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Sniper - Year Two
Shoot the silohette enemies as you blow them away. Zoom in and read missions to do well.
StormWinds - The Lost Campaigns
Pick your turrets carefully as you fire at incoming waves of enemies. Blast those enemies!
Epic Battle Fantasy 4
Be patient as this 31MB RPG loads. Talk to characters & find weapons as you talk to characters.
Burrito Bison Revenge
Launch Burrito Bison as far as you can as you purchase upgrades & try to complete 120 missions.
Destroy the Wall 3
20 levels of throwing the ball and knocking the blocks over. Later levels include tricky portals.
Vox Populi Vox Dei
Run and dive into werewolves and start to rip them apart. Don't let other werewolves see you.
Kingdom Rush
Place & upgrade towers as you use your own soldiers to help keep the enemies back from the paths end
Castle Wars 2
Castle Wars returns with great graphics, single or multi-play, but the same great strategies. Sweet!
GUNROX - Gang Wars
Send your gang to the enemy base to take it out. Upgrade armor and weapons to gain the advantage.
Quest For Power
Take over the map as you use your catapult and soldiers to attack the enemy and their forts.
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  Skill Games
Slash Zombies Rampage 2
Run over & shoot zombies, while avoiding rocks & mines. Earn money to upgrade & get farther.
Test your skills in this platformer, skill game. Land on small platforms, die & start over.
Duke Dashington
In this platformer / skill game, avoid running into spikes as you move in Sokoban style along walls.
League Heroes
Avoid enemies firing at your Mage while you add & upgrade your squad. Protect your Mage at all cost.
Midnight Miner
Mine the earth deeper & deeper. Run into minerals you can mine, but avoid solid rock.
Sheriff Wannabe
Fire multiple sheriffs from the cannon. Try to get all the badges in as few of shots as possible.
Hardball Frenzy
Fire your balls & ricochet to hit as many green balls with as few of shots as possible.
Spiky Wall of Doom
In this constant runner, jump over gaps & spikes as you get coins while a spiked wall chases you.
Bouncy Blocks
Launch your yellow characters just right to avoid enemies, get keys & reach the exit door.
Basket Champ
Shoot your basketball just right to make hoops. Later levels have more than a single hoop.
Seagull Flight
In this distance game, keep flying farther & farther as you upgrade your seagulls abilities.
Grasshopper Yuichi
Jump from platform to platform. As you progress, guide disappears. Don't land in the water!
Fire balls in Plinko fashion. Try to light up all the Pogz & use pinball flippers to help.
Psychic Stunt Wagon
Race down the hill in your wagon, try to avoid all the objects in the street with little warning.
$alary $crapper
Jump upwards by landing on the platforms. Grab money as you auto-turn around when you reach edges.
The Platform
Play against an AI, another person, or solo it as you avoid falling objects & grab coins.
Fly your airplane & grab stars for upgrades. Avoid hitting bombs & missiles.
Shoot unlimited water out of the fire hose. Push zombies into grinders, & bombs into zombies.
Cave of no Return
Run & slide in this infinite runner. Slide to get a head of the collapsing cave.
Gather stars as you use limited shots, shooting your white ball along the platformer levels.
Castle Mania Crush
Launch your limited shots at the castle. Try to take out all dwellers within the castle.
Tower Blocks
Carefully time your drop of the block to stack it perfectly on top of the others. Miss 3 & it's over
I Make Popcorn
Change the heat & gravity as you try to get all popcorn kernels popped without burning others.
Launch To Valhalla
As a viking being shot into the air, smash enemies to get higher & gain more energy to go further.
Zombie Night Madness
Hit as many zombies & point boxes while you avoid hitting cars. Hit repair boxes to last longer.
Dot 2 Dot
Mouse over the dots in order to create origami pics. Challenge mode adds time limit.
Cloud Adventures
Click & drag the ball to direct it through the block mazes & into the hole.
You Have 60 Seconds
Travel threw as many corridors as possible in 60 seconds using your keyboard as the controller.
Test your skills as more & more multitasking mini-games are thrown at you at the same time.
Survival Lab
In this single arena, grab coins & jump over turret shots & missiles as you upgrade.
Big Hero 6 - Fly Adventure
Control Baymax from Big Hero 6. Avoid moving obstacles as they are randomly generated.
Qubey The Cube
Control the direction of the cube as he auto jumps upwards. Keep him from falling off of platforms.
Shoot n Shout
Shoot your gun & ricochet bullets. When out of bullets, certain actions will be performed.
Walk The Line
Balance on the tight rope as you change your speed, beat your opponent & knock others off the rope.
Beach Boy
Shoot rocks & grenades & use ricochets to hit the toucan bird.
Play by yourself or with friends at your keyboard. Knock all the balls out of the circle.
Raving Rabbids - Travel in Time
Throw exploding rolls of toilet paper at the cavemen. Try to explode all cavemen.
Barry Lost His Marbles
Throw marbles to ricochet & bounce Barry off platforms & into the flagged bin.
Run Box Run
Jump over spikes & spears as you grab coins. Survive for as long as possible in this auto-runner.
Launch your rat & reach the moon. Control gravity in later levels. Even easy mode is a bit hard.
Paint Wars
Launch the yellow ball a limited times. Grab all the stars & squish the orange balls to win.
Ricochet Kills - Space
Align your limited shots & make them count. Bounce shots of pads to kill zombie astronauts.
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