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Monsters in Bunnyland
Switch between 2 monsters as you push blocks & flip levers to solve this puzzle platformer.
Hell Cops
Drive through each map as you try to run over as many people as possible. Don't tip over!
Untangle Deluxe
Untangle the string on multiple levels that continue to get harder and harder with more strings.
Inca Blocks
Drag and flick the inca blocks to stack them into the outlines. Control gravity to beat some puzzles
Mountain Bike Challenge
Ride your bike over the hills as each new level presents you with a new challenge to accomplish.
Collapse It
Plant explosives and drop bombs to crumble structures and kill all the people on each map.
Epic War 4
Send out units and heroes to attack the enemy stronghold. Many levels & units, all with great gfx.
Sin Mark
As a single archer, kill the horde, destroy their portals, & collect runes for bow n arrow upgrades.
Talesworth Adventure - The Lost Artifacts
Place money bags & other items to lure the adventurer in the right direction to make it through.
City Invasion
Send troops to your enemy base down the right path to combat the enemy forces and destroy their base
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Bad Ice-Cream 3
Blast threw ice walls & get all the fruit to finish levels. Avoid enemies as more appear later on.
Pyramid Maze
Use your 2 treasure hunters to help each other out & get all the gems to open the next tomb doors.
No Time To Explain
Take out bosses & use your powerful gun to avoid obstacles by shooting under yourself & jumping.
Downhill Hamsterball
Jump over obstacles or on them to crush them as a hamster stuck inside his ball.
Zo Donker
A short game in a silhouette world. Grab all the green gems as you move.
The Jumping Frog
Roll on platforms & jump over the red balls. Safely land on moving platforms & reach the girl frog.
Retro Panda Lander
Fly your panda using a jetpack. Grab donuts & avoid hitting lolipops. Land safely at the end.
Cheese Inspector
Flip switches, jump on pads & place bombs as you avoid enemies & reach the cheese safely.
Crystal Curse
As a mummy, jump up walls, over gaps & over spikes. Reach all the gems without dying.
Dino Ice Age
Help both the dinos get through puzzles on this platformer. Keep them fed with foot that appears.
Flea 2.5
As a little flea, climb up walls & do multiple jumps in the air to reach new platforms & the exit.
Double Dino Adventure
Control the 2 dinos as each one has certain abilities. Get coins & meat, while using those abilities
Coin Head
An infinite clicker mixed with a platformer. Gather re-appearing coins to purchase upgrades.
Frost Bite 2
Use your grapple to get frozen treats, take out enemies & reach higher platforms.
Interstellar Mission
Help both astronauts escape in this puzzle platformer. Get both astronauts to the spaceship.
Air Maze
Control your baloon floating machine as you avoid hitting spikes. Grab coins & shoot balls & walls.
Newtons Law
Shoot your gun to move in the opposite direction. Save civilians, destroy robots & watch for turrets
Fire & Frost
Use a jetpack to fly as you melt ice blocks. Make colored blocks combine to create gems to gather.
I Hate Candy - Pony Mayhem
In this robot sidescroller, shoot fluffy animals & buy upgrades. Shoot threw terrain when needed.
Jump over & watch for spikes. Reach the coins by moving off the edges to teleport to the other side.
Cosmo Gravity
Jump over saw blades, slide on ice, float using fans & rotate the levels as you reach the exit.
Nervous Bot
In this platformer, complete all the actions for each level to progress. Miss moving left & do over.
Bouncing Crimlet
As you continually bounce, get all the golden coins as you move from platform to platform.
Fludo - Tasty Mushrooms
Jump on enemies & each mushrooms that change your controls. Reach the exit before time runs out.
Helmet Heroes - The Adventure Begins
Sign in, then play this platformer with others online. Shoot enemies & gather coins & skill points.
Enter the Dungeon Grab the Treasure and Beware the Dangers
Grab gold by climbing & jumping latters. Beware of enemies when they appear later on.
Arizona Joe
Place bombs to make openings & kill enemies in this top-down, pixelated game. Feels somewhat retro.
Destructo Shark
Swim down & jump out of the water, attacking everything in sight. From airliners to row boats.
Robot Laser Battle
Play against the AI or another at your keyboard. Hit the enemy with your laser to win.
Listen to the narrator speak to you in programmer language to understand how each level works.
Crazy Squirrel
Ride your skateboard, bike or 4 wheeler back n forth downwards as you jump over obstacles.
Save Izis
Grapple over gaps & spikes as you grab gold coins. DOn't forget you can climb grapple rope.
Air Maze 2
Float using your balloons as you get all the gold coins to open exit & all silver coins for score.
Electric Moon
Run through this platformer & reach checkpoints, but don't die from the moon that is chasing you.
Super Tank
Drive your tank & shoot enemies as you earn money to perform much needed upgrades like more fuel.
Remove The Dragon Wizard
Play as a wizard in multiple styles of levels, from top-down to a sidescrolling platformer.
Box Story
Control the box as you jump onto small platforms & over obstacles to reach the large door.
Call of Spring
As a squirrel, shoot enemies in this platformer. Gather nuts & avoid falling off the map.
Ninja Panda Couple
Jump up walls & over obstacles as you try to reach the exit portal. Wall jumping control is finicky.
Drink Beer Neglect Family
Get to the beer as you avoid family members. Beers can cause reactions that affect your character.
The Last Survivor
As a block, move downwards in this platformer. Solve puzzles by moving blocks with your mouse.
The Big Escape
Control gravity as an alien to get all the stars, avoid spikes & reach your UFO safely.
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