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Quake Resurrection
Play unofficial Quake maps as you gun down the soldiers in this first person shooter.
Wallace's Workshop
Connect and place your objects to power generators and cause chain reactions to knock the ragdoll.
Ragdoll Cannon - Level Pack
Fire your physics ragdolls to solve the puzzles as you get your ragdolls to touch the bullseye.
A great top-down space shooter with an amazing upgrade and shop system. Continue to fight and ugrade
William and Sly 2
Grab fireflies, mushrooms, and keys as you explore this nice looking platformer sequel.
Ninja Ball
Grab star boxes as you roll and grapple around levels. Watch that level time limit.
Sonic Boom Town 2
Drive your car around and blast your bass to destroy buildings. Earn money and upgrade.
Stick War
Build miners, archers, and swordsman to protect your statue and attack the enemies.
Gibbets 2
Fire your bow n arrow accurately as you try to break all the ropes choking the people. Save them all
Castle Clout
Launch your stone into the castle to knock it over with real physics. Don't run out of stones!
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Dead Paradise 4
Drive & upgrade your buggy through tunnels filled with zombies, traps & other vehicles.
Pajama Boy 3
Jump over obstacles & gaps as you grab the key for the cage. Later levels have auto appearing walls.
Test Subject Complete
Use wall & ceiling portals to your advantage as you shoot enemies & grab the exit keycard.
Red Girl In The Woods
As red hooded girl in the woods, oush boxes in this platformer & get all the golden coins.
Test Subject Arena
Play against another person at your computer, on the same keyboard as you shoot each other as globs.
King of Thieves
Jump off walls to change direction. Jump over enemies & avoid saw blades as you get the treasure.
Super Neckbeard
Shoot enemies & jump over gaps as you reach checkpoints without dying.
Baymax Go Adventure
Use Baymax & Hiro to grab the colored chips. Convert Baymax into a pack to get him to the exit.
Astrobots - First Contact
Shoot enemies in this retro themed, pixeled sidescroller. Jump over gaps & beware of the enemy paths
Base Bros.
Man your base turrets to shoot flying enemy aircrafts & grab a handgun to attack ground troops.
Ninja Tales
Get golden eggs & jump on bounce pads in this platformer. Throw Chinese stars at enemies to kill.
Laboratory Escape
Control 2 rabbits at the same time. Get carrots & reach the exit. Later levels have enemies.
Money Movers 2
Use your 2 convicts to aid each other in flipping switches to open doors, avoid lasers, & get money.
Grab That Grub
Clear the path of the grub as you break through blocks & kill enemies before the grub gets hurt.
Turn magnets on & off to control which way you are pulled. Get coins & reach the portal.
Frozy and Fred
Grab pieces of candy, hit blocks overhead, & jump on enemies. Watch out for collapsing ground.
Greenie 2
Turn glass rooms & platforms on & off. Flip switches & get all the stars as you make it to the exit.
Save Izis 2
Grapple to items to make it over gaps & spikes. Pick up coins & climb up your grappled rope.
Fly to the boulder quickly & pick it up before the vehicle crashes into it. Pick up coins as you fly
The Ball
Roll & grab the coins. Jump off walls & avoid the saws or falling off the screen.
Alpha Force
Blast enemies in this sidescroller as you grab dropped discs. Make sure to make the gap jumps.
Gears of Revolution
Attack the enemies by beating them with your laser stick (lightsaber?). Mind the energy you use!
Fruit Liberation
Drive your car in top-down view & lob bombs at large insects as you complete your objectives.
Candy Rush Tower
As the platformer scrolls downwards, move upwards avoiding or shooting enemies.
Turn the world green again as you grab fruit & jump on the heads of baddies.
Onion Mama
Pick up your onion children & throw them to get threw small openings. Get all to the exit.
Star Rescue
Slide & roll as you get all the stars. Remove shapes in later levels to reach all the stars.
Fly Droid
Fly your drone & push buttons to activate the exit. Shoot to remove blocks from your pathway.
Slime Laboratory
Grow your slime, grab floppy disks & avoid lasers in this pixelated platformer.
Give Up 2
Test your skill as new obstacles are added to the single level. Play over n over as it gets harder.
Monster Adventure
Jump over monsters & get stars. Use the correct platforms to keep a clear path to the exit available
The Friends Escape 2
Control both friends to push buttons & rotate gravity to get both to the exit.
Dream Trek
Find the star to be able to shoot. Then try to reach all the bananas hiding on this platformer.
Mr Cube
Jump upwards in this platformer, gathering stars & turning into a cube to avoid enemies & spikes.
Papa Louie 3 - When Sundaes Attack
Get coins & bonus items in candy land. Bounce on some characters & defeat sundaes.
Super Mario Loops
Play a few recreates from Mario in this blocky, sidescroller. Get coins & hit blocks.
Shape Shifter 2
Flip switches & solve puzzles by shifting what character you are. Try to get all 3 stars.
Valiant Knight - Save The Princess
Control when your auto-moving knight turns around or runs. Get all the coins, avoid traps & enemies.
Jump your computer over spikes & on enemies. Use your sluggish controls to reach the exit doors.
Blaster Bot
Control the sluggish robot & grab all the bolts on each platformer level. Exit threw the portal.
A Blobs Tale 3
Avoid enemies in this sidescroller adventure. Find & rescue your kidnapped sister.
I Will Die 2
Try to kill yourself as fast as possible as you push buttons, warp threw teleporters & more.
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