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Doodle God
Combine the basic elements to create a more advanced library of elements. 115 elements in all!
Moon Rocks
Place your towers on the ground as you defend yourself against falling moon rocks. Beat opponents!
Hide Caesar 2
Drop your objects to protect the Caesar coin from rocks. Don't forget to knock bad coins off levels.
Rescue on Cocoa Farm
Instead of boring shapes, watch the candy and animals react to physics. Get animals to the barns.
Hanger 2 - Endless LevelPack
Swing threw the caverns as a ragdoll. Control your swing to avoid bashing against the sides.
Medieval Gunpowder
Fire your cannon and slow time as you knock the castles down. New cannons introduced later on.
Bowja the Ninja 3
Click on items to perform actions and progress through the storyline and defeat your enemies.
Dragon Age Journeys
Take on monsters in turn-based attacks with squad members you pick up along your journey.
Zombie Riot
Fight off all sorts of zombie creatures in this sidescroller shooter. Can you survive the horde?
Battle of Lemolad
Build up your kingdom as you play a Bejeweled styled game to make wood, food, gold, and more.
  Skill Games
All the kittens have turned into zombies. Shoot the cure just right so that it hits all the kittenz.
Hive Defender
Fire honey as you try to take out all the bears. Shoot hives for a splatter of honey shots.
Scarecrow vs Pumpkin
Fire your arrows & try to hit all the pumpkins as more obstacles appear per level.
Let The Bullets Fly 3
Fire bullets to make them ricochet against surfaces & kill all the gangsters.
Click to keep your fairy afloat as you avoid hitting objects & gathering coins for upgrades.
Master of Catapult 3
Change how far you catapult the spiked ball. Try to knock enough pieces off the platforms.
Fly your penguin upwards in this distance game as you upgrade him with XP & buy new equipement.
Blast The Skulls
Fire your limited shots to get rid of all the floating skulls. Use ricochets to your advantage.
Pirate Kills
Fire bullets & ricochet them around the level to cause explosions to kill all the pirates.
When Pigs Flee
Use your pig jet pack to hover. Fly just right to grab coins & powerups while avoiding enemies.
Sticky Jump
Jump back n forth from the walls as you eat the floating fairies. Avoid touching the stink bubbles.
Totem Balls
In Plinko fashion, shoot balls & break all the bricks & get the stars in as few shots as possible.
Jelly Adventure
Align your jellies jump just right. use your limited jumps to grab all the golden orbs.
Lucas vs Crocodile
Toss limited amounts of meats as you try to get rid of all the crocodiles by feeding them.
Test your skills in this platformer mixed with Flappy Bird-like gameplay. Don't touch the ceiling!
Angry Birds - Piggies Escape
Sling the pigs from asteroid to asteroid as you try to reach the planet & grab eggs along the way.
BlackBitNinja 2
With limited jumps, sling your ninja box into enemies & avoid spinning saw blades.
Headcrab Invasion
Jump from human head to human head as you kill & evolve in this distance game.
Quickly click the right highlighted area to progress. Make the wrong choice and die.
Fat Cat
As a cat, move around and eat fish & treats. Avoid hammers & other items that slow you down.
Jump up the walls fast enough to avoid the rising lava, but also avoid running into spiked boxes.
Eat and Gulp
Eat donuts & steaks as a cat. Take a drink to keep from throwing up & avoid non-foods.
Duck or Jump
Duck under a pipe or jump over one as you time your moves exactly right to make it pass them.
King's Rush
Drive your castle crasher down hills & hop over low structures & blast down people & larger castles.
Move your green box through the maze-like corridors & avoid drills as you get gold coins.
Minions Steal Moon
Work on getting the rocket higher & higher in this distance game, as you avoid blimps & choppers.
Angry Bird Journey
Launch your Angry Bird in this distance game & get enough money to afford new upgrades.
Run Bird Run
Run as a bird & jump over different shaped rocks. One life, auto-runner.
Move your mouse & gain points the more you move. Avoid colliding with your previous movements.
Mesmemarble 2
Control the marble as you get the stars, avoid some holes & walls. Role to the exit without dying.
Bird Slice
Slice the birds that are thrown onto the screen. Avoid bombs & choose your gameplay mode.
Silent Synapse
Make it through the tight corridors as you avoid different traps & obstacles trying to kill you.
Avoid hitting the walls with your mouse as you lure him threw the maze using cheese.
Mini Mons
Fire your Mini Mons to cause ricochets. Hit the existing bolts enough times to make them disappear.
Angry Chubby
Take down burger joints as you catapult fatties at the buildings. Make holes to get inside.
Swift Ninja
Jump back n forth from wall to wall as you avoid enemies & slice birds in mid-air.
Rico Ninja 2
Throw electric power balls at the zombies at the right power & angle to prevent hitting villagers.
Alien Killer
Line up your limited shots & take out all the aliens by using ricochets, explosions & breaking items
Swing Copter
Move your copter back n forth as you prevent from hitting any of the swinging saw blades.
Tricky Fish
Fling your fish out of the water as you grab the pink orbs & slide along ice blocks.
Lazy Thief
Throw your rocks as the pudgy thief. Hit the gems to make them fall into the properly colored areas.
Guide the rocket as you fly threw narrow paths & hit all the wolves. Some physical block shattering.
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