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Rolling Fall
Cut the proper chains and at the right time to get all zombies knocked over. Puzzles get harder.
Shattered Colony
Build barriers, sniper towers, workshops, and more as you try to clear the islands of zombies.
Farm Frenzy - Pizza Party
Manage the farm and make French Pizzas. Combine items and protect your livestock.
Civiballs - Xmas Levels
Cut and release the Christmas ornaments in the right order so they end up in the correct boxes.
Blast Up
Click to move the soccer ball and knock objects around to complete levels. A unique physics game.
Clash of the Olympians
Adjust your power and strength as you toss boxes, and boulders or spears. Kill the enemies coming in
Place beams and items to control the flow of air direction and the movement of your characters.
Level Editor 2
Solve the puzzles by editing the level so the stickman can grab coins and reach the exit.
Mars Buggy
Drive your buggy over the hills of Mars as you rescue the astronauts and keep from tipping over.
TT Racer
Many different moto racing circuits. Race against AI bikers, avoid traffic & all with your mouse.
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Warfare Squad
Move each of your troops around & attack enemy soldiers in turn-based battles.
Bunny Flags 2
Setup turrets & control a main bunny as you shoot enemies. Levels are pathway, others are maze based
Human vs Monster 2
Upgrade & place units around the enemy village. Take out enemy huts & the enemies within to win.
Sword & Fire
Select the path to send your built units on. Buy & upgrade your units between levels to combat enemy
Autumn War
Control the strategy of your platoon as they come up against the hordes of zombies.
Ben 10 - Omniverse Code Red
Place characters from the Ben 10 universe. Upgrade them to keep enemies from reaching the end.
Wacky Strike
Send out troops to attack the enemy on the opposite side. Build structures to aid in creating faster
War Heroes
Setup towers to defend the base. Drop mines, paratroopers & missile strikes. No way to speed up game
Royal Offense 2
Create units to gather taxes & soldiers to fend off goblin attacks on your village & castle.
Hut Take Control 4
Create goblins out of the huts you control to attack the incoming enemy forces on the road.
Aztec - Tactical Conquest
Position your units so they can attack the enemy in turn-based moves. Can only move in certain spots
GemCraft Chasing Shadows
Create towers & place gems atop to attack the waves of creeps coming in along the pathway.
Vanguard Wars
Set up turrets long the bottom to shoot ships overhead. Place turrets in the right spots.
Ultimate Elite War 2
Send units to unoccupied bases or to combat enemies & take theirs. Control all bases.
Pokemon - Poke Center Defense
Move your good Pokemon to avoid getting attacked by the enemy Pokemon. Travel threw doors & attack.
Imperial Battle Tactics
In turn-based battles, move your squad into range so that they take down all the enemy units.
Node Garden
Take control of nodes & move your larger numbers into crush enemy nodes of lesser value.
Choose between a path mode TD game or a open path TD game. 3 difficulties for each.
Defense Toy Empire
Defend the pathway by setting up turrets along the edges. Find out which turrets work the best.
Save My Garden 2
Place flower towers to fire at the incoming bugs. Prices of flowers go up as you buy more.
North Clans
Select a clan & try to conquer the single board. Add units & move smart to keep a strong defense.
The Next Jump
Move from spot to spot avoiding enemy fire, ships & debris. Hold out until the mothership shows up.
Heroestick - War 2
Send your stickmen units down different lanes to attack the enemies & their castle.
Defend Us 2
Place tiny turrets on corners that are free of plants to best defend your base against the creeps.
Awesome Seaquest
Manage your oil rig structures to output forces to combat the enemy during the battle periods.
Land your main base & create other ice mining & hydroponics to sustain your crews life on the planet
Freedom Skies
Create multiple flying carriers & set the position the aircrafts fly to help defend against enemies.
Cobra Squad 4
Place the default & newly created squad members to best defend your base & barracks against attacks.
The Green Kingdom
Build mines, towers & barracks. Protect & create paths to send troops to destroy the enemy base.
Kitten Raiders
Use cards to place turrets & mines. Upgrade turrets & drop bombs as you defend against enemies.
Fruit Defense 4
Place defenses & equip certain weapons that you use by clicking the enemy waves. Lacks balance.
Wonder Defender
Place turrets only in given spots. A bit slow for veterans of tower defense games.
Hut War Tactic
Send goblins over to the enemy huts. Be faster & smarter than the AI.
National Defense - Space Assault
Set up turrets at curvatures in the road to do the most damage to enemy crafts coming in.
Royal Squad
Control where your tower archers & mages fire as large groups of enemy units try to get through.
Hero Quest
Combat enemy troops coming at your tower. Send your own troops over to take their tower out.
Attack of the Evil Bunny Empire
Setup different turrets to keep the bunnies away from the left side. Turrets get more expensive.
Wake Up Sheeple
Use different items, blocks & pathways to help save the civilians from zombies. Reach the red square
Frozen Islands
Take over islands by creating larger groups of vikings. Select when they use their special attacks.
Sword and Spoon
Create barracks & servants to take potatoes to your warriors to keep them fighting the orcs back.
Planet Noevo II
Explore the top-down world & gather resources. Build mini-turrets to help defend your base turret.
Stacker War
Create creatures out of block combos. Release units to send them to attack enemy forces & base.
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