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Driving Force 2
Do multiple types of missions as you chase down suspects, avoid traffic & gun down baddies.
Terrorist Despoiler In Europe
Place your C4 explosives on the bridge just right to cause the bridge to collapse.
Be quick in this top-down dungeon runner. Avoid spikes & traps that try to slow you down or kill you
Laser Hazard
Place your mirrors in the correct spots so that each colored laser can reach the appropriate node.
Postman Pat
Drive your postal truck & carry enough packages to the end to be able to drive on more hills.
Stick Hero III
Sit back as your hero fights. Collect EXP that drops & buy upgrades to progress faster.
Race against your opponent by simply shifting at the perfect time to gain the upper hand.
Dark Submarine Escape 2
Escape each room of the sub by finding clues. Some seem to be for the musically inclined.
Avoid The Blue Blocks
As the red block, avoid the blue. The time you stay alive is currency you can spend on upgrades.
Impossible Horse
Control 2 separate horses as you time their jumps just right to both jump over the obstacles.
Vacuum items to suction objects. Use this to solve puzzles & collect all the fuzz balls.
Place blocks in the right spots to help your character to reach the exit when you play.
Nuclear Enduro
Ride your bike over the radioactive landscape. Tilt & lean your bike to stay balanced & not tip over
3D Buggy Racing
Race on 3D tracks & try to beat out the AI racers to unlock more tracks. Watch out for tennis balls.
Legendary Escape 2
Look through the room for items & hints to other puzzles as you move from one room to another.
Dragon And The Zodiac
Shoot as a dragon in this top-down shooter. Shoot enemies & dodge their fire to rescue animals.
Create squares & earn points when they touch each other. Decide the best spots to place them to grow
My First Restaurant
Take care of the customers that come in by taking orders & selecting items in the food menu.
Spring Voyage
Match the different types of items in rows & columns of 3 or more. Get bombs & lightning powerups.
Xtreme Pig
Launch your pig as far as you can in this distance game. Earn lots to afford expensive upgrades.
Super Stacker 2
40 new levels of stacking shapes and keeping them from falling over. Levels get crazy and puzzling.
Battle Gear 2
Fortify your base and send troops, artillery, and aircraft, or air strikes to your enemies base.
Elite Forces Warfare 2
Place your towers and upgrade them as wave after wave of enemies go around the pathway.
Forbidden Arms
Slice up your enemies & launch them into the air as you collect their souls for upgrades.
Dream Car Racing II
Design & put together your truck however you like. Beware of the physics of your crazy contraption.
Spectromancer - League of Heroes
Play the campaign or go straight to battles as you fight AI enemies with card-based attacks.
Burrito Bison
A great looking distance game with fun upgrades and lots of unique enemies.
Build a radar and missile launchers to protect your city as you build to reach your objective.
JamLegend - Video Games Edition
Play remixed music from video games as you play good to unlock more game soundtracks.
Run from the zombie horde as you gather items of value. Shoot objects that explode to kill more.

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