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Collapse It
Plant explosives and drop bombs to crumble structures and kill all the people on each map.
Hell Cops
Drive through each map as you try to run over as many people as possible. Don't tip over!
Pick your workforce and set their directions as you control office cubicles and become stronger.
Stunt Mountain
Fourwheel as you grab money and perform tricks on hills and jumps. Finish before timelimit ends.
Gathering totems, set waypoints, & building up land to enlarge your base. Steep learning curve.
Super Mario Star Scramble 2
Grab coins and stars as you squash Mario's enemies, and reach the door after it opens.
Laser Cannon 2
Solve puzzles by shooting your laser cannon and killing all the fur balls. Ricochets and power ups.
Screw the Nut 2
Click objects in the physics world to get the nut to the bolt in each new puzzle.
Nooboo Mary - Witch Queen
Click and setup traps for the incoming waves of enemies trying to get to the witch house.
Elephant Quest
A great cartoon looking action game. Includes a large amount of upgrades to abilities and weapons.
  Skill Games
Launch your ball & knock around & remove other colored balls & walls in as few shots as possible.
Shell Shooter
Fire shots off & hit all the discs being thrown into the air. Miss gold ones & the level is failed.
Move between tight corridors & avoid touching the walls. Grab items & reach the exit safely.
Donut Get
Drive your cop car to the donut shop & eat as many donuts as possible, while pushing others aside.
Mario Shoot Zombies
Fire limited fireballs as Mario & destroy all the different zombies that are placed around the map.
Using a strange control method, control your snake creature & get stars & reach the exit.
Balloons vs Zombies 3
Fire different types of ammo to take out the zombies with arrows, explosions, & bomb carrying bats.
Eat Rockets 2 - Wizard
Guide your spells quickly to kill all the monsters, as you navigate threw the obstacles.
Bolt Through
Switch gravity as you try to out beat the skateboarding kid in solo or multiplayer modes.
Tiny Balloon Fish
Swim between mines & grab as many stars as possible without dying. Jump out of water & get stars too
Feed Us Happy
The Feed Us series takes on Flappy Bird gameplay in this eat, avoid & upgrade game.
Revenge on Betrayers
Throw limited bombs at your betraying friend & wife. Free their guts to see the light of day.
Shark Rodeo
Balance on the jumping shark by moving back and forth. Fall in the water and you're dead.
Zombie Like Brains
Roll your zombie head to grab all the hearts to unlock new levels. Finish maps by getting the brain.
Red Driver
Dodge traffic for as long as possible. Head into oncoming traffic when no other path is available.
How Dare You
Jump on some enemies in this auto-runner, while avoiding others. Gather coins for upgrades.
Candy Buff
As you auto run, grab candy to regain health. Avoid running into obstacles or enemies that kill you.
Mad Burger 2
Launch your burger in this distance game & avoid or knock down kids to keep going & upgrade.
Super Marshmallow Kingdom
Avoid falling items as you grab coins to purchase upgrades to help you stay alive longer.
Fire your gems at their same colors. In later levels create bombs to detonate & help win levels.
Mini Heads
Fire cannon balls & try to remove all the hats without knocking the people off the screen.
Time hitting the food just right & with just enough firepower to cook it, but not too much.
Spider Stickman 3
Grapple onto any object you can as you try to make it pass pipes while the screen auto scrolls.
Gold Hunters
Throw gold nuggets from one work to another. Avoid some bad miners & reach the gold scale.
Super Sneak
Avoid detection from cops as you sneak around, taking money & breaking into houses.
Stay alive inside the body as long as possible as you attack blood cells that are smaller than you.
Super Flappy Mario
Mario makes like a bird & flaps between pipes as he grabs golden coins. How far can you get?
Dig to China
In this distance game, dig until time runs out, as you earn money & buy upgrades to get deeper.
Velocity Wings
If Sonic got mixed with Flappy Bird. Grab rings as you jump & fly as you avoid hitting objects.
Minion On Rocket
Grab gems as you fly upwards as a minion from Despicable Me. Avoid hitting branches & rocks.
Rooftop Challenge
Run & jump over the gaps as the screen auto-scrolls. Jump just right to make the next rooftop.
Stunt Truck Launch
Launch your bigfoot truck over & over in this distance game. Get farther to buy new truck upgrades.
Monsters Packer
Shoot monsters into their proper boxes while gathering floating goodies along the way.
Zombie Sports Day - Tennis
Hit the single tennis ball back & forth between zombies as you try to hit all the brains to proceed.
Using a limited number of jumps, jump & slide into all the enemies on each level.
Catch as many beers sliding across the bar in this short game. Some slide fast, others super slow.
Adventures of Harry
Guide the rat on a balloon with a blowing fan. Push him to stars, but not into spikes.
Fragile Fauna
Grab the marbles with your cursor as you avoid touching any animals.
The Zombie Feeder
Avoid anvils as a zombie, but eat body parts for food. Grab money to buy new abilities.
Avoid hitting pink signs on the road as you go faster & faster in this 3D skill game.
Funny Bees
Launch the bees off the flowers to grab the honey pots & land in the bee hive.
Water Sons
Switch between characters to throw rocks & water balloons. Only hit friends with water balloons.
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