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Shape Shifter 2
Flip switches & solve puzzles by shifting what character you are. Try to get all 3 stars.
Valiant Knight - Save The Princess
Control when your auto-moving knight turns around or runs. Get all the coins, avoid traps & enemies.
Cartoon Candy
Match candies in rows & columns. Align 4 or more to create powerups that destory entire rows.
City Winter Drift 2
Race around tracks as you drift. Multiple game modes include drifting & destroying road objects.
Jump your computer over spikes & on enemies. Use your sluggish controls to reach the exit doors.
Per mu ta tion
Slide each column & row individually as you try to make groupings of 2 4 8 16 32 64.
Polar Trouble
An intensive skill game of few snowballs & no aimming help. Run out of balls before targets are gone
Knife Throwing
Throw knives at the wooden dart-like board. Try to hit the center vs the computer.
Guide your falling pig threw the tunnel as you avoid obstacles that swing or ignite to kill him.
You Have 8 Bricks
Jump up in this pixelated block game, as flashing messages try to annoy you. Runs bad in Firefox.
Control the board of buildings in Dice Wars fashion. Upgrade buildings to grow numbers.
Catalance - LevelPack
Use different shapes of cats & ones that have special abilities to stack them all without falling.
Thin Ice
Drop monsters into the water by ice skating around them. Controls are less than accurate.
In sokoban style, move your block to grab the gems. Start the game using keyboard, not mouse clicks.
Mafia Hitman
Gun down gangsters in this sidescroller. Grab wads of money & reach checkpoints to save progress.
Anitas Job
Travel to all the areas & gather items to your inventory. Use items to solve the escape-like puzzles
Blaster Bot
Control the sluggish robot & grab all the bolts on each platformer level. Exit threw the portal.
Ancient Pyramid
Try to remove all 3 pyramids of cards as you stack cards in order or reverse to clear them off.
Run for Freedom
Find all the listed items in each new area. Some items are hidden really well.
Shark Lifting II
Test how fast you can click by lifting the shark. Travel around the world to be the fastest.
Downhill Snowboard 3
Time to continue your physics world snowboarding. Watch out for avalanches as you perform tricks!
Destroy All Cars
Adjust your car ramp and slam into the car stacks to perform enough damage to progress.
Crush the Castle 2 - Players Pack
Splatter the royal blood on the castle walls as it comes tumbling down. Lots of levels to play.
William and Sly 2
Grab fireflies, mushrooms, and keys as you explore this nice looking platformer sequel.
Defense Castle
Shoot the incoming enemies as you upgrade your castle and wall. Shoot coins for money to upgrade.
Fire Catcher
Use your hatchet to break wooden objects. Use water to put out fires & take out fire demons.
Move shapes in this physics game to control the fall of the molecules into the beaker.
Hide Caesar
Similar to the Cover Orange series, protect the coin with Caesar on it by dropping physics shapes.
Nightclub Fever
Manage your club as you take care of your customers within the radius of each area in the club.
Knight Age
Compete in jousting events as you aim your lance, and upgrade your knight for better results.

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