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Earn to Die 2 - Exodus
Earn money & upgrade your vehicle to get farther. Run threw piles of boxes & hordes of zombies.
Get the Stars
Guide your white blob around the screen getting stars, avoiding spikes & reaching the start platform
White Ball
Launch your ball once after each surface touch. Get the orbs & reach the exit.
Smart Balloon
Push your balloon into spikes to pop it & release the coin. Later levels require making a safe path.
The Tree of Life
Place arrows to control where the water droplet goes. Some arrows can be changed mid-game.
Spongebob Excludes Squidward
Push the Squidward shapes off the screen in this Spongbob themed physics shape game.
Online Planking Game
Planking is stupid, throw endless amount of crap & knock all the plankers off the screen.
The Nerds
Launch nerds that have different abilities when clicked while inflight. Turn all enemies into pets.
The Soul Driver
Avoid hitting objects as you use boost to evade the cops that chase you. Reach the end to upgrade.
Brave Loli
Jump over spikes, get the apples & teleport from one side of the screen to the other.
Push walls to tumble the cube & change the layout of the sidescroller level.
Save My Garden 2
Place flower towers to fire at the incoming bugs. Prices of flowers go up as you buy more.
North Clans
Select a clan & try to conquer the single board. Add units & move smart to keep a strong defense.
Slow down time & control the turret shots to redirect them back & explode the turrets.
The Next Jump
Move from spot to spot avoiding enemy fire, ships & debris. Hold out until the mothership shows up.
Turret Defense 3D
Place turrets around your base & upgrade them. Hold down mouse & aim at incoming enemies.
Heroestick - War 2
Send your stickmen units down different lanes to attack the enemies & their castle.
Rugby Ruckus
Chase & be chased as you play different modes in this top-down perspective Rugby game.
Rat on a Dirt Bike
Ride the dirt bike as a rat. Jump as you are going off a jump to get extra air.
Tappy Stars
Find & click the stars with numbers & letters in the proper order. Bomb scrambles the order.
Mission in Space - The Lost Colony
A turn-based space strategy game. Move soliders through the corridors as you blast aliens. Sharp gfx
Infectonator! Survivors
Send your team of survivors to clear areas with zombies. Craft & research to become a stronger team.
Throw your grenades and blow up your enemies. Tons of levels that get harder and harder.
Slime Laboratory
Grow your slime, grab floppy disks & avoid lasers in this pixelated platformer.
Extend your gooey cord as you grab stars, trigger buttons, avoid sticky walls, & reach the chest.
Watch the intro and then move around gather items and solving puzzles to escape the planet.
Stick War
Build miners, archers, and swordsman to protect your statue and attack the enemies.
Little Farm
Manage the farm in puzzle type of game as you gather items and sell them.
Assault Fleet
Send your fleet out at the right time to destroy the enemy armada and explode their home planet.
The Infection
Shoot the creatures as you pickup new guns and prevent the infected enemies from getting to you.

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