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Monsters Wheels 2
Race your dune buggy against the AI racers. Come in 1st to score more points. Many different modes.
Dwarfs Journey
Combine rows & columns in this isometric game. Clear a pathway for the dwarf to reach his home.
Builder Boom
Place bombs just right to knock the bad guys off, while saving the construction workers.
Vanguards 2
Create reactions with the circular comic heroes so that they push the large boss off the screen.
Place objects in the Squish's way to get him over obstacles safely & to open & reach the exit.
Go To and Match
Mouse over & connect the same color gems to make long combos & change the background tiles.
Race Time Road Connect
Swap road tiles to make a working road from one end to the other of the board.
Fruit Scales
Using all your fruit drops, try to add different sizes so the scale becomes as balanced as possible.
Kids Umbrellas Store
Take care of customers that come in by taking their children to the correct umbrella stand & selling
Shoot bugs that are dropping down to your immoveable cannon. Charge your shots for bigger bugs.
Shoot stakes at vampires & walls to climb up. Game moves in turn-based with you & the enemies.
London Rex
Chomp down on humans as they squirm their way down your throat. Bust up cars & watch out for cops.
Sleepy Grandpa
Attach your given peices to the platform to make it tip & wake up the geezers.
Extreme Flashing Fighter
Fight in the streets as a flasher. Throw clothes as you fight. Be aware he pulls off his underwear.
Super Soviet Flash
In this sidescroller, play like Mario & jump on the heads of enemies. Ride a bear & jump over gaps.
Mario Kaboom
Fire unlimited Marios & try to get all the coins. Bombs & spikes kill your launched Marios.
Baby Fish
Remove the platforms in the right order to get the baby fish to roll & find water.
Cry Panda Cry
Launch boulders to take out the pandas that are caught in the bambo cages.
Crazy Raccoon
The Crazy Raccoon has got a hold of a rifle & is shooting bears. Create ricochets to hit all bears.
A Forgotten Past
Find multiples of the same objects in different scenes. No hints are given this time.
The Egg
Move your bounce pads, and walls as you avoid bombs and reach the container. Customize the crazy egg
Tankmen - Incursion
Sidescroller shooting game with excellent high resolution graphics and a funky camera bobbing.
Youda Marina
Manage your marina as you build along the coast, in the water, and on land. Lots of management.
After smoothly being introduced to gameplay, set the path of your soldiers to the enemy side.
Sky Island
Grab stars and coins and crush enemies. Rotate the level to reach all the stars and the exit.
Trafalgar Origins
Carefully sail your ship as you take down other ships to grab their loot. Don't get to close!
Pirates vs Ninjas
Launch your bombs to blow up or create chain reactions that kill the baddies.
Stack the tower as high as possible in the physics world. Careful, your blocks disappear.
Crusade 2
Set your ammo, your power, and angle, then blast the physics shapes and enemies around.
Rage Rider 2
Ride over logs and obstacles as you slowly maneuver your powerful bike over them. Go slow or crash!

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