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Military Rescue
Gun down all your enemies as the gameplay continues to change in this Metal Slug sidescroller.
Grab seeds and plant them in the right spots to progress in the game world.
Trafalgar Origins
Carefully sail your ship as you take down other ships to grab their loot. Don't get to close!
Destroy The Wall 2
Toss the glob and try to knock off the required amount of blocks in 18 levels. Great block physics.
Intruder Combat Training 2x
Play different game modes against AI shooters. Throw grenades at their feet & be ready as you spawn.
Fire your cannonball and try to knock all the treasure chests in the physics world in the water.
Dream Car Racing II
Design & put together your truck however you like. Beware of the physics of your crazy contraption.
Battalion - Skirmish
Control your battalion around the maps as you try to defeat the enemy team and all their military.
Mob Posse
Upgrade your base as you send powerful soldiers out to fight the incoming enemy forces.
Action sidescroller with a bunch of physics puzzles tossed in. Not just boring ones, but fun ones.
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Gravity Experiment
Rotate gravity in this platformer as you get cubes to land on the correct pad to open exit & lasers.
Candy Crusher
Avoid enemies & red juice (?) as you get enough peppermint candies to pass to the next level.
1 Screen Hero
Grab coins, attack monsters & find keys as you reach the green square for the next level.
Jack - The Scary of Zombie
Use different types of grenades to take out zombies. Zombies keep respawning, so keep moving.
Chicks With Guns
Shoot enemies in this hard platformer. Grab money to earn enough for new weapons to help beat levels
Pixel Staff
Shoot your mage's staff at skeletons, goblin's spiders & other mages. Unlock higher jumps & more.
Grab gears & jump on robots as you get keys to open up exits. Avoid touching level gears that kill.
Black Bow
Sneak & run as you shoot giant rats with your bow. Get grappling arrows to swing by in later levels.
Shoot monsters & grab health in this pixelated, sidescroller. Mind monsters that throw things.
Jump over gaps & obstacles as a tiny creature out to get milk for his mom. Be patient for intros end
Qubed - New Adventures
Grab all the stars on each platformer level. Split & join from 2 boxes to solve puzzles & get stars.
Hairless Adventurer
Pick up blocks that make up the level. Move them to where you need them to reach all the stars.
As a cat that's crashed, grab all the stars & reach the bolt from your crashed plane to proceed.
Jump over gaps & grab stars & keys in this pixel platformer. Avoid spikes, pit falls & enemies.
The Heroic Rooster
Eat pellets as a small chicken to grow your hero in this sidescrolling, platformer.
Switch between colored platforms that are on or off. Jump threw off ones while standing on on ones.
The Sun for the Vampire 2
Glide off ledges, turn into a bat to fly & throw boxes to solve these platformer puzzles.
Mr. nd Mrs. Tart
Move the Tart couple individually & avoid spikes. Get each one to the toaster without exploding.
Awesome Ranger
Rotate your perspective in this platformer to find the correct direction to jump. Free your fly bud.
Mario Gravity Adventure
Rotate gravity up n down. Hit levers to switch to side to side as you reach the exit.
Penguins Pole
Get the coins & avoid tightly placed spikes. Reach the pole to proceed in this pixeled platformer.
Road of Fury 2 - Nuclear Blizzard
Gun down enemy vehicles, jetpackers & airplanes. You can upgrade, but gets repetitive.
Headless Zombie 2
Throw your own head around to solve platformer puzzles. Wear other objects as heads to get around.
Car Eats Car 3 - Twisted Dreams
Drive your car & grab a powerups to help protect you from pursuing enemies. Upgrade for better speed
Grab all the batteries & get the red block into the node to activate the teleporter pad.
Holiday Bustle
As Santa, run & jump around this platformer, grabbing stars, presents & ornaments to progress.
Cryo Mayhem
Push blocks, swim & avoid deadly traps that explode you. Push levels to open doors to exit.
Save the Pig
Avoid spikes & grab blue orbs in this platformer as you try to rescue your stolen pig from a thief.
Sleepy Giftman
Push blocks & pick up the present to place it under the tree. Solve puzzles to get up & across gaps.
Strike Force Commando
Shoot enemies in arenas, as you complete different objectives. Earn money to upgrade your guns.
Time Experiment
Pause, play & even rewind time to use your past self to help you push buttons & get past obstacles.
Green Saboteur
Hack computers & put cops in holes in the ground as you try to reach the exit without getting caught
A Stroll In Space
Push boxes & jump while turning off gravity to float upwards or across gaps.
Roll Me
Roll the map back n forth to get the ball to roll to all the stars, avoid spikes & reach the exit.
Xmas Gift Shifter
Grab packages & get them to the stations as you try to beat the clock & keep your stress level down.
Tightrope Theatre
Ride your unicycle over the ropes in this platformer. Avoid spikes & reach the spotlight safely.
Play as a real crappy character. Jump on candy enemies to explode them & gather their goodies.
As a firefighter, put out flames & fire enemies. Return the boy & cat to the fire hydrant.
The Sound of the Universe
A simplistic sidescroller of jumping over spikes until the game goes wonky to make a challenge.
Wind Revo
Fly your airplane in a top-down perspective & take out enemy aircrafts trying to dogfight you.
Slimeys Quest
Push buttons in this platformer that activate the next level. Squish enemies & avoid spikes.
Firefox and Icefox
Use your 2 foxes to grab the right colored symbols & help one another & reach their correct exit.
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