads into the correct garbages
Farm Smash
Be quick as you push keyboard letters or use your mouse to hit all the farm animals between bombs.
Zombie Terminator
Throw your limited grenades just right to blow up objects & reach the zombies.
Kick Ass Homer
Use your skills as Bart to hit Homer as far as possible. Use mid-game flicks to get extra air.
Pokemon Catch Time
Launch the Pokemon ball & try to get to the Pokemon animal in as few shots without falling off.
Challenge Circle
In this simplistic looking game, swap what side of the circle you travel on. Avoid red spikes!
Super Snot Put
Whip your snot around in circles & let go at the best time to send it flinging for the best distance
Zeus And Angels
Throw lightning bolts at the angels as you try to fry them all. Obstacles are no match for you.
Jump & double jump over spikes & between obstacles in this auto-scroller. Beware of chasing spikes.
Launch the ball on the flat surface as you try to pick up all the coins in as few launches.
Crazy Clowns
Fire your shots to make the towers collapse & crush the clowns within.
Blast RPG
In this distance launcher, fight enemies in the air as you grab coins to buy upgrades.
Similar to Pinko, drop the heads in the best spots to try to pop all the pins.
Chicken Eat Ice Cream
With a few chicks, launch into the rows of ice cream. Hit enough for each level to progress.
Drag n drop to move your ball. Stay on the path as you move fast over gaps & keep from falling off.
Move left or right as you avoid the balls that are shot at you in the small circular level.
Alien Bottle Buccaneer
Ricochet unlimited shots as you try to break the skulls & the bottles of poison.
Fast Feed
Push left or right to feed the fox & the sheep the right foods. Mess up & you start over.
Sushi Catapult
Fire Sushi Cat with the most power. Fly threw the air & eat as much food as possible for upgrades.
Brutal Swing
Grapple onto pigeons with your sausage cleavers. Get higher & higher to earn money & unlock players.
Sewer Sweater Search
Grapple onto walls & poles while your in a inner-tube in the water. Go after coins to win.
Escape From Ninja Dojo - Regular Show
Fling your racoon into ninjas, as you stick to surfaces & avoid spikes. Use as few moves as possible
Rail of Death 4
Jump to different rails & earn to upgrade. Poorly balanced after the first level.
Ninja Panda Jump
Jump higher & higher on platforms. Grab coins to buy upgrades when you die. Avoid enemies as you go.
Scooby-Doo Hallway of Hijinks
Open the hallway doors as the gang cross, but close it for the monster that is chasing them.
RedWhite Slice - Levelpack
Cut the board so that one negative ball gets cut off the playing field at a time.
Sportsball World Cup
Bounce the balls on your head over to the goal post. Avoid bombs & fireworks coming at you.
Mario Kaboom
Fire unlimited Marios & try to get all the coins. Bombs & spikes kill your launched Marios.
Cry Panda Cry
Launch boulders to take out the pandas that are caught in the bambo cages.
Crazy Raccoon
The Crazy Raccoon has got a hold of a rifle & is shooting bears. Create ricochets to hit all bears.
Farm Griller
Toss exploding chickens towards farm animals to make it rain glorious meat for grilling.
Ninja vs Zombie
Throw your Chinese stars to kill zombies. Later levels include explosive barrels to take them out.
Battle Field
Fire time detonating grenades at the soldiers. Kill them all before you run out.
Prehistoric Breaker
With limited shots, fire your slingshot & break all the pottery using ricochets.
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