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Rabbit Rustler
Make all the rabbits come towards the carrot you drop. Get the required amount to the teleporter.
Mechanical Commando
Blast all the turrets, soldiers, and big bosses as you stay alive and dodge fire in your mech.
Zombie Marching
Combine the right blocks to attack and defend the waves of zombies. Earn money to buy weapons.
Epic Battle Fantasy 3
Explore, grab treasure, talk to people, and take on battles in this great looking RPG. 25 MB.
Rock the Hall
Manage the rock hall as you take care of the booths at the concert. Don't let customers get mad!
Jelly Lam
Grapple & de-grapple to walls to get stars. Avoid spiked walls & reach the locked exit.
Slime Laboratory
Grow your slime, grab floppy disks & avoid lasers in this pixelated platformer.
Mad Arrow
Place swordsmen and archers along the multiple pathways to your gold. Protect it from the invaders.
Help The Hero
Fit as much loot into the given space, then sell it and equip the hero to counter-attack the enemy.
Defend the downed chopper as you purchase new weapons to blast the waves of incoming enemies.
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The Last Survivor
As a block, move downwards in this platformer. Solve puzzles by moving blocks with your mouse.
The Big Escape
Control gravity as an alien to get all the stars, avoid spikes & reach your UFO safely.
The Clockwork King
Jump on platforms & keep from falling or getting chopped up by spinning blades.
Brave Loli
Jump over spikes, get the apples & teleport from one side of the screen to the other.
Slow down time & control the turret shots to redirect them back & explode the turrets.
Pop Microbe
Kill red spiked enemies quickly to gain a shield. Grab stars & reach the exit before time runs out.
Stay alive by drinking coffee & throw records. Grab money & get new boxes of records.
Change the color of your eye to activate platforms & boxes to push. Wash colors off in waterfalls.
EyeBall Shaun
Jump on walls & over saw blades as you try to find a cure for your love that has pink eye.
Phase Shift
Reverse gravity as you push boxes & make them fall on enemies & avoid spikes.
Military Combat Truck
Drive your truck slowly as you aim & shoot piles of barrels to explode them. Run into them & die.
Give Me Back My Dragon
WOrk your way downwards as you jump over spikes & hammer monsters coming at you.
You Are Disabled
As you are given a random disability, try to finish the game. How about unable to read or no legs.
Pick up different colored gems to active doors & kill monsters that hide in the dark caves.
A.R.B.F. - Alternate Reality Boss Fight
Chase the boss in this single level & shoot him down. Be faster to get new achievements.
Use your pixelated coiled up snake to stand taller & reach higher or farther platforms.
Crayon Poke
Jump onto platforms & unlock your crayon throwing ability. Head back to previous levels.
Down Is Up
Solve the puzzles that have you walking off the edge of the screen to appear on the other side.
Run Floyd Run
Control when you jump in this auto-running sidescroller. Jump on stacks of cash as you grab coins.
Grab all the circles as you avoid spikes. Beware of jumping in tight spots.
Avoid the block monster as you grab coins. Don't stop your tribe for too long or they explode.
Double jump to higher platforms & jump up walls. Grab coins as the water rises behind you.
Vikings Short Life
As the screen auto-scrolls, grab beers, jump over gaps & spikes. Know when to jump or just drop down
Save The Pig - Level Pack
Grab all the blue orbs & reach the exit portal as you avoid obstacles & push rocks to reach ledges.
An Apple A-Day
Throw apples at the incoming doctors. Don't let the apples bounce back at you. Avoid flying needles.
We Have a Problem
As an astronaut, jump & stick to walls as you avoid the growing number of saw blades per level.
Control gravity to float straight across gaps, float upwards or float down slowly to reach the exits
Battle Force
Shoot enemies is this good looking sidescroller. Defuse bombs & avoid mines & moving vehicles.
Frazzle Dazzle
Use your hair dryer to kill snowmen, melt ice, hover over spikes. Style hair to activate checkpoint.
Shoot stakes at vampires & walls to climb up. Game moves in turn-based with you & the enemies.
London Rex
Chomp down on humans as they squirm their way down your throat. Bust up cars & watch out for cops.
Super Soviet Flash
In this sidescroller, play like Mario & jump on the heads of enemies. Ride a bear & jump over gaps.
Dead Paradise 4
Drive & upgrade your buggy through tunnels filled with zombies, traps & other vehicles.
Pajama Boy 3
Jump over obstacles & gaps as you grab the key for the cage. Later levels have auto appearing walls.
Test Subject Complete
Use wall & ceiling portals to your advantage as you shoot enemies & grab the exit keycard.
Red Girl In The Woods
As red hooded girl in the woods, oush boxes in this platformer & get all the golden coins.
Test Subject Arena
Play against another person at your computer, on the same keyboard as you shoot each other as globs.
King of Thieves
Jump off walls to change direction. Jump over enemies & avoid saw blades as you get the treasure.
Super Neckbeard
Shoot enemies & jump over gaps as you reach checkpoints without dying.
Baymax Go Adventure
Use Baymax & Hiro to grab the colored chips. Convert Baymax into a pack to get him to the exit.
Astrobots - First Contact
Shoot enemies in this retro themed, pixeled sidescroller. Jump over gaps & beware of the enemy paths
Base Bros.
Man your base turrets to shoot flying enemy aircrafts & grab a handgun to attack ground troops.
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