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  10 Games Every Weekday
The 10 Games a Day Promise
Games For Work is one of the only websites on the Internet that promises you 10 games every Monday - Friday. For regulars to the site, we have lowered from 20 games a day to free up time to launch other great services and to help us better tweak GamesForWork.com.

Giving you 10 games every Monday through Friday equates to 50 flash games every week, 200 flash games every month, and 2400 flash games every year! As long as there are games out there, Games For Work will continue to hunt them down and add them to our already massive games database. With over 20,000 games on our site, there are still many more out there that we are working hard to find and add to GamesForWork.

Bookmark GamesForWork and continue to come back for daily flash games. The best pages to keep track of all of our latest games added to our site are the Games For Work frontpage, and the 100 Newest Flash Games page.

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