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Old Mario Bros
Run and jump on platforms and goombas in the Mario universe as you stay alive and complete levels.
Pixel Legions
Control your pixels and send your waves of legions to attack the enemy forces. Defeat all foes.
Cover Orange Players Pack
Drop items to move your creatures and protect them from the rain of death from above.
Aztec God
Create flat land masses so your followers build and become more powerful to defeat your enemy.
Epic Battle Fantasy 4
Be patient as this 31MB RPG loads. Talk to characters & find weapons as you talk to characters.
Roly-Poly Cannon
Shoot the bombs to kill all the smilies. Feels a lot like Ragdoll Cannon. Bunch of great levels.
Party Down
Take care of your party guests as they want to be fed, and party down.
1 Will Survive
Build up your town and upgrade soldiers as you send them out to attack the CPUs town. 1 level only.
The Siege Of Theldale
Shoot the incoming soldiers as you upgrade your castle, aim, and damage.
Shoot the physics blocks out from under the guy. Don't let him touch the ground as the blocks wobble
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Another Planet 3 - New Weapon
Grapple onto boxes & move them so that they help you overcome the platform puzzles.
Infinity Inc.
Clone, kill, & control the clones you make. Use them to solve the platformer puzzles.
Driving Force 2
Do multiple types of missions as you chase down suspects, avoid traffic & gun down baddies.
Be quick in this top-down dungeon runner. Avoid spikes & traps that try to slow you down or kill you
Toxic Town
Get toxic symbols & shoot enemies as you jump over holes with toxic sludge in them.
Ninja Gravity Adventure
Flip gravity to avoid spikes & red balls. Reach the exit coin to progress.
Zombits Trouble
Slice zombies & aliens as you defend the building. Play with 2 players or put one inside for safety.
Platform Journey
Jump & fall off edges to reach the golden arrow. Avoid red spikes & follow directions.
In The Dark Dark Place
Stab & throw your machete at enemies in this platformer. Jump over spikes & conserve your health.
That Red Button
Link your robot to enemies to copy their movement & travel threw walls & up to higher platforms.
Dino Ice Age 3 - Dawn of The Age
Use your 2 dinos to help each other & reach higher platforms. Get the blue stars to make exit appear
Armored Warfare 1917
Gun down enemy soldiers & war machines to earn money for upgrades. Get your tank to the end.
Law Breaker
Drive cars & rob places from a top-down view. Take new vehicles if yours explodes. Fun, but short.
Magnetic Tank
Blast enemy soldiers, tanks & buildings with your electric cannon. Take out bases at the end.
Paris Rex
Eat propane tanks to blow fire & cook the humans before you gobble down their corpses.
Tank World Hero
Control your tank, fire at enemies & stay on platforms as they move. Not only about tank balancing.
The Last Samurai
Find all scrolls, jump up walls, place bombs & throw ninja stars into enemies or to clear ground.
Defeat All Orcs
Grab coins for appearance, armor & weapon upgrades. Jump on or attack orcs for more coins.
The Video Game of Life
Double jump & float your way around platformer levels. Get coins, avoid spikes & reach the exit door
I Wanna Be The Guy
Test your skill in this platformer, where the world is out to surprise kill you. Remember the traps.
Escape Run 2
Test your skills in this platformer where you have to avoid falling, spikes, or saws.
Little Life - Adaptivity
Reach the exit in this pixel platformer, but beware your movement changes things in the level.
Dino Ice Age 2 - New Continent
Move the 2 dinos as they help one another. Trigger doors & beware of traps that kill 1 of the dinos.
Mario in the Jungle
As Mario, run along vines, throw fireballs at enemies & get coins. Jump over gaps & bullets.
Oni Yu Can Scare Them
Possess objects to scare game characters. Certain ones can detect you when you move & can kill you.
Big Bad Ape
Cause damage through the level by crushing & throwing things. Throw & chomp down on people.
Everybody Edits
Play as a guest or register to edit levels that other smiley players are able to play on online.
The Cake is a Lie
Grab coins & jump over gaps. Avoid spikes & saw blades. Later levels have specific rules to follow.
Travel threw walls to get the level to rotate. Use this ability to reach the exit portal.
Ninja Super Adventure
Jump & dash over gaps & spikes to reach all the floating gears. Jump up walls & time jumps right.
The Way of The Ninja
Grab gems in each large level. Avoid fast robots & fall damage in this updated version of "n".
Digimon 4
Peck at your enemies in this platformer. Grab floating crystals & what dead enemies drop.
Mario Back in Time
Jump over bomb-like enemies as you grab mushrooms & fireball flowers. Avoid spikes as you progress.
Find rare coins & avoid enemies in this maze of a sidescroller. Work your way downwards.
Call of Sword
Slash your way threw enemies & bosses as you ride lifts, avoid saw blades & grapple in later levels.
Highway Zombies
Plow threw hordes of zombies as you grab pickups. Grind zombies off your SUV using the side walls.
Metal Slug Stickman
Shoot at enemy stickmen while trying to survive their deadly weapons.
Start an explosive chain reaction. Run to the right & up walls before you fall into the lava.
Jump on platforms & over gaps as you shoot or jump on enemies. Reach checkpoints & avoid spikes.
Crimson And Stache
Jump over spikes & saw blades. Jump up walls & keep moving to finish levels fast.
Mario Danger Forest
Jump on bounce pads & over gaps as you try to get all the coins in each platformer level.
Control gravity as you run on the ceiling when you need to avoid spikes & other obstacles.
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