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Driving Force
Catch up to enemies, avoid traffic & fire your machine gun as baddies try to hit you with missiles.
Men of Iron
Send your troops down the right path to combat enemy forces approaching your castle.
Hydra Dominatus
Move through the world in top-down gameplay. Battle enemies in turn-based battles.
Click Him 2
Click & upgrade turrets to be strong enough to take on more waves. Don't have to click enemies.
Super Squelch
Jump on cops & get the babies push to the exit door as you avoid water.
Shoot blocks that drop with your arrows to remove them or create steps to get up higher.
The Explosive Squad
A repetative shooter that wont allow you to move backwards & shoot at the same time. Fun, but hard.
Bob The Cube
As a cube, jump or turn small on a skateboard. Avoid the tongues of enemies as you pass by them.
Jungle Fun
Click on items to reveal the pathway to move onto the next scene in this click adventure.
Pou Stick Adventure
Create a bridge for Pou to cross that is just long enough, but doesn't pass the piece of land.
Glorkian Warrior - The Trials of Glork
Run back n forth as your back-strapped pal fires at enemies above in retro Invaders style.
Doors - Daves Free Lesson
Help dave reach the exit by punching & rotating the world to reach the green exit.
Slide against icey walls in sokoban fashion to reach the exit. Beat the timer or fail.
Angry Birds - Ulimate Battle
Move your birds into position as you adjust their firing trajectory to take out the pigs.
Spider-Man Amazing Race
Race around 4 tracks as you drift to gain nitro. Turbo passed the competition to come in 1st.
Click on the wrong items to cause mischief in each new scene to solve their puzzles.
Winter Rage Blast
Plaw your tank threw the snow as you blast mines & turrets with your cannon.
Restaurant Escape
Escape the restaurant as you hunt for items & where they can be used to solve puzzles.
Sleep Fighter
Fight off demons and clowns in your nightmare. Survive until you wake to win.
Mighty Hanuman
Click & hold to control your rise & fall of flight as the Hanuman. Avoid hitting fireballs & objects
Monochro Observer
Create and remove blocks in your own dimension. Be careful as they affect the other. Reach the end.
The Pretender - Part Two
Change into different creatures with different abilities as you try to rescue all the ghosts.
Mine to earn, upgrade power plant, and build units to attack the enemy forces and their base.
Robot Wants Kitty
You're a robot. Grab symbols that unlock your abilities and doors to get that kitty.
Savage Huskies
An isometric view with fighting and shooting robots. Bust up some robots as you play different modes
Impulse J.2
Build your physics tower as tall as possible as the ground wobbles your tower. How tall can you get?
Super Mega Ultra Evil Genius
Place objects and traps to light up to see enemies and kill them on each floor of your evil layer.
Zombies in the Shadows - 20 to Die
Survive for 20 minutes in this great looking top-down shooter. Grab health and upgrades for guns.
Blast Up
Click to move the soccer ball and knock objects around to complete levels. A unique physics game.
Defend and grow your alien tree with bots. Place bots in proper spots to mine and defend.

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