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Pillage The Village
Rip apart villages & toss their inhabitants up into the air to kill them & get their money.
Stick Squad 4
Read your objective before each mission & kill your targets in the required manner.
The Village - Revisited
Rotate & place the town pieces into the proper spots. Ground & buildings need to line up.
Merchant of Pasai
Manage your towns shop, but also play levels of fighting off pirates. Earn money either way.
Escape From Death House
Click on different items to kill the occupants of this house. Can you find all the ways to kill them
Another Cave Runner
Jump over obstacles & attack enemies in this auto-runner. Choose between campaign or infinite.
You're Grounded
Click around your room & find the necessary items to rebuild the time machine you gave yourself.
Tower Battle 3
Upgrade different spires of your tower to defend against the incoming enemies.
House of Evil
Find the well hidden objects in each scene. Can you spot everything without using the hint button?
Piggy Bank Smash
Spin your hammer around & knock the money out of the piggy bank. Buy upgrades with money gained.
Brave Shorties
Upgrade & place your units in column stacks. Their formation can make all the difference.
Tortuga Siege
Drop objects & smiley pirates as you protect them in "Cover Orange" fashion.
Battle Card Epic
Pit your card character against the AI card. Fight the AI in turn-based attacks & take them out.
Alien Hunter
Fly threw space, collect coins & shoot space eggs to collect & sell aliens for better parts.
Luka & Lara - Robo Abduction
Click to trigger items in this click adventure. Open doors & move blocks to get to the other side.
Arcane The Stone Circle - Episode 8
Gather items & use them to solve the puzzles quickly, before the monster attacks.
I Need Water 2
Swap the blocks so that the sections of pipe can flow water to the thirsty alien.
Hospital Frenzy 2
Take care of patients that walk in the front door of the hospital. Drag them to different stations.
The Legacy Hotel
Find the objects that people are looking for. Be quick before the hearts by them run out.
Keep running & jumping on platforms as the planets magma rises to the surface & expands.
The Dark Man
Skillfully aim your bow n arrow as you try to hit the apples off of multiple heads. Don't hit people
Bug War
Fight off strange creatures and protect the donut. Upgrade your bugs to continue to ward off enemies
Throw bombs, and shoot guns and explosive arrows as you try to kill all enemy pigs on each level.
Fire and try to bring down the buildings and the enemies. Avoid killing hostages.
Run and gun as new enemies appear on the screen in this top-down shooter.
Create teams of you and computer players as you grab guns and try to blast the AI. 1 life per round.
Space Cyborg
Move through the space ships in this top-down shooter. Blast aliens & switch to different teammates.
An amazing physics puzzler. Latch onto little green orbs and bring them to the blue ball. Sweet!
Buy and sell goods as you travel in this in-depth game. Upgrade your player and your travel method.
Youda Legend - The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond
Look through each scene as you try to find all the required objects hidding within. Fairly hard!

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