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Monster Truck Maniac 2
Move the monstertruck, bounce it, shoot it, jump it, and more. Can you score big?
Manage your zombie fighting team from starting car engine, to getting sleep in barricaded buildings.
Band of Heroes
View your characters from above & shoot enemies in similar fashion as jet shooters.
Fire your cannonball and try to knock all the treasure chests in the physics world in the water.
Stick Bang
Throw mini stick figures with abilities at your enemy in this "Worms" like game.
47 levels of physics puzzles as you get the gold shape to touch the platform as you erase blocks.
Medieval Gunpowder
Fire your cannon and slow time as you knock the castles down. New cannons introduced later on.
Bike Mania 5
Ride your motorcycle over the military vehicles as you try to balance and tilt without tipping over.
Battlefield Arena
Create factories & buildings to produce units. When your forces are large enough, attack the enemy.
Adjust your aim and ball size as you knock over physics enabled structures. Make enough blocks fall.
  Skill Games
Silent Synapse
Make it through the tight corridors as you avoid different traps & obstacles trying to kill you.
Avoid hitting the walls with your mouse as you lure him threw the maze using cheese.
Mini Mons
Fire your Mini Mons to cause ricochets. Hit the existing bolts enough times to make them disappear.
Angry Chubby
Take down burger joints as you catapult fatties at the buildings. Make holes to get inside.
Swift Ninja
Jump back n forth from wall to wall as you avoid enemies & slice birds in mid-air.
Rico Ninja 2
Throw electric power balls at the zombies at the right power & angle to prevent hitting villagers.
Alien Killer
Line up your limited shots & take out all the aliens by using ricochets, explosions & breaking items
Swing Copter
Move your copter back n forth as you prevent from hitting any of the swinging saw blades.
Tricky Fish
Fling your fish out of the water as you grab the pink orbs & slide along ice blocks.
Lazy Thief
Throw your rocks as the pudgy thief. Hit the gems to make them fall into the properly colored areas.
Guide the rocket as you fly threw narrow paths & hit all the wolves. Some physical block shattering.
Eat My Nuts
Throw acorns at the squirrels before their health runs out in this innuendo titled game.
Chute Academy
Click the paratroopers fast enough to engage their parachutes before they hit the ground.
Shifty Knight
Grab shields as monsters appear for each one picked up. Avoid monsters long enough to get pickups.
Spring Ninja 2
Jump kick into the air & turn enemy ninjas into splatters. Don't forget you can mid-air jump.
99 Problems
Multi-jump in the air, as you jump back n forth between the walls, while avoiding hitting blocks.
Zombie Hearts Chicken
Chase after, & eat chickens, but beware of obstacles & chicks strapped with TNT.
Zap the colored boxes with the same colored laser that you turn on & off.
Goat Mechanic
Drop items on the road in the right spots to cause crashes. Unlock new items to drop as you progress
The Adventure of Robert The Scarecrow
Glide over gaps with your trusty bird in this infinite runner. Get coins to buy upgrades & apparel.
Transformers War
Control the angle & fire power of your transformers. Try to destroy all the decepticons.
Jumping Box - Reincarnation 2
With limited jumps, jump your orange box to the flagged platform. Avoid enemy boxes & objects.
Customize your character & dodge objects in this infinite runner. Beware of bees that dart at you!
Maze Evolution 3
Click the star & move your mouse through the halls as you avoid touching obstacles & the walls.
Let Plants Fly
Align your shots as you try to knock all the zombies off of their platforms with ricochet shots.
Crazy Box
Float the box pass obstacles & get coins to open doors as you keep from falling or floating too much
Pou Pirates Shot
Fire your cannon just right to make your shots hit all the pirate Pou.
Fly Qumi
Grab coins & power ups & avoid walls & spiked balls in this Flappy Bird styled skill game.
Porzellan Panik
Run & whip your pet elephant around as you try to break as much as possible as you reach the exit.
Adjust your tank firing power & angle as you try to shoot over the mountain & hit the enemy tank.
Fling the saw blades into the zombies to protect your side. Upgrade & earn combos to do more killing
Hobo Run
Grab pieces of gold & jump over gaps in this infinite runner. Jump or over enemies to stay alive.
Spiderman Save Children
Swing through the level as Spiderman, avoid hitting light poles as you rescue the children.
Bravo Pilot
Test your skills as you fly threw the cavern without hitting any stalactites or stalagmites.
Gluttonous Spider
Release the spider from his web at the right times to fling the spider into the candy.
Turbomole Trial Run
As Turbomole auto runs, grab carrots & avoid running into traps or down gaps.
Spider Monkey Jump
Jump back n forth between walls. Avoid wall enemies, while hitting flying enemies for jump boosts.
Johnny Hopper
Time your jumps just right ot reach the stars & each the exit portal in the simplistic levels.
Lucky Duckies
Try to get your duck & ducklings safely across the road without getting squished by car tires.
Sonic Fly
Launch Sonics out of the sling shot to grab enough rings to progress.
Gears and Pins 2
Drag the ball & rotate the circular level as you trigger doors & avoid lasers & spikes.
Square Spinner
Spin the square to align the sides with the incoming colors. Gets hard as multiple sides are hit.
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