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Roly-Poly Cannon 3
Launch the bombs out of your cannon to interact with the physics world. Kill the bad roly-polies.
Tower of Doom
Add cannons to your tower, upgrade your tower as you defend against the increasingly harder troops.
Imperium II
Build up town by town as you try to conquer the entire map. Build farms, barracks, gold mines & more
Mecha Martyr
Blast the enemies below as you gain points to upgrade your flying mech. Blow them to pieces!
Research the landscape and build windmills in the best spots to earn money for your city.
Road of Fury
Buy vehicles & upgrade them for your 3 car convoy. Shoot everything in the sky & in front of you.
Shellcore Command Skirmish
Upgrade your ship and create and drag turrets around in space for the best defense of your base.
Forge weapons for pigmen & send them into battle. New twist on the management genre games.
Block Squad
Click on groups of the same colored blocks to gather objects and get to the exit. Limited turns.
Impero Galactica
Build up your home planet defenses and build spaceships to conquer other open and alien planets.
  Action Games
Race & launch missiles at AI cars, motorcycles & helicopters. Fight enemy car robots in some levels.
Steel-Jack - Level Pack
Jump over, slide under, & jump on walls to avoid obstacles & grab gems in this auto runner.
Little Phobia
Push & pull stools to get over nightmarish obstacles. Close your eyes to keep the ghost away.
Hope into a drilling machine & digg for gems in this sidescroller.
Battle against another person at your keyboard. Grab ammo for cannons & even send attack dogs out.
Swallow & spit out boxes to kill enemies & reach new areas & save caged animals.
Jump down gaps to flip the world & play on the reverse side of the map. Use this ability to win.
Bob The Blob
Change your blob colors to fall threw or rise to the top of jelly platforms in this older puzzler.
A short game that teaches you about the ALS desease, as your cats ALS symptoms progress.
Mario Great Adventure 6
Knock blocks to find mushrooms that give you bombs & make you grow. Don't jump on enemies!
Rodent Monster
Avoid laser traps & spiders as a purple rodent. Flip switches as you fight to stay alive.
Shoot enemies in this pixelated, sidescroller. Grab health when you're running low.
Rise of the Titans 2
Crush peasants & their homes. Boring as you start with too many upgrade points.
Abyss Walker - The Lost Island
Throw Chinese stars at attacking plants in this platformer. Complete quests & stay alive!
Walk on walls & rotate the entire map as you avoid spikes & grab coins & the exit key.
Zombie Pickup Survival
Avoid collisions as you pickup survivors. Hit zombies with your spiked front bumper.
Shoot water to propel your character in the opposite direction. Avoid saws & refill water.
Not Alone
As duplicates are made of you, use each other to avoid obstacles & reach the exit in time.
Princess Peach Go Adventure
Click enemies to kill them & click the right blocks to help Princess Peach reach the exit.
Crown Cave
Run through this pixelated platformer as you try to unlock doors that are blocking you from exiting.
Dash Dash
Run in this platformer as you avoid the pursuing owl. Get coins for upgrades to reach new areas.
Pou Fix Spaceship
Switch gravity to avoid spikes & reach different spaceship components to fix your space ride.
Winter Tank Strike
Drive your tank in the snow & blast turrets & bombs that are in your way without taking damage.
Fly your helicopter on the paper set & watch colorful explosions as you blow up enemy structures.
Space Cropper
Cut off pieces of space as you blow up enemy ships & gather powerups to become stronger.
Cosmo Gravity 2
Avoid saw blades & grab crystals as you push buttons that can rotate the levels. Don't slip on ice!
As a barbarian with a sword & pistol, shoot & slash your way to the end of the sidescroller levels.
Mario Mushroom Adventure
Jump on Goombas & turtles as you grab mushrooms & flowers to defeat the enemies & grab their coins.
Shoot enemies & bosses as you keep your health up in this action sidescroller.
Eldorado Deadly Trip
Travel through the dark maze & grab gold to buy upgrades. Beware of skeletons luring around.
Fix The Sun
Jump over gaps & trigger sparks that launch you in the right direction as you reach the exit.
Wendigo Duo
Grab keys as your monsters help each other unlock & reach the exit in this sidescroller.
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Rescue
Shoot enemies & turrets in this sidescroller. Trigger computers to open doors & act as save points.
The Last Dino
Click when to jump to avoid enemies & obstacles. Some levels, click to change directions.
Underworld Rush
Drive your car & pick up coins to buy upgrades. Avoid or shoot witches so they don't damage your car
Cat Mario
Try to finish the level as the world is out to kill you with sneaky tricks unlike Mario.
Tank Rage in Zombie City
Drive your tank & earn money for upgrades by taking out zombies. Beware of fuel level!
Reach the fruit & the exit as you toggle blue boxes that you can be in, when they're turned on.
WW2 Dogfight - Age of Warplane
Fly your Biplane & shoot down enemy fighters in dogfights. Beware of flying upwards & stalling.
Road Rockets
Dodge the bombs enemy cars drop as you try to pickup missiles to fire at the enemy vehicles.
Unbalanced Platformer
Grab coins to buy speed ups & slow downs for level items in this game that starts off unbalanced.
Sector 21
Avoid spikes as you jump over them & rotate the gravity while you're in mid-air.
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