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Monster Slayers
Create and upgrade units as you control when they attack, and retreat from the enemy.
Super Castle Quest
Continue in this action sidescroller as you defeat enemies and grab keys to fight the boss.
The Harry Stick Journey
Drag items for Harry to use at certain points in each level. Choose wisely or die!
Intruder Combat Training 2x
Play different game modes against AI shooters. Throw grenades at their feet & be ready as you spawn.
Space Battle
Place your ships in space to protect the planet as the enemies travel across the screen.
Exit Path
Simply survive and make it to the exit at the far right. Do it without getting sliced or lasered.
Roly-Poly Cannon 2
Shoot as few exploding cannon balls as possible as you kill the bad smileys and save the good.
Alexander - Dawn of an Empire
Keep the enemy from reaching your side as you send out equally strong troops along the same path.
Collapse It
Plant explosives and drop bombs to crumble structures and kill all the people on each map.
Set your tanks path and upgrade them as make your way down the path and threw the enemies.
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  Action Games
Shape Shifter 2
Flip switches & solve puzzles by shifting what character you are. Try to get all 3 stars.
Valiant Knight - Save The Princess
Control when your auto-moving knight turns around or runs. Get all the coins, avoid traps & enemies.
Jump your computer over spikes & on enemies. Use your sluggish controls to reach the exit doors.
Blaster Bot
Control the sluggish robot & grab all the bolts on each platformer level. Exit threw the portal.
A Blobs Tale 3
Avoid enemies in this sidescroller adventure. Find & rescue your kidnapped sister.
I Will Die 2
Try to kill yourself as fast as possible as you push buttons, warp threw teleporters & more.
Toto in The Frozen Land
Get coins to buy new lives as you get the key to rescue your friend. Jump on or avoid enemies.
Mario Physics Adventure
Jump super high as Mario & squish his enemies. Get coins & even hop on a bike in later levels.
Spiky Cat
Get stars & stick to wooden surfaces with your cat spikes. Beware of saws that want to kill you.
Steel Dangers 2
In this top-down, mech shooter, get cash by shooting boxes, turrets & enemy mechs.
Brainless Zombie
As a zombie, reach the block that cures you & then reach the brain. Ground collapses under zombie.
Epic Boss Fighter 2
Avoid enemy fire & grab coins as you attack the large bosses on every level.
Grab pickaxes & use other versions of yourself to step on to reach areas & solve puzzles.
Drop bombs on houses & churches. Take out zombies to earn money as your jet comes in for a landing.
Sonic Jumping Stars
Jump from wheel to wheel as you grab rings as Sonic. Watch out for missiles & missing wheel jumps.
An Agent of Change
Change your form to fly or sink under water. Find all the missing parts to your UFO.
Control your squid as you grab shells for upgrades & avoid fish, rocks & submerged mines.
Together Alone
Split & join your character to push buttons for your other half. Solve puzzles & grab crystals.
Super Panda Land
As a panda in this pixelated, sidescroller jump over gaps & on enemies to get the golden symbols.
Brutal 2 - Mr Bubbles
Float above spikes & avoid saw blades in this skill testing platformer.
Erline 4 - The Limbo
Pause your previous self to allow your later self to use them as steps. Get keys & reach the exit.
I Saw Her Across the World
As a zombie, chase after your zombie love. Jump over animals as you get farther in this platformer.
Simple Love
In this top-down, Valentine themed game, jump over walls & get keys as you explore the simple levels
Jim Loves Mary 2
Control Jim & Mary as you grab all the hearts & get them to meet each other in this platformer.
Loves First Week
Kick rocks & jump into arrows to get boulders, yourself & lover to the exit.
Legendary Ninja Battles
Fight ninjas & dragons in this sidescroller as a Lego man. Can you solve boss puzzles?
Jump up walls & over enemies as you avoid spikes & reach the key to progress.
Mad Day
Get farther & farther as you continue to upgrade your truck & blast threw aliens & obstacles.
Kram Keep
Reach upgrades & throw knives at enemies in this platformer that shows the entire world in 1 screen.
Gravity Experiment
Rotate gravity in this platformer as you get cubes to land on the correct pad to open exit & lasers.
Candy Crusher
Avoid enemies & red juice (?) as you get enough peppermint candies to pass to the next level.
1 Screen Hero
Grab coins, attack monsters & find keys as you reach the green square for the next level.
Jack - The Scary of Zombie
Use different types of grenades to take out zombies. Zombies keep respawning, so keep moving.
Chicks With Guns
Shoot enemies in this hard platformer. Grab money to earn enough for new weapons to help beat levels
Pixel Staff
Shoot your mage's staff at skeletons, goblin's spiders & other mages. Unlock higher jumps & more.
Grab gears & jump on robots as you get keys to open up exits. Avoid touching level gears that kill.
Black Bow
Sneak & run as you shoot giant rats with your bow. Get grappling arrows to swing by in later levels.
Shoot monsters & grab health in this pixelated, sidescroller. Mind monsters that throw things.
Jump over gaps & obstacles as a tiny creature out to get milk for his mom. Be patient for intros end
Qubed - New Adventures
Grab all the stars on each platformer level. Split & join from 2 boxes to solve puzzles & get stars.
Hairless Adventurer
Pick up blocks that make up the level. Move them to where you need them to reach all the stars.
As a cat that's crashed, grab all the stars & reach the bolt from your crashed plane to proceed.
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