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Stay alive as you blast the incoming creatures. Pickup money to purchase more powerful weapons.
24 levels of placing bricks to ricochet the ball around the level to reach the end of level zone.
Skies of War - Extended
Load out your aircraft with weapons as you take off and take out enemy structures, vehicles, & more.
Attach muscles to the limbs to get Incredipede to move the way you want him to.
S.W.A.T. 3 - Recon
Shoot the stick figures in this 3D shoot em up game. Shoot crates to gain health and get knives.
Pick your side as you defend your tower by sending out different units. Yay for lots of blood!
Gather runes as you shoot and defeat the horde. Destroy portals as fast as possible. Create spells!
Click the meeblings to use their ability of pulling, pushing, or digging. Get them to escape.
Red Storm 2 - Survival
Power up your mech and run and gun all the enemies as you attach more guns and armor to your mech.
Mummy Trouble
Similar to Cut The Rope on iPhone. Cut the ropes and get the gem to the mummy.
  Action Games
Strike Force Commando
Shoot enemies in arenas, as you complete different objectives. Earn money to upgrade your guns.
Time Experiment
Pause, play & even rewind time to use your past self to help you push buttons & get past obstacles.
Green Saboteur
Hack computers & put cops in holes in the ground as you try to reach the exit without getting caught
A Stroll In Space
Push boxes & jump while turning off gravity to float upwards or across gaps.
Roll Me
Roll the map back n forth to get the ball to roll to all the stars, avoid spikes & reach the exit.
Xmas Gift Shifter
Grab packages & get them to the stations as you try to beat the clock & keep your stress level down.
Tightrope Theatre
Ride your unicycle over the ropes in this platformer. Avoid spikes & reach the spotlight safely.
Play as a real crappy character. Jump on candy enemies to explode them & gather their goodies.
As a firefighter, put out flames & fire enemies. Return the boy & cat to the fire hydrant.
The Sound of the Universe
A simplistic sidescroller of jumping over spikes until the game goes wonky to make a challenge.
Wind Revo
Fly your airplane in a top-down perspective & take out enemy aircrafts trying to dogfight you.
Slimeys Quest
Push buttons in this platformer that activate the next level. Squish enemies & avoid spikes.
Firefox and Icefox
Use your 2 foxes to grab the right colored symbols & help one another & reach their correct exit.
Fubar Level Pack - Jungle Siege
Shoot enemies & rescue friendlies. Create a larger squad & even shoot the ground from under enemies.
Run & jump through this platformer that is on the face of a cube. Create boxes to make it up ledges.
Throw fire to burn threw boxes & some houses. Use this power to solve puzzles in this platformer.
Epics Epic Epic
Slice & forward slash the enemies as you jump over gaps by using jump attacks.
Slash Zombies Rampage
Control your tank as you avoid mines & rocks. Run over zombies & shoot zombies in other tanks.
Monster Truck Assault
Race to the end as you pickup missiles & nitro. Upgrade your truck to keep up with the pack.
Dream Skull
Toast enemies in this platformer with your flamethrower. Don't tocuh them as it's instant death.
Jump & light all the unlit torches in each level to unlock the key for the escape door.
Gyro Atoms in Escape From Pirate Island
Run & jump over large gaps. Jump on enemies & up walls. Jump kick to slowly glide.
EpicRobo Quest
Fight robots & destroy parts that contain gems in this top-down action game. Upgrade to avoid dying.
Shoot an egg to teleport & avoid spikes. Get to the oven to turn yourself golden dead... err brown.
Splitman 2
Run into saw blades that split you up. Use your multiple versions to help pass over deadly obstacles
Mercurial Story
Get pills & jump off ledges. Fling back & forth between worlds & moods as the story is told.
Create ice blocks to step on & drag rows of blocks as you try to reach all the flowers.
Driving Force
Catch up to enemies, avoid traffic & fire your machine gun as baddies try to hit you with missiles.
Super Squelch
Jump on cops & get the babies push to the exit door as you avoid water.
Shoot blocks that drop with your arrows to remove them or create steps to get up higher.
Bob The Cube
As a cube, jump or turn small on a skateboard. Avoid the tongues of enemies as you pass by them.
Winter Rage Blast
Plaw your tank threw the snow as you blast mines & turrets with your cannon.
Cemetery Guard
Use a mace to smack enemies & explode them. Later pick up a stake shooter to kill from a distance.
Grav Escape
Jump on chickens & sheep as a rabbit. Change gravities direction to solve the platformers puzzles.
Activate elements in water to freeze & float in water that gets you to get the exit portal.
Change your players colors to be able to stand on platforms & avoid turret fire of different colors.
A Box Adventure
As a box jump on collapsing platforms & get all the gems while avoiding enemies.
Bounce on pumpkins & stand on bats to reach all the candy pieces in this pixelated platformer.
In To The Cave
Move deeper down into the cave as you shoot enemies, gather coins & try to reach the boss dragon.
Revenge Dojo
Grab coins in this auto-runner. Slice enemies & earn enough to pay monk tolls.
The Fancy Pants Adventures - World 1 Remix
Run n slide into spiders as you grab sqwigglies & grab new types of clothes in a new Fancy adventure
Chompy - The Greedy Crocodile
Grab coins as a croc. in this sidescroller, platformer. Be as fast as possible on each level.
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