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Age of War 2
Upgrade your units as you send them out to the enemy base. Be smart about which ones you send out.
Bike Mania 5
Ride your motorcycle over the military vehicles as you try to balance and tilt without tipping over.
Click on the blue blocks to shatter them while keeping all the red blocks from falling off the map.
Cactus McCoy 2
Great graphics, fun gameplay, lots of long levels, platform puzzles & character upgrades.
Decision III
Find & shoot zombies in this top-down shooter. Gather a team to take take on larger zombie hordes.
Hide Caesar
Similar to the Cover Orange series, protect the coin with Caesar on it by dropping physics shapes.
Eat apples and barf them up to adjust your weight and solve puzzles in this action sidescroller.
Favela Heroes
Place your gang members like turrets in this tower defense game. Upgrade and setup smart.
Shoot your bow n arrow and slice threw the nooses that are hanging people. Don't hit the hangmen!
The Breach
Great looking action shooter. Blast zombies and flying eyeballs. Don't get too scared.
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Big Bad Ape
Cause damage through the level by crushing & throwing things. Throw & chomp down on people.
Everybody Edits
Play as a guest or register to edit levels that other smiley players are able to play on online.
The Cake is a Lie
Grab coins & jump over gaps. Avoid spikes & saw blades. Later levels have specific rules to follow.
Travel threw walls to get the level to rotate. Use this ability to reach the exit portal.
Ninja Super Adventure
Jump & dash over gaps & spikes to reach all the floating gears. Jump up walls & time jumps right.
The Way of The Ninja
Grab gems in each large level. Avoid fast robots & fall damage in this updated version of "n".
Digimon 4
Peck at your enemies in this platformer. Grab floating crystals & what dead enemies drop.
Mario Back in Time
Jump over bomb-like enemies as you grab mushrooms & fireball flowers. Avoid spikes as you progress.
Find rare coins & avoid enemies in this maze of a sidescroller. Work your way downwards.
Call of Sword
Slash your way threw enemies & bosses as you ride lifts, avoid saw blades & grapple in later levels.
Highway Zombies
Plow threw hordes of zombies as you grab pickups. Grind zombies off your SUV using the side walls.
Metal Slug Stickman
Shoot at enemy stickmen while trying to survive their deadly weapons.
Start an explosive chain reaction. Run to the right & up walls before you fall into the lava.
Jump on platforms & over gaps as you shoot or jump on enemies. Reach checkpoints & avoid spikes.
Crimson And Stache
Jump over spikes & saw blades. Jump up walls & keep moving to finish levels fast.
Mario Danger Forest
Jump on bounce pads & over gaps as you try to get all the coins in each platformer level.
Control gravity as you run on the ceiling when you need to avoid spikes & other obstacles.
Throw rocks to solve puzzles, stun enemies & get over obstacles in this platformer.
Feed Me
Bite onto the ground & ceiling to move. Eat flies & bees as you get upgrades to grow in length.
That Gravity Game
Use gravity altering pads to change the surface you walk on. Use these to reach each levels exit.
Bad Ice-Cream 3
Blast threw ice walls & get all the fruit to finish levels. Avoid enemies as more appear later on.
Pyramid Maze
Use your 2 treasure hunters to help each other out & get all the gems to open the next tomb doors.
No Time To Explain
Take out bosses & use your powerful gun to avoid obstacles by shooting under yourself & jumping.
Downhill Hamsterball
Jump over obstacles or on them to crush them as a hamster stuck inside his ball.
Zo Donker
A short game in a silhouette world. Grab all the green gems as you move.
The Jumping Frog
Roll on platforms & jump over the red balls. Safely land on moving platforms & reach the girl frog.
Retro Panda Lander
Fly your panda using a jetpack. Grab donuts & avoid hitting lolipops. Land safely at the end.
Cheese Inspector
Flip switches, jump on pads & place bombs as you avoid enemies & reach the cheese safely.
Crystal Curse
As a mummy, jump up walls, over gaps & over spikes. Reach all the gems without dying.
Dino Ice Age
Help both the dinos get through puzzles on this platformer. Keep them fed with foot that appears.
Flea 2.5
As a little flea, climb up walls & do multiple jumps in the air to reach new platforms & the exit.
Double Dino Adventure
Control the 2 dinos as each one has certain abilities. Get coins & meat, while using those abilities
Coin Head
An infinite clicker mixed with a platformer. Gather re-appearing coins to purchase upgrades.
Frost Bite 2
Use your grapple to get frozen treats, take out enemies & reach higher platforms.
Interstellar Mission
Help both astronauts escape in this puzzle platformer. Get both astronauts to the spaceship.
Air Maze
Control your baloon floating machine as you avoid hitting spikes. Grab coins & shoot balls & walls.
Newtons Law
Shoot your gun to move in the opposite direction. Save civilians, destroy robots & watch for turrets
Fire & Frost
Use a jetpack to fly as you melt ice blocks. Make colored blocks combine to create gems to gather.
I Hate Candy - Pony Mayhem
In this robot sidescroller, shoot fluffy animals & buy upgrades. Shoot threw terrain when needed.
Jump over & watch for spikes. Reach the coins by moving off the edges to teleport to the other side.
Cosmo Gravity
Jump over saw blades, slide on ice, float using fans & rotate the levels as you reach the exit.
Nervous Bot
In this platformer, complete all the actions for each level to progress. Miss moving left & do over.
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