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Dynamite Blast
Place the dynamite in the correct spots to make the structures collapse with the vehicles on it.
Bike Champ
Tilt and lean your bike over a bunch of levels with physic enabled shapes. Gets tricky and fun.
Solve the puzzles in the physics world as you get the guy into the right spots. Levels get tricky.
Super Santa Kicker
Adjust your angle and power as you kick the Santa through the physics world and into the chimney.
Draw Story
Move through the levels as you use colored pencils to draw items to help you kill and reach the end.
Platform Combat
Play a single or multiplayer. Pick up tons of weapons and powerups. Somtimes needs restarted.
Shoot the green zombies, bats, and tough guys in the pixelated world as you grab treasure and keys.
Clash of the Olympians
Adjust your power and strength as you toss boxes, and boulders or spears. Kill the enemies coming in
The Circular Blot
An easy physics game of guiding your small ball into the goal with a larger ball.
Destroy The Wall
Throw the ball to knock down the required amount of blocks and balls.18 somewhat easy levels.
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  Strategy Games
Defend Us
Set up turrets to kill incoming forces. No speed up can make the game slow for regular TD players.
Ninja Defense
Use ninjas in this Japanese themed tower defense game. Place traps, towers & samurai to help defend.
Imperator For Rome
Build your empire, strengthen defenses & even create fleets of boats to attack those that oppose you
Monster Imperium
Battle against the AI enemy & try to exhaust the enemy resources before yours are depleted.
Pokemon - Great Defense 2
Place Pokemon along the path to attack creatures. Needs more balancing, as normal is pretty hard.
Hexa Shift
Place your hexagons strategically as you try to take control of larger numbers than the AI.
Dead Visitors
Setup traps to defend your house. Don't be in front of the traps as you can't move over them.
Drag n drop to send units to enemy space stations. Control all nodes whether occupied or not.
Age of Defense - Mini
Send out troops to defeat the enemy. Earn coins to afford better units for later levels.
Hexagon Monster War
Evolve, settle, heal, & move your monsters to take out the enemy soldiers & their huts.
Fruit Defense 3
Place flower turets & hit back enemies yourself in gameplay that is similar to Plants vs Zombies.
Pirates vs Undead
Send pirates to back each other up on paths that have the undead coming in on them.
Last Town
Defend your village in "Plants vs Zombies" style. Place units smart, as they get more expensive.
Blazing Haystack
With limited clicks, click on haystacks to ignite more. Beware of water that tries to put you out.
Planets Gone Rogue
Control your planets shield reactions & turrets as you seek out new planets to destroy.
Way of Defense
Place turrets & call in airstrikes in this "create a path" tower defense game.
Keeper of The Grove 2
Create monsters to attack & slow the incoming creeps trying to steal your gems.
Party Hard
Move around the party & stab people when they're all alone. Don't be seen killing!
Battle Gear - All Defense 2
Place units on the shields to deploy soldiers to defend against incoming enemy units much stronger.
Galaxy Harvest
Seed & harvest planets around your base. Attack planets that become too civilized to be dominated.
Age of Defense - Mini 2
Upgrade & send in the right troops to the enemy side to combat thier own forces coming at you.
Men of Iron
Send your troops down the right path to combat enemy forces approaching your castle.
Zombie Army Madness 4
Take over graves to increase the size of your zombie army. Gets extremely hard.
Loo Hero
Upgrade the right parts to your toilet sitting swordsman to have the best chance to win the end boss
Battle Gear US War
Send troops across the screen to attack enemy bases. You seem to have no shortage of money.
Underground Gangster
Send out the right units & upgrade them. Control where your units shoot by moving your mouse.
Buy & switch out parts to your future tanks. Pit them against increasingly difficult opponents.
Mainlands Wars
Take control of land & produce an army to wage war against other areas. Upgrade land to be stronger.
Age of Warriors - Roman Conquest
Create miners to gain money. Build soldiers to send to the enemy side. Take out enemy towers.
Solar System Defence
Set up turrets & upgrade them to keep the enemy tanks from reaching the end of the road.
Battle Blades
Earn money in battles as you piece together a superior blade compared to your opponent.
We Are Not Alone
Place turrets on the wall & upgrade only after you die. Prices increase as you add turrets.
Emma - Zombie Defense
Place defensive units in the proper spots to hit the most enemies coming in on waves in this TD game
Hut Take Control 2
Create monsters to take over & defend huts as you push back the invading army.
Cannon Defense
Defend your turret as you upgrade the right aspects to defend against soldiers & choppers.
Tower Force II
Place & upgrade turrets in good spots as you defend against 50 waves of war vehicles coming in.
Galaxy Siege 2
Drag n drop components of your ship to gather, defend & fuel it against space monsters.
Strategy Defense - 2 Players
Gain money rapidly & build units to combat the AI player or another player at your keyboard.
Treasure Keeper
Build & upgrade towers to defend your treasure. Stop enemies before they can haul your treasure back
Pawn Wars
Build up your village & send troops out to the enemy town to defend yours & obliterate theirs.
Massive War vs Battle Gear
Create land, air, & water based units to attack the enemy on the opposite side as new units unlock.
Strategy Defense 9
Build the right units as they automatically flow to the enemy. Defeat the enemy defenses.
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