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Elemental Strike - Mirage Tower
Create different towers based on the elements. Use the elements that best combat incoming enemy type
Mr. Iron Steel
Raise & lower the magnetic fields to control the steel ball. Grab gems & reach the exit.
Another Planet 3 - New Weapon
Grapple onto boxes & move them so that they help you overcome the platform puzzles.
Toss the basketball with the correct aim to hit the coins & the space bee.
Battle Gear Underground vs Alien World Domination
Send your troops out on a single lane as you try to combat the enemy forces head toward your base.
Zombified Farm
Dodge fences & hay bales as you slice up the zombie farm animals.
Traffic Turbo Racing
Use powerups & click cars to keep cars from colliding with one another.
Escape From Roswell
Click on items in the background to add them to your inventory. Combine items to get pass puzzles.
Bycycle Mania
Race against the AI, as you time your nitro boost just right. No tricking, just trying to win.
Word Connect
Play different modes as you connect the bubbles with letters in them to create words & score points.
Infinity Inc.
Clone, kill, & control the clones you make. Use them to solve the platformer puzzles.
AL Project
Solve puzzles in this top-down click & explore game. Find hints from other places & don't give up.
South Pole Aggressor
Place your penguins along the road to attack the different military forces coming on the road.
Gravity Sonar
Combine numbered nodes that are sitting by each other. This is just one of 3 types of game modes.
Ninja Cat Episode 1 - The Mysterious Thief
Quickly throw ninja stars as the attack cats & bosses. Time slows when stars are about to hit you.
Ragdoll Truck
Collect cargo & ragdolls & get the required amount safely to the exit without losing them.
Save The Fairyland
Find all the items in each scene. Combine them & click on the other character to help them.
Click The Frog
Compete against the clock to achieve the fastest time possible doing the tasks requested.
Honeymoon in Italy
Find the objects that are hiding in each new scene of Italy. Some items are hidden very well.
Card Hunter Idle
Search through packs of cards as you upgrade & try to find more. Don't forget to watch other screens
The Algorithm Crew
A top-down action 3D-ish shooter. Unlock doors, and shoot baddies as you complete objectives.
Storm Ops 3
Defend the fort as you fire your bow n arrow at incoming enemies. Remember arrows have flight time.
Fantasy Kommander
Place your troops and move them around in this turn based strategy game. Protect your commander!
Big Truck Adventures 3
Try to finish each course before the time runs out. Use your nitro at the best times to keep moving.
Arachnid Wars
Set your spider attributes and create smaller spiders to attack the enemy base.
Max Dirt Bike 2
Drive your dirt bike over the lines as you keep from tipping over, watch out for tricky levels.
Research the landscape and build windmills in the best spots to earn money for your city.
Battle for Wayland Keep
Click around in this isometric game. Attack enemy soldiers on your own as you unlock powerups.
Medievil Siege
Knock down some castles. A blatant rip off of another game? Perhaps. Fun none-the-less? Of course.
Cabbage Maniac
As a flying bunny, grab carrots and drop them on switches to open a path to the delicious cabbage.

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