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Royal Protectors
Setup turrets on grass & walkable areas to create mazes for the enemies to travel & die in.
Ninja Gravity
Throw Chinese stars & throwing knives at monsters as the gravity wells adjust their trajectory.
Bee Honey
Match the cubes as you work on removing the ones that have a yellow border to progress to new levels
Monster Mass Clashes 2
Unlock & send in the right type of monsters to your opponents side to defeat his incoming troops.
Fox Farm Attack
Change your cannons ammo as you break objects, push buttons, & burn the foxes.
Causality - Stickman Isolation
Cause reactions in the spaceship to kill all the stickmen without them seeing one another dead.
Jack - The Scary of Zombie
Use different types of grenades to take out zombies. Zombies keep respawning, so keep moving.
Daughter of the Moon
Search high & low in the rooms & find all the items directed to you from the list at the bottom.
Heavy Legion 2
Aim your tanks turrets & adjust its power to hit enemies & cash bags.
The Gems - Special Edition
As the gems quickly scroll downwards, draw a line connecting the same colors together.
Piggy in The Puddle 2
Use the different animals & their abilities to help push & roll the pig into the bucket of mud.
Angry Sheep
Assign different abilities to the sheep to help the group get to the farmer for sheering.
Invert Selection - Levels Pack
Create boxes that add, subtract & invert the current selection to make the given shape.
Mario Cannon
Fire bullets at the towers to send them collapsing & killing all of Mario's enemies.
Match to Travel
Match traveling symbols & drag bombs at any time. Score enough points to progress.
Annoying Red Box
Launch balls & make all the red blocks tumble off their platforms & off the screen.
Chicks With Guns
Shoot enemies in this hard platformer. Grab money to earn enough for new weapons to help beat levels
The Dukes Messenger
Find the hidden objects within the scene that are listed at the bottom. Use multiple hints to help.
Anger On The Street
Fire balls of crap at the rich business men. Try to knock them off their towers to win.
Whale Hop
Make the whale hop out of the water just right to reach all the fire flies & candy for extra points.
Upgrade your chopper weapons as you shoot down turrets, rooftop soldiers, and other enemy choppers.
Min-Hero - Tower of Sages
Talk to characters & put your minions against theirs. Try to win & increase your minions XP.
Watch the intro and then move around gather items and solving puzzles to escape the planet.
Castle Clout 3 - A New Age
A bunch of new levels to knock down castles and knights. Avoid hitting monks with your boulder ammo.
Epic War 3
Earn cards to bolster your troops and abilties as you try and bring down the enemy castle.
King of the Rocks
Capture windmills and castle with hot-air balloons. Build up an armada to take over enemy bases.
Go Home Ball
Place the needed items to help the red ball make it home. Careful, they disappear shortly after.
Family Flights
Take care of the passangers on the airplane as you bring them the food when they want it. Be fast!
Drop shapes on beams in the physics world as you try to keep the beams balanced.
Top Truck 2
Drive and balance your monster truck as you keep from tipping. Includes driving over zombies mode.

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