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Bike Challenge 2
Perform tricks and grab gems as you try to grab enough to progress farther in the game. Nitro baby!
Endless War Defense
Fortify your military strength as you take down incoming enemy forces.
Space Invasion Tower Defense
Place your turrets in space to prevent the waves of ships from getting pass your turret setups.
Earn to Die 2012 - Part 2
Buy fuel & upgrades to your trucks as you plow threw zombies, boxes, exploding barrels & brick walls
Scarlet Stranger and the Chameleon Castle
Chop bushes & trees to find goodies as you unlock treasure chests & doors in this nice RPG.
Shoot incoming waves of zombies. Hurry and aim for the head, or your brain food! Gets hard, fast!
Move shapes in this physics game to control the fall of the molecules into the beaker.
Eat Lead
Shoot down helicopters, blow up tanks, jump over mines, and shoot soldiers in this sidescroller.
Air Transporter
Pick up objects with your helicopter and place them in the highlighted areas. Don't run out of gas!
Action puzzler that lets you cut threw rocks. Make a path or drop rocks on enemies. Very innovative!
  RPG Games
Vault Princess
Find objects as you journey threw this pixelated RPG. Use bombs & hacking devices to progress.
Billys Quest
Talk to characters to gain new quests. Kill enemies with your sword as you progress further.
Zelda Sidequest
Play as Link in this RPG that has you completing mini quests to progress & unlock new areas.
Monster Squad
Travel from kingdom to kingdom battling more difficult opponents in this turn-based RPG fighter.
Loot Heroes
Attack enemies, manage skill xp & weapon inventory to stay alive while attacking bosses & groups.
Pillow City - Revelation
Bash zombies in this RPG sidescroller. Talk to NPCs & gather items from containers.
Z Survival
Order your two man squad around, attacking zombies & finding supplies around the environment.
Brave Rocky - The Defender
Kill enemies in turn-based attacks. Earn money to upgrade your character & become even stronger.
The Last Door - Chapter 3
Walk & talk to strangers in the pixelated world. Learn more about the story as you progress deeper.
Tainted Olive - Chapter 1
Move to different locations within the village as you talk to others to unlock new areas.
Chaos Fantasy
Use your 3 heroes to attack your enemies. Focus your attacks on one enemy at a time to weaken them.
Mafia Stories 2
Read dialogue, push corresponding arrow keys & beat up NPCs by tapping the F key.
Furry Fights 2 - Revenge
Select your team of animals & pit them against other animals in this turn-based RPG fighter.
Loot Clicker
A simpllistic game of creating units, gathering gold, & assigning different strengths to unit types.
Doctor Who - A Brilliant Game
Talk to characters from the Doctor Who universe, as you choose the path by what you say.
A simple RPG of plotting a pathway through the cave as you try to gain XP without risking your life.
Manage your zombie fighting team from starting car engine, to getting sleep in barricaded buildings.
Loot Hero
Fun, but repetitive game of running threw enemies & upgrading your character.
Talk to characters in this pixelated RPG. Combine elements & create potions for weapons.
Min-Hero - Tower of Sages
Talk to characters & put your minions against theirs. Try to win & increase your minions XP.
Valthirian Arc 2
A highly polished, RPG game with great graphics & lots of dialogue to sink your teeth into.
Elf Story
Explore & gather items as you travel thru this RPGish, point n click adventure.
The Everloom
Talk to strangers and explore this pixelated land you've been trapped in.
Explore the dungeon mazes & fight monsters. Mind your health as you use potions & healing platforms.
Move around the pixel map & encounter enemies to switch into turn-based, up close attacks.
Dungeons of Kong
Build your squad & customize them. Move through the dungeon, fighting enemies in turn-based battles.
Douchebag Beach Club
Manage your player & his buffness to become the ultimate douchebag. Workout, spend money, get chix.
Feudalism 3
Help fight large battles against the enemies. Use your abilities to not become overwhelmed.
Crystal Story 2
Battle small & large enemies in turn-based battles. Explore the land as you gather loot.
Lakeview Cabin
Pick up & use items as you discover how to combine items to reach objectives.
Hire peasants by dropping coins, to help protect the King at night, when the goblins come out.
Little Protector Planes
Some strategy & some RPG elements merge into exploring & turn based battles against enemies.
The Bravest Hunter
Hire squad members, train & upgrade them for armor & weapons to battle against AI fighters.
Candy Corn
Complete all achievements as you talk to, scare, give & steal from people as a disguised robot.
Use different weapons to cut threw & burn different types of plants in this short game demo.
Nayas Quest
Move around in this pixelated isometric RPG as you find out more about the storyline & where to go.
Escape From 26
Click around the small environment as you heat water, wash rags, find clock parts & more.
Hey Ash Watcha Playin
Click around to move and talk to people as you try to get rid of the game characters attacking.
Socrates Jones
A dialogue heavy game of talking with others, and asking the right questions at the right time.
Arco Summoner
Play against the AI as you lay down the proper cards to combat the enemies cards.
Mine & gather resources as you build & rescue villagers from deep dungeons.
Complement each stranger as you want by. Try to make everyone you meet happy.
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