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Fleet Command
Create waves of ships to attack enemies. Hold in shielded areas for an advantage. Upgrade abilities.
Being One - Episode 4
Explore the world as you pick which direction to go and read nav pads. Solve RPG styled puzzles.
My Friend Pedro
Pick up guns, perform flips & slow down time as you shoot baddies in this action, platformer.
Redcoat Invasion
Send out cannons and troops to attack the enemy base. Watch out for their troops on the same path.
Fire your zombies to impale that on spikes, and blades. Hit all required spots to move forward.
Battlefield Arena
Create factories & buildings to produce units. When your forces are large enough, attack the enemy.
Tower of Blocks
Stack your blocks in the physics world without letting them tip. Touch same colors to gain more time
Control gravity and fight off baddies as you grab coins to complete levels. Levels get crazy!
Mining Truck 2
Drive your cargo to the end. Includes adjustable pathways, nice graphics, upgrades, and more.
Control Craft 3
Take control of enemies nodes with ground & air units. Don't get stuck between 2 enemy sides.
  Action Games
Driving Force
Catch up to enemies, avoid traffic & fire your machine gun as baddies try to hit you with missiles.
Super Squelch
Jump on cops & get the babies push to the exit door as you avoid water.
Shoot blocks that drop with your arrows to remove them or create steps to get up higher.
Bob The Cube
As a cube, jump or turn small on a skateboard. Avoid the tongues of enemies as you pass by them.
Winter Rage Blast
Plaw your tank threw the snow as you blast mines & turrets with your cannon.
Cemetery Guard
Use a mace to smack enemies & explode them. Later pick up a stake shooter to kill from a distance.
Grav Escape
Jump on chickens & sheep as a rabbit. Change gravities direction to solve the platformers puzzles.
Activate elements in water to freeze & float in water that gets you to get the exit portal.
Change your players colors to be able to stand on platforms & avoid turret fire of different colors.
A Box Adventure
As a box jump on collapsing platforms & get all the gems while avoiding enemies.
Bounce on pumpkins & stand on bats to reach all the candy pieces in this pixelated platformer.
In To The Cave
Move deeper down into the cave as you shoot enemies, gather coins & try to reach the boss dragon.
Revenge Dojo
Grab coins in this auto-runner. Slice enemies & earn enough to pay monk tolls.
The Fancy Pants Adventures - World 1 Remix
Run n slide into spiders as you grab sqwigglies & grab new types of clothes in a new Fancy adventure
Chompy - The Greedy Crocodile
Grab coins as a croc. in this sidescroller, platformer. Be as fast as possible on each level.
Dark II
Play this black & white platformer as the story unfolds as text written on the walls.
Fritzy Adventure
Get all the gems to open the locked exit. Jump on enemies & don't let them run into you.
Reaper Jr.
Collect candy as the Grim Reaper's son. Shoot enemies & make it back to the portal safely.
Halloween Escape
Avoid pumpkin faced witches as you collect pumpkins & stab large ones to make platform openings.
Gravity Plex
Control gravity by pushing buttons. Grab fuel rods & bounce on jump pads to avoid spikes.
Shot Firer
Use TNT to blow up walls & the ground to reach all diamonds. Blow up monsters with timed explosions.
Zombie Balloon Heads - Halloween
Shoot zombies, werewolves & witches to make their heads burst. Find pickups inside jack-o-lanterns.
Zone of Destruction
Dig threw walls & the ground in this sidescroller. Avoid enemies & turrets or run & gun them.
Flatutron 9000
As a farting robot, eat burritos for gas. Reach the stars & flip levels to get to the exit.
Monkey Mountain
Jump upwards on platforms as you get coins & defeat the boss at the top before time runs out.
Lognes Island
Find your gun & shoot enemies in this pixelated sidescroller. Jump in the air like Mega Man.
Tank Storm
A difficult tank game of avoiding enemy fire, running over soldiers & destroy enemy war machines.
Naut Land
Run around the cubed world as you grab coins & avoid monsters. Time your jumps just right.
Great Leader Kim Jong Un
Maneuver your missile to get coins for upgrades. Dodge US missiles trying to shoot you down.
Candy King Eats The World
Fly your ship as you shoot down the candy enemies. Use nukes when screen is filled with baddies.
Doodle Chicks
Jump on platforms & grab the keys to unlock the exit. Avoid monsters as you use bounce pads.
Belial Ars Arcana
Jump over enemies in this sidescroller, until you unlock the sword that you can kill them with.
Tank Storm 3
Run over enemy soldiers & carefully avoid heavy enemy fire in your tank.
Street Car Wars
Control your car with your mouse as you gun down enemy vehicles & splatter people under your tires.
Double jump & shoot red blocks as you try to go for the fastest time per level.
Cave Chaos 2
Grab gems & avoid or kill monsters in this sidescroller that is put together while you play.
Rampage Rex
Devour art as a dino by chomping it to pieces when guards aren't looking.
Wake The Rabbit
Jump up walls, grab stars, avoid spikes & reach the rabbit to wake him up.
Alice in Funderland
Hit blocks & grab coins in this Mario-like platformer. Jump on enemies, but avoid dynamite creatures
Ink World
Shoot enemies in this platformer as you jump over gaps & prevent them from pushing you into gaps.
Barons Gate II
Use your bow to shoot goblins & visit the shop for new RPG-like equipment.
Capt Boom
Grab all the bombs before they detonate, while avoiding enemies & other deadly objects.
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