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Move your mouse to create a constantly moving short line as you guide the yellow ball to the green.
Swap good and bad shapes with bombs. Use bombs to push the bad shapes off the platforms & screen.
Go Home Ball 2
Place springs, & sticks to get the colored balls to all the stars, and reach their proper holes.
Boxhead The Nightmare X-mas
Shoot zombies as Santa in this top-down shooter. Gather coins & protect turrets from being overrun.
Ultimate War
Build your army and strengthen your positions against enemies as you attack to take new ground.
Stunt Mountain
Fourwheel as you grab money and perform tricks on hills and jumps. Finish before timelimit ends.
Zombies in the Shadows - 20 to Die
Survive for 20 minutes in this great looking top-down shooter. Grab health and upgrades for guns.
Zombie War
Build up your army of soldiers as you set them to attack on the incoming zombies. Protect the base!
Bunny Invasion - Easter
The invasion continues with the actual Easter edition. Don't fear, you now have backup.
Psy Hazard
Grab pills, ammo, and explosive boxes. Shoot crazy people and mad dogs to stay alive in this 3D game
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Fire & Frost
Use a jetpack to fly as you melt ice blocks. Make colored blocks combine to create gems to gather.
I Hate Candy - Pony Mayhem
In this robot sidescroller, shoot fluffy animals & buy upgrades. Shoot threw terrain when needed.
Jump over & watch for spikes. Reach the coins by moving off the edges to teleport to the other side.
Cosmo Gravity
Jump over saw blades, slide on ice, float using fans & rotate the levels as you reach the exit.
Nervous Bot
In this platformer, complete all the actions for each level to progress. Miss moving left & do over.
Bouncing Crimlet
As you continually bounce, get all the golden coins as you move from platform to platform.
Fludo - Tasty Mushrooms
Jump on enemies & each mushrooms that change your controls. Reach the exit before time runs out.
Helmet Heroes - The Adventure Begins
Sign in, then play this platformer with others online. Shoot enemies & gather coins & skill points.
Enter the Dungeon Grab the Treasure and Beware the Dangers
Grab gold by climbing & jumping latters. Beware of enemies when they appear later on.
Arizona Joe
Place bombs to make openings & kill enemies in this top-down, pixelated game. Feels somewhat retro.
Destructo Shark
Swim down & jump out of the water, attacking everything in sight. From airliners to row boats.
Robot Laser Battle
Play against the AI or another at your keyboard. Hit the enemy with your laser to win.
Listen to the narrator speak to you in programmer language to understand how each level works.
Crazy Squirrel
Ride your skateboard, bike or 4 wheeler back n forth downwards as you jump over obstacles.
Save Izis
Grapple over gaps & spikes as you grab gold coins. DOn't forget you can climb grapple rope.
Air Maze 2
Float using your balloons as you get all the gold coins to open exit & all silver coins for score.
Electric Moon
Run through this platformer & reach checkpoints, but don't die from the moon that is chasing you.
Super Tank
Drive your tank & shoot enemies as you earn money to perform much needed upgrades like more fuel.
Remove The Dragon Wizard
Play as a wizard in multiple styles of levels, from top-down to a sidescrolling platformer.
Box Story
Control the box as you jump onto small platforms & over obstacles to reach the large door.
Call of Spring
As a squirrel, shoot enemies in this platformer. Gather nuts & avoid falling off the map.
Ninja Panda Couple
Jump up walls & over obstacles as you try to reach the exit portal. Wall jumping control is finicky.
Drink Beer Neglect Family
Get to the beer as you avoid family members. Beers can cause reactions that affect your character.
The Last Survivor
As a block, move downwards in this platformer. Solve puzzles by moving blocks with your mouse.
The Big Escape
Control gravity as an alien to get all the stars, avoid spikes & reach your UFO safely.
The Clockwork King
Jump on platforms & keep from falling or getting chopped up by spinning blades.
Brave Loli
Jump over spikes, get the apples & teleport from one side of the screen to the other.
Slow down time & control the turret shots to redirect them back & explode the turrets.
Pop Microbe
Kill red spiked enemies quickly to gain a shield. Grab stars & reach the exit before time runs out.
Stay alive by drinking coffee & throw records. Grab money & get new boxes of records.
Change the color of your eye to activate platforms & boxes to push. Wash colors off in waterfalls.
EyeBall Shaun
Jump on walls & over saw blades as you try to find a cure for your love that has pink eye.
Phase Shift
Reverse gravity as you push boxes & make them fall on enemies & avoid spikes.
Military Combat Truck
Drive your truck slowly as you aim & shoot piles of barrels to explode them. Run into them & die.
Give Me Back My Dragon
WOrk your way downwards as you jump over spikes & hammer monsters coming at you.
You Are Disabled
As you are given a random disability, try to finish the game. How about unable to read or no legs.
Pick up different colored gems to active doors & kill monsters that hide in the dark caves.
A.R.B.F. - Alternate Reality Boss Fight
Chase the boss in this single level & shoot him down. Be faster to get new achievements.
Use your pixelated coiled up snake to stand taller & reach higher or farther platforms.
Crayon Poke
Jump onto platforms & unlock your crayon throwing ability. Head back to previous levels.
Down Is Up
Solve the puzzles that have you walking off the edge of the screen to appear on the other side.
Run Floyd Run
Control when you jump in this auto-running sidescroller. Jump on stacks of cash as you grab coins.
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