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Techno Invaders
Shoot enemies & survive increasingly harder levels as you upgrade your ship through the shop.
Where Is My Beard
Place shapes to get the bearded one to roll & touch all, making them all have beards.
Hue Brix
Drag color brix to create a pathway for each color. Deplete all brix from all colors to win.
Train Maze
Rotate certain parts of the track to get the train to the exit safely. Portals are introduced later.
Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot 2.0
Shoot enemies in this sidescroller as you move up & down to grab money & avoid their fire.
Be Alien
Click on objects in each new scene to help the little alien escape the larger aliens.
Fronthoe Trial
Carefully manage your fronthoe as you try to get up super steep hills using movement & your fronthoe
Launch your ball & knock around & remove other colored balls & walls in as few shots as possible.
Airplane Road
Race against other AI flyers as you hit green rings for boosts & avoid smog to come in first.
Froyo Taxi
Pick up passengers & drive them to their destination in this 3D world. Mind your cars gas & repairs!
Little Drop
Grab all the green balls as a fish in this Sokoban styled puzzle game of sliding off walls.
Shinobi Quest
Quickly click the action to perform before it's too late. Combine items & kill stickmen.
Place the objects on the levels to ensure the golf balls reach all the stars & their right holes.
Road So Far
Take runes that are around the levels as you jump up walls, over spikes & wolves to reach the exit.
Shell Shooter
Fire shots off & hit all the discs being thrown into the air. Miss gold ones & the level is failed.
Cute Physics
A hard physics game with limited shots, limited guides to see where you're shooting.
Move between tight corridors & avoid touching the walls. Grab items & reach the exit safely.
Roll around the small planet as you grab the agricultural items in the proper order & fast.
Modern Moto Racers
Dodge obstacles as you move back & forth. Grab fuel to extend the time you play per track.
Donut Get
Drive your cop car to the donut shop & eat as many donuts as possible, while pushing others aside.
Manhattan Project
Cause the most damage in the city as you drop bombs, and upgrade with new weapons.
Shipping Blox
Stack as many blocks as possible. Don't squish people, and don't let them fall of the boats.
Armor Wars
Pick your cards and attack the CPU enemy with your creatures and powers. Try to defeat their castle.
Inca Blocks
Drag and flick the inca blocks to stack them into the outlines. Control gravity to beat some puzzles
Use the limited amount of balls as you create weight on 20 levels to even the scale.
Awesome Ghosts vs Stupid Zombies
Move your team of ghosts onto the board to attack the zombies and their graves. Watch unit healths.
Awaken - Front Line
Control soldiers in this top-down shooter. Shoot the zombies as you manage your squads ammo & health
SwordFall Kingdoms
Recruit units and battle as you move from area to area trying to conquer the resident AI there.
Integrated Defence
Place generators, turrets, and power lines to connect the two as you defend your base.
Color Archers
Protect your archers as you draw the symbols above their heads with the right color. Draw accurate!

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